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  1. Where’s the wiki page that you are referring to? Wikipedia deleted the bus fleet page a few years ago (even though they allowed a fleet listing for most other transit agencies). The wiki on this site doesn’t appear to have been updated in a few years.
  2. Looks like the Transdev D40LFs are starting to go. Interestingly I saw C40FRs 6604 and 6610 in service on the 81N this afternoon.
  3. So today I saw 5635 on 138E and saw 6501 on 83N. I guess the delineation between First Transit and Transdev is either 5632 or 5633. Surprised that 6501 is still alive and kicking due to the fact that so many First Transit D40LFs have been retired.
  4. Anyone have any idea how many of these are coming?
  5. I know that at least bus 5272 is in service. According to transsee.ca the following buses are in service on the following routes in the high 5200 range: 1: Vehicle 5246 on route 60-Bethany Home Rd 3:22 ahead of 9:00:29PM. going ←83rd Avenue near Montebello/19th Av TC 2: Vehicle 5254 on route 50-Camelback Rd 0:35 ahead of 8:57:49PM. going →Scottsdale Rd near 12th St on Camelback Rd 3: Vehicle 5262 on route 28-Lower Buckeye Rd 1:21 ahead of 8:59:03PM. going ←75th Avenue near 63rd Av on Lower Buckeye Rd 4: Vehicle 5265 Waiting 32:09. on route 70-24th St/Glendale Ave 30:14 behind 8:25:39PM. going ←99th Ave near 99th Av on Glendale Av 5: Vehicle 5270 on route 83-83rd Ave 0:48 behind 8:56:52PM. going ↑Arrowhead Ctr near Arrowhead Mall North 6: Vehicle 5272 on route 3-Van Buren St 3:30 behind 8:52:48PM. going ←Avondale near 114th Av on Civic Center Dr As far as the 5600s I really don't know how many of them there are.
  6. I was surprised to see New Flyer D60LF 800 in service on Wednesday evening. How many D60LFs are still in service? Also, what is the reasoning for keeping the D60LFs around (while a lot of newer D40LFR, C40LFR, and NABI 40LFW buses have been retired)?
  7. I'll take my stab on a few of these questions. 1.) City of Phoenix artics are usually found on routes 3, 7, 12, 17, 19, 29, 35, 41, 50, and 70. I've also seen them on the 16 and 44 (but they don't run as regularly on these routes). 5.) I believe Transdev Phoenix North's non-Rapid/circulator fleet is all New Flyer (D40LF, D60LF, C40LFR, and XD60). 7.) I believe the majority of the Phoenix Gillig LF's CNG are at the Transdev Phoenix South Garage. The numbering goes from 5121-517X, and then 517X-5200 are at Phoenix West, 5201-5240 are at Phoenix South, and I'm not exactly sure of the split of 5241-52XX (where X is an unknown number). If I had to guess Phoenix South has about 70% of the total Gillig CNG fleet with Phoenix West at about 30%. 8.) I've only seen a handful of 5600s Diesel Gilligs but I believe they can be found on any Phoenix West local route. I've seen them on the 3, 13, 17, 29, and 41. They're replacing the Phoenix West D40LF 6500s (kind of funny that the 5600s replace the 6500s) and the 6500s can also still be found on these routes.
  8. The most interesting thing is that 6505 (a bus which is on its way to retirement any day now) got the new annunciatior system.
  9. Some sightings today: 5268 on the 7 (interesting as it looks like 5243 and 5271 were spotted on First Transit routes and the 7 is a Transdev route). 5600 and 5603 on the 41. 5602 on the 17.
  10. I saw one of the Diesel Gilligs N/B on I-17 the other day (wasn't able to catch the number).
  11. Wow. Looks like the 6500s will be gone sooner rather than later.
  12. Will the XN40s be local or express buses?
  13. Phoenix has XD60s in the 8102+ range (although I'm not sure how high they go) and they seem to be split between Transdev and First Transit. I believe Phoenix is receiving Gillig CNGs in the 5241-5320 number range (as I believe the order was for 80). Then there will be 30 Gillig diesels likely numbered 5601-5630 (in line with the photo posted earlier unless the numbering was inaccurate). I'm not quite sure why the gap exists between 5321-5600. Between the 80 new CNG Gilligs and the 30 new Diesel Gilligs the D40LFs are probably not going to be around much longer.
  14. What is this? Diesel, Hybrid, CNG? And why is the number 5610? The Gilligs are really boring compared to the D40LFs, 40LFWs, and C40LFRs that they're replacing.
  15. I've mostly seen the XN60s and XN40s on RAPID runs.
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