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  1. Strange object on Man Lions City Bus

    More Lions city Photos Hybrid Bus
  2. Strange object on Man Lions City Bus

    Hello, I Have mor MAN Lion's City Photos from Germany and Austria SWA Augsburg Stadtwerke Dachau Stadtwerke Neumarkt ÜWAG Fulda MVG Mainz Albus Salzburg Albus Salzburg MAN Wien; This is a Hybrid Bus
  3. Buses in Eichstätt

    No its a SÜ XXX (zB 283)
  4. Buses in Eichstätt

    Hi I'll show you some pictures from Eichstätt all photos without comments
  5. Bus routes in Ingolstadt

    New Fotos Commets Please :angry:
  6. Buses in Neuburg

    I want to show you the buses from the town of Neuburg. The town is next to Ingolstadt. You have received this year a new coach but I have no picture.
  7. Buses in Schweinfurt

    Thanks Here are a few photos.
  8. Buses in Schweinfurt

    Hello Today I'll show you fine views from Schweinfurt Comments are welcome.
  9. So now I would like the traffic in my favorite show in town of Augsburg.
  10. Bus routes in Ingolstadt

    thank you
  11. Bus routes in Ingolstadt

    even more pictures
  12. Bus routes in Ingolstadt

    Hello, I want to let you take the bus traffic from my city Ingolstadt show this town knows her, perhaps because of the Audi. Here are the pictures.