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  1. Can confirm, still out on Bathurst with weights near the back seats. Mimicking servicing stops, etc. Been about 5 hours on the road now.
  2. They've added some new automated announcements to the system. "In consideration of other passengers please use headphones when listening to music" There's another announcing the ramp with be deploying at the front door and they've changed the offer your seat to customers with disabilities announcement.
  3. Many of these probably have to do with the additional buses to reduce AM Peak crowding announced today.
  4. Guess we'll see how long 3493 is out for / If it can be returned to service. *Not my picture*
  5. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/car-collides-with-ttc-bus-1.5301440
  6. https://www.newmarkettoday.ca/local-news/canadas-first-electric-bus-assembly-plant-to-open-in-newmarket-1540447 They just recently opened their factory which could explain some of the delays?
  7. Yeah just saw a notice at Wilson that they are starting this here too as of last week.
  8. I don't think STMs have the same start/stop technology ours have (at least yet). However the other thing to note is their fuel use comparison is with their diesel buses that they do not order with A/C. Hybrids have A/C standard as there must be a cooling option for the batteries.
  9. TTC 1665/1795 training bus 3212 on 101 1382 on 105
  10. There's an announcement for not eating on the bus too "Please do not eat on the bus; drinks with a cover or a lid are allowed." My fav is "For faster boarding, please have your fare ready before the bus arrives at your stop"
  11. I only noticed it because I was like WOW those flashing lights above the doors are REALLY bright. They're pretty nice! I don't get why door open in lettering is there either though pretty useless .
  12. Anyone seen these new Amber LED lights above the doors on a T1 before? (5098) Snapchat-789585951.mp4
  13. Interesting little tid-bit included in page 48 of the March 2019 CEO report. TTC will order winter tires for Articulated Buses.
  14. Yeah there's a few tricks to it. If you're used to the bus logging you off at where Vision has your relief point set, I usually just log the entire bus off first before arriving at said point. Then relogin (badge/RR/Bk) and the circle won't spin. Doing the same logout/in procedure can help change the "bus direction" based on the times of your waybill and restore stop announcements but it's not consistent.
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