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  1. BINGO! This is an ex-santa monica bowl seen here in winter 1999 at Mississauga truck and bus. I think this bus went to brampton.
  2. That's less than the cost of developing alone (no prints) downtown. Prints are about 1.75 per 4x6 print at some stores.
  3. Might be hard. What's wrong with this picture? Hint: A slightly misplaced bus.
  4. Taken in 2002, I captured this chick walking at a brisk rate of two steps per eon. I was at a crossroads. Take the shot with this happy person or miss the shot of one of the last 8000 numbered fishbowls.
  5. Good points. You can't really point and shoot with a digital SLR either. I also hate the rising costs of developing film. I used to be able to get a roll done for 5 bucks.
  6. Hi, I don't live in Edmonton but I am sorry to hear about the destruction of the trolley system. Reminds me of 1993 here in T.O. What's going to happen to they're museum buses? Will they keep them? (sorry if this has been discussed) I know if it were toronto they'd have trown it away like so much used kleenex. Perfect example: The TTC up until about 2001 has a 1959 first generation New Look that they used as a hoist-testing bus at the Hillcrest shops. It was in nice condition and could have been restored, but the TTC being the TTC tossed it. I hope Edmonton doesn't do the same!
  7. Later mechanical SLR's with the electonically controlled shutters (probably like yours, unless you use a rangefinder in which case they should stand up fine)aren't really affected by the cold. It's the 100% mechanical ones that can become dodgy because of condensation. A well insulated bag should deter this. I like the idea of printing your own photos as long as the resolution is as good as low grain film. Right now I use Ilford 125 and 50 which are the lowest grain b&w film available. There are other subtle nuances to film that I don't think digital can capture. But I guess it's better now than a decade ago.
  8. I agree totally. It's more expensive to screw up with a film camera. Although I'd rather use a digital for everyday point and shoot general stuff that's disposable. Film cameras aren't that hard to take care of. A lot of those made between 1967 or so and the early 80's are very robust. I am currently using a 1973 konica and it works perfectly. Winter cold though is a problem for mechanical cameras.
  9. I've seen trains going up to downsview with the coil as recent as 2000. My biggest memory was stading about at Yorkdale sometime in 1990 and about half the trains i saw going southbound had em.
  10. Just when I thought the 1998 version was the worst. This 2009 version was a waste of talented actors.
  11. Sewells from stelles to finch. Scarborough-PIckering Townline. Parliament st. Sherbourne st.
  12. It's probably more expensive now but I find I like owning actual prints than digital pictures (which, if you think about it, don't really exist). Slides and prints are more colectable and really can last you as long as you take care of them. 10,000 digital shots on a DVD can be lost if you get one scratch on the disc.
  13. This is not my first but it is one of the earliest photos I took that I still have. I took this with a Crayola 110 camera that came with a free Crayon shaped calculator. Keep in mind I was 15 at the time! Hey when you need a camera you need a camera. Oct 1998...
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