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  1. I guess that was better than having an RA-5C Vigilante tailhook dropped on one's head. That happened to me when post-flighting one. It was more of an ouch and no blood; it actually hit on the top of the ear protector headband. The pilot came back and apologized; I told him that I was fine but the tailhook may have to be thoroughly checked for damage. My usual answer to that is "Breathing." A friend that I call , when he answers, I usually say "Yo! Mooseface!".
  2. No paper trail with cash.
  3. Banned for liking Fox News!!!!!
  4. Both of my office chairs were dumpster-bound rejects from work. I said that I would take them to the bus garage for the mechanics to use. Over a period of time, somehow I forgot to drop two of them off (both with arms, btw).
  5. I have automatic updates turned off; Win 8.1 does not care, it just reminds during the boot that updates are available. I do not feel like fixing something that is not broken. I use Firefox and am on the beta test program, my current version is 84.0b5 which just came in; so far all has worked as it should.
  6. Same here (well, the second time) as I needed some groceries from Walmart. I got there about fifteen minutes before seven (they open at seven). I noticed a few more cars in the parking lot than usual for that time of Friday morning but not too many more. Anyway, as I looked over at the entrance, I saw the sliding doors working in automatic mode??? It is not seven yet! So I go over and find out that the store opened early; at 0500!!!! Oddly, there were fewer customers in then than normally at seven on Friday morning. I got all that I needed including a replacement electric blanket (now called a
  7. I just finished an El Monterey egg, sausage & cheese burrito.
  8. I did not get it done until Monday 09nov20! Note that I was on a long weekend trip to Springfield, OH; I left at odarkthirty on 03nov20 and did not return until 08nov20. No, I was not although I generally use the blue bags of death instead of real sugar. Now at home, if I brew up a pot, I use brown sugar.
  9. It was not I, I would have used at least twelve and also added a couple of ounces of creamer. Thanks for the reminder, I need to do that tomorrow!
  10. $1.999 locally for several weeks or more.
  11. I was at a Menards last year and the service that one person gave was so good that I just had to say something to management. "I take it that you accept complaints about employees here?" "Yes sir, what was the problem?" "Well then, you must take compliments, too." "Oh, yes we do.' I was handed a form and filled it out with all that I knew (employee's first name from his nametag, dept, time, and date) and handed it in. I was quite surprised when a few weeks later I got a reply from Menards thanking me for doing it. I guess that management at Menards cares
  12. Maybe she misunderstood the word "adventure".
  13. I just a bit ago had The Works omelette (broccoli substituted for dried out over-cooked bacon) from Our Kitchen Restaurant. I was soort of celebrating a car repair that I thought would cost mega-bucks but was only ten dollars! The brake lights were on continuously and would drain the battery; it was just a little plastic part on a switch that was replaced with metal bolt. The car is a 2005 with 186,100 miles on it; all but about 30 put on by yours truly.
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