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  1. No, I gave it some more thought and decided not to bid. And, for the life of me, I do not remember what it was!
  2. You mean that Bergen is in Norway?? Here I always thought that it is in New Jersey!
  3. I definitely did. There were two older trackless. #53 and #152 that looked like they were coming at you when in reality they were going away. Also, I am extremely fascinated by the trolley pole design on the MAN MPE; stacked instead of side-by-side. Hmmm, looking at the map, the longest lines seem to be the 204 and 212.
  4. Just before all this carp descended, I was in a thrift store to see if they has any records for sale, they did and I noticed the pricing of the media that they sold: Records 4 for a dollar cassettes 10 for a dollar cds 20 for a dollar Says some thing about "Perfect sound forever"! 😲
  5. I wonder what he would have said if you said that you watch movies on Laserdisc? BTW, how old is he?
  6. Can you post a photo of one of the trackless trolleys in the book? I have always liked them; one from my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland: 2078 was rescued from a used car lot and towed to the Bush Street MTA bus garage; it was not towed by the shortest route, though: a fan trip was "run" over a mix of the old trackless routes. Fun was had by all; especially me on the trackless. So I can say that I rode the last trackless to operate over the streets of Charm City!
  7. Funny, I just put out an aloe (from when I lived in Florida) and a poinsettia (from this past Christmas) last week thinking that the cold had finally gone north (from 35° - 55° to 65° - 85°); no, Tuesday night it dropped down into the low 50s! 😲 Looking at the plants today, thy seem to have survived. As Cap'n Trolley said, most plants are quite hardy, yours should be fine. Let us know.
  8. Did that for a living for a while, my first office: Second office: Third office: Test sign for TwinVision all-led sign: Even decorated my old BCT farebox for Christmas one year :
  9. Broward County Transit, Ft. Lauderdale, FL: And last, a way to deal with someone who did not pay their fare:
  10. I had a 54 Chevy that could not reverse.
  11. I am lucky, that is something that I will not have to suffer through!
  12. Probably reasonably accurate.
  13. An El Monterey bean & cheese burrito.
  14. The Blues Image Ride, Captain, Ride, been stuck there for several days now :
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