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  1. Just about to sit down to some Johnsonville Maple flavored breakfast sausage. In fact I am so anxious to eat that I am going to sign off right now!
  2. "Premium seating upstairs in the rear." .
  3. A mouse get to that cheese?? I had roasted potatoes and roast pork loin at Crossroads tonight; it was our preacher's Crossroads night, he retires next Monday after the Sunday service. And the chocolate brownie/cookie was to die for! Eat too much of it and you just might. I was able to bring home some excess potatoes; guess what is for lunch tomorrow!
  4. Better you than I!! I get tired of disconnecting all of my ham radio gear.
  5. Hmmm, and it is supposed to get up to at least 550°R here today;thankfully, no snow in the forecast.
  6. Did they give a reason?
  7. Hmmm, I thought that he was choking on his tongue! Thank you for that link, now I know. Some of the other "suggestions" at the close were also good; especially the "big engines starting up".
  8. Can you pronounce that for us??
  9. I paid 1.989 (USG) today at the Marathon here in Chester; the Exxon across the street was 2.049.
  10. 1.899 (USG) this morning in Columbia, SC.
  11. Poor Mickey!
  12. When the drivers pick their runs, the bus is assigned to that run; in fact the bus number is posted right next to the run number: 22101 - 9912 - 0530 RAV - 1355P BT for example.When the 01 Gilligs arrived the first ones went south and were assigned to route 1; some humor was present bus; 0101 was assigned to run 01101, 0102/01102 etc. That sign was most likely put up by Sawgrass Mills. There are/were a few of them, mostly put up by FDOT or one of the cities. For a while there was an oddball sign on the one or more of the shelters at the Cypress Creek Tri-Rail P&R lot (another FDOT project). Note that there still may be four types of signs around; back in Hawaiian Gardens (Rt 56) there are some of the original orange signs.
  13. It was a low of 478ºR here in Chester, SC this morning; that is COLD!!!!
  14. Windows 3.1.1 for workgroups; that would just NOT crash! Or DOS 6.2.2 with 1 Directory+ by Bourbaki, Inc., a shell program similar to the original Windows 1.0 My favorite machine was a Laser XT IBM clone that I upgraded to one meg of RAM (above 640K was called extended or expanded memory) and a 20m hard drive on an expansion card (called a hard card by some). I finally found a color CGA card for it; what a system. My first internet experience was at 1200 baud as I could not afford a 4800 baud modem. Oh, and that wide-bed daisy-wheel printer, it had to go (ever sit next to a machine gun being fired?) and was replaced by a dot matrix printer. Hey Antarctica: "Thanks for the memories."; I had some fun with that rig. I was surprised to find this link to an archive of 1Directory+ : https://archive.org/details/The1DIR
  15. I have seen that done with pick-up trucks, too.