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  1. Ontario Northland Railway

    Well, the people I'm working for are part of one of the parties that promised to bring back the train as far back as 2013. I got involved with them about a month or two after the shutdown, and got involved with them because I met two MPPs on the train and started chatting with them about what needs to be done. I have a knack for taking an issue related to transport, whether it's this or issues with Barrie Transit where I live, and going deep into research and writing 500-page long papers full of solutions, knowledge and technical data that I've researched myself either through the internet, through personal knowledge, or through conversations with friends and professionals who know what they're doing. North of Pefferlaw the Northlander would travel at the maximum speed of the GP38-2s pulling her, which was around 65 mi/h. North of Washago speeds would drop somewhat, between 40 to 50 mi/h all the way to Cochrane, with brief slow sections through North Bay when we transit through the yards plus any slow orders that happen to be in effect during the trip.
  2. Ontario Northland Railway

    I think it's not the APU specifically that's the issue, but more along the lines of using freight power on passenger trains. If we had a passenger-spec unit that didn't have HEP I don't think it'd be an issue to hook the APU to it. Or even running an FP7A or other passenger-capable carbodied unit like we used to in the 90s, or the CATs like when I went on my first trip to Toronto in 1998. CN would make us get special permission to use anything six-axled on the Northlander when it was needed, like SD40-2s or the SD75I, and I think they required either different logistics or bureaucratic paperwork to turn them around in Toronto because the clearances on the wye in Mimico were supposedly too tight for them. That Innu-owned railway in Labrador first started out using GP38-2s with HEP cars on their passenger service but last I saw they were using ex-Amtrak F40s, so they probably got caught up in the same issue.
  3. Barrie Transit

    Is there anything new happening at Barrie Transit?
  4. Ontario Northland Railway

    I'm working with some people up North on the Northlander project myself. Any members of the board who know me personally or through social media would know that I'm immersed in it and have been since I met some politicians on the last run in 2012. I'll declare my choices for the new Northlander fleet, keeping in mind my information's limited. For locomotives, I'm leaning towards rebuilding some GP40-2 passenger variants from the northeast US, particularly NJT hood units and some of the GP40FH-2 units as well. The NJT units (GP40PH-2 IIRC) would be versatile for the ONTC, because their design allows them to be used on both passenger and freight, due to the visibility and access between units that this unit offers, as well as for the most part having parts commonality with the 1730 series SD40-2s and the three GP40-2s. Even the Amtrak GP38H-3s would be a good unit for us, considering they have just enough power to pull the Northlander and also has the relevant passenger mods done to it. For coaches, I'm leaning towards rebuilt single-deck coaches, either Budd products like if there's any Amtrak "heritage fleet" cars still in storage in Beech Grove, ex-AMT/nee-GO RTC-85s if some are still available, or even ex-NJT coaches, or even Can-Car products if they can be found. I've thought about the Ringling cars a while back, but that auction's over and I would imagine the whole fleet's already been spoken for. The reason I have a preference for HEP-equipped, high-speed, passenger-spec Geeps for the revived services, is not only for the versatility of them, which a skeleton fleet like ONR really needs right now, but also, I'm aware through friends who are around the ONR who told me that the GP38-2 + APU setup that we used before Black Friday 2012 is not allowed by CN anymore unless they do half the speed limit, and that TC regulations are the reason the class ones adopted it. So if we want to do 75 to 90 mi/h on the Bala sub like we used to (the GP38-2 fleet as you know topped out at 65, probably the fastest any GP38-2's ever gone in this country), we'd need to have a locomotive that's designed for passenger work. However, more freight locomotives are needed from what I was hearing, particularly four-axle roadswitchers, so the locomotives I've researched would be perfect for that role, or any other role we can throw at it.
  5. Barrie Transit

    Haha, I agree with you on losing so many good buses. However, when we had all those classics up here a couple of years ago it was a blast. Honestly they should've just bought them all on top of the idea of rebuilding the 04 and 06 buses, then we wouldn't have to worry about a bus shortage at all. I really wouldn't mind one though, if one came up here while 1709's replacement was being built, I'd probably get as much mileage outta her as I can lol.
  6. Barrie Transit

    I gotta wonder if we're gonna be getting a leaser for the time being?
  7. Barrie Transit

    Some of my friends have been telling me that 1709's being scrapped because it apparently got T-boned by a drunk driver who came off the 400 at full speed while doing Route 4. So far there's no photos of it from my friends, and no reports on the news about it that I've seen so far looking at CTV or the Advance (RIP the Examiner). Anybody else hear about this and can offer more info?
  8. NFI used to have the MiDi, but ADL has since took over that range, so they could be in the running as well. ADL also has an ongoing relationship with Metrolinx over their DDs, so that could probably play a factor into who they pick as well.
  9. GO Transit

    I saw a post on one of the Facebook groups of a SuperLo being spotted in Aurora on a Route 65 service. Does anybody know the details around that? I just wanna know whether some will be coming to Barrie on Route 68 as well as how many per day and when? I know some folks have posted diagrams here of GO's runs on their eastern routes before, so any info you guys could dig up would be much appreciated, I may plan on buying a day pass and just riding SuperLos all day between Barrie and Newmarket on the first day if I can get intel. Thanks in advance.
  10. Barrie Transit

    Ditto. Whoever designed it must've worked in the airline industry before coming here lol. I would've preferred a stripe with maybe just a new logo or something, there's a street sweeper in the fleet that has the new logo and a big stripe on it and it looks really old school.
  11. Barrie Transit

    Took a ride on 1706 today and saw the scheme for myself. I'm pretty proud again to've gotten the very first shots of it lol. Personally I think however it's just too bland and too dark. Especially with the white back end. I'll always prefer the old livery to this one i think, but perhaps it's because I'm more old-school lol? It does look alright, better than the fancy Yankee shite that small little podunks like to pull, but not as good as the classic old scheme. Wonder what some of the others might think? I think it'll eventually grow on me if given time, like how the new GO scheme took a while for us to get used to, some of us were comparing it to Santa Fe's "Vomit Bonnet" back when it first came out I remember. They did an okay job, but to me this one looks kinda like the bland schemes you see on airliners these days.
  12. Barrie Transit

    Can you at least describe the livery? I'd imagine they kept the blue stripe but just added the new City logo? A few years ago I was told about a "rebranding" project that was supposed to be included in the 2013 redesign of the system but ultimately they've either scuttled it or put it off. They were gonna completely rename BT to something else, like "Uride" or "Pronto" or something stupid like that, something fancy like you see in the States.
  13. GO Transit

    Quick question. back in October I drove part of King Road in York Region along with Peel Road 9 past Bolton, and saw quite a few GO Transit bus stop signs as well as one old PMCL sign along that corridor. Does GO still run a route out there? I thought they left that area years ago lol.
  14. Barrie Transit

    Didn't get to see her at the parade, but got to see her tonight while on the way home from the train club. 1705 (2017 Novabus LFS Gen-4) is this year's Christmas bus. I really like the theme they did this year too, seems like some sort of Canada 150 theme!
  15. Simcoe County Transit

    Was the BRT I believe. We got ours in Barrie in 2012 through the TPI. I think that period began in 2011 and ended in 2013, we got those Eldorados and almost all our XD40s through that programme. The 2014s were ordered through a City tender as the TPI didn't cover that year.
  16. Simcoe County Transit

    This is good news. I didn't know that Metrolinx had a 30ft category for this period. Is anybody else ordering 30ft from TPI and who is the marque that won the bid? Sure will be a huge improvement over cutaways.
  17. One thing I really like is high speed runs in transit buses, because you can feel the speed when you do it. I'm just curious as to how fast some of you have managed to do on the bus, especially on transit routes that go onto the highway. My high speeds average between 80 to 100km/h depending on the route, but it's a rare treat to go that fast where I live. I've heard of the YRT Orion Vs being capable of doing 110/120ish, but that's still on my bucket-list to experience.
  18. Barrie Transit

    Ah, okay. I'll check back later and see if I can pull it up for you guys later. EDIT: Here you go. http://barrie.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1254113
  19. Barrie Transit

    http://barrie.ctvnews.ca/video?binId=1.1274844 I can't find an individual story right now unfortunately, but here's the newscast from today. I think the report is like 5 to 10 minutes into the news.
  20. Barrie Transit

    If any of you watch the local Barrie news, they showed a report tonight where police from across the province were in town learning about buses and how they work. A couple 1700s were used for practical tests, but there was also a TTC 9000-series artic at the garage (y tf didn't I know about dis!) along with some green bus that I only saw the back end of, couldn't make it out.
  21. Barrie Transit

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-heavy-trucks/hamilton/2004-new-flyer-bus/1303179206?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true 67304 has shown up on Kijiji from a dealer in Hamilton. Pretty far away from home.
  22. Simcoe County Transit

    Never knew that. I'm not familiar with BC, I don't really follow them. I wonder how well they've faired doing highway duty in the mountains and wherever else though? I've had friends who've rode them on urban routes and the reviews were mixed. Running the Eldorados on Highway 90 between Barrie and Angus didn't last long either, eventually Barrie made Route 90 a 40ft route, apparently the Eldorados would drift at high speeds I was told. I've heard the same problems with YRT North's Eldorados on the 320.
  23. Simcoe County Transit

    Be interesting to see what kind of specs are on them. This'll be the first time that the Vicinity'll be used in a regional application, so it'll be interesting to see how that works. I hate the front seats on them though, can't see over the wheel by the looks of it.
  24. Rouyn-Noranda/Val-D'Or

    Was in Rouyn today to catch my bus back to Barrie via North Bay, and looks like 6388 has had some work done to her, new wheels and the body looks new as well, while 6387 was MIA with a Maheux propane-powered Ford G5 (3476) charter bus serving as backup.
  25. Hey, guys. Since I haven't found anything detailed on the transit in Rouyn-Noranda, I was wondering if anyone here familiar with the operations up there would be kind enough to fill me in on how things work up there. With the limited info I could find, there's four routes and only two buses to operate the entire system. I know of the two Novas that they run and that the Orion Is were sold to Tremblant, but how do they manage to run things up there? I would be safe to assume that one bus does the two routes within the city itself and another does the route to Noranda based on a hunch I had looking at the maps. That leaves the Manutex route. Any idea how they run this or if they have anything else besides 6387-6388 or if they use vehicles from another Maheux division for it? And onto Val-D'Or. I've heard about the Taxibus system and found a few contractors who run it? What's the setup around there? Other than a few addresses and phone numbers from a few contractors and the Maheux yard, I haven't found anything pertaining to schedules or maps. What sort of fleet would they be running up there? The reason I'm asking this is because I'm gonna be going up there during the first week of September (I have family up there) and will be touring around and documenting whatever I can up there. I just want to know what to expect. If I can, I'll try to build a dossier on both and give the information to the board when I get back home so that the Wiki can be updated for future reference. I'll appreciate any info you people might have. Thanks.