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  1. Bumping the thread due to some updates. Found a Facebook page for a company in SPM that does tours of the islands. They have actual European buses! One vehicle is an old Renault-Berliet from what appears to be 1970s-80s, while when I liked the page yesterday I discovered they managed to acquire a full-sized MAN Lion's Coach which seems to be their primary vehicle now, with the Renault most likely being a spare. Chances are with the green German enviro-sticker on the windshield, this vehicle could either be German or has travelled to Germany in her past life. I gotta wonder given alot of Saintpierreais travel to Newfoundland for shopping and medical appointments, whether SPM could in fact start a coach service as far as St. John's one day? Be really cool if they used a modern MAN, Mercedes or Scania for it?
  2. Has anybody looked at the schedules for the new changes? Quite frankly besides the 100, all the other schedules suck. There shouldn't be those whack frequency variations like the Route 4 and some other routes have, it should be a consistant frequency and time-past-the-hour thing like most other systems have. Blame the BMW drivers who want Yonge and Mapleview to be an Autobahn for themselves without those pesky "welfare buses" in the way. Lived here since i was 14 and everything from how transit is treated by the city to how renters are treated by society and the media speaks of a NIMBY attitude among people here. Planning to get my license soon, really wish we had better transit across the County but I don't think it'll happen unless some appropriate demographic changes happen. As it stands now we're the largest gated community in Canada. After travelling to Kitchener and to a few GTA regions, as well as Toronto recently to fan and travel, I'm jealous of everybody else now.
  3. That's actually one of the first places I wanna visit outside Canada, along with Iceland and St. Pierre. Always loved European buses.
  4. So the news is in. Looks like the Collingwood and Orillia corridors will be free for a month per CTV News.
  5. The Enviro 200s are starting to arrive. There's one that's already been delivered that was shown on CTV News on that Tiny Township story, and when I was on the 400 today heading down to the GTA to explore, we spotted another E200 being delivered.
  6. Has anybody noticed if we've gotten more buses yet? I haven't been on Route 1 since the free trial ended a year ago so Idk if they're running the same four Vicinitys or if we got more. The service changes are like only a month away so they should be starting training now I think, yet I haven't seen anything on the news or seen any new buses in town.
  7. A couple of things for you guys to look at. https://www.barrie.ca/Living/Getting Around/BarrieTransit/Documents/Barrie Transit System Map - Effective August 25 2019.pdf New route map, effective August 25th, 2019. https://www.barrie.ca/Living/Getting Around/BarrieTransit/Documents/Stop Optimization Project (Phase I) Notices.pdf Bus stop optimisation project. East of Downtown.
  8. They brought a Colltrans bus to a school somewhere around there to demonstrate transit buses to kids (per Sinton-Landmark's Facebook page years ago). Colltrans has a couple XD40s not getting used. Think it'd work out better for Meaford if they made a deal with Collingwood or LINX to run a bus from Collingwood to there and have a transfer point downtown or at the greyhound agent, whichever works best, where transfers can be made. Run it every hour or two with one of the XD40s or something else, like another Enviro 200 35-footer.
  9. https://www.collingwoodtoday.ca/local-news/soon-you-can-ride-the-bus-from-collingwood-to-barrie-with-one-transfer-1378888?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook&fbclid=IwAR2P1SG4ycm6rtPH_pbUnyLqzSJFws33hQiXMJyUhdJJv-3z2_1dgbPVPX8 Latest news on LINX. I have to say, while the service is needed, the terminal planning could've been better. Orillia's route is only gonna run from Lakehead to RVH, which doesn't help people who actually live in Orillia who would need to take two Orillia Transit buses to get to it from most parts of the city, and then to get elsewhere into Barrie requires a two or three-bus journey on our clusterfuck of a system. Collingwood would've just been better off if it didn't require a transfer in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Wasaga to get to, it'd be best if it just went to Collingwood on one bus. However, the Barrie end of the route is decent as it ends at Allandale Station, which is central enough and will be getting improved soon. Having the Orillia and Midland LINX routes terminating at say the Downtown Barrie Terminal instead of RVH, would mean a 5 minute transfer along Bradford Street at the most between the two routes on the most frequent section of the current Barrie Transit network, while if we had the Barrie to Orillia route running to Downtown Orillia, it'd make the lives of Orillia travellers easier as they wouldn't have to take two buses across the city to get to it, they could just go Downtown on any bus.
  10. Is it still on the 4 right now? I might track it on the computer and get my pics of it at my crossing.
  11. There's at least one other 2018 Arboc on the road now, 1831. I saw it but couldn't get pics as I was in a car.
  12. https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/making-voting-more-convenient-in-simcoe-county-1.4118545 Nova 1712 is gonna be a mobile polling station for the City elections.
  13. Over the last month I've been riding LINX with friends. A driver told us a week ago that the buses for Collingwood and Orillia have already been ordered and the routes are planned to go online next year. LINX is also listed as a partner along with Barrie for the 9M bus category on the Metrolinx website, so chances are we may be getting Enviro 200s as well.
  14. Can-Ar runs two cross-country routes out of there, IIRC one heads north to Lindsay and Haliburton County and the other heads northwest towards Kincardine.
  15. I had a meeting with the County about this back in July, and from what they told me they do plan to eventually have a central hub in Barrie and will move Route 1 there when that happens, probably when Routes 2 and 3 come online.
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