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  1. I remember visiting the EX a couple of times a while back. I really enjoyed the ancillary stuff like the Canadian destroyer, the museum with all the maritime steam whistles, some kind of science display, and a few other things. Also I liked the livestock displays. I did not enjoy the arcade/midway or rides.
  2. Well, yes it does, but just not correctly! Now one of these on the other hand: Single-sided 12" 78, ( I do not have a shot of the grooved side): Standard 10" 78: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruth_Wallis
  3. I once found a Jamaican dollar coin in the farebox coin reject slot. I showed to a Jamaican lady that I worked with, she told me "Don't plan on spending it all in one place!".
  4. $4.099 here in Chester this evening as I passed the three stations.
  5. Definitely not Z scale!
  6. Not eating but drinking a diet Dr. Pepper. Maybe later a few slices of smoked picnic for dinner.
  7. $4.299/gallon here the past few days.
  8. I liked the Ex when I visited; in fact it was one of the reasons we went besides riding TTC rail. I especially enjoyed the Maritime Museum (the whistle display and being able to blow them with low-pressure high-volume air!!!!) and the tin can parked nearby were the highlights of the Ex visit.
  9. Your post reminded me of a sign I saw on the US side the border crossing years ago when coming back to Seattle from Vancouver: WELCOME TO THE LAND OF MILK, HONEY, AND CHEAP GAS! I wish now that I had taken a photo of it.
  10. The first seat behind the center door; as I usually was recording on/offs for my surveys (traffic checker, other names at other agencies), the habit holds for other rides as well. My usual view when working:
  11. 4.299/gal here this morning.
  12. Interesting website. Anyway, I had not thought of inbound loads. That does make sense.
  13. I don't know, I do not wear them!
  14. No, he is here (standing next to Jimmy Hoffa, BTW) doing the dishes at Gene's! I know, I saw them last Thursday!
  15. No photos, but at a recent train show I picked up an Iraqi 50 Dinar note and a Philippine WW2 Japanese occupation 1 Peso note. Just added a photo. I just realized that the building on the Iraqi note looks a lot like a prairie grain elevator?? Not a product that I would associate with Iraq.
  16. And someone somewhere probably has a useless (to them) box of masks and desperately needs a faucet!
  17. Mine was a little over $900, I have since adjusted the withholding so I get about $50 more each month. I had initially increased it in case those stimulus checks became taxable; they did not, so back to "getting more each month".
  18. Are those trolleys double-ended? If so, how are they going to compensate for the soon-to-be-missing rear controls? Probably a dead motor going for shopping or a repaired motor being returned to Amtrak.
  19. If I do not recognize the number, I do not answer. My phone only has number display cid.
  20. I thought they were squirrels on the wires, the exposure is a little dark; at least on my monitor
  21. Hmmm, I have never lost a set of cans, maybe because the ones that I use are too large; think Koss PRO-4A here, for example. I was just given a set of Sennheiser wireless ones that are so good that I almost wanted to sell off my speakers!
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