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  1. To clarify, they did get their 400 buses; they just didn't enter service right away. In 1997 when the last 154 of them arrived, they made sure they got all the media's attention. Also, the article falsely calls the 1980/1981 RTSs and 1982 Neoplans "ancient." They were run down, yes, but the RTSs were bad from the start and the Neoplans just were just old. The oldest buses in the fleet were just turning 16 by 1996 and the newest buses were just turning 7 Fast forward to today where the American Ikarus (well, NABIs) are now 17 years old, a year older than the RTSs were when they were labele
  2. Instead of starting a new topic for this, I'll put it here Yesterday was my first time visiting Pittsburgh. The transit scene there is colorful! Here's my video take on it! And here's a photo for photo purposes Enjoy, fans!
  3. Lolol Septa105r5/Seclip9 you beat me. I was gonna put my LFS picture in the wiki but then right before I uploaded something told me to double check. Glad I did... Anyway here's my picture of the newest addition to SEPTA's fleet; the 2014 NovaBus LFS 40102 HEV
  4. CNG variants have been confirmed. Hybrid, however, ie looking like a definite no...
  5. The New Flyer builders plates. 1413, 1414, 1415, and 1417 have them. The rest have Alexander Dennis information.
  6. septa105r5/seclip9, I just want to point out that the model names New Flyer MD30 and New Flyer MD35. Not MiDi 30 and MiDi 35. I'm not trying to correct you, this is new information for me as well and I was just passing it along.
  7. I know a lot of people saw what the NovaBus LFS looked like in SEPTA colors, but here is my photo from that day. Enjoy
  8. VIA Rail Equipment on Amtrak Train 68 at Schenectady this past friday!!
  9. DART Recently put brand new D4500CT coaches out on the streets Details Preview images:
  10. The Fleet: Gillig Low Floors (come in 40 and 30 foot versions) Gillig Low Floor Hybrid (come in 40 and 35 foot versions; 40 foot BRTs as well) NABI 416 (high floor 40 foot buses) NABI 40LFW MCI coaches (currently D4500CLs and D4000s) Optima American Heratige Streetcar (for the trolley lines) Begin discussion...
  11. They rejected alot more than 14 buses, and funding was only part of the reason. Anyone in the Chicago area could tell you that the DE60LFs as well as the DE60LFRs were giving CTA problems....
  12. To everyone interested in the Van Hool Fleet that Krapfs operates, here's some good news for ya! Krapf now operates THREE Van Hool A300L buses 1 in Parktowne Shuttle Service: the 2010 model (no fleet number) 2 for Rover Transit Service: a 2010 model numbered 2915, and a 2012 model numbered 1201 (below is a photo of 2915 substituting for the Parktowne Service)
  13. I hate you so much LOL that was epic
  14. Newton Avenue operates route 404, 409, 414, 417, and 460 into Philadelphia
  15. What the..... Why does it have front engine vents if it's a electric vehicle... unless someone just stuck poles on it for show
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