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    Touya-ku, Hokkaido-ken, Japan
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    I am a full-on Otaku: obssessive for Japanese general culture, especially Anime, videogames and eventually Japanese coaches and trains, mainly the Shinkansen.
    I definitely disconnected from the rest of the world in what concerns buses and coaches, including in my place, where I now look to a coach that used to be spectacular in a different way; basically I now look at them like 'ordinary' coaches, with not much interest.
    This is due to a phase I am passig right now, a change of pace I decided to adopt (in order to move forward and change for better, sometimes we must leave many things we used to like behind).
    Other interests beyond this are scale modeling and - sometimes - going to disco and playing football.
    Three of my everlasting dreams is to go live in Japan like a real full-on otaku, buy my favorite car and "moe-fy" it into a good itasha and even more difficult, the people to stop being apathetic to all the world's curses and do something to reverse it!!
    My biggest source of inspiration for my whole life - including my work, my hobby and my family and friends relationships - is my favorite character, Kashiwazaki Sena from the 「I Don't Have Many Friends/僕は友達が少ない」 Anime.

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  1. your, ah, WEBS isn't up to date, because I looked and it says page doesn't exist.

    1. Kashiwazaki


      Long ago I terminated it. 

      Will replace it with the current one I developed on another sitehost. 

  2. I know I'm bringing something that's from one and 1/2 years, but then maybe should help. About the said 'foamers', it's true that it's an annoying experience with them and so on, particularly if they just spend their time shadowing you wherever you post. The best way around is, you CAN JUST IGNORE THEM, by throwing the command 'ignore' on them, including blocking them from PMing you with their poisoning messages. Others will eventually see what those blockheads say, but then remember that once you give importance to what they say, you just fell right down to their ground scraping level, and obviously you don't want to. Remember, "arguing with someone who renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead." This just to say one shouldn't quit this forum just because of some bonehead trying to turn his life to hell; just put up a 'fence' the admins have provided you with, and voila... They even grow tired and give it up; if all of us just simply stop arguing with whoever prefers the 'hardcore fanboy act', then they will much likely get lost, maybe even flocking to this thread to have their accounts removed. Any admin, I'm very sorry if I stepped on your toes, I'd accept the consequences if necessary, but I just had to, in a bid to help anyone.
  3. That reminds me, the Trans-Pacific Partnership was meant as a way to reinforce copyright laws on the member countries, but personally I never believed that would have any significant impact. Another reminder to me, I think I still have my account, though the bottom line is that one can see my face, and the photos are almost all in the same few locations. Perhaps what could be stolen from there are those of a coach that's no more for quite some years now, the Neoplan N516 SHD Starliner, and there are practically nothing regarding these four units in their former selves. One of them with Durmo Tours: Durmo Tours ex. Buchard Voyages
  4. In the end this thread is completely useless and should either be deleted itself or locked... If one would like to leave and the only way to do it is through Admin action, guess the best is PMing an Admin. You should know better. xD
  5. Kashiwazaki


    In a nutshell, cars I own are a 4-inline 2011 BMW X1 and V6 2005 Mazda Tribute. Other cars I tested/drove during driving school, in chronological order: Honda Civic Type R FN2 (school) Toyota Vitz TRD Sport (school) Civic Type R FK2 (school) Civic Type R FK8 Ford Focus Carving Suzuki Swift (Sec Gen) Ferrari Portofino Toyota C-HR AT BMW Z4 M40i I have plans to try other cars, notably BMW M2 Competition, Alfa Romeo Giulia QV and Stelvio QV, Nissan R35 GT-R and Lamborghini Huracan Performante and Urus. I was very close to try Ferrari's 812 Superfast, but then the agent told me it's a very demanded car and is kept only for those wishing to buy it, for the customers to define their tailor built cars.
  6. Almighty monster performance Huracan Super Trofeo which is about to reemerge as the "Sena Kashiwazaki" Huracan Mega Trofeo, with a twin turbocharged, 1250hp V10 delivering raw power to the rears, neck-breaking power managed by only four technological performance marvels, three of them don't even exist IRL and would forever change the Elite performance car industry! One is the familiar ESP, while the others are the VAYCS (Variable Active Yaw Control System), Fusion Transmission (all-in-one transmission, if you'd like) and an inboard intelligent system simply called "Instinct" (detects road and weather conditions, and analyzes the driver's behavior in real time, and adjusts the suspension, rev limiter, fuel injection rates, etc based on those circumstances for maximum control and performance). Theoretically, a car this powerful and advanced could kill the 0-62 in just below two seconds, into a max speed in excess of 250mph; constant adjustments carried out by the "Instinct" could beat the Nurburgring Nordschleife in about five minutes, perhaps less. Rear quarter. Full broadside.
  7. Make way for Nikko's most acclaimed 1/10 Street Cars Series. the Lamborghini HURACAN Super Trofeo!! ^^ Strongest point: it's actually faster than the announced 10-12kmph, and is very light for the size. Lowest points: has no working lights whatsoever, and some parts look a bit fragile. Price tag: $114.76 in today's currency (converted from CHF114.-). Right now, I am customizing it to become an Itasha like the「EMT」Super Aventador. I may also try to find out how to install working lights, even including directional/warning lights. and a RGB LED band circuit for the underside. Hope you liked it. ^^
  8. Indeed, the Dubai Police is notorious for owning quite a bundle of hypercars in their arsenal... Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ford Mustang, Maserati, Nissan GT-R, you name it... Would like them to go even more hardcore and commission high end race cars, such as the Huracan Super Trofeo or a higher class NASCAR though, I think it would give out a VERY interesting chase even to the most current supercars around.
  9. That looks quite appetizing. ^^ Wish there could be some Japanese highway buses too, notably AeroAce, AeroQueen and AeroKing, and S'elega HD/SHD.. I found Tekken 4, Super Bust-a-Move and God of War, all PS2. I'm considering buying a secondhand PS3 for $55 from the store where I got these games.
  10. Kashiwazaki


    I agree. When I heard Mitsubishi was bringing the Eclipse back, I was actually quite enthusiastic, but when I saw something so differe at the GIMS, I was completely deceived. And yes, Mitsubishi is falling down, and their involvement on irregular emissions control like VW has contributed a lot for the cascade effect. As for Doppelkupplung, I partially disagree on the "SUV not being a real sports car due to their weight"; my X1 has quite a wide body and relatively low centre of gravity, plus it's four-inline 177hp diesel packs up quite a punch, and believe me, I compare this with the three latest generations of the Civic Type R and my own V6 203hp gasoline Mazda Tribute to say the X1 is still quite sporty. Only thing messing up is it's MacPherson suspension up front, which has nothing to do with the multilink on the back. But well, to whatever his opinions, so yes, I respect yours too. ^^
  11. Kashiwazaki


    I don't get fooled, those wings and effects are really mostly for aerodynamics improvements, as Honda's wind tunnel simulations have shown. Some parts however, are just show-off, and that's the only thing that ticks me off a bit. About the C-HR, well yes, I prefer it's predecessor, the RSC, but again, I'm enjoying the C-HR's design too, so I guess I just have a taste for futuristic looking designs whatsoever. That's no hard time you are giving to me, that's really nothing. xD
  12. Kashiwazaki


    I don't mind what you say, but no need to put it into larger and bolder... ^^; In other words, there are cars for all tastes, and - sorry to disappoint you - I totally disagree: the Civic Type R in my opinion just got better and better, beyond starting to use more aerodynamics to increase in stability, and the development of a suspension exclusively to eliminate most (if not all) of the torque steer problem on a car with such amount of power. Must say however, that the car is getting already too large, "it has just maxed out in power (320hp) and especially in size", exactly what I told to the dealer after the test drive. But other than that, relax, I respect your position almost as solidly as my love for Honda. xD Other cars which will remain intemporal for my tastes are the R32 GT-R, the 90's Fairlady Z 2by2, RX-7 and RX-7 Aspec, and obviously the '92 NSX-R, among a few other Japanese sportscars from 1985 to late 90's which I believe I don't need to mention.
  13. Kashiwazaki


    No, I was referring to a kind of yaw control system which could allow you to adjust the torque between axles, even while in movement. That technology though, still needs tons of research before it can even be tested. ^^; I have a HW custom Odyssey and love it. In fact and as you probably noticed, I'm a huge Honda fan, but if you would go by a car of that kind, I have a bigger penchant for the Stream, 1990's Accord wagon, or Civic FK2 wagon. Other three good choices are the Previa, Impreza WRX STI SW and a very rare one, the Stagea RS 4S. Yes indeed, how we drive is what will dictate a car's real consumption, especially a MT one, since in most (if not all) cases, an AT will end up making the engine consume a little more.
  14. Kashiwazaki


    Careful, it's not all about flashy, but rather aerodynamics. I'd certainly liked if a certain kind of 'technology' - Variable Active Yaw Control System - could exist already, with which you could control the torque to either of the axles without requiring a garage to do the job. That means you could have a Civic Type R for FWD comfort cruise, 4WD stability racing, or even raw and violent RWD drifting sessions. But yes, certain details of the car - like the rear bumper's 'grilles' - are not functional at all, but for improving design, or like some uneducated folks prefer, "riced out" looks. About V8, don't go that way, unless you have enough money for gas... xD My Mazda Tribute is a DOHC V6 24 valve 3000cc, producing 203hp, and has already a combined consumption of about 12l/100km compared to my mom's X1, a four-straight diesel 2000cc making 177hp and burning a combined 7-8l/100km.
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