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  1. Barrie Transit

    Ditto. Whoever designed it must've worked in the airline industry before coming here lol. I would've preferred a stripe with maybe just a new logo or something, there's a street sweeper in the fleet that has the new logo and a big stripe on it and it looks really old school.
  2. Barrie Transit

    Took a ride on 1706 today and saw the scheme for myself. I'm pretty proud again to've gotten the very first shots of it lol. Personally I think however it's just too bland and too dark. Especially with the white back end. I'll always prefer the old livery to this one i think, but perhaps it's because I'm more old-school lol? It does look alright, better than the fancy Yankee shite that small little podunks like to pull, but not as good as the classic old scheme. Wonder what some of the others might think? I think it'll eventually grow on me if given time, like how the new GO scheme took a while for us to get used to, some of us were comparing it to Santa Fe's "Vomit Bonnet" back when it first came out I remember. They did an okay job, but to me this one looks kinda like the bland schemes you see on airliners these days.
  3. Barrie Transit

    Can you at least describe the livery? I'd imagine they kept the blue stripe but just added the new City logo? A few years ago I was told about a "rebranding" project that was supposed to be included in the 2013 redesign of the system but ultimately they've either scuttled it or put it off. They were gonna completely rename BT to something else, like "Uride" or "Pronto" or something stupid like that, something fancy like you see in the States.
  4. GO Transit

    Quick question. back in October I drove part of King Road in York Region along with Peel Road 9 past Bolton, and saw quite a few GO Transit bus stop signs as well as one old PMCL sign along that corridor. Does GO still run a route out there? I thought they left that area years ago lol.
  5. Barrie Transit

    Didn't get to see her at the parade, but got to see her tonight while on the way home from the train club. 1705 (2017 Novabus LFS Gen-4) is this year's Christmas bus. I really like the theme they did this year too, seems like some sort of Canada 150 theme!
  6. Simcoe County Transit

    Was the BRT I believe. We got ours in Barrie in 2012 through the TPI. I think that period began in 2011 and ended in 2013, we got those Eldorados and almost all our XD40s through that programme. The 2014s were ordered through a City tender as the TPI didn't cover that year.
  7. Simcoe County Transit

    This is good news. I didn't know that Metrolinx had a 30ft category for this period. Is anybody else ordering 30ft from TPI and who is the marque that won the bid? Sure will be a huge improvement over cutaways.
  8. Barrie Transit

    Ah, okay. I'll check back later and see if I can pull it up for you guys later. EDIT: Here you go. http://barrie.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1254113
  9. Barrie Transit

    http://barrie.ctvnews.ca/video?binId=1.1274844 I can't find an individual story right now unfortunately, but here's the newscast from today. I think the report is like 5 to 10 minutes into the news.
  10. Barrie Transit

    If any of you watch the local Barrie news, they showed a report tonight where police from across the province were in town learning about buses and how they work. A couple 1700s were used for practical tests, but there was also a TTC 9000-series artic at the garage (y tf didn't I know about dis!) along with some green bus that I only saw the back end of, couldn't make it out.
  11. Barrie Transit

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-heavy-trucks/hamilton/2004-new-flyer-bus/1303179206?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true 67304 has shown up on Kijiji from a dealer in Hamilton. Pretty far away from home.
  12. Simcoe County Transit

    Never knew that. I'm not familiar with BC, I don't really follow them. I wonder how well they've faired doing highway duty in the mountains and wherever else though? I've had friends who've rode them on urban routes and the reviews were mixed. Running the Eldorados on Highway 90 between Barrie and Angus didn't last long either, eventually Barrie made Route 90 a 40ft route, apparently the Eldorados would drift at high speeds I was told. I've heard the same problems with YRT North's Eldorados on the 320.
  13. Simcoe County Transit

    Be interesting to see what kind of specs are on them. This'll be the first time that the Vicinity'll be used in a regional application, so it'll be interesting to see how that works. I hate the front seats on them though, can't see over the wheel by the looks of it.
  14. Rouyn-Noranda/Val-D'Or

    Was in Rouyn today to catch my bus back to Barrie via North Bay, and looks like 6388 has had some work done to her, new wheels and the body looks new as well, while 6387 was MIA with a Maheux propane-powered Ford G5 (3476) charter bus serving as backup.
  15. Barrie Transit

    Got to ride 67604 today and she runs like a beauty. Took her from Allandale to Downtown on my favourite Route 4 while I was at Illuminate Barrie with my Grampa. It still had a bit of a new smell, and the interior looks beautiful. Apart from the new floor and a few new grab-irons (using a railroad term here), the seats are still original to the series, Innovator 850s most likely built at the old Otaco plant in Orillia, with new seat covers on them. The dash also looks brand new as well. Right after we left Downtown to head back to Illuminate Barrie, 1720 showed up signed as ''SPECIAL''. Ever since I've heard of this bus I've been looking for it and it just showed up completely by chance, and as usual, I get dibs on the first photos of some of the new buses again. :3 <3