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    Touya-ku, Hokkaido-ken, Japan
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    I am a full-on Otaku: obssessive for Japanese general culture, especially Anime, videogames and eventually Japanese coaches and trains, mainly the Shinkansen.
    I definitely disconnected from the rest of the world in what concerns buses and coaches, including in my place, where I now look to a coach that used to be spectacular in a different way; basically I now look at them like 'ordinary' coaches, with not much interest.
    This is due to a phase I am passig right now, a change of pace I decided to adopt (in order to move forward and change for better, sometimes we must leave many things we used to like behind).
    Other interests beyond this are scale modeling and - sometimes - going to disco and playing football.
    Three of my everlasting dreams is to go live in Japan like a real full-on otaku, buy my favorite car and "moe-fy" it into a good itasha and even more difficult, the people to stop being apathetic to all the world's curses and do something to reverse it!!
    My biggest source of inspiration for my whole life - including my work, my hobby and my family and friends relationships - is my favorite character, Kashiwazaki Sena from the 「I Don't Have Many Friends/僕は友達が少ない」 Anime.

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  1. Paperbus Thread

    First Melpha assembly is the 7m model, 1/70. Now I am building the 1/50 scale of the 9m model, with a custom painting for a store where my mother acquired a cosplay dress and my stepsister acquired a beautiful Kashiwazaki Sena figure. The store is Aniplay, in Oporto, Portugal. But for now, enjoy these photos. ^^
  2. Paperbus Thread

    Demonstrator colors for both the Melpha 9 and Melpha 7. Please bear in mind that until I complete their building (the Beta building, though I know well these fit together just fine), I will not add the mirrors yet. Use the second pages to build these, since the second pages are the chassis, wheels and roof pod.
  3. Paperbus Thread

    As an act of grace and will to explore - the authentic Japanese style - the Hino Melpha 9 lands on this very thread. The second sheet is for a sedan style door. This was a VERY longstanding project that now meets one of four models; others to come are this one with higher floor, as well as the 7 meter model and it's higher floor version (yes, even such a short midibus can look like those Super Hi-Decker S'elega... xD) Next up is the 7 meter one (DONE and DELIVERED, see below horizontal rule), then I deal the last blow with the SHD version of both another time. Remember to conserve the original credits intact and to do not make any structural modifications (I will do so myself as required). EDIT: Quick process of shortening, here is the Melpha 7!! ^w^
  4. Paperbus Thread

    You said you edited them, yes. But the truth is, if you don't promptly add credit where credit is due, someone else may be upset about it, and with the drama that rolled before - geez, including one started by myself!... - the thread is again at risk of being locked for good. So this to say next time you post modified material here - even if still WIP - first have some time to add credit where it belongs. It's an advice from both a friend and veteran. ^^ Thanks.
  5. Paperbus Thread

    ...Guess you forgot something else on this, apart the mentioned WIP? Yes, because I doubt you were the one who created the base patterns, by any chances... ^^; I have some ideas for my Japanese highway bus collection to kill some work during these two days off: Nagasaki Ken-ei Bus with both Hino S'elega HD (no rear wing) and Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Ace. Sunshine Yasaka on both Hino S'elega SHD and Van Hool/Scania Astromega. CityAccess on Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Ace. Keisei Tokyo Shuttle on Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Ace. This is only a preliminary list, and as such it will be subject to changes; however, I call two of these as guaranteed, Nagasaki Ken-ei Aero Ace and Keisei Tokyo Shuttle Aero Ace.
  6. Paperbus Thread

    Just as you already know it, I will only make Euro buses for customers only. Requests for those are long closed, so the only patterns I will create from then on will be Japanese highway and urban buses. Speaking of which, I must focus on a certain quartet of Hino Melpha - 7m MD and HD, and 9m MD and HD - as well as two or three generic city buses, notably Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star, Isuzu Erga and a long overdue request, Volgren Optimus 18m So about Euro buses, I'm afraid you have to make do with what I did until I retired, as well as what some did using my original patterns.
  7. Paperbus Thread

    After a relatively long slumber, I am considering coming back into the Japanese highway buses yet this month. I just have to manage some time and also finishing some stuff first, but with a convention at the end of this month and subsequent papercrafts to be exposed there which are not yet fully assembled, it definitely isn't easy... ^^;
  8. Model vehicles (Except buses)

    Among my latest. Because I have a hardcore liking to Lamborghini, the latest cars have been Lamborghini in fact. One of them - the 1/43 Centennario - is actually the culprit of a big and frantic search to acquire it on that specific scale, all because Bburago first released it as an exclusive for the latest Forza Horizon game preorders. Now, after a one-year-long wait, Bburago had just released it into the market, though with different rims... 1/24 Maisto Custom Huracan 1/24 Bburago Aventador Super Veloce 1/43 Bburago Centennario 1/36 Kinsmart Huracan Super Trofeo & 1/60 Aventador To start with, the most cars of same make are the Lamborghini, totaling already 39 (including two repeats) and one which could have been included and make 40, if it wasn't for this Astro Racers papercraft anti-gravity ship (LamboGiaro as written on it; Lambo II according to it's designer) resembling a black Countach. Now I am targeting the REAL No. 40, a superb 1/10 RC Huracan Super Trofeo by Nikko; one I already 'met face to face'.
  9. Video Games!

    I recently acquired some PS2 games. Still, I give you a complete list of my PS2 games, separated by type. Burnout 3: Takedown Burnout: Revenge CMR III WRC II: Extreme GT3 A-Spec GT4 GT4 「Prologue」 GT Concept 「Tokyo-Geneva」 NFS: Pro Street NFS: Hot Pursuit II Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift Splashdown Cel Damage GTA SA GTA VC Stories Ratchet & Clank Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando LOTR: The Two Towers LOTR: Return of the King Tekken V I might sell some of these back, as I too am lacking time to play them; they were acquired at second hand stores, and most present scratches, though they can be played just fine, almost all without any freezes. Some of these games were not even thoroughly played, again due to lack of time. Spinning right now is one that's precious to me - nostalgy - CMR III. I also have PSX games acquired on same circumstances, but I must do an inventory later, and also thinking of labeling and stowing both platforms on CD towers instead, to free some space up for my ever growing papercraft collection. ^^;
  10. Paperbus Thread

    Welcome Alexander. If they are essentially made out of paper/cardboard, then you didn't made any mistake. Have fun! You might also want to write in regular characters next time too, because not all appreciate that "selection style" characters, it hurts a bit to most eyes here... ^^; Here is my latest, third ordered craft from Vuagniaux-sama. ^^ As usual, reposting outside this board, modifications and/or credits removal/replacement are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. If you accept the terms, then have fun! ^^
  11. Paperbus Thread

    For all of those who enjoyed the last 「Re:ゼロ/Re:Zero」 papercrafts, here is a little something else, joining the two favorites Emilia and Rem. The coach itself is still in service with Ecoro Sightseeing livery, though not with this special wrap, if one wonders...
  12. Anyone create their own transit system?

    If you have a smartphone and an eMail account associated to this forum, you can activate your phone's eMail inbox to get the eMails you need, including from here. Otherwise if you did so already, you can try to check on your CP for eMail preferences. KAGUYA News. Another update which comes quite late, but at least it's massive news: the three latest Kaguya units - 2x Mitsubishi Fusou AeroQueen and 1x Neoplan N5215 Starliner - and only three in the world made with parts coated in real 24K gold are finally commissioned and WOWing the entire nation! Ram, Rem and Emilia - as these units were called - are also a tremendous success in the custom charters too, including VIP charters with major luxury cruising companies such as Princess Cruises and Cunard, which, known as being among the most high-end luxury cruise companies, always seek the best in transportation to and from the harbors. Our three most expensive and lavishly decorated units are also very procured for short and sometimes medium courses, including trips up to five days to the most awe-inspiring locations in Japan: in three weeks already, these units already made a total of 27 trips, including harbor/hotel transportation, the Great Phoenix Temple of Byodo-in, the historic Kyoto area, Yokohama, Akihabara, the Great Buddha of Todaiji, and Himeji, Kumamoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Matsumoto, Matsumae castle and others, and a very special transportation of Emperor Hirohito and part of his family from his residence to the Harbor of Yokosuka to board the all new 「IZUMO」 destroyer/heli carrier for participating on the upcoming RIMPAC 2017. Now, we will concentrate our efforts and funds to work out a cruise liner under the previously mentioned criteria; there isn't a name yet, not even a class name, just project codenamed MHI201795000, a vessel up to 95,000t, to be built at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard.
  13. Anyone create their own transit system?

    We once tried city/intercity services, but they ended up not being as popular, especially the 「Ridge Cruiser」 first class intercity service. North American vehicles in our fleet are an omen, as one MCI model we still operate demonstrated; constant mechanical problems and poorly developed electric circuitry made us revamp everything mechanics and electrical system from zero, by replacing the engine with a Mercedes-Benz and have our specialized team project a fully taylored electric plant. It is a miracle this vehicle stayed, thanks to some customers expressing their interest in boarding/hiring a North American vehicle. The modifications paid off nevertheless, but our deal with Motor Coach Industries, other two North American manufacturers and the Chinese Anhui Ankai ended, with MCI being the first after just two months of insufficient quality and a refusal in authorize building of their vehicles in our installations with better materials and methods.
  14. Anyone create their own transit system?

    KAGUYA News. From the blueprints to the assembly line, the three 「Re: Zero」 special vehicles are being built! The custom 24k gold parts, pre-cut mahogany and marble, the custom seats, entertainment hardware, among other custom parts have come; so as we finished building the three skeleton frames - 2x Mitsubishi Fusou AeroQueen and 1x Neoplan N5216 Starliner. Now comes the time of putting all these parts together with extreme care, precision and, of course, the same love these characters would show us. Stay tuned, and watch as three of the world's most expensive and lavish highway liners take shape! Additionally, our newly appointed team of marine architects and invited engineers started drawing the concepts and their respective blueprints for our massive cruise ship endeavor; plans call for two designs and three sizes for each, with GRTs varying from 140,000t to 270,000t, of which one design and one size will then be chosen through pre-studied contingencies, such as estimated affluences and worldwide appeal - though we have been receiving quite positive feedback at both national and international level, especially national, China, Australia, and some countries in Europe and most of the southern US states - with further options to add a second, third, even a fourth vessel in the future.
  15. Cars

    For the first time after more than a year, the last time I passed my license, I drove a MT car all alone, while servicing for one of my bosses. And again, a Japanese car: a Mitsubishi Colt Z30, Kutani Red. A relatively fun and easy to drive five-speed utility, quite versatile, as I could witness multiple times while helping it's owner. Meanwhile, I am now looking for a good car under the equivalent of 1000 USD - many have pointed out the Subaru Justy or Cultus/Swift of the early 1990s as being very reliable, capable to beaten up for two decades and still rolling in snow like new. Or, in other words, I participated on a draw made by Subaru to win a Levorg EyeSight, worth 37,050 CHF, or 38,546 USD. I have good plans for this Levorg if I win it; first, I ask if I can have it in white, or if I can exchange for one in white, then secondly, I will project an itasha plan an then send it into a wrap-up workshop when the job has been decided. The Itasha will eventually carry costs which may rise to as much as 2000 CHF, if I include the case I must get permissions from the original creator - AIC Build of Japan - of the character I want. Whichever way, I need to buy a definitive car later - if not the Levorg, then I must see for (one or the other should be white) a Daihatsu Coo, a Honda Civic Type R FN2, Accord Type S/R sedan or a well treated Civic Type R FK2 when it's price has fairly dropped below 20,000 CHF, which will still take some time... You have any other good Japanese sports car potentially under 20,000, you may suggest me whatever you think it's the right car for life. (^^)