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  1. Maybe it's just me, but I really don't care for the shape of the grille on the back of the Orion VII. It's so...weird. Couldn't Orion have created a more rectangular shape instead?
  2. Very interesting looking bus---almost looks like a giant RV.
  3. From what I've heard, the first of the new Rotems are in L.A. and their assembly and preparation will be completed out near San Bernardino. How long that takes...who knows? As for the Front Runner cars, I still see them pass behind my house on occasion. So far, I've only seen one locomotive with the new color scheme (and can't remember the fleet number). I don't know if any of the coaches have been repainted as of yet as I have not seen any. Eric
  4. I looked at every entry in this topic and I think that... ...is definitely the winner. Eric
  5. ^ I guess I should come here more often. The RTD's "GRID" system was a complete rerouting and renumbering of bus lines throughout the San Fernando Valley in early 1975. Buses ran on lines that were basically straight lines along major streets, east/west and north/south; that is, on a grid (hence the name). This way, a bus line was no more than about a half mile from most residents. Most trips required no more than one transfer. Another GRID system was set up in South L.A. later on. I hope I answered your question. Eric
  6. Having grown up in the San Fernando Valley---and being a real bus nut---I remember very well those old all-white GM buses that arrived about the time I was 15 or so (we called 'em "Whiteys"). There were some "Peaches and Cream" buses that the then RTD picked up from some other transit agency as a quick fix to supply buses on the new GRID system. From what I recall, those were numbered in the 2200 series. Sadly, I wasn't taking pictures then. I missed out on some great shots by not doing so.
  7. Obviously, GM has its problems as of late, but does GMC still build any type of transit bus?
  8. ^ I guess I'm a bit out of the loop...you said "4200-4699." I know that the 4500-4699 series are Neoplans---many of which are still in service. Has MTA ordered 500 of the 42BRTs?
  9. In that picture on TransiTalk, the headsign says "Diesel Electric Hybrid." Is that what these are, or is that an optional configuration?
  10. Just for fun, where are those sitting? Or can you say?
  11. I've never seen a Local (orange) 8000 series 45C or an Express (red) 8100 series 45C. That's sort of interesting...unless, of course, I just haven't seen 8000s or 8100s in the opposite colors. But I do see these all the time in Sun Valley by the park.
  12. Maybe it doubles as a giant speaker to make announcements! Now for the dumb question...for some reason, I thought Gillig was out of the bus business. Where did I/would I have heard that? Or am I thinking of a different manufacturer?
  13. EBL

    Los Angeles MTA

    Honestly, the all-white with gold stripe Metro paint job worked just fine. Now that they still have those, along with the poppy Locals, red Rapids, blue Expresses, and silver Orange Line BRTs, Metro has the most messed up color array of vehicles that I know of. Orange Line buses that are silver? This reminds me of back in the '70s when they were running the GM Old Looks that still had the 1950s MTA color scheme of green/dark green/white, the all white with a light green stripe, the yellow/white/champagne of RTD, some all white Old Looks, and some peach and cream Old Looks that they got from Georgia. Interesting, indeed...
  14. EBL

    Los Angeles MTA

    I wonder if anyone's ever gotten those confused with Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus, even though they're not the same shade of blue. Seems like a strange color choice to me. Maybe green would have been better, unless some other agency uses green (Torrance? Culver City? Gardena?).
  15. EBL

    Los Angeles MTA

    ^ Nice! And thanks! I wish I'd have taken pictures of RTD buses back in the '70s and '80s. I'd like to see any pictures of the MTA Express buses, which are painted blue. There aren't that many, I don't think.
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