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    Insulators, telephones, traffic lights, trolleys, ham radio; not necessarily in that order.

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  1. What are you eating right now?

    Love runny eggs!
  2. General FML moments

    I forgot to state that my 'table is a Technics SL1600MK2.
  3. General FML moments

    What cart are were you using? Mine is a Shure M97xe.
  4. General FY Moments

    So now you are ready to do the Bering Strait?
  5. What are you eating right now?

    Hmmm, did you, as Cap'n, go out and press some more crew? The galley seems to be filling up somewhat! Just finished a spicy chicken wrap for lunch and am thinking about ground pork and veggies for dinner.
  6. What are you eating right now?

    Sounds good, especially the mustard, but I think that I would need far more than a Smoothie to wash it down. I now have a lower tolerance for spicy foods than I used to have.
  7. What are you eating right now?

    Just finished a roast beef and cheddar sub.
  8. Songs of the Transit Fan

    "BUS STOP" by The Hollies.
  9. The trackless is a Pullman (model unknown), so is the PCC.
  10. About 70mph deadheading back from Golden Glades (Miami).
  11. They are nice looking, thank you.
  12. Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis Electric Railroad, the complete system.
  13. Interesting, I thought that they got scrapped. Any photos?