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  1. 16030, 16034 and 16037 sitting on track 4 at HTC.
  2. H16019 is out today as well. Think I also I saw H16015 too.
  3. H16022 sitting by shop at HTC. It sort of stuck out being the only clean bus.
  4. The C40LFR are slugs going up hills except 3312, 3348 and 3356, the engines were swapped out for the newer ones. They are also quicker, not sure why, maybe cause they kept the 5 speed trans in them?
  5. PoCo is pretty bad for spares sometimes too.
  6. R9206 and R9211 at PTC P14044 is on the dead track at PTC
  7. Saw R9201 and R9205 at PoCo yesterday on the BO tracks.
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