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  1. Rouyn-Noranda/Val-D'Or

    Was in Rouyn today to catch my bus back to Barrie via North Bay, and looks like 6388 has had some work done to her, new wheels and the body looks new as well, while 6387 was MIA with a Maheux propane-powered Ford G5 (3476) charter bus serving as backup.
  2. Barrie Transit

    Got to ride 67604 today and she runs like a beauty. Took her from Allandale to Downtown on my favourite Route 4 while I was at Illuminate Barrie with my Grampa. It still had a bit of a new smell, and the interior looks beautiful. Apart from the new floor and a few new grab-irons (using a railroad term here), the seats are still original to the series, Innovator 850s most likely built at the old Otaco plant in Orillia, with new seat covers on them. The dash also looks brand new as well. Right after we left Downtown to head back to Illuminate Barrie, 1720 showed up signed as ''SPECIAL''. Ever since I've heard of this bus I've been looking for it and it just showed up completely by chance, and as usual, I get dibs on the first photos of some of the new buses again. :3 <3
  3. Barrie Transit

    Another 04's been rebuilt! I just spotted 67604 running Route 1 today. Taken around 5:30PM, 8.31.2017. This was one of the other 04s that was knocked out the last few years.
  4. Barrie Transit

    Back in Feb when I was riding with one of my drivers on the 4, he told me there were some 04s that were taken out of service and put in storage. I remember him telling me this was one of them. I have a hunch that we may start seeing more of these being finished and hitting the road, and then any of the ones that are on the road currently might possibly be done after this. My driver friends don't really have information on the rebuild programme though. In fact, 67404 showing up all nice and shiny was news even to them. I think this thing's a beauty though. When I took a quick glance through the windshield, it appeared to me that they reupholstered the original Innovator 850 seats like was done on the 06 to 09s. If you say there's new seats, what kind are they? I'd be impressed that they put the same seats as the Novas have in them.
  5. Barrie Transit

    Just got back from the Barrie Fair shuttle with a couple friends. 1703 was our bus. Unlike the 2012 and 2013 routes where the bus took Essa Road to 20th Sideroad, this year because of the closure at Allandale Station, the bus runs down Dunlop, part of Highway 90 and then straight down 10th Line Essa. I have video of the full run (from the front seat) and plenty of pictures at both ends. The ones of 1703 were taken at the fairgrounds. After I got off my GO bus, I saw 67404 parked on the Route 6 platform and managed to get a couple pics. From what I can see, the seats are the same Innovator 850s with new trim, in the original layout, but this bus looks beautiful. Haven't had a chance to see the inside yet though, I took a glance through the windshield as I looked for my friends. All in all, it was an awesome trip.
  6. Barrie Transit

    What route is it running right now? I'm gonna be heading downtown shortly so I'll look for it.
  7. Barrie Transit

    One of my friends in town says he saw an 04 D40LF driving on Mapleview with no ads on her and appeared to have fresh paint. Anybody know how that happened? Rebuild perhaps? I plan to go hunting for it tonight while at the model railway club, but if anybody can confirm it, I think this would be good news for the 04s.
  8. Simcoe County Transit

    http://www.sunshine89.ca/news_item.php?NewsID=95248 The County approved the creation of the system according to this article, but the rollout's also been pushed back quite a ways.
  9. Barrie Transit

    Oh, yeah, for sure I'll get some shots for you. :) Probably gonna do a couple separate trips, the Friday at 10:00 AM is strictly a bus trip, and then later on I might actually attend the fair itself.
  10. Barrie Transit

    http://essaagriplex.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/2017_PUBLIC_Schedule_Barrie_Fair_web.pdf For the first time in I believe four years, Barrie Transit I believe is running a shuttle to the Barrie Fair out in Essa Township. Back in 2012 I rode the very first departure of this run, 60109 was the bus assigned to it, and the video's on YouTube. Wondering if maybe a few of the local fans from Barrie would like to tag along and plan a meet-up? Back in 2012 when I did my trip I was able to get photos at the fair end of the route, and video of the whole route. I find it best to take the first trip of these things, as there's no crowds and the venue isn't busy, meaning that when one wants to get pics at the venue, at those times you usually can. I can organise an event page on that new feature this board has if anybody's interested? The best time I believe would be the Friday at the first 10:00 trip.
  11. Simcoe County Transit

    http://www.madhunt.com/county-transit-preview-20170803.html After about 6 months of no new reports or news of tenders, something has come out regarding this file in the media.
  12. Barrie Transit

    I was there when 1704 showed up, my pic was blurry though. Was waiting for my ride home from the model railway club with a driver I know. She switched off 1204 for 68506. Managed to get pics of everything that was parked though, including 1701.
  13. Clearview Transit

    Oh, okay, so that means that these four buses that will become the permanent one for Clearview and three for Wasaga that the press wrote about are still being built then? I wonder if anybody knows what they are and when they're due to arrive? I'd imagine they'd be G5s on GM chassis.
  14. Clearview Transit

    https://www.simcoe.com/news-story/7320303-clearview-purchases-bus-to-make-public-transit-system-permanent/ This article from earlier this year talks about Clearview piggybacking on a Wasaga Beach order (one for Clearview, three for Wasaga) from Girardin Blue Bird. I wonder if they're talking about the plain-white G5 that Sinton's been using in recent months? I haven't seen any pictures of Wasaga's new units, so I also wonder whether these four buses are still being built and the white one that's been spotted recently is a leaser?
  15. Collingwood Transit

    https://www.simcoe.com/news-story/7107139-collingwood-blue-mountains-transit-link-exceeds-expectations/ While we're on the topic of inter-municipal connections out of Collingwood, this article from the local newspaper back in February talks about the Blue Mountain Link exceeding its targets as well as the possibility of a route to Meaford.