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    Insulators, telephones, traffic lights, trolleys, ham radio; not necessarily in that order.

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  1. In my front yard when I lived in Florida:
  2. I just finished a couple of Hebrew National hot dogs, they were quite good; much better than I remembered them to be.
  3. Hey, at least you have some form of public transit where you live!!
  4. Send some our way, dear old Mr. Dorian and his rain missed us almost completely, just a few gusts with one or two just over thirty mph.
  5. I know someone in Washington State that grows them. Maybe you bought some of his!😹Anyway, enjoy them.
  6. 223.9this morning at the Valero in Rock Hill by I-77.
  7. I know what a "SIM" card is but what is a "SIN" card?
  8. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and .......................................
  9. Hmmm, I read that as something else on first glance!
  10. 2.339 (US gallon) here in Chester at the Kangaroo yesterday. Actually, it is now a Circle K dispensing Marathon gas.
  11. A recent visitor to my yard, I almost stepped on him going into the house. When I came back out to finish unloading the groceries, I saw him and stepped around him. I got the camera and took this photo while he just sat there. It is an Eastern Garter Snake, a really good snake to have around the place. Note that the snake ranges in all the states east of the Mississippi and quite a few west of it. I suspect that southern Canada has them too as they do not respect international boundaries!😹
  12. With apologies to George Shearing, Lullaby Of Birdland:
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