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  1. Hey guys, I'm actually one of the main North American developers as well as North American YouTubers for OMSI 2. (I go by Dash5155 on other sites) I've actually done quite a number of maps for this game, including Liberty and Cayuga USA. If you have any questions about the game itself or what's available for it for free I'd be glad to answer. But any support/feedback/complaints you have, I'd prefer if you leave those on my site at vtransitcenter.com
  2. To clarify, they did get their 400 buses; they just didn't enter service right away. In 1997 when the last 154 of them arrived, they made sure they got all the media's attention. Also, the article falsely calls the 1980/1981 RTSs and 1982 Neoplans "ancient." They were run down, yes, but the RTSs were bad from the start and the Neoplans just were just old. The oldest buses in the fleet were just turning 16 by 1996 and the newest buses were just turning 7 Fast forward to today where the American Ikarus (well, NABIs) are now 17 years old, a year older than the RTSs were when they were labeled "ancient." The newest diesels are 9 (not counting hybrids because a good 200 of them are just extra buses to the as the 440 New Flyer Hybrids only displaced 310 of the 400 NABIs they were supposed to replace and the 50+ NovaBus LFS/LFSA buses have only displaced 5 buses so far.)
  3. Instead of starting a new topic for this, I'll put it here Yesterday was my first time visiting Pittsburgh. The transit scene there is colorful! Here's my video take on it! And here's a photo for photo purposes Enjoy, fans!
  4. Lolol Septa105r5/Seclip9 you beat me. I was gonna put my LFS picture in the wiki but then right before I uploaded something told me to double check. Glad I did... Anyway here's my picture of the newest addition to SEPTA's fleet; the 2014 NovaBus LFS 40102 HEV
  5. Yeah the schemes themselves are my doing but the models were made by others. Models are tough no lie
  6. GTA SAThere's the RTS, MCI CLASSIC and GM Fishbowl on IV
  7. So Now LS Transit has articulated buses. The first of 185 NovaBus LF60102 "LFSA" buses have arrived on the property The numbers are 7300-7484 (If you live in Philadelphia, this will sound familiar). (Since no one actually made a NovaBus LF60102 for GTA SA, this Renault will hold it's place) And now for random fleet photos
  8. CNG variants have been confirmed. Hybrid, however, ie looking like a definite no...
  9. The New Flyer builders plates. 1413, 1414, 1415, and 1417 have them. The rest have Alexander Dennis information.
  10. septa105r5/seclip9, I just want to point out that the model names New Flyer MD30 and New Flyer MD35. Not MiDi 30 and MiDi 35. I'm not trying to correct you, this is new information for me as well and I was just passing it along.
  11. Funny I should run across this thread. I actually have created my own transit system for GTA: San Andreas. It's not my own creation per-say, as it's Los Santos Transit, but I put a lot of effort into it. I also released a mod so that people can create their own variants of Los Santos Transit in San Andreas Here's the promo video for it btw Anyway here's the fleet. It consists of buses that were actually made for San Andreas, to make it more realistic. SADOT Bus Roster Los Santos Transit, LAVENTO, and MUTRA 1985 GM TDH-5303 "Fishbowl" #2500-2999 (Los Santos Express Blue Lines) 1989 Brute Coach #9001-9050 (Big O Tours Service) 1997 NovaBus T80-206 "RTS" #0500-2499 (Los Santos Local Red Lines) 1998 New Flyer D40LF #3001-3530 (Los Santos Local Red Lines) 1999 New Flyer D40LF #3531-3750 (Los Santos Express Blue Lines) 2001 MAN SL-202 #7771-7780 (Las Venturas "The Deuce" service) 2009 LAZ e-186 #801-850 (Electric Lines) 2013 Brute Public Service Bus #5001-5600 (LS Transit Local Red Lines) 2014 Brute Public Service Bus #5601-5700 (LS Transit Community Purple Lines) 2014 Brute Public Service Bus 5701-5750 (LS Transit Rural Green Lines) 2014 Brute Public Service Bus #5800-5816 (Airport Flyer Service) Total, 4132 buses The route system I have is not complete, but it mostly covers Los Santos (obviously) with the other towns having contract service. I didn't write out the county routes yet because I'm not sure what I'm going to number them... Los Santos Bus Routes Service within Los Santos County Red Lines Local Service 1 East Los Santos to Downtown Los Santos 2 Santa Maria Beach to Grove Street Brown Streak Station 3 Unity Station to Downtown LS and Pershing Square 5 Airport and Las Calonas Circulator 7 Las Calinas, Rodeo, Santa Maria Beach, East Los Santos, Los Santos International 15 Los Santos International to Ocean Docks "Industrial" 16 Vinewood Boulevard 21 Santa Maria Beach to Unity Station 23 Jefferson Hotel to Pershing Square 27 Los Santos Forum to Dillimore 30 Market Station to Pershing Square 53 East Beach to Vinewood 54 East Beach to Dillimore 56 East Beach to Ocean Docks "Industrial" Limited Service 101 Downtown Los Santos to Los Santos Forum Limited 102 Santa Maria Beach to Los Santos Forum Limited 116 Vinewood Boulevard Limited Blue Lines Express Service 301 Cranberry Station, San Fiero to Foster Valley and Whetstone 302 Cranberry Station, San Fiero to Blueberry, Red County 303 Cranberry Station, San Fiero to Las Venturas NON-STOP 309 Cranberry Station, San Fiero to Unity Station Los Santos NON-STOP 312 Unity Station Los Santos to Fallen Tree and Dorhety San Fiero 313 Unity Station Los Santos to Montgomery, Red County 315 Unity Station Los Santos to Dillimore and Las Venturas 321 Unity Station Los Santos to Las Venturas NON-STOP Contract Operations Service provided by SADOT, LAVENTO, and MUTRA Airport Flyers 401 Los Santos Unity Station to Airport 402 Los Santos Market Station to Airport 403 San Fiero Cranberry Station to Airport 404 Las Venturas Linden Station to Airport 405 Las Venturas Station Two to Airport San Fiero Municipal Transit Authority (MUTRA) 450 "San Fiero Light Rail" 451 Cranberry Station to City Hall Via Hasbury (Trackless Trolley) 452 Cranberry Station to Easter Valley Park and Ride (Trackless Trolley) 453 Easter Bay Airport to Calton Heights Via Industrial (Trackless Trolley) 454 Easter Bay Airport to Foster Valley Park and Ride 455 Foster Valley Park and Ride to City Hall 456 Foster Valley Park and Ride to Pier 69 457 Foster Valley Park and Ride to Missionary Hill 459 Foster Valley Park and Ride to Van Koff Hotel Las Venturas Transit Operations (LAVENTO) 460 Prickle Pine to Linden 461 Venturas Shopper 462 "The Deuce" 463 Venturas - Residential And now for some pictures of the fleet.... Here's an older picture of the fleet. The Brute 5000cc (the one that kinda resembles an Orion V) was since retired, and the 301 line was re-branded as the 462
  12. Besides my signature picture of a SEPTA NovaBus, I have done quite a few transit drawings while I have been inactive in the board. If you noticed my style is very cartoony and unrealistic. I have no idea why, but I'll post some of what I've put together over time. If you have my page DashTransit on Facebook you've seen most of these already... *Note: The background in the first one is not a drawing but rather an actual photo of the Philadelphia city skyline that I took. I used that because I have an emotional connection to that particular photo of the city skyline :x
  13. I know a lot of people saw what the NovaBus LFS looked like in SEPTA colors, but here is my photo from that day. Enjoy
  14. VIA Rail Equipment on Amtrak Train 68 at Schenectady this past friday!!
  15. DART Recently put brand new D4500CT coaches out on the streets Details Preview images:
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