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  1. I just saw that photo. I don't remember him doing that at all. I felt really bad for some of the operators but they took it in stride. And yeah, people like that give all transit fans a bad name or worse, an asterisk whenever legal discussions concerning the hobby come up. It seems the media at least found some decent people to interview for the most part.
  2. I am willing to guess that he was the reason CBC News couldn't air their coverage aboard 4068 although I may be wrong. I didn't see it on their website.
  3. Totally agreed. And let's face it, the ruining of photos was the least of what could have happened. He could have gotten killed or seriously injured and guess who would take the blame. The same organization who made this event possible. Now I definitely understand and sympathize why they did the contest. There was another whackjob on board the same car that made the operator wait while he decided to walk around the closed side in the middle of traffic for photos. He could have also been easily hit by a car. He was also shouting random stuff. I'll just call him "Alladin" because of the way he looked. Some of you may know who I'm talking about. I've seen the same guy before on the subway acting dodgy. The CLRV retirement and the unbelievable generosity (as well as patience) the TTC displayed with this event was enough to bring me out of retirement but it was also simultaneously a reminder why I love fanning alone. The day before Sunday I just sat around the Ex in the nice weather and just watched streetcars with my lunch. No cameras, no nothing. In the end, your eyes and your memory are the best camera.
  4. At least now they have a few more candidates for historic vehicles they can throw on the 509 if they ever decide to do that again.
  5. I was hoping that one would stay in the city like at Wychwood but the more the merrier. The CLRVs are well preserved,
  6. Nice video. Not as bad as the foamers weaving in and out of traffic for shots including one that ran alongside 4068 from Greenwood to the yard filming. Now I see why the TTC decided to have that contest.
  7. 4068 was packed on the last run too. It didn't help there was a reporter and huge TV camera on board as well. Nevertheless, glad I got on the car accidentally. Had no idea until I boarded that it was the last one.
  8. I'm on 4001. Lol. I can't remember the last time I was on a Swiss car. At least a decade.
  9. This was probably the last Bathurst CLRV I would ever ride.
  10. https://www.680news.com/2019/12/28/legacy-ttc-streetcars-final-journey/ "The first CLRV streetcar entered service on Sept. 30, 1979, as part of a program to replace the elderly “Red Rocket” trains, some of which had been in service since 1938, the TTC says."
  11. Update. Holy s*** there is more foam than I thought. Cameras everywhere.
  12. No I mean in front of the car Facing the car. outside On the ground In between the rails The TTC is being very VERY lenient today.
  13. Come on! What's wrong with sitting cross legged in front of a clrv taking photos!* *true story
  14. I just got off 085 and it's making that thumping noise. I am bringing my nerf gun to fight the foam
  15. Cloth covered "NOMA" lights. You gotta wonder sometimes what they were thinking with certain things back in the day. Was there a layer of asbestos under the cloth as well? LOOL I wonder if they outlawed those lights because, like you said, you can't get bulbs for them any more. I miss those lights and I don't really like the LED ones we have now even though they last longer. I remember one of the last years we used NOMA lights that ONE bulb actually melted the control box for the musical lights we also had. Our home growing up was more like a 70s nightmare (believe me if you saw the furniture and drapes). We did have one "antique" and that was our old Coronette console stereo with built-in BAR! LOOOOL. It has a Fisher receiver/amp and a better quality BSR turntable with a 16RPM speed. Unfortunately that stopped working when I was a baby so it was a TV stand for many years. I'm surprised we didn't burn down our original apartment as well. It also had the old school fuse box where you had to change them out. Even the sockets didn't have the one side longer than the other. Building wasn't that old at all (1968) so we never had any problems. A Christmas ride like that back then must have been dead. That's a classic trifecta of iconic TTC vehicles. Plus those days were more "Christmasy" than today so I can imagine that being a memorable ride today. Two out of three of those vehicles would have that nice, incandescent glow to them which I miss. Agreed. These tables are still going strong and that Pioneer is no exception. The person who sold it to me said it had been in storage since 1981. So it was not used for 36 years until I tuned it up and now it plays flawlessly. It's funny you call that Garrard good. It was indeed the nicest turntable I found at VV but many owners have said this series was some of the worst Garrard turntables ever made. I find that odd because out of all my tables (the belt drive pioneer and my CEC made direct drive with speed control) the Garrard has the most accurate and consistent speed. Keep your eye out for Betamax stuff because they still sell for a premium today. I wouldn't have sold my mint condition SONY Betamovie that I found for $10 if I had a deck to go with it. Making those tube "light trail" effects digitally is an extremely hard process. Some 78s had different coatings. The later ones seem to be less abrasive and cold to the touch as earlier ones and I do have some actual vinyl 78s. I guess those were made when the sapphire needles came out. For what they are and how they work, 78RPMs sound really good. LOL "pro tools" wonders. So true. It's very hard to draw meaning from the "carols" today when that sort of sentiment, feeling and spirituality is pretty much not a thing anymore. It's all about disposability, quick bucks, etc. No conflicts over the C-word back then. Maybe it's still good for kids but I personally don't see how they can get much enjoyment out of all these digital and electronic toys. I liked the simple, manual, D-I-Y shit they had like a Slinky. I wanted one of those so bad. It was a damn bedspring LOL. How about light bright. A box with a lightbulb in it. Any Christmas feel I want I have to create myself and older music helps with that (except jingle bell rock. A song I believe should have its tapes, masters, and stampers all destroyed LOL). Yeah the James Brown record was a loss but I'll probably eBay that one. Actually Canada did have some RCA labels with the full colour dog. Some 45s had the outline of the dog. But I haven't seen any with a black and white photo of the dog.
  16. That's true about the post-war context of that song. Still, seems weird that a country singer would help usher in the new age of capitalism. LOL. The living room you described sounds like the one from A Christmas Story. Back in the days when Christmas was a fire/injury hazard. "March" and "Trepak" are my faves from Nutcracker. Especially the latter with the use of the ratchet. I used to think the 1812 overture was about the War of 1812 as well. It didn't help that they played it on every 4th of July celebration I ever saw on PBS. LOL. The LP is being played on a Pioneer PL12-D from 1973. The Garrard I bought for $15 at Value Village but it didn't have a cartridge. It cannot take a 1/2" cartridge without an adapter so I just bought a Sonotone 3509 ceramic cartridge that uses the flip needle and rigged it in there. Sounds good to my ears buy those sapphire needles don't last. I agree about Christmas music on vinyl. I am not a fan of these newer Christmas songs to be honest. I grew up listening to Christmas records on vinyl. I even used to have James Brown's Christmas album. LOL. Unfortunately I lost that one.
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