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  1. 9833 is now running in Nanaimo. Spotted on a 2A southbound this afternoon.
  2. An update from Nanaimo... 8006 and 8012 appear to have been donated to the mechanical trades program at Vancouver Island University. They're both in the gated lot on university property. 8002, however, remains at the RDN transit yard. It has been moved to the dead line at the extreme southeast end of the yard. Bike rack has been removed, too.
  3. I've seen 8002 running during peak times since school resumed, but I have not seen 8006, nor 8012 as of yet. I'll take a swing by the depot next time I'm in the vicinity...
  4. We're getting New Flyer XN40's! http://newflyer.com/index/news-app/story.146
  5. Nanaimo is getting the CNG fleet! http://www.transitbc.com/news/newsitem.cfm?newsid=1779
  6. To be honest, I did not take much of a look at the destination signs on 8006, but I will report back next time I see it in service... However, I noticed that 8002 is sporting Balios destination signs...
  7. Piano God

    BC Ferries

    The C-Class vessels, including the Alberni, will not see retirement for at least another 10 - 15 years. As for the Chilliwack, she has already undergone her first phase of a major rebuild that has already added new evacuation systems, watertight doors on the car deck and steel replacement. The second phase, which will occur sometime early next year, will be focused primarily on her passenger decks. This two-phased project should give her another 5 - 10 years of service with BC Ferries. Besides the Discovery Coast, the Chilliwack must serve Routes 7 (Saltery Bay - Earls Cove) and 17 (Comox - Powell River) in the off-season when the vessels that serve those respective routes require refit.
  8. Piano God

    BC Ferries

    The Queen of Esquimalt has now undergone scrapping. On June 1, 2011, she left Port Alberni under the tow of Pacific Tugboat Services tug, Alan G, bound for Ensenada, Mexico. Princess Jacqueline under tow in Alberni Inlet. by BCFS, on Flickr She arrived at her destination of Ensenada on June 9, 2011. The following photo shows that everything forward of her aft elevator has now been removed. The photo was taken in mid-July, so what currently remains intact, if anything, is unknown. http://fattonyenterprise.com/blog/wp-conte...a-mexico-15.jpg
  9. 9104 has been sent to Cullen in Nanaimo. It's currently sitting in their back lot facing the highway.
  10. Piano God

    BC Ferries

    The Queen of Esquimalt was purchased from BC Ferries by Dalian Golden Sun I/E Co. Ltd of Dalian, China. She was towed from Deas for tie up in Port Alberni on October 26, 2008. Latest word is DGS has stopped paying moorage for her as of a few months ago. It remains unseen what the current plans are, but it is possible that she could be seized by the port and sold to recoup some costs... - - - - Within the last two years, BC Ferries has also sold the 'Tsawwassen, 'Saanich and 'Vancouver. The 'Tsawwassen is owned by Helifor and is used as a logging camp that is currently moored off West Redonda Island. The 'Saanich is owned by BMGH Enterprises Ltd, renamed Owen Belle and is now moored north of Kelsey Bay on Vancouver Island. The 'Vancouver is owned by Coast Marine and is in the process of having its superstructure scrapped to be turned into a barge. She is located at Woodfibre, just across the sound from Squamish. The QPR is still for sale...
  11. I have not seen the Orions in service since the beginning of May. I drove by the yard a few days back and noticed that they are infact still here, but are sitting at the far end of the yard near the entrance to Calinda St. Oh, BTW... Most, if not all of our buses have the new fareboxes installed...
  12. 8070 is now in Nanaimo joining 8034, 8043, 8077 and 8111.
  13. You can add 8043 to that list of those transferred to Nanaimo.
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