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  1. flyer_e901

    TTS 2019 Fan Trips

    Hopefully I can make it to the Farewell CLRV fan trip.
  2. flyer_e901

    2019 BHA Convention - Ottawa/Gatineau - June 6 to 8

    I won't be able to make it to this year's BHA, but I will be going to the one in Iowa City next year. In the meantime, I'm hoping to attend some of the smaller events happening this year.
  3. I just noticed something similar at the YVR South Terminal. Looks like the C92 will become the 412 in September.
  4. flyer_e901

    Buy, Sell, Trade

    A new book about Canada's trolley buses will be published in January, 2019. Click on the PDF file for more information. The price of the book hasn't been determined yet, but if you pre-order the book now, you'll save at least 15% off the regular price. Tire&Wires_Flyer_2018-08-08p1 (1).pdf Tire&Wires_Flyer_2018-08-08p1 (1).pdf
  5. flyer_e901

    2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Hopefully I'll get to ride 1008 & 1009 within the next fews weeks. I've been really busy with work lately.
  6. flyer_e901

    Saskatoon Updates

    Click on this link for more info: http://transitheritage.ca/upcomingevents.html
  7. flyer_e901

    Saskatoon Updates

    Not sure if anyone was notified about this, but the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation will be hosting a farewell Saskatoon MCI Classic fan trip on Sat, Jun 2, 2018. I hope to attend.
  8. flyer_e901

    St. Pierre and Miquelon (F)

    I visited St. Pierre back in 2005. I'm sure a few things have changed by now. My sister & I flew to St. John's, NL, rented a car and drove to the town of Fortune. We stored our rental car in a gated compound and rode a fastcat ferry to St. Pierre. On board the ferry, a rep from the local tourism office was handed out guidebooks and acted as a travel counsellor. Upon arrival, we went through French customs. There were sniffer dogs checking out our baggage. People showed their provincial driver's license. I brought my passport as I wanted it stamped with SPM. From what I recall, the ATMs dispensed Euros. There's no public transit as the entire town is walkable. I spotted an MCI that was used as a tour bus. Being Asian, we were the centre of attention in SPM. People were nodding at us on the streets and saying bonjour madame & monsieur. The locals were also surprised that were able to speak a few words of French, especially when ordering food at a restaurant or shopping in a convenience store. We never made it to Miquelon, but we took a boat tour over to Iles aux Marins (Sailors Island). Here's the MCI that I spotted: Narrow roads & sidewalks in the town centre The ferry to/from Newfoundland:
  9. flyer_e901

    Brandon Transit

    If there was no mention of Brandon, I would've thought you were visiting Calgary! Haha
  10. flyer_e901

    Saskatoon Updates

    Great shots James! That's quite the hodge-podge of a fleet.
  11. flyer_e901

    Prince Albert, SK. Transit

    Wow! You guys really twisted my arms. Haha I'm definitely coming out to Saskatoon & Prince Albert... even if it's for a very brief visit.
  12. flyer_e901

    Saskatoon Updates

    Awesome photos Martin! Okay, you guys twisted my arm. I'll have to stop by on my way out of Winnipeg *Edited*
  13. flyer_e901

    Saskatoon Updates

    Very interesting mix of equipment in Saskatoon & Prince Albert. I'm now tempted to pay a visit after the Winnipeg Farewell D40 trip...
  14. flyer_e901

    Metrobus Transit

    It would be nice to organize a Farewell Classic or Orion fan trip. I haven't been back to Newfoundland in 10 years.
  15. flyer_e901


    Going to Argentina from Vancouver involves making a connection in Toronto and maybe somewhere else along the route. The alternative is to go through the US, but I prefer to avoid that country unless I plan on visiting it. So if WestJet creates direct routes from Vancouver or Calgary to Buenos Aires or Santiago, that would be awesome! I'd love to see that too. More routes, more options to go from point A to point B.