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  1. Poor Mickey!
  2. When the drivers pick their runs, the bus is assigned to that run; in fact the bus number is posted right next to the run number: 22101 - 9912 - 0530 RAV - 1355P BT for example.When the 01 Gilligs arrived the first ones went south and were assigned to route 1; some humor was present bus; 0101 was assigned to run 01101, 0102/01102 etc. That sign was most likely put up by Sawgrass Mills. There are/were a few of them, mostly put up by FDOT or one of the cities. For a while there was an oddball sign on the one or more of the shelters at the Cypress Creek Tri-Rail P&R lot (another FDOT project). Note that there still may be four types of signs around; back in Hawaiian Gardens (Rt 56) there are some of the original orange signs.
  3. It was a low of 478ºR here in Chester, SC this morning; that is COLD!!!!
  4. Windows 3.1.1 for workgroups; that would just NOT crash! Or DOS 6.2.2 with 1 Directory+ by Bourbaki, Inc., a shell program similar to the original Windows 1.0 My favorite machine was a Laser XT IBM clone that I upgraded to one meg of RAM (above 640K was called extended or expanded memory) and a 20m hard drive on an expansion card (called a hard card by some). I finally found a color CGA card for it; what a system. My first internet experience was at 1200 baud as I could not afford a 4800 baud modem. Oh, and that wide-bed daisy-wheel printer, it had to go (ever sit next to a machine gun being fired?) and was replaced by a dot matrix printer. Hey Antarctica: "Thanks for the memories."; I had some fun with that rig. I was surprised to find this link to an archive of 1Directory+ : https://archive.org/details/The1DIR
  5. I have seen that done with pick-up trucks, too.
  6. Currently eating a Tina's Beef & bean/green Chili burrito.
  7. Copy the ebay picture, blow it up a little and frame it. That should do it until you get an original. In fact, I may just do that now.
  8. A Publix "garbage truck" sub: everything on it.
  9. Do not care, they are all the same to me. Note, when I lived in Ft. Lauderdale; winter, what was that??
  10. I saw 1.889 US gal. in Rock Hill, DC today in my travels.
  11. I just finished an egg salad sandwich; there are three more in the icebox for tomorrow.
  12. No, for me it has to wash away that hazmat stuff!
  13. After just finishing an Italian sub from Walmart, I have to read this?? Now, I am hungry again!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, a "drizzle"? Ranch dressing demands a bucket!
  14. Just finished tilapia, stir-fry veggies, tatertots and waaaaay toooo much pie for desert.
  15. There was (is still?) a commuter station on the Erie-Lackawanna (now NJ transit or some such name) called BRICK-CHURCH.