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  1. Ugh, Go have a heart attack or something old man. I've actually never actually been in trouble with the cops before. My record is actually clean.
  2. No, he was probably in his 30's or 40's.
  3. Some guy on the bus the other day was doing this strange thing where he got on the bus he started taking 2 step back and 3 steps forward. He did the same thing as he was getting off too.
  4. Mayor John Tory wants to get rid of carding, eh? Whatever. Pigs will always be pigs so...
  5. Not mine, but my friend just told me that a gay cab driver offered him $20 and a free ride in exchange for sex. He swears he isn't lying. 0_o;
  6. One time when I was 12 coming home from school these 2 guys who looked like they were in their 30's in a car asked me for directions. Out of all the adults around they ask the only kid...
  7. Both incidents occured while waiting for the night bus going home. The bus stop I was waiting at is right beside a bar. A guy came out of the bar and starting waiting with me for the bus. He started talking to me but otherwise seemed like a normal guy. He then asks if I wanted to go halfs on a cab. I politly refused. His respons was "we won't even have to pay for it. I'll just call up some of my goons and threaten him what's he going to do right?" Thankfully the bus came. Earlier, I saw a man throw a woman by her head onto the pavement outside the bar. The woman got up and started throwing
  8. A drunk hooker was walking around talking loudly clearly stating to 2 guys "if you want to fuck me you pay me $10". She then walked up to me and my friemd and gave us each $2, almost falling and getting hit by a car in the process. Keep in mind this was 3 am in a bad neighborhood...
  9. Me, my friend and a few other lucky people got free mcdonalds breakfast yesterday morning at 5:00 am. Reason being they took an extra half an hour to make the food because of machine troubles so the manager said it was on her. I myself got about $8 worth of food for free.
  10. I applied through an employment agency about 2 years ago once but didn't get it for some reason. Some big restaurant was hiring about 40 people. Tell me about it. I finally find a job I possibly could be qualified for and it says at the bottom "must speak tagalog" or "must speak somali"
  11. The owner of a chinese restaurant near where I live was using tongs to pick up garbage outside his restaurant. I wonder if he uses those same ones to cook with? 0_o
  12. At this point, I have a better chance at winning the lottery than finding a half decent job. I even applied to those crappy warehouse jobs a month ago (ya know, the ones that hire immagrants and high school dropouts) and not a single one called back. It seems like you either have to have connections or be incredibly lucky to have even the slightest chance of finding a job in this city. I even went to 3 different employment agencies and they were useless.
  13. Bought a gram of mj today from a guy who also owns a restaurant. Huh. Just walked up to him and asked. How do these guy not get caught? Also while I was some really ugly girl with a moustache (not joking 0_o) was harassing me for $2. She even said she would kiss me for $2. Why me? Maybe if she was hot but ugh.....I swear it like I'm a fucking magnet for homeless, crazy people. -______-
  14. So.....do people actually go through garbages looking for discarded mail, computers and other stuff in attempt to steal your personal info? Or is my mom just being her usual ridiculous, over parinoid self?
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