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  1. There's trouble in River City: Broward County Transit's finest at work
  2. There are some (minor) things that I do not like about DuckDuckGo (where in the merry he!! did they get that name??) but overall I am satisfied with it..
  3. I am using AdBlock Plus with FireFox 66.0 and get very few ads. I do get notices (especially with Photophuquet) stating "You are using an ad blocker, please disable it to continue." Like he!! I will!. Anyway, I have been a Mozilla fan for years. As a sidebar I now use DuckDuckGo as a browser, it does not track your browsing like google.
  4. I like ALCO locomotives so I went to the ALCO store but they were out of stock.😭
  5. And keep your fingers out of the paper shear!πŸ˜‰
  6. Corned beef & cabbage at Gene's for lunch.
  7. Mine is in August, so unless I am wintering over in Antarctica, I will be warm!🀠
  8. Rutgers University (NJ) has an on-campus system, most if not all of the drivers are students. These photos are from 2007. When I attended an event there a couple of years ago, they had some articulators.
  9. I got my serious interest in transit from a fellow student.
  10. And the Canadian winter is not? ☺️
  11. Couldn't you leave home and go flying?
  12. The best gift that you can ever get; the love of a cat! Wingnut says "Hi!"
  13. The alternative is worse. At least you would not have to dredge back into the late 1800s!
  14. $1.879 at the cheap station here in Chester, SC yesterday.
  15. I never am eating when using the computer so all of my "eating" posts are postprandial.
  16. Hmmm, I wonder what was so special about that particular time/date?
  17. Actually, I had diet Pepsi, the lady across from me had sweet tea in the Dr. Pepper glass. The restaurant uses glasses supplied by their beverage distributor. Having said all of that, I would have had diet Dr. Pepper (10, 2, & 4!) if the had it.
  18. I had a very nice lunch omelette at a local restaurant called Our Kitchen.
  19. Just got back from a class Christmas dinner of grilled salmon; it was done almost to perfection. Note that the baked tater came home with me for a snack tomorrow.
  20. Consider with whom you are dealing! 🐱
  21. one of my favorite veggies; had some tonight in a salad as a matter of fact.
  22. I have always thought that "When you at the bottom of a hole, quit digging!" is very good advice; works, too.
  23. Remember Pearl Harbor b/w You Gotta Slap the Dirty Little Jap/Carson Robeson/Bluebird 11411/recorded Dec 1941 and released around Feb 1942:
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