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  1. Yeah, frequencies I can understand due to lower ridership, but once the pandemic's over, we really need to consider reforming at least the Barrie and Orillia ends of the routes, having their terminals extended to the CBDs of those cities. Otherwise, the only people who'll take the bus will be those with no choice. We have enough gas-guzzling F-150s and RAM pickups on the road here. If we can prevent the need for more of them, why don't we? The issues with connectivity in Barrie go back to when Route 1 launched in 2018. The only really practical route for most people is Route 2 as it terminates
  2. I have my own proposal. Have the routes to North Simcoe terminate Downtown, and the routes from barrie to South Simcoe terminate at Allandale. And the Orillia route should terminate at their new Downtown Terminal when it opens. It's like how Allegiant Airlines with their clapped out MD-80s flies from say, Fargo to Wichita at noon. Who really wants to go there. Likewise, for somebody from Barrie who wants to take transit to Orillia... who wants to take two buses to get to the Barrie end of LINX 3, then once in Orillia, have to take up to two buses to get to their final destination? And that's b
  3. I guess because it really only goes from the northern outskirts of Barrie to the southern outskirts of Orillia? Meanwhile the ONR service goes from Downtown to Downtown, where most people wanna go (to connect to every route in both cities). Idk how the County justified this.
  4. I find it rather peculiar that they won't connect to Route 1 in Midland. If the goal is of an inter-connected network, this route would be much harder to access. You want to connect to these routes in Midland, it requires an hour's bus ride on Midland Transit to get to them.
  5. Knowing about the deferred orders and the service cuts, I wonder what they'll be running these new routes with? They don't seem to've ordered new buses for these routes, so would they just be using the existing surplus to operate the routes for the time being until service increases? (EDIT: Nevermind, I saw the eight bus order in the PDF)
  6. I got a shot of Arboc 2021 while waiting for a bus on Sunday. 69207 and 69508 are for sale now.
  7. Yesterday while I was out, I spotted a 2020 Chevy/Arboc numbered 2021 driving around the City. They must've gotten two of them judging by the numbers. No pics though as I was on a bus at the time.
  8. Yeah, I'm familiar with that. They formed a subsidiary called "Autobus Gatineau" around the same time they expanded to the James Bay Highway. On my last trip back home from Rouyn-Noranda via North Bay we had one of Gatineau's buses, a post-2002 Prevost that was from the states. Had the full livery, but the signage was mostly in English and the speedometer was in miles per hour.
  9. https://www.grey.ca/news/grey-transit-route-rolling-ahead Latest news from five days ago. Looks like FirstGroup in Owen Sound is going to be the contractor. As for fleet, they're talking about going to Metrolinx to "lease" buses, so it could either be Arbocs, or Enviro 200s. I never heard of Metrolinx offering a leasing programme though?
  10. Unfortunately there's no fare integration in Barrie, however most of Simcoe County's municipal systems have an agreement with LINX where you pay a reduced rate upon transfer. Orillia I think is one of them, you get a buck off your fare I think it is.
  11. I have a feeling if we end up getting a smart-card system, it'll probs be LINX's card and would likely apply County-wide. We tend to take a more "local" rather than "provincial" line of thinking in government up here. I'll disclose what I think of Presto.... it's an eternal f**kup and our heads were wise not to implement it. The TTC's STILL having problems with it after what? 5? 10 years after implementing it?
  12. Yeah, they expanded into Manitoba some years ago and took over the famous Selkirk-Winnipeg commuter line, then I believe abandoned it a year later. Idk what the locals thought about it, but the optics of a bus with Ontario license plates running a local commuter route in Manitoba didn't look good in my eyes.
  13. Yeah, I saw that on Facebook, and I thought it was rather sneaky as well. I foresee this being a long, drawn out legal/bureaucratic battle that'll delay service even more. Mini "bus war" like Britain had in the 90s?
  14. https://www.orangeville.com/news-story/9767708-transit-route-for-orangeville-shelburne-dufferin-county-being-developed-by-grey-county/?fbclid=iwar1yc8omnysgmav6bp5x_b6hcczmdswlhyforqqi4sctsiesivxxbmrfjo4 Some news out of Orangeville's press, but it looks like Grey County's starting a new regional transit service linking Owen Sound to the rest of the county, including connections to Blue Mountains (potentially to Simcoe County) and Dufferin County. Be a good topic to follow for the next few years. In my own comments, as a Simcoe County resident, I think LINX should do two things
  15. Looked at the Twitter and it's actually a pretty nice simple scheme, kinda reminds me of Cornwall.
  16. So figure I'd give some updates. For 2019, Nova 1703 is this year's Christmas bus. Also, Route 90 is ending service on December 31st, 2019, which is New Year's Eve. The last 90B trip is the 3:30 trip while the last 90A trip is the 6:00 trip. I'm planning to be on it before I go to Downtown Countdown.
  17. https://www.clearview.ca/municipal-services/public-transit This completely slipped past our radar this year, but Clearview's now a two-route system. Their hub is at the Clearview Township council building in Stayner, with Route 1 running through Stayner and to Wasaga Beach, and Route 2 linking Stayner to Creemore. Wonder if they bought more buses to reflect this or if 3322's being used for it?
  18. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1358570/autobus-rouyn-montreal-transport-commun-comparaison?fbclid=IwAR0XlE0lhRRcKob_TcuLGJNZpM9gVN3b3VHz6fdEGvvOeAXPfmz7lBM7Joc Looking at this Radio-Canada article (I translated it through Chrome) it seems like Rouyn-Noranda's bought another Nova with the narrow front doors that you'd find in Southern Quebec, numbered 9609.
  19. Maybe they'd rent a few from a leasing company to make up for the shortfall? I know that place in Mississauga has some Eldorados available, along with some D40LFs, the latter of which I would i'd imagine are too big for Dufferin County.
  20. https://www.orangeville.com/news-story/9596098--something-is-finally-happening-dufferin-county-could-rent-orangeville-buses-to-serve-shelburne-mono-grand-valley/?fbclid=iwar0owpk6njblldgmwxfjk5gqjd5g0duinlymngk1h_xmswgqdx9g3tbz3qa Some interesting news to say the least. I'm already thinking of planning a trip once the go-ahead happens.
  21. https://barrie360.com/13m-for-barrie-transit-announced/?fbclid=IwAR30CjBndAOopPpbUBSCAXCGSqgEXieh6ch4rHMJuDHH2xuaAZXZ6oytFAA Announcement for funding. have a read.
  22. Bumping the thread due to some updates. Found a Facebook page for a company in SPM that does tours of the islands. They have actual European buses! One vehicle is an old Renault-Berliet from what appears to be 1970s-80s, while when I liked the page yesterday I discovered they managed to acquire a full-sized MAN Lion's Coach which seems to be their primary vehicle now, with the Renault most likely being a spare. Chances are with the green German enviro-sticker on the windshield, this vehicle could either be German or has travelled to Germany in her past life. I gotta wonder given
  23. That's actually one of the first places I wanna visit outside Canada, along with Iceland and St. Pierre. Always loved European buses.
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