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  1. Terminus Cartier, this afternoon. Oh, and there’s a security guard who thinks he can tell me that I need a special authorization to take pictures there… And when I tell him that there is no such requirement, he gets uppity and start whining in his radio…
  2. Here are some pictures I took today:
  3. Heck, back when it was operated with manual block system, the Paris Métro already offered 90 second headways back in the 1930’s… From the onset, 50 years ago, the Métro signalling system allowed 90 second headways. So, 2 minutes is not a problem at all. The reason why they can’t have 90 second headways is that they can’t get the trains on the line fast enough. And that there aren’t enough trains, too… (With ≈ 40 minutes to go end-to-end on line 2, you would need 52 trains to have 90 second headways, while 40 trains will bear a 2 minutes headway). For this, the St-Charles garage was directly connected to both line 2 tracks past Henri-Bourassa, but when they extended to Laval, only one track connects. But do you need 90 second headways? And will people load in time without making trains late? And currently, the system won’t send a train in a tunnel until the preceding train has left the next station, so with the longer interstations (Cartier_Concorde, Sauvé_Crémazie, St-Henri_Villa-Maria, Villa_Maria-Snowdon), you may very well have to stop a train in the tunnel, and from what I understand, the STM will go to great lengths to prevent that.
  4. Pending the delivery of new city buses, the STM has rented several MCI highway coaches and put them on the 747 Aéropet line from August 29 and on. Here are two of them seen this morning at the Lionel-Groulx terminus on Greene avenue.
  5. They have to. By law, the end-doors must be kept unlocked at times. Amtrak got in hot water several times because they did not unlock the end-doors when the train was in Canada.
  6. Old fareboxen seen in Place d'Armes station this morning:
  7. New bus line between Lionel-Groulx and the new Arthur Porter Hospital: http://www.stm.info/en/info/networks/bus/new-bus-line-77-station-lionel-groulx-cusm
  8. http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/amt-to-be-abolished-report It will be replaced by two new agencies: the Réseau des transports métropolitains (RTM) and the Agence régionale de transport (ART).
  9. A STM bus (30-252 on the 485) caught fire on April 23rd at ≈ 14h40 on “Spaghetti Junction” (Turcot interchange). http://journalmetro.com/actualites/montreal/762885/un-autobus-de-la-stm-en-feu-sur-turcot/
  10. The construction of the two new stairs in Vendôme station is complete:
  11. Dunno if it can be counted as a sighting, but I noticed today (March 5, 2015) that there is a little bit of the Namur garage that is still standing!!!
  12. This was well before “Il fait beau dans l’Métro”…
  13. Ever heard of Suburban Express, in Illinois? It's the proverbial bus compant from hell... If you board the bus with the wrong ticket, they cancel your ticket without refund, charge your credit card for another full-fare ticket AND a $100 "convenience fee". And if you complain about them online, they ding you for $500 and ban you forever!!! http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/04/express-to-internet-hate-bus-company-threatens-redditor-with-lawsuit/
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