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  1. buswizard

    Two Can Play At That Game

    In the small town of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, a dude took my pic while he was driving a bus. And I caught him on video!! (not sure how to embed YouTube video in my post, so here's the link...) And here are some random photos I took there that day. June 1, 2013. [/url]
  2. buswizard

    Favourite Photo

    It's been a while since I was on here! I have since gotten me a DSLR and I'm loving it!
  3. buswizard

    Favourite Photo

    My favorite November photo so far.
  4. buswizard

    Black & White

  5. buswizard

    Detroit DOT

    I visited Detroit on the 4th weekend in October.
  6. buswizard


    Some photos of Philly at night.
  7. buswizard

    Photography Equipment

    I got an Olympus SP-600 UZ in May. I am now using it for my transit pics! and I am loving it.
  8. buswizard

    Buses in the RAIN!

    More rainy day photos. And floodwaters!!
  9. buswizard

    Rail Photos

    DE-LRVs with new LED signage.
  10. buswizard

    Favourite Photo

    I love how this came out.