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  1. Hammond runs the service, but currently it's not under any government contract. It's an OHTB-regulated service that Hammond took over when they purchased Getaway Coach, which in turn used to be operated by PMCL and Greyhound back in the day. I have a feeling that this route will be going the way of the dinosaurs though once the County starts Route 1 this year, as it only makes one trip a day on weekdays and four trips on weekends, while the County's route will be more frequent, and much cheaper.
  2. Hammond briefly ran the three ex-Getaway Coach Lines ex-GO XL-IIs when they first took over the company a few years ago. Last pics I saw of them was of 928-930 parked at the Bracebridge yard with the plates removed. I'm not familiar with what the interior looked like, but don't think they had fareboxes in them, at least when I saw them running. nowadays they run whatever's available, everything from coaches, to activity buses and even Sprinters and cutaways.
  3. At least the combo would mean maybe having Orion Vs in Newmarket, but we can't go with something like this just for the sake of that. I'm not sure how faster this would be compared to VIVA Blue between Finch and Newmarket, but last December me and some friends decided to drive up Yonge Street from Toronto to Barrie by car, and even north of Finch it was slow. I also noticed that the VIVA and YRT buses on Yonge were as jammed up in traffic as we were, so even though I've never taken the 98/99, I could imagine that they weren't going faster than we were. However, once the rapidway's online, the Blue won't have to worry about traffic anymore as they'll be separated and controlled by priority signals. I wonder whether the 300/320 combo's use of Highway 407 and the 404's HOV lanes as well as the lesser amount of stops inbetween would make any difference in speed and punctuality though compared to Blue up Yonge Street?
  4. Apparently Beausoleil First Nation (Christian Island) wants in on the transit action too? And this is the first I've heard of an existing bus service from them? Wonder if they're using their late-model Thomas HDX for this or one of their cutaways? EDIT: Looks like they use a Ram ProMaster (Fiat Ducato) minibus for this route.
  5. Milton 9901 the Orion VI is for sale right now at a dealer in Burlington. No idea when it was listed, and it commands a high price, but this is probably the first old transit bus I've seen listed that could be driven off the lot if one had money for her.
  6. Milton Transit 9901 (the Orion VI) is listed on AutoTrader for sale right now. No idea when the listing was made, but it can be yours for what you'd normally pay to get a new car these days.
  7. Is there anything new happening at Barrie Transit?
  8. Can't wait to see what the livery will look like. :3
  9. When you consider a ride down a rural road at 90km/h in a D40LF "fast".
  10. With the early homebound days on the 23rd and 30th of December this year, this means in the final days of 2016, I'll be able to get four days and between 13 and 20 trains in daylight in winter, which I'm looking forward to.
  11. MTB maybe?
  12. Went to the Santa Claus Parade as I do every year, but it got rained out really bad. I left halfway through it. However, I have the first picture of the 2016 Barrie Transit holiday bus. 1602 has been wrapped in it and the staff decorated her as a float this year. Another bus featured as a float was 2016 Blue Bird Vision charter package 2246, of Sinton-Landmark. I believe this one may be a York Region bus that was sent up here to be this year's float. My pics of that one are shite though, because of water on the lens and water on my glasses, but for the sake of the photographic record, I'll include it. Both pics were taken next to the Cenotaph and Christmas tree, but I bailed after these shots because the rain became too cold and hard.
  13. I attended Remembrance Day ceremonies Downtown today, and then once that was done, I spotted all the charters. Charters were spotted at the assembly area at Dunlop and Mulcaster as well as the Simcoe Street tour bus parking area across the street from the Downtown bus station (Stop 1), as well as several buses laying over on Mary Street that were unrelated to the ceremonies. At Dunlop and Poyntz (Bayshore Landing, BT Stop 731), I spotted three buses doing charters for the Canadian Forces and other veterans. Barrie Transit 1601 (2016 Novabus LFS), signed "SPECIAL", unknown who specifically was to use it. First Student Canada Saunders Division 110899 (2011 International CE) and 150499 (2015 Thomas C2) At the Simcoe Street slip across from the Barrie bus station (Stop 1), I spotted the following. Sinton-Landmark Transportation Ltd 2250 (2015-2016 International CE charter package with Cummins), 1256, 1231, 1276, 1210 (2013-2014 International CE with Maxxforce), 1313 (2015 International CE standard package with Cummins), 9912 (2004 Freightliner-Thomas FS65 with Mercedes engine, rear air ride, air brakes and high roof), and 2225 (2006 Thomas-Freightliner FS65 with Mercedes engine and full charter package). When I arrived at the terminal, I spotted 1601 shut-down on the bus ramp waiting to depart on the charter, as well as D40LF 1940, and two unidentifiable coaches, one Greyhound 102DL3 in older livery and one GO D4500CT in current livery on layover on Mary Street. 1940 was still parked at the station when I finished up. 1602 was on Route 2, and both Eldorados were on the 4. I rode 1205 to get Downtown then got 1204 on the way back. I would post more pics, but it would take up too much memory, so here's a couple of 1601 parked at the terminal before the ceremony as well as at the Poyntz Street assembly area after the ceremony.
  14. I went downtown today as well and spotted those two out. Also got a Hammond Mercedes and the Angel Tours "HALO" X3-45. 1601 was on the 7 while 1602 was on the 6. I didn't notice too many differences between those and the 15s.
  15. I'm planning on heading out tomorrow to buy a new ride card, if I can I'll do the 3:00 to 4:00 rush to see what comes through. I plan to head out for Remembrance Day though, we do it every year my gramps and I, and I make an effort to spot during the event.
  16. Ah, thanks for the info. Hopefully I'll be able to go out on the road soon and get those 16s. I wonder whether they've switched to Allison or if they're still ZF like the 15s? Last week, a friend and I took a ride out to Angus on Route 90A. 1940 was our vehicle, and I filmed the whole trip from the front seat out the windshield. On a railway-related note, the closed down section of the Barrie-Collingwood Railway west of the CPR diamond in Utopia is being used to store those freight cars that Barrie is making money on. They go from just west of the CPR diamond to about 200 metres east of the 5th line crossing in Angus. And 1940 was a beast on that trip, one thing I really forget about is how the speed is more pronounced in a transit bus when you're doing "high speed", above 70km/h. Another thing I've been curious of, is Route 11. In the beginning their plan was to put one of the Eldorados on that route, but nowadays I see both the Eldorados on either my local 4A-4B or on Route 90. I wonder whether they purchased a new Arboc for 11 or if they've finally converted 1104 back to conventional? Doesn't make sense at all to put a 40ft on that small route? I haven't had a chance to follow it at all since I'm quite far away from Park Place and I've had some stuff in the family to deal with...
  17. So last we heard there was a 2016 LFS on the way to Barrie. Has anybody seen one in town yet? Or anything else like leasers for that matter? I haven't been able to go on the road for a while, so I'm totally out of the loop. Was gonna try to go out today but couldn't.
  18. I went Downtown on Monday for business, and took the bus. 1304 was on the 8B that I took, and I noticed that they have external announcements on some of them now. Not sure of the vendor, but it's probably Trapeze. The voice sounded a lot like the one that comes with the INIT externals on GO buses that I've rode on in the last year.
  19. There's an article in the newspaper this week, talking about this. According to the Barrie Advance, the plan is to roll out these routes over five years. Route 1 - Midland-Barrie will be the first next year, Barrie-Orillia Route 3 in 2018, Collingwood-Barrie in 2019 and the Midland-Orillia and Bradford-Alliston routes in 2020. I must say that I'm looking forward to this, and will be on the first run to Midland, whenever that is.
  20. Latest news today for Bracebridge Transit. They've decided to purchase their own bus, Idk if it's that Arboc in the picture or not, and as anybody could've predicted, Hammond got the drive contract. Routing hasn't been decided yet. There was an article in the Muskoka newspapers a couple of weeks or so ago about the Santa's Village trolley retiring as a result of this launch as well.
  21. I might be going up during September when it's free so I can check it out. Maybe make a second trip later on whenever their new bus is delivered.
  22. Yeah, it doesn't seem too right to me. I mean, we have a solution to solve the shortage here, but it doesn't seem like they know, or they don't care? Well, City Council starts soon, I think I'll start attending some meetings. Well, CTV News is on, let's see what they say. (EDIT: Watched the news story, this topic was the first one they covered. The mayor talked about "life-cycle issues" with much of the older vehicles, and said that they're to be replaced. Rider reaction has been positive on the news broadcast for the new buses. But really, as much as I like to see new machines here, it's not enough. I plan on attending some city council meetings this fall in the name of advocacy for the system.)
  23. The 2004 D40LFs are tanks! They were built in an age where the design studios and engineers took MLEs into account when building them. If any of us gets a chance to speak to the mayor, bring that up. I'd go as far as to say we should buy all of our leasers from 2015 back for a further spare-ratio increase. 13 2004 D40LFs, four 2006 D40LFs, plus these new 13 that were announced today would be a windfall! Like we need to increase to 15 minute service on the 8A-8B and the 1A-1B (plus put the 1 back on Bayview when this is done), but we also need an adequate spare ratio for when buses start breaking down or when the existing fleet is put on shuttles to Midhurst and that kind of thing. I think if any of us has a chance to speak to the mayor or to any of our aldermen, we need to bring that up and push this as something council can get behind. I think it's doable. It'd be a positive step as we'd be able to keep perfectly good buses on the road as well as increase service on the main routes.
  24. Yeah, I heard from the bosses when I was at Celebrate Barrie this year, that they wanted to refurbish some 04s, they said that they wanted to do four this year, and I would guess four more next year and the last four done the year after. But with this announcement, who knows? I hope it isn't to replace the 04s, since we're running on a short fleet as it is already. Frick, 13 new buses plus the 13 existing D40LFs would be a bloody windfall for us!
  25. If anybody is interested to know, me and a friend drove by the old PMCL yard on Brock Street. It's for sale now, and there's nothing in the yard. After First lost the contract, the yard was used by the odd Greyhound I believe, but was mainly used to store school buses which ran in the Downtown and North end of Barrie. You can look at some recent Streetviews on Google and see the school buses in the yard. Wonder who might buy it? Hammond? They seem like a logical choice since they have quite a bit of operations here and their current yard out in Oro means lots of deadheading between there and the station for line runs.