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  1. I can 100% vouch for the fact that 981-1004 never existed. I spend every summer from 88-01’ living in Lower Alewa Heights area. Rode the bus every week day to Waikiki beach and remember thinking Honolulu’s buses and paint scheme were the best. Never once in thousands of rides did I see a phantom higher than 980.
  2. kainoa3


    Please let us know if they’re still there. That would be the find of the decade.
  3. What has happened to this Honolulu bus page??
  4. I for sure remember the 3000’s being on rt 340 and also select 255 night trips. Also seem to remember seeing them very rarely on rt 230. If that helps at all.
  5. Saw 4608 on Friday. Loving those new colors!
  6. Do you have any further details? Am I supposed to believe that the TMC’s have been retired, but still hanging around the base for the last couple of years?? That seems unrealistic at best. If you could provide some proof to these claims, it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. What in the world are you talking about??
  8. A couple of glaring omissions on the wiki page that I want to address: There’s no mention of the GMC Rts #400 Series. Theres no mention of the Gillig Phanton #700 Series. Does anybody have the retired fleet numbers for these buses? And if so, could you please update wiki? Thanks in advance.
  9. I hate to bring this up again, but has anybody or can anybody provide documented proof through an actual Gillig roster guide or a picture that buses numbers 981-1004 existed?
  10. Right. To the best of my knowledge the only WA agencies to have RTS were community, c-Tran, kitsap, and Spokane.
  11. I always appreciate your insight and stories! Please keep them coming Roamer. With the largest agencies in the United States almost buying the RTS's exclusively in the late 70's/80's I just never understood why metro wouldn't have gotten in on the action. Now I know! Thanks again.
  12. What's interesting to me is the complete lack of interest by PNW transit agencies in the RTS buses. I never understood this as it was easily the most popular bus of the 80's and early 90's. I think community transit is the only PNW agency that even reordered the RTS's after an initial order. I've read multiple places that Portland drivers hate those buses.
  13. Random thought but I was wondering if the C-Tran order of RTS's were piggybacked somehow to the Tri-Met order back in the 80's...
  14. Good catch! Always wondered what agency that RTS came from. Never had the desire to exit off of I-5 and actually investigate. Def seen better days!
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