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  1. CP Power

    Spotted in Wilkie Saskatchewan, also spotted a union Pacific loco lashed to a cp loco .
  2. 2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    I spotted 7001 and 7002 on highway #16 going through north battlefield sk today.
  3. Scout 2101

    They can couple it to a high rail truck to move it through de-energized sections.
  4. Stoney Bus Garage

    I was just going to post this 🖒
  5. CP Power

    Yeah my mistake
  6. CP Power

    200 new locos over the next few years .
  7. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    Does anyone know what happened downtown?
  8. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    Train vs pedestrian victoria park station
  9. looks like they have a D40lf now i wonder if this is a former calgary transit bus.
  10. Trains and buses with mustaches

    From Calgary transits Instagram page
  11. Saskatoon Updates

    How many are ex Calgary transit classics.
  12. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    More information on the crash http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/mobile/driving-lesson-ends-when-suv-crashes-onto-the-platform-of-sirocco-lrt-station-1.3535210
  13. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    If you look at the first photo it appears the SUV went through the railing and down on to the train platform
  14. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    The Calgary fire department cleans up after an SUV crashes onto the Sirocco CTrain platform Sunday morning. There were no serious injuries in the crash but trains are shut down until the vehicle can be removed. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1613905868633354&id=131068450250444