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  1. Not sure. According to Transit Toronto he was the one who coined the term as a facetious way of describing how slow the Gloucester cars were when the new subway opened. He was a really good photographer that had a real steady hand too. A lot of his time exposures were taken without a tripod.
  2. Wow that is a shock. He is the guy who coined the term "red rocket" in the 1950s. RIP
  3. AMAZING shot of old 8068 back in the 70s. This bus was the last rollsign GM out of Arrow Rd. division and was retired back in '99. I remember visiting it at the garage back then and I noticed that the side sign was a Birchmount division sign while the front was an Arrow sign. So it seems it spent a lifetime at Birchmount. Source: Transit Toronto
  4. I hear you. I haven't done any TTC photos or videos except for the odd shot here or there with my cell phone. All of which I lost. I have the hdv camcorder getting some final shots and I already loaded up about four tapes. I will do a couple more winter shots, one tape of just sound recording for dubbing and then the last day and I'm set. It will take a few years before I'm able to edit those shots to post on my yt channel. Lol Hope any potential winners here stay on their best behaviour for the screening process. I imagine they'll have a dude there in full TTC regalia acting like R Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket to weed out anyone who shows signs of anti-TTC/Metrolinx bias. ATU jackets are a no no. Make sure your fingernails and toenails are well groomed and that there are no jelly donuts in your camera bags.
  5. Yeah, if this were a few months ago I'm sure Trudeau would be one of the "dignitaries". Wouldn't surprise me if empty suit John Tory shows up. I didn't enter either. I can just take a shot today, change the timestamp and lie about it being the last run. It's not that serious.
  6. It's technically a charter. Good ol Toronto elitism has spread to the foam community.
  7. Same here with my RCA cassette only walkman with it running without a tape 21 years ago LOL.
  8. So it's the 3rd "last day" of CLRVs on the 506 so far.
  9. Just because he bought what he thought were the contents of Elvis' septic tank on eBay doesn't give him the right to do what he did. It was his $30Gs and therefore his problem.
  10. Hmmmm. I'll say that it is a stop now but used to be a station when the 604 was recognized as an LRT line which was reflected in some TTC ride guides.
  11. Maybe he was researching his character for some weird, flip flopped version of the movie Carrie. The school dance scene.
  12. And where is he getting that poo from?
  13. So that's what society's come down to, huh? All the technology, all the information, all the "enlightenment" of the "millennium" and we have people so dissatisfied with life, the only pleasure they get is from throwing poo around? You know what, those "Do not use as a lead car" signs in the cab were around before they put those cars on the B-D. I always wondered what it was for and I didn't know those particular cars had the trip cocks removed. Not sure why they'd do that but it definitely preceded their final days. I always thought they converted those cars to trailers or something. Maybe removed some equipment to save money and/or weight. Someone told me back in 1999 that the reason why they put the H1 unit in the middle was because driver's hated them. By that time those cars rode like a stagecoach. Pretty rough. I remember catching 5371 on the Spadina line and the train felt like it was derailing. They rocked harder than Led Zeppelin. I am not sure the last time I rode and H1 on the Y-U-S but I do remember riding one from Downsview all the way to Finch and back again close to their final days. This is when I was young, skinny and flexible enough to keep my head turned out the railfan window while seated for any length of time. If I tried that now I'd need a chiropractor for the rest of my life. Thanks for the refresher course on the G's. I forgot that the high rate switch on those was to compensate for the lack of the load weigh. I seem to remember the high rate switch on the M1s being behind a piece of glass or plastic that you'd have to break to use it. Or at least that's what I think it was. I also didn't know the later cars switched to conform to the Gs rather than the other way around. I have a better understanding of why they chose to get rid of them. I bet if they had better motors and some forced air ventilation they'd have kept them longer. They were really non standard cars which is odd being the first cars. I wonder what the TTC was thinking when they chose those over the PCC subway cars they wanted initially.
  14. I guess with so many different classes back then (especially in 1989) it would take too much time to marshall them into their own classes. That was until they ran into problems like Wayside described above. Even if the Gloucesters had compatible couplers it wouldn't have been smart to mix them anyway since they had lower power motors. They had to flip the high rate switch on those to keep up with the other cars. It depends on the design really. The R62s are like the CLRVs. Built to the same relative specs but by different manufacturers. The G2s actually were the demo for the M1s and they really only demonstrated the feasibility of using aluminum for the car body. I doubt they would have wanted to use the same equipment as the Gs because even at that time there were complaints about how slow the red trains were.
  15. I am not sure about right when they were delivered but they absolutely did mix H5s and H6s. They mixed everything except (obviously) the Gloucesters.
  16. Back in the day it seemed like everyone had the Nightflight to Venus LP. Good call. I have it myself.
  17. I am almost positive I know who you're referring to or at least one of those "employees" but I will not name names. You're not kidding about Toronto foamer greed. Just look at some of the TTC memorabilia selling on eBay. I've seen CUT transfers from the modern era selling for like 10 bucks, current maps for 5 bucks, and other ridiculousness. I remember the TTS meeting where the TTC Youth idea was raised only to be derided by the old farts. I didn't know Metro hall provided the room for free so a TTC Youth would have been perfectly viable. I think a better idea would have been to bring that idea to the OTA at the time who were mostly young people. The OTA could have their own meetings and we could charter vehicles manufactured post-1950 without the old geezers objecting like this was some jury trial. Yeah, the TTS were sure proud of themselves when they put out that issue with the one colour page. It's was as if they just discovered colour copiers. Your $40 membership at work. I guess those newsletters don't even matter much anymore with there being way more information on the internet. I get all the info I need from this forum alone. That's why I didn't bother going to the ALRV run. Glad I didn't. My last memory of seeing an ALRV was a nice quiet Sunday morning and I am happy to keep it that way rather than being squashed by foamers. I don't remember the last time I rode one, however. The museum has one so I'm cool. I remember the mixed M1 trains! I remember them on the YUS up until 1990 or so. I remember them when I first started noticing the Identra coil when I was a kid wondering what it was. Doesn't surprise me that the M1s had better acceleration and braking to those H6s. They'd have been better off if they rebuilt the gloucesters and installed A/C. Back then they mixed everything willy nilly which couldn't have been that great in the summer when only 2/3 or 1/3 cars had A/C. Later on they only mixed similar classes. No camshaft with chopper cars. I remember 20 years ago they mixed H2's with H1's in mostly a H2-H1-H2 config on the YUS. When they just retired the M1s in may of 99 I remember riding a complete H1 train on the BD which probably hasn't happened in decades. Shortly after that they mixed the cars in the same H2-H1-H2 or even H2-H1-H4 configuration as the H1s lived out their final days. It was nice to ride an H1 on the B-D. The last time the TTC mixed classes I think was in 2000 when they mixed the H2s and H4s.
  18. There's another one with a jackhammer compressor but I forget the number. I almost got off that car because I thought it was going to blow up.
  19. When you turn it, it calls up the Horse Palace at the ex. It's like Skip the Dishes but for horses.
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