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  1. Time flies! It's been almost a week since the convention took place. Organizationally, it was a challenging event to put together, but everything fell into place and worked out in the end. Plus, it was a lot of fun! I'm glad everyone had a great time. It was awesome meeting new faces and seeing familiar ones. I hope to see you all at another event some time soon!
  2. I visited St. Pierre back in 2005. I'm sure a few things have changed by now. My sister & I flew to St. John's, NL, rented a car and drove to the town of Fortune. We stored our rental car in a gated compound and rode a fastcat ferry to St. Pierre. On board the ferry, a rep from the local tourism office was handed out guidebooks and acted as a travel counsellor. Upon arrival, we went through French customs. There were sniffer dogs checking out our baggage. People showed their provincial driver's license. I brought my passport as I wanted it stamped with SPM. From what I recall, the ATMs dispensed Euros. There's no public transit as the entire town is walkable. I spotted an MCI that was used as a tour bus. Being Asian, we were the centre of attention in SPM. People were nodding at us on the streets and saying bonjour madame & monsieur. The locals were also surprised that were able to speak a few words of French, especially when ordering food at a restaurant or shopping in a convenience store. We never made it to Miquelon, but we took a boat tour over to Iles aux Marins (Sailors Island). Here's the MCI that I spotted: Narrow roads & sidewalks in the town centre The ferry to/from Newfoundland:
  3. I'm interested in the New Brunswick fan trip, but I'll have to see if I have enough vacation time. I used up most of this year's in January.
  4. Oh right! You did say Jan 1st. Worse comes to worse, you can always order a new microwave or toaster oven. That's what I did with my expiring Air Mikes a few years ago.
  5. You can always come over in early June for the BHA convention :-)
  6. Just a reminder that we have fan trips coming up in early November. You have two excursions to choose from, or go on both! Fan Trip 1 - Saturday, November, 5th at 7:00pm *1991 New Flyer D40 with photo stops that include Science World, Gastown, Central Broadway, Granville Island, & UBC Fan Trip 2 - Sunday, November 6 at 12:00pm *1964 GM New Look with photo stops that include Knight & Marine, Riverport, Steveston, Airport Station, YVR South Terminal, & YVR Main Terminal Photo stops may be subject to change. Both fan trips depart from Patterson SkyTrain Station at Bay 3. $25 per passenger for each excursion. All proceeds go towards the Transit Museum Society. Book your seat and pay online at or pay onboard the bus with Visa, MasterCard, or cash.
  7. We're hoping to use the 1964 Fishbowl (4612) That's too bad you can't make it this November. Oh well, the VIA Rail ride and road trip sound nice. We'll see you next summer instead.
  8. Sounds good. Thanks for the update.
  9. Join the Transit Museum Society on a fan trip to Burnaby Mountain and the Hyack Street Festival on MCI Classic 4276! Saturday, May 28, 2016 Departing Patterson Station (Bay 3) at 11:00am. Return at 4:00pm $20 TRAMS members $25 non-members Discount for Seniors (65+): - $5 Discount for Accompanied Children (2-13): - $17 Discount for Students (14-21): - $5 Children under 2 not occupying a seat, travel free.
  10. Here's an update on the November fan trip. There will be two excursions with various photo stops in Metro Vancouver. Dates & times are Nov 5th at 19:00 and Nov 6th at 12 noon. Departure point is TBA, but will likely be a Skytrain station such as 29th Ave or Patterson. Fare for each excursion: $25 per person. You can now reserve and optionally pay online at The vintage bus & exact photo stops will be determined at a later date. Stay tuned for more info...
  11. That's great. Once we get the official go ahead from the TRAMS executives, I'll post more details here.
  12. Awesome! Hopefully you'll get all your requested days off. Exactly! The more the merrier :-D
  13. Trans-Expo is coming to Vancouver this year, and TRAMS is planning to hold a fan trip to coincide with the convention. The vintage bus has yet to be determined. Just want a show of hands to see who would be interested in going on this excursion if it's held on Sunday, November 6th?
  14. And here's my 5 minute video showing some of the highlights from the charter:
  15. If there was no mention of Brandon, I would've thought you were visiting Calgary! Haha