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  1. Sandon, BC has Saskatoon 175 Thunder Bay Transit has Saskatoon 160 and 164
  2. If that f was capitalized I would’ve been asking where the preserved Flyer bus has been hiding. I finally booked a hotel by the airport where prices are more reasonable. Now I can answer your question. There’s a bunch of hotels across the street from Pearson Airport and along Dixon Rd. 52 runs along Dixon and connects the airport, hotels, and subway stations.
  3. My vacation time has been approved for September! So I'm able to attend the CLRV trip.
  4. Just curious, where will the 2021 convention be held? I heard it might be the Waterloo area?
  5. I hope 901 is still around when I visit at the end of the month.
  6. Yes, I'd love to see MTHA preserve an Invero. Not everyone is a fan of this bus, but it's such a unique-looking vehicle and it's an important piece of Winnipeg history.
  7. Hopefully I can make it to the Farewell CLRV fan trip.
  8. I won't be able to make it to this year's BHA, but I will be going to the one in Iowa City next year. In the meantime, I'm hoping to attend some of the smaller events happening this year.
  9. I just noticed something similar at the YVR South Terminal. Looks like the C92 will become the 412 in September.
  10. Hopefully I'll get to ride 1008 & 1009 within the next fews weeks. I've been really busy with work lately.
  11. Click on this link for more info: http://transitheritage.ca/upcomingevents.html
  12. Not sure if anyone was notified about this, but the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation will be hosting a farewell Saskatoon MCI Classic fan trip on Sat, Jun 2, 2018. I hope to attend.
  13. I visited St. Pierre back in 2005. I'm sure a few things have changed by now. My sister & I flew to St. John's, NL, rented a car and drove to the town of Fortune. We stored our rental car in a gated compound and rode a fastcat ferry to St. Pierre. On board the ferry, a rep from the local tourism office was handed out guidebooks and acted as a travel counsellor. Upon arrival, we went through French customs. There were sniffer dogs checking out our baggage. People showed their provincial driver's license. I brought my passport as I wanted it stamped with SPM. From what I recall, the ATMs dispensed Euros. There's no public transit as the entire town is walkable. I spotted an MCI that was used as a tour bus. Being Asian, we were the centre of attention in SPM. People were nodding at us on the streets and saying bonjour madame & monsieur. The locals were also surprised that were able to speak a few words of French, especially when ordering food at a restaurant or shopping in a convenience store. We never made it to Miquelon, but we took a boat tour over to Iles aux Marins (Sailors Island). Here's the MCI that I spotted: Narrow roads & sidewalks in the town centre The ferry to/from Newfoundland:
  14. If there was no mention of Brandon, I would've thought you were visiting Calgary! Haha
  15. Great shots James! That's quite the hodge-podge of a fleet.
  16. Wow! You guys really twisted my arms. Haha I'm definitely coming out to Saskatoon & Prince Albert... even if it's for a very brief visit.
  17. Awesome photos Martin! Okay, you guys twisted my arm. I'll have to stop by on my way out of Winnipeg *Edited*
  18. Very interesting mix of equipment in Saskatoon & Prince Albert. I'm now tempted to pay a visit after the Winnipeg Farewell D40 trip...
  19. It would be nice to organize a Farewell Classic or Orion fan trip. I haven't been back to Newfoundland in 10 years.
  20. Going to Argentina from Vancouver involves making a connection in Toronto and maybe somewhere else along the route. The alternative is to go through the US, but I prefer to avoid that country unless I plan on visiting it. So if WestJet creates direct routes from Vancouver or Calgary to Buenos Aires or Santiago, that would be awesome! I'd love to see that too. More routes, more options to go from point A to point B.
  21. I actually look forward to seeing WestJet expand into Asia & South America. It'll make it easier for me to visit the ex-Vancouver trolley buses in Mendoza, Argentina. :-) Remember, Porter Airlines also has plans to expand across Canada. So there'll more competition in the domestic scene.
  22. We drove up to Whistler yesterday morning and found the H40LFRs still parked in the garage. They had already been taken out of service in March. Now waiting for the provincial government to decide on what to do with them... sell them off as is, convert them to CNG or diesel... https://www.flickr.c...901/13955585596 https://www.flickr.c...901/13963144161 https://www.flickr.c...901/13966323885
  23. It all started when I was around 3-4 years old. My immigrant parents didn't drive, so we rode public transit almost everywhere. I was fascinated by all the bus designs & liveries. The SeaBus was still relatively new at the time, Brill trolley buses were running along with Flyer D700A's, Flyer D800's/E800's, & lots of GM Fishbowls. Brill diesels were providing free rides for downtown Vancouver shoppers. As the years went by, I couldn't count how many liveries our transit system was going through: yellow-brown stripes, yellow-orange stripes, black front-orange stripe, red-blue stripe... SkyTrain then came along and I loved how fast we hovered over traffic compared to riding buses. I enjoyed listening to the humming of the Flyer E901A/E902 trolleys buses. I started to collect transfers, bus passes, & timetables. My Dad used to pick up the Buzzer (bi-weekly, now monthly publication you pick up on board bus & SkyTrain) for me and told me all about old BC Electric streetcars and the fact that all the Vancouver area buses had red totem poles painted on the front. As I got older there were times when I lost interest in the hobby as I got distracted by Transformers, LEGO, Nintendo, stamps, coins, & postcards. The 1990 transit centennial celebration got me back into the hobby. It was great seeing buses that I never had a chance to ride (Fageol Twin Coach & Hayes Teardrop). I was getting fascinated by the system map and started exploring Metro Vancouver by transit with my parents & siblings. When I was studying urban transportation in university I was aware of TRAMS (Transit Museum Society of Vancouver), but too shy to join as I didn't know anyone in the club. Fastforward to my post-university years, I corresponded with a couple of transit fans on a Yahoo Group and eventually we met in person at the grand opening of the SkyTrain Millennium Line. Everything snowballed from there. I started meeting fans from all over the world, joined TRAMS, learned how to operate streetcars, attended fan trips & Trans-Expo trade fair shows. Finally a friend recommended that I join CPTDB in 2009. So that's my life story on how I go into transit. :-)
  24. - $50 HBC gift card - $50 London Drugs gift card - $50 Home Depot gift card - $200 Costco gift card - This Day in Vancouver book - Vancouver was Awesome book - sheet set for my new bed - Nova Scotia themed place mat set - coaster set - Gap hoodie - shampoo, conditioner, shower gel package - baked goodies (butter tarts, lemon squares, caramel chocolate pecan squares...) - Stash brand Jasmine green tea
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