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  1. More Lions city Photos Hybrid Bus
  2. Hello, I Have mor MAN Lion's City Photos from Germany and Austria SWA Augsburg Stadtwerke Dachau Stadtwerke Neumarkt ÜWAG Fulda MVG Mainz Albus Salzburg Albus Salzburg MAN Wien; This is a Hybrid Bus
  3. No its a SÜ XXX (zB 283)
  4. Hi I'll show you some pictures from Eichstätt all photos without comments
  5. New Fotos Commets Please :angry:
  6. I want to show you the buses from the town of Neuburg. The town is next to Ingolstadt. You have received this year a new coach but I have no picture.
  7. Thanks Here are a few photos.
  8. Hello Today I'll show you fine views from Schweinfurt Comments are welcome.
  9. So now I would like the traffic in my favorite show in town of Augsburg.
  10. thank you
  11. even more pictures
  12. Hello, I want to let you take the bus traffic from my city Ingolstadt show this town knows her, perhaps because of the Audi. Here are the pictures.