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  1. 9288 and 9289 are both still here in Nanaimo. I saw both running on routes one and two, respectively.
  2. 8077 has now entered the fleet here in Nanaimo. I spotted it travelling south on the #1 to downtown this afternoon.
  3. 9222 has been transferred to Nanaimo. It is in the old scheme with Nanaimo specific graphics applied...
  4. While riding with a few transit enthusiasts yesterday, we experienced the same issue. While en route to Waterfront Station, the train promptly broke down outside of the Skytrain maintenance yard. After sitting for about 15 minutes, we continued to Edmonds station under manual mode where everyone was ordered off the train. They then moved the train again in manual mode back down the track to the maintenance yard... It is a very nice train and we enjoyed our trip on it - when it was working...
  5. 9288 has now hit the streets of Nanaimo in the new scheme. 9289 still remains just white without livery...
  6. 9289 hit the streets today in Nanaimo. I saw it this afternoon on route 2A southbound on Departure Bay Rd. It still appears identical to Chris' photo as it is still without its stripes.
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