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  1. MT0603


    Outside of Mississauga they generally only have signs at major stops and locations where there is no corresponding agency stop.
  2. MT0603


    Interesting, I know the joints have hydraulic dampers to help with that which also monitor vehicle speed, but I wasn't aware of torque limiting except near the max angle of the joint. The New Flyer artics equipped with ATG joints really whip around corners compared to the Novas. Maybe that's why ATG joints tend to become distorted and resulting in drooping trailer sections, usually more severe on the curbside. Refer to these two pictures to see what I mean by drooping trailer sections, neither are mine: https://www.flickr.com/photos/71639059@N00/8432391873/in/photostream/ http://www.hiddenimages.ca/transit/showpic.aspx?PhotoID=1014 Are you guys finding any distortion of the Hubner joints? The HNG 15.3 looks a lot more sturdier built than the ATG joints in New Flyers. EDIT: Since we're on the topic of bus joints, here is a New Flyer service bulletin containing various images and drawings of the ATG joint used since 2006 (New Flyer used Hubner joints prior to this). https://www.newflyer.com/site-content/uploads/2017/09/tsib-09-03-rev-a.pdf This is the best picture available for the Hubner joints used on the LFSA, it's the HNG 15.3 model: http://www.hubner-group.com/en/Articulation+Systems-path-1,3144,3150.html You can also catch a glimpse of the HNG 15.3 in a How It's Made video of a Nova Artic on YouTube around 02:22 in the video. Both joints yaw occurs roughly in the middle of the joint, however on the Hubner joints the pitch occurs closer to the tractor section, whereas the ATG joints pitch closer to the middle thanks to the wrist joints that extend from the tractor section.
  3. MT0603


    Prior to this board period there was two PM blocks that were assigned 40' buses, as of this board period all blocks are assigned artics, except for evening blocks pulling out after the PM rush. The 35 gained another PM artic block and it now has 2 base artic blocks and 2 PM artic blocks. The 26/76 also gained 2 PM artic blocks, prior to this BP it had no artics assigned to it with the exception of a single outbound AM 76 trip (bound for 108) and a inbound PM 76 trip (off the 71).
  4. MT0603

    NHL Discussion

    Well, since I've noticed there's quite a few Hockey Fans on this board I've decided to create a thread about the NHL. Tonight's games: NY Rangers VS NY Islanders 15 minutes into the second period NYI:4 SATAN, M. (07:30 in 1st), SIMON, C. (PPG, 09:35 in 1st), KOZLOV, V. (16:28 in 1st), ASHAM, A. (19:26 in 1st) NYR:0 Los Angeles Kings VS Anaheim Ducks 8PM EST Tomorrow's games: Boston Bruin VS Montreal Canadians! 7PMEST San Jose Sharks VS Dallas Stars 9PMEST Nashville Predators VS Phoenix Coyotes 9:30PMEST Vancouver Canucks VS Edmonton Oilers! 10PMEST
  5. MT0603


    Well, I'm heading to Buffalo tommorow and I wanted to know if anyone has a Roster for NFTA. I'm also going to go ride the LRT thingy they got down in Downtown Buffalo to see if it would work good along Hurontario! Also, how many D40s do they have left?