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  1. Leaving the forum due to censorship due to political bias. My avatar was deleted because it was a Donald Trump avatar and some people who claim Trump supporters are "fascists" prevailed in getting it deleted to suit theor ideals of a politically homogeneous internet forum. Rather than accept and submit to this attack of freedom of speech and thought I thought I'd join a transit group with adults instead. Been a decent 8 years folks! Stay in line, Reveleven P.s. surprised the Bible verses weren't deleted first. I guess the "tolerant" crowd hates democratically elected politicians a lot more than freedom of religion.
  2. Define 'barbaric greed': And, how much does this cost at Halton Country RR? (If they still sell them). Disgusting.
  3. Sideshow Bob Roberts. Hands down.
  4. Does anyone know if these still exist on the system?
  5. RIP Winston Smith
  6. RIP MTM
  7. Nice photos, y'all.
  8. Does anyone know if you can get custom rollsigns for the new Rapido fishbowl model?
  9. "Solid State" has to do with the type of transistors used. Solid state uses silicon transistors as opposed to valves (tubes). Unrelated question: Does anyone know what happened to those Scarborough RT "chevron" signs that were placed at the beginning of the driveways leading into, for example, Lawrence East station? The one and only one I've seen was 17 years ago right at the beginning of the driveway (service road) on the north side of Lawrence just past Midland but before the bridge. It has a blue stand straight at the bottom but bent like a chevron at the top with a white plate in the chevron with the RT logo. Anyone have a pic?
  10. Best TTC app is transit now. It's transit fan friendly too as it displays vehicle numbers. You can search by run number too!
  11. I haven't heard much about uwe since they were putting it in. What's the story?
  12. How is the build quality of this one compared to the corgi model? This new one has more accurate shaped windows and other features.
  13. Well if it upsets you so much, return to your safe-space cry room. Now with therapy dogs! OK for the benefit of the troll to unravel the knot in his panties... Route 233: Reveleven dial-a-bus Route 333: Reveleven NIGHT dial-a-bus Route 433: Reveleven community dial-a-bus (for shopping at the local plaza) Route 533 Reveleven dial-a-streetcar (once the trackwork is complete)
  14. Yes there are 600 and 700 series "routes". 600 was rapid transit and 700 were standby buses. But you're so smart you know that, eh? I give him a couple more days before the ban hammer drops.
  15. One copy of cities in motion on it's way!