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    Touya-ku, Hokkaido-ken, Japan
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    I am a full-on Otaku: obssessive for Japanese general culture, especially Anime, videogames and eventually Japanese coaches and trains, mainly the Shinkansen.
    I definitely disconnected from the rest of the world in what concerns buses and coaches, including in my place, where I now look to a coach that used to be spectacular in a different way; basically I now look at them like 'ordinary' coaches, with not much interest.
    This is due to a phase I am passig right now, a change of pace I decided to adopt (in order to move forward and change for better, sometimes we must leave many things we used to like behind).
    Other interests beyond this are scale modeling and - sometimes - going to disco and playing football.
    Three of my everlasting dreams is to go live in Japan like a real full-on otaku, buy my favorite car and "moe-fy" it into a good itasha and even more difficult, the people to stop being apathetic to all the world's curses and do something to reverse it!!
    My biggest source of inspiration for my whole life - including my work, my hobby and my family and friends relationships - is my favorite character, Kashiwazaki Sena from the 「I Don't Have Many Friends/僕は友達が少ない」 Anime.

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  1. KAGUYA/Kashiwazaki Coaster News KAGUYA Luxury Highway Bus - the decision has been made to suspend services for cruise liners visiting Japan, including serving any offshore islands, including two of the main islands - Kyushu and Shikoku - as well as southern Honshu, in a bid to try limiting any possible 'transport' of the COVID-19 virus outbreak from our vehicles, even though they are thoroughly disinfected after every day of service; this is either performed by the maintenance crew or the drivers, depending on the circumstances. KAGUYA New & Used Solutions/Kashiwazaki Coaster - in line with the present emergency plans from the Japan National Diet to counter the COVID-19 spread, we decided to suspend both our production lines in Toya City (Hokkaido) and southeastern Setagaya Ward in Tokyo (Central Honshu), and the current construction of what would be our first one overseas (Italy), at least until the situation is controlled enough. This includes suspension on the current manufactures and sending all staff off for as long as the National Diet considers it is unsafe to work in these environments (our facility in Setagaya alone employs more than 450, more than any other). For any customers needing their vehicles into a fixed deadline, the only way is to transfer midway work into leased facilities in Germany, though that may inflate on the final price of their vehicle(s), due to transportation costs, although our partner RKK Line has agreed to lease their car carrier「MIYARABI II」for Kaguya Cruise to operate her for as long as our facilities are closed. For any customers decided on cancelling orders, we have set up a specific department in our after-sales service to help you get your refund. We take advantage of this moment to thank you for your understanding, and most importantly for your continued preference and investment on Japan's best and most quality oriented manufacturer.
  2. Someone here actually made the Niagara Falls ones, Orion III models, I think.
  3. I never had hard feelings on this, I just plainfully and calmly explained the situation. Now, getting easily irritated over here is absolutely never a good option, as one member here reveals it over and over again, and unfortunately refuses to do anything about it. The penalty would be paid by us all, with the closure of this thread for good, as well as permanent prohibition of starting a new one. Now chill, have some at the Papertrain Thread and enjoy what you see. ^^
  4. Below is the post that contradicts what you were saying. You say you never said these were EMD models, nor did I say you were saying those were as such. You were the one who was convinced I mentioned them as EMD material, to which I replied I never said so, and to check the original post (from YEARS ago already). Came to think of, you might have confused them, as I also painted this fantasy train with CalTrain colors, and 'real' EMD's and Bombardier double deck cars are available in CalTrain colors. So if you search further on the pages of the Papertrain Thread, you'll see I also produced the 'real' EMD plus it's Bombardier cars in CalTrain colors. This also to say you should NEVER point the finger without consulting the entire thread, which in this case hasn't much pages to look for.
  5. I rather take it into PM.
  6. Not interested in widening the way to my stuff like that, and for some good reasons, especially if you are into general papercrafting too. One of them is an entity, while the other is a pirate site; Alice Zhang aka "Alice Papermodel" and Onlypaper.ru, respectively. One has been trying to sell two or three models of my own creation, while the latter has been violating my rules which stipulate that "You are not allowed to post any Kashiwazaki Paper Model Studio (as well as former MegaMoonLiner badged) papercraft template outside the CPTDB", actually doing something quite obnoxious as to store my stuff on third-party websites, instead of simply linking to where these originated. Actually not much worried about this "Alice Papermodel" thing ever since I was made aware that's a farse which will simply suck your money and send you nothing...
  7. Ok kid, first of all, I never said that was a EMD, but an original design of mine. I know far much more about trains in the US than you have probably been painting any 'picture' about me for that matter. Now please come back to the post where you found that and read the whole post, then come back to me and try saying again I called that an EMD back then. Actually, stands here one of those posts. Read it carefully and tell me where did you see "EMD"...
  8. Most of what I did was lost, because these were made on a laptop which had a blue screen error which vaporized everything I had on the harddrive. Make matters worse when I had those stored at a storage site which it too blew off the Web, and offered no one a chance to retrieve their files on time, before it went under...
  9. Where do you see a double decker locomotive? The EMD I designed is nothing more than an engine and a single cab... If you're referring to whatever double deck, those are Bombardier bi-level cars, they are different models from the locomotive.
  10. First, MegaMoonLiner was me; I actually changed username just after I renamed my studio of namesake (you can see it on the「Username change」topic at the last subforum). Secondly, best paper for these is chosen through their weight, not exactly cardstock, and the most perfect you can have is 180g/m2. For example, I am currently about to finish building a ferryboat (yes, also designed by myself), and at 49cm long, the 190g/m2 paper holds perfectly solid. Other factors you have to watch out for, is the quality of the paper; Inapa for example, isn't any good, especially when you are using super glue (it simply won't stick so well), and it's manufactured especially for laser printing, which itself isn't the recommended type of printing one should use for papercrafting. That said and resuming, best paper weight is between 180g and 250g, avoid paper specific for laser printing and finally, avoid laser printing altogether. Hope these suggestions help you.
  11. That IS a MP36PH. Only thing is that it hasn't a rounded front like you're used to, because at the time it was done, I still couldn't entirely master geometries. Was done even way, way before I presented the final update Neoplan 5216/5217 Starliner, which is one with quite some advanced geometry research.
  12. These are not supposed to be here. This is rather for "what-if" TS's and fictional companies. Speaking about trains the way you're doing should be addressed to the subforum about trains, while the bus suggestion you have put up, if it is for a paper model, then it should be addressed to the Paperbus Thread. Just saying...
  13. I have been doing something quite unlikely this afternoon: updating my SBB IC 2000 with - obviously, otherwise this trainset would have no power - the Re 460 locomotive. 1st class cars: AD, A, BRA, WRA. 2nd class cars: Bt, B, BRB, WRB. Locomotive. These are all on the exact same bitmap, so as to conserve the exact scale, which it isn't precisely defined here. An example of a trainset is as follows: Bt - B - B -B - B - [BRB or WRB] or [BRA or WRA] - A - A - A - AD - 460 Another example is these three RL compositions departing between Geneva and Zurich, Zurich and Bern, and Geneva and Luzern, compiled by someone else who you might have seen producing his own IC 2000 cars, Trainfan M. I am also on the lookout for the refurbished paint scheme, perhaps I could do that sometime later if anyone is interested, both on this forum and 'abroad'. xD I don't even discard making some 'fantasy' schemes on this, if you would like to go wild yourselves too... xD
  14. They are listed just two replies above yours. Yahoo! Groups no longer hosts files, therefore they provided us with a systematic file download request, which I did, and was able to recover these. Perhaps I will remake some - if not all - as well as making new ones, if no one else has done/will do.
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