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    Touya-ku, Hokkaido-ken, Japan
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    I am a full-on Otaku: obssessive for Japanese general culture, especially Anime, videogames and eventually Japanese coaches and trains, mainly the Shinkansen.
    I definitely disconnected from the rest of the world in what concerns buses and coaches, including in my place, where I now look to a coach that used to be spectacular in a different way; basically I now look at them like 'ordinary' coaches, with not much interest.
    This is due to a phase I am passig right now, a change of pace I decided to adopt (in order to move forward and change for better, sometimes we must leave many things we used to like behind).
    Other interests beyond this are scale modeling and - sometimes - going to disco and playing football.
    Three of my everlasting dreams is to go live in Japan like a real full-on otaku, buy my favorite car and "moe-fy" it into a good itasha and even more difficult, the people to stop being apathetic to all the world's curses and do something to reverse it!!
    My biggest source of inspiration for my whole life - including my work, my hobby and my family and friends relationships - is my favorite character, Kashiwazaki Sena from the 「I Don't Have Many Friends/僕は友達が少ない」 Anime.

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  1. Paperbus Thread

    One more treat, Kate Bus' Airport Limousine「20th Anniversary」model, specifically painted in reverse colors (bluish purple lines over white). I may be doing the normal colors another time later. The last one from last week's 'adventure list' is Toyama's Hino S'elega/Isuzu Gala 9M; perhaps the easiest of all has been left for last.
  2. Paperbus Thread

    Factory fresh! ^^ As usual, be sure to read and abide by my rules (see on signature below).
  3. Paperbus Thread

    Scratch two; one for the Beulas client and another of mine. Starting from the Beulas Spica C 12.2m, which I finally learned that Chiesa Bus SA actually isn't operating these two 12m units, but the Post Bus itself. That still leaves all five - 3x 13.7m and 2x 12.2m - to be operated within the same region and same primary purpose. Something I did not mention since I presented the 13.7m model, is that I incorporated smoother edges (no black edges, but darkened adjacent color to mark the edges for easier cut-along); such methor will now be applied on future models for this customer. Because it is a model that definitely won't make it into my private collection - same for the 13.7m version - I will only upload the patterns for the 1/50 scale product - single, 1/70 custom scale can still be uploaded on demand (by MYself only!). Secondly and most interesting (at least for me), is this Hino Melpha 9, of Ayashi Kankou - again, part of a series of relatively quick-to-do paint jobs I currently have in store. This is all for today; I still may be in good mood for one last paint job for today, but if it materializes, it won't certainly be made in just 1/2 hour. ^^; As usual, be sure to read and abide by my rules (see on signature below).
  4. Paperbus Thread

    A new one, directly derived from the Beulas customer: one of three 13,7m long Spica C, to be commissioned this December primarily for use as school buses to the swiss canton of Ticino. All three are now stored at the usual workshop awaiting their turn to be certified at the closest federal experts; two others for the same enterpreneur (Chiesa Bus SA), this time of a length of 12,2m are also stored by. Patterns for the 12,2m will be made starting tomorrow. These are the six Japanese highway buses to be done during tomorrow as well; they are all simple and quick to make. If any of you have suggestions, bring them on, otherwise I go straight to another, already overdue job. ^^
  5. Paperbus Thread

    After dragging it for so much time, I present you Yasaka Sunshine's Van Hool TX24 Astromega. It is also the first of two real life models - wether more Japanese companies acquire these or not, only time will tell - but I also have plans for this particular double decker, including the two Nishi-Nihon JR variants, Hokkaido Bus and perhaps Kintetsu, Hiroden and a certain Willer Express livery specifically used in their current Aerokings. As far as I understand, Yasaka has one, whereas Hato Bus reportedly has three, but until I talk to some friends on the other side of the globe, nothing is clear yet. Anyway, enjoy! ^^ As usual, rules apply (see signature below or ask, if using a mobile version of this site and cannot see signatures).
  6. Paperbus Thread

    Funny to see this, it reminded me of some LE type three axle Van Hool I once felt interest in making, I think it was being used by Alameda County Transit. The idea however, dropped dead quite a long time ago, but if there is anyone interested, I can probably open an exception.
  7. Paperbus Thread

    I created both Citaro versions you seek, but because I am not home I can't send them. Rather use the search function to get them, if I ever posted blank patterns here; if not, wait for a PM to arrive. Ask SD40-2 or HoustonMETROFan to get the MCI. I finally have plans to paint my JP Spec Van Hool TX25 into Hato Bus and Yasaka Sunshine colors. This comes amidst excellent sources I know and can talk with to get them. But for now, I will finish two orders and two Hasegawa waterline kits I have. I really need to start organizing my hobby to-do's if I really want to do anything... ^^;
  8. Paperbus Thread

    Use cardboard on the inside flanks. Get a laminator and plastic paper that can stick well to glue (not all stick well, so you just have to try a variety of them until you find the perfect one); laminate only the printed side. Besides laminating pouches locking the colors in, the final product is far more rigid than just the paper itself. One job I did two days ago, Hino S'elega SHD of the Tobu Group. I am still questioning myself if it is worthful to also make the two variants of the HD model (available in single and foldable doors). Similar colors have been seen on the Hino Melpha 9 SHD; will probably be done in a few days, I hope. Reminder: don't forget to follow the usual rules of use (available in my signature).
  9. Paperbus Thread

    One thing leads to another, so here is the very first real company operated Melpha: the Hokkaido Bus department is currently operating only two of these, license plates 「9-11」 (represented below) and 「10-64」 (with spoiler styled rear roof pod and rear left side window). Because I don't need the latter, it will only be done by demand only. Despite this being the only one, I still decided not to include the custom license plate, as I usually make these patterns representing 「generic」 models, but anyone is welcome to ask for the custom plates. Next patterns to be painted will certainly be mostly on the higher deck ones, particularly these two.
  10. Paperbus Thread

    As promised, the two Hino Melpha models in their Super Hi-Deck versions. Of special note, the Melpha 7 SHD has one more difference, which is the longer wheelbase in relation to the low deck version; as far as I understand it, such modification may have to do with improving stability. Because I am very busy on final preparations for a convention I will participate with part of my papercraft collection to represent this hobby (tatebanko - what everyone else here do - being of Japanese origin), I won't still be able to make the first liveries of these - next month however, I will try to focus into several schemes for these four, including creating the streamline style backside roof pod/AC.
  11. Paperbus Thread

    First Melpha assembly is the 7m model, 1/70. Now I am building the 1/50 scale of the 9m model, with a custom painting for a store where my mother acquired a cosplay dress and my stepsister acquired a beautiful Kashiwazaki Sena figure. The store is Aniplay, in Oporto, Portugal. But for now, enjoy these photos. ^^
  12. Paperbus Thread

    Demonstrator colors for both the Melpha 9 and Melpha 7. Please bear in mind that until I complete their building (the Beta building, though I know well these fit together just fine), I will not add the mirrors yet. Use the second pages to build these, since the second pages are the chassis, wheels and roof pod.
  13. Paperbus Thread

    As an act of grace and will to explore - the authentic Japanese style - the Hino Melpha 9 lands on this very thread. The second sheet is for a sedan style door. This was a VERY longstanding project that now meets one of four models; others to come are this one with higher floor, as well as the 7 meter model and it's higher floor version (yes, even such a short midibus can look like those Super Hi-Decker S'elega... xD) Next up is the 7 meter one (DONE and DELIVERED, see below horizontal rule), then I deal the last blow with the SHD version of both another time. Remember to conserve the original credits intact and to do not make any structural modifications (I will do so myself as required). EDIT: Quick process of shortening, here is the Melpha 7!! ^w^
  14. Paperbus Thread

    You said you edited them, yes. But the truth is, if you don't promptly add credit where credit is due, someone else may be upset about it, and with the drama that rolled before - geez, including one started by myself!... - the thread is again at risk of being locked for good. So this to say next time you post modified material here - even if still WIP - first have some time to add credit where it belongs. It's an advice from both a friend and veteran. ^^ Thanks.
  15. Paperbus Thread

    ...Guess you forgot something else on this, apart the mentioned WIP? Yes, because I doubt you were the one who created the base patterns, by any chances... ^^; I have some ideas for my Japanese highway bus collection to kill some work during these two days off: Nagasaki Ken-ei Bus with both Hino S'elega HD (no rear wing) and Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Ace. Sunshine Yasaka on both Hino S'elega SHD and Van Hool/Scania Astromega. CityAccess on Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Ace. Keisei Tokyo Shuttle on Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Ace. This is only a preliminary list, and as such it will be subject to changes; however, I call two of these as guaranteed, Nagasaki Ken-ei Aero Ace and Keisei Tokyo Shuttle Aero Ace.