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  1. Hi Everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster but I need some assistance! I'm developing a little web application using the newly provided AVL Live Feed from Transit. I know that there are already a few applications out there like this but I was developing mine with the Transit enthusiast in mind. Where as with the current application you view the buses location (normally only by filtering by route), and its stops. I've added a little more to mine so that it maps the fleet number returned from the AVL feed to the data I scraped from the CPTDB Wiki for Make/Model of that specific bus so that anyone visiting Halifax could find what Classic are left running. This project is also meant to pad my Portfolio/Resume. What I would like to do is to replace the standard Google Maps Pin with a Pixel Art or similar style; something like this: But with a little more detail so it would be easier to tell a conventional bus from a Link or MetroX. I'm a programmer not a graphic designer (I'm allergic to Photoshop, it causes massive hair loss). Example images are attached.
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