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  1. Celebrity Death Thread

    Charles Manson is (finally) dead.
  2. TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Thank you. Some people need to stick to complaining about things they actually spent money on.
  3. General FML moments

    The addon devs work pretty quickly so you might not have to wait long for your addons. Especially highly popular ones like the ones you used. I highly recommend switching to uBlock Origin for an adblocker. It has surpassed adblock in popularity and it is FAR more lightweight on resources. It also offers more 3rd party filters. I don't use noscript ot scrobble so I can't comment. I did use an addon called s3 google translator which was the ONLY translation addon that formatted INLINE like google chrome instead of opening up google translate in a new page. To be honest, the 2x speed improvement to the new Firefox Quantun (57) is worth the wait for updated addons. I did my own personal real life tests and found it to be EQUALLY as fast as Chrome and Edge.
  4. TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Rather it be harvested for useful parts in the city TBH. Pfft. No one's got 3 middle fingers. Thanks for the status report.
  5. General LOL moments

    You'll never guess why Corn Flakes were invented in the first place. *reader discretion is advised. **NOT THE ONION. http://mentalfloss.com/article/32042/corn-flakes-were-invented-part-anti-masturbation-crusade
  6. Where were you on November 9 1989?

    I remember watching this.
  7. Colored lights for holidays other than Christmas

    Orange and black? A black light is called OFF.
  8. When are the TTC planning on rolling out cell service in the subway because I remember this plan being thrown around as far back as 16 years ago. LOL
  9. PC Train Simulators

  10. You know you're a transitfan when...

    That sucks. Back in the late 90s, WOW, it was a gold mine. You didn't know where to go. Especially since the 1975 GMs were spread all over the place. I used to go to Oakville many times after school to satify my 70s GM needs.
  11. Songs of the Transit Fan

    Arlo Guthrie: City Of New Orleans Klaatu: Sub Rosa Subway Ken Boothe: Train is Coming Any version of Wabash Cannonball
  12. Celebrity Death Thread

    I'm totally devastated. RIP Fats.
  13. General FY Moments

    Cool, all you need now is a bong
  14. General FML moments

    Daaaaaaayyyyyuuuuuuummm. Too rich for my blood. I prefer the older stuff myself actually. My table is from 1973 and it was lovingly restored by yours truly. Cost me 50 bucks LOL