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  1. Is it just me, or did the 6800s and DE60LFAs wear down dramatically? They're noisy, perform like slugs, and in the case of the LFA's, have significant interior wear. The 6800s still have relatively fine interiors (most comfortable seats in the fleet), but the "new coach smell" seems to have lingered and left a stale aroma due to the non-opening windows.
  2. My initial statement of Metro performing "well" was a bit premature. After Emergency/Snow routing, it seems that a quarter of their coaches are now sidelined due to the weather. Many of them with rear axle damage from the chaining. And as assumed, the artics did not fare well in the snow.
  3. We've had the first significant accumulation of snow with the current fleet of coaches. Before, the Gillig Phantoms, Gillig Trolleys, D60s and DE60LFs took a bulk of the workload. Typically the high floors fared better and would see more service during this time. With the high floors mostly gone, it was mentioned that Metro had grounded over 100 artics. It looks like the XT60s were mostly out of service, while a mix of hybrids were still chained up and pressed into service. There were the typical reports of jackknifed coaches and artics that needed wreckers to be helped up hills. So far Metro has performed well given the conditions. The Orions and XT40s were also chained for service, but the D40s were out there with bare tires given the narrow wheel base.
  4. Problems with new electric trolley buses cause delayed commutes, safety problems: https://www.kiro7.com/news/investigates/problems-with-new-electric-buses-cause-delayed-commutes-safety-problems_/461067141 Fascinating video of the dewiring issues currently plaguing the XT coaches and the danger of "hot" coaches.
  5. Metro will be holding a pause in service on Friday to commemorate Operator Mark McLaughlin: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/transportation/buses-will-pause-friday-to-remember-metro-transit-driver-fatally-shot-in-1998-on-aurora-bridge/
  6. Several years ago, Metro experimented with a driver plexiglass shield as a response to a driver stabbing at a (Federal Way?) transit center. Ultimately the test was scrapped. Riding 7098, there is a driver shield installed. Is this a new move going forward or another test?
  7. If I recall correctly, MEHVA occasionally "exercises" their trolleys on wire to keep their electronics functional. I believe they may have neglected to do so with the Breda coach, which is why it's no longer functional in trolley mode.
  8. It was said previously that the 7300s were ordered with "classic" styling because the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) front and rear caps had slightly longer overhangs that made them prone to scraping on Seattle's hilly streets.
  9. I do recall seeing a rare 2300 on the 125 during peak afternoon hours before their retirement. The 120 would sometimes see a 2300 when the route was based out of Ryerson. After the move to Atlantic, the 120 would rarely see 2300/6800/6900/8200 during special event dates when 2600s were used for shuttles. There was also the rare use of a RapidRide coach or even a Gillig Phantom on this route as well.
  10. From what I've seen, it's typically DE60LFs running routes typically served by 60ft trolleys with Orion coaches sometimes thrown in. There have been occasions where I've seen XDE60 coaches on the 120, but usually on special event dates where DE60LFs are used elsewhere as shuttles.
  11. What's interesting is that during diesel weekends, you'll still see a stray XT40 running here and there, but diesels operating on all 60ft routes.
  12. WSDOT held an emergency drill in the SR-99 tunnel to simulate emergency situations: The drill featured a Gillig Phantom and MAN Americana owned by SPD and a Orion VII operated by King County.
  13. So not only were they heavy, cantankerous, and sluggish in diesel mode - they would also run dry on the operators? My deepest sympathies
  14. If I recall correctly, weren't the SG-310s tuned to city speeds compared to the fully capable SG-220 coaches?
  15. Snooping around the wiki, it was mentioned that Metro specified HybriDrive Series-ER for tunnel coach operation. Seeing as how they abandoned trying to operate their Xcelsior coaches in the tunnel relatively early on, I guess that experiment didn't go over too well.
  16. From what I recall, there was a workaround that allowed New Flyer to squeeze a little extra power out of the rear electric axle. Not a satisfactory solution for the performance woes, but it was all that could be offered by the manufacturer unless there was a high enough demand to manufacture a 60ft trolley with two powered axles. It was also rumored that New Flyer plans to discontinue manufacturing of XT coaches after fulfilling their current SF MUNI order, per the STB post - so unfortunately it looks like a pipe dream, alongside the failing streetcar project.
  17. It looks like the D60LFs were disposed of quickly. I'm holding out hope that somehow one of the D60s gets preserved by MEHVA.
  18. Spotted a few D60s sitting around Ryerson's parking lot. Any idea what's going on with those coaches?
  19. I found out the other day that the Bombardier T1 operated by TTC makes sounds similar to the Breda coaches in electric mode. After braking, the train makes that familiar "rumble" as it waits idle. As the train accelerates, you hear another familiar electric motor noise shared with the Breda: If the Breda used an electric propulsion system similar to the ones used on rail cars, it may explain why those coaches felt so powerful operating in electric mode. Makes sense since manufacturing rolling stock was the bread and butter of Breda.
  20. Ah, I assumed that the little concrete box structure in the upper level with the "garage door" was a former customer service booth. It now has an Orca TVM stationed in front of it.
  21. Coffee carts...now that's a throwback. If I recall correctly, there also was a customer service desk on the upper platform, long since unused. In Westlake Station, there are old customer service/ticket booths hastily covered up with cardboard boxes. They appear to be offices/rest areas for the transit security employees now. I've also wondered what's behind the covered up doors that used to lead to the (now gone) lower level of the Westlake Center mall.
  22. With the demise of Convention Place Station, less effort would be made in upkeep, I would presume. The ceramic tile mural facing the Paramount no longer gets graffiti scrubbed off - instead they try to buff everything with a uniform coat of primer grey paint (which attracts even more graffiti). The grey paint actually makes the old tunnel poetry more visible. One of the walls recounts the feelings of electric hum converting to diesel rumble as a coach leaves the station, as they wait for the route 253. Meanwhile, they never really brought back Convention Place to its old glory after the light rail conversion, as the water fountains were never re-activated.
  23. I wonder if Intersection was responsible for those Washington Lottery ad wraps from several years back. They had jackpot numbers on the side, which would be updated daily based on the value that day. A little more labor intensive to continually have to update the numbers, but neat nonetheless.
  24. End of an era. How much longer will the D40LFs have? They still see plenty of service, especially during trolley outages.
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