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  1. Guess they are still around but aren't doing so well. LOL
  2. 6 cars.
  3. Thanks for that. I'm a bit wary of using Uber myself.
  4. I saw flurries about an hour ago.
  5. Yeah, the only fishbowls in the old colours at the time were 8051 and 8058. 8685 was in the new scheme. Saw it on an Orion III charter that made a stop at Danforth Division.
  6. Come to think of it, you're right about 8086. Keep confusing it with 8068. Right, thanks. I think the first GM to return was 8685.
  7. I do not believe danforth had any fishbowls in the late 90s. The fishbowls returned in 2000. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. 8086 was formerly a Birchmount bus but was tranferred to Eglinton. The front rollsign was borrowed from a collector IIRC it still had a birchmount mylar on the side that was always signed blank. At the time (1999), there was also 8051 (arrow), 8068 (Arrow formerly Birchmount- arrow rd front sign, birchmoutn side sign), 8058 (Malvern), 8034 (Malvern), 8111 (Malvern-last active bus with water bumper). 8112 (Birchmount), 8075 (malvern) and 8073 (malvern) were recently retired. I have fond memories of 8086. Rode it till my butt hurt worse than hemorroids.
  8. Did Diamond taxi (black and orange) go out of business?
  9. LOL. I could grow a nice goatee when I was 15 actually.
  10. If I see him again I'll ask. I haven't seen him since '99.
  11. To be honest, I can't remember the last time I boarded a bus that felt ice cold from the A/C like the original Orion V's used to.
  12. I dunno. Is he a supervisor now? I remember malcolm from wayyyyyy back when Transit Toronto started.
  13. You should get one of those brushes they used to use to apply the cream. LOL Do you use a straight razor too? Schick razors are the best. I am literally using a 6 year old blade and still cuts good as new.
  14. Had the nicest reaction in about 15 years! LOL Got video of an OOS T1 going through Bloor station and a supervisor came up to me after and said, "I dunno if you know this but it's actually rare to see those on this line nowadays". I go, "awwwwww yeaaaaaaaa". Still some good ones out there it seems.
  15. Not sure how rare this is (it used to be really rare) but I saw an ALRV in service on the 510 southbound at Russel Av.