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  1. With the upcoming realignment of routing, do not expect all buses to come to the Charles Street Terminal. The change will be more on the basis of a grid system than a main terminal.
  2. I would like to remind the traveling public that it is unsafe to exit the front doors and then cross the road in front of the bus. There is a sign above the front windshield to use the rear or centre door. However, that isn't a problem for the drivers. It is a concern to cross the road in front of bus because of a poor site line. Recently there has been accidents involving passengers that have crossed the road in front of a bus and did not see a vehicle passing the bus and were hit. Please consider the danger of this practice when exiting the front doors. Thanks. Wayne
  3. The iexpress with the first to have the GPS installed. This will likely take place sometime this spring. In the future all GRT buses will be equipped with GPS.
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