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  1. Thanks. 2020 is still the goal then for all day service except Milton and RIchmond Hill then. It will be mount pleasant.
  2. So when is evening service coming on the Brampton line? What about off peak/evening on Stouffville and Barrie lines as well?
  3. That should be done by september then, since they're half way through that project.
  4. Thanks! Just got some old Lakeshore and Milton schedules from there!
  5. Hi, If I wanted to find and look at old go transit schedules from the 1990's, where would I find them? I've tried all over the interest to no availability.
  6. Awesome. Good to hear progress!
  7. How long does it take for them to get back to you?
  8. Just applied for the TTC. Hated my currrent job.
  9. more signal delays tonight...
  10. Any updates on rail service expansion? Will GO be moving to all day service on other lines besides lakeshore in the next year or two?
  11. I those problems were because they were expanding the rail line to build the new Oshawa, East Oshawa Courtice and Bowmanville Stations?
  12. Haha that would be prime ground too being close to financial district too. I hope they replace the gardener with something nice and it better be worth it too. Good point. Maybe they could latch on to York Mills or something but that's not the same. For the trains, I think Richmond Hill can be done given they own the line. I will only agree with you on Milton because of CP Rail
  13. http://stevemunro.ca...Jan-13-2014.pdf Timelines for the implementation of all day train service outside lakeshore: Milton - 2021 Barrie - 2019 Richmond Hill -2016 Stouffville - 2018 Kitchener - 2023 So what will they do with the Union Bus Terminal?
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