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    I am a full-on Otaku: obssessive for Japanese general culture, especially Anime, videogames and eventually Japanese coaches and trains, mainly the Shinkansen.
    I definitely disconnected from the rest of the world in what concerns buses and coaches, including in my place, where I now look to a coach that used to be spectacular in a different way; basically I now look at them like 'ordinary' coaches, with not much interest.
    This is due to a phase I am passig right now, a change of pace I decided to adopt (in order to move forward and change for better, sometimes we must leave many things we used to like behind).
    Other interests beyond this are scale modeling and - sometimes - going to disco and playing football.
    Three of my everlasting dreams is to go live in Japan like a real full-on otaku, buy my favorite car and "moe-fy" it into a good itasha and even more difficult, the people to stop being apathetic to all the world's curses and do something to reverse it!!
    My biggest source of inspiration for my whole life - including my work, my hobby and my family and friends relationships - is my favorite character, Kashiwazaki Sena from the 「I Don't Have Many Friends/僕は友達が少ない」 Anime.

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  1. You two, easy on the words. For your information, another drama here will get this thread closed for good, something I and other designers definitely DON'T want. Especially @Bus_Dealership, that's not something you say here, for the risk I am mentioning. One fails for going desperate unnecessarily and another is doing worse by asking if he/she is still a kid. Beware and behave, that's all I got to say, and I'm not procrastinating any further on this. Thanks in advance.
  2. KAGUYA/Kashiwazaki Coaster News. Together with the VEGA, another model makes it's magical World Premiere: the SUPER ANDROMEDA, a 'jumboized' version of the ANDROMEDA which in it's turn is available on various lengths up to 14 meters. The SUPER ANDROMEDA is the result of a request from various companies and experts in Europe to ferry vast numbers of passengers, as the budget express service are now peaking, and more and more people are favoring cheap bus travel over continent level flights, as the formers allow use as tour buses in a much more convenient and cheaper way than chartering an airplane. Although it remains a budget express bus service, Resende Group's Renex leaves no detail to wonder: all seats enjoy touchscreens connected to a high-end, latest technology Toshiba entertainment system, as well as 80cm legroom, electronically controlled suspension, and fully accessible toilet and complete kitchenette downstairs, as well as an impressive and comprehensive array of driver assist technologies (lane assist, dead angle assist, adaptive headlighting, fully functional remote controller, etc), while the dashboard controls are easy to use, ergonomically positioned, including on the seat itself All of this equipment has been possible for budget use thanks to special customer advantages and conditions, to which the Resende Group immediately joined and accepted. The Japan Railway and the Swiss PostCar are on the lookout for these as well, under similar conditions.
  3. Another new model of my fictional Kashiwazaki Coaster manufacture brand; this one is made on the same base as the GALAXY, and is named VEGA, after the fifth brightest star in our night sky, located in the Lyra constellation. First scheme is Lemania Voyages in Southwest Switzerland; many more shall come, including the so evident JP spec. As usual, you are NOT allowed to either modify or post elsewhere (refer to the rules on my signature section below or request them if unable to see this section).
  4. KAGUYA/Kashiwazaki Coaster News. With the corporate bus manufacture market in Europe diversifying itself and adding new models, Kashiwazaki Coaster Europe developed a slanted floor - or theater style floor - vehicle to respond to a rising trend in the so-called "theater bus"; particularly targeted for companies on the center-west, based in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. This vehicle is of same height of the now popular hi-decker GALAXY and is codenamed VEGA, after a star that's the fifth brightest on the night sky, located in the constellation of Lyra. As of now and surprisingly, the first order is for a single 13 meters vehicle destined for Switzerland, to join the Lemania Voyages fleet made up of a handful of Van Hool, Irisbus and Temsa vehicles. Other companies which manifested interest are the now reformed Kieler-Moewe and Nussbaum in Germany, Dr. Richard in Austria, and Buchard Voyages and Transports de Martigny et Region in Switzerland. The vehicles will eventually be built in Japan - as with every Kashiwazaki Coaster vehicle - and despite not yet predicted to be produced for domestic companies, Hato Bus is one of the companies interested into testing; two demonstration JP spec vehicles are being built precisely for this matter, while another two are being built on EU specs for testing in Europe. In the end, two companies (including the two subsidiaries of one of them) have now placed orders for the ANDROMEDA model as follows: Resende - 3x ANDROMEDA 14 meters >>> Costa Ferreira (Resende subsidiary) - 2x ANDROMEDA 13 meters >>> Renex (Resende subsidiary) - 2x ANDROMEDA 15 meters (all in quad-axle chassis) Berrelhas - 2x ANDROMEDA 13 meters
  5. Effectively I started such thread, but the truth is, maybe it should be merged with this thread, plus changing the name to "Transit Papermodel Thread" or something of the likes. I or anyone else could have a word with the admin team about that, though I think not everyone would be on the same pitch... Still, the advantage is to regroup everything in just one thread, sparing us the clutter of threads for each specific mass transportation papercrafts.
  6. Another customer job (Beulas Suisse), Beulas/MAN Aura (facelift) 13,6m, of Swima Tour in Ticino, Switzerland. Many of you will recognize this paint job from the Globus「Family of Brands」(a tour bus service similar to FLiXBUS, but rather vocated for tailored tours). There are many more Beulas customer models, and each of them will be posted here as they come fresh out of the oven. As usual, you are NOT allowed to either modify or post these elsewhere (refer to the rules on my signature section below or request them if unable to see this section).
  7. Hello DENMARK!! ^^ I don't know if I built or at least made any Danish coach before, so I decided I should pick on a favorite classic for this matter, the Setra S315 HDH/3 of Bjert Busser in Kolding. They still use the same pattern as when their first modern style units in the 1980's (Bjert started around 1957) have been commissioned. I am willing to add new models to the Bjert Busser collection - particularly the Setra S 517 HDH and potentially including the HD 500 models - under any request; I also take this opportunity to say I finally decided to open a request section for European buses/coaches for a limited time (refer to the signature below). Another model, but a first for me: how about transferring a brand from it's original logistics service into a coach, could that tempt enough?? Schoeni AG of Rothrist (Switzerland, Aargau canton) is one of the top five premium logistics service transporters in the country, but what if that prestige would find it's way on another transportation domain, that of touring? So I decided to apply a painting similar to that of their trucks into a Setra Top Class 500, and this is what I came up with. I must say I really loved the result, I may even have exceeded my own expectations. I won't be promising to keep actively making more models for the rest of this month - right now I am uber-busy looking for a new job at least until the end of the year - but whatever comes, I will try to make it special enough. As usual, you are NOT allowed to either modify or post these elsewhere (refer to the rules on my signature section below or request them if unable to see this section).
  8. I would rather consider this 80% real, for just two aspects. The first aspect is that Nussbaum of Biburg/Augsburg (Germany) operates three or four S516 HDH, and not a single titanic S519 HDH (remarking Setra has never produced a 15 meter Top Class since the range's beginning). Secondly, while the generic painting is the same, the extra details differ; the real ones either sport a tribal design adorned with flowers which occupies the rear half flanks around the「NUSSBAUM」letters, or the「Augsburger Domsingknaben」(the Boys' Choir of Augsburg Cathedral) graphics. Either way and because I never made another Nussbaum model since the classic S315 HDH/3 back in 2015, I thought I could go further than reality this time. As usual, you are NOT allowed to either modify or post elsewhere (refer to the rules on my signature section below or request them if unable to see this section). Whatever comes next, they will be my last, as I get back to work - regrettably - next Thursday. A little off-topic: when you check photos of these five-star vehicles, the first thing that will attract you is how much pink neons are inside, including a pink「N」projecting outside to the ground as you stand in front of either door.
  9. A first time for me, to step into the freezing landscapes of ICELAND with this Setra S511 HD from Fjallasýn. Iceland can also be considered to be the playground for numerous AWD buses, some of which can cross rivers, and land of the world's biggest and one of the most capable off-road buses: SLEIPNIR GEV (Glacier Exploration Vehicle), named after an Icelandic mythological eight-legged horse. While this S511 HD isn't looking as impressive, at least it's amenities remain cozier, given it's more relaxed, 'in-road' use. As usual, you are NOT allowed to either modify or post elsewhere (refer to the rules on my signature section below or request them if unable to see this section). On a side note, there is no model of the Sleipnir GEV, so if I would be asked if would I make a papercraft of it, my answer would risk being「Absolutely yes, but not right now」.
  10. A new day, a new batch! The first is a peek - reason is being another premium model - at the Setra S531 DT from ATAP (acronym for「Azienda Trasporti Automobilistici Provinciali」), one of the largest bus operators and bus leasing services in Northeastern Italy. From what sources say, urban and inter-urban services have been poor, particularly in school bus services, but the bus leasing and bus voyage offers have been upgraded by modern vehicles such as these, and even some inter-urban lines enjoy brand new vehicles, such as Solaris Interurbino and Setra 400 UL series. Though the model above remains a 'premium', another ATAP model which interested me isn't, and it is a Setra S417 UL; again very few information could be gathered about it, notably if it is a Bluetec V or VI, therefore no image of it's rear to confirm it, so I decided to still advance with the two quarter front images available. As usual, you are NOT allowed to either modify or post elsewhere (refer to the rules on my signature section below or request them if unable to see this section).
  11. Another example of slight degradation has been a Setra S317 HDH in the Zorpidis Travel Services fleet, in Greece. And as it was with the Italian Gioia Tauro/Lirosi S417 HDH 'receiving' a revitalizing update to make it look cleaner, even though in scale replica only, so as it is with this said S317 HDH. Very little information I had about this tour bus, besides the only picture I could find (see below), but it remains the fact I really like these three axle classics, more elegant still than the 400 series, and only slightly superseded by the 500 series. This only picture of it remarks an operation state that's actually slightly better than the Italian S417 HDH, showing nothing but some of it's lower vinyls peeling off over time; either this picture was taken in the mid-2000's or simply put, the Greeks are able to value enough what they have. As usual, you are NOT allowed to either modify or post elsewhere (refer to the rules on my signature section below or request them if unable to see this section).
  12. With some good hours on my hands, I conclude what I saw in front of the hotel I was lodged at (B&B Savona*), little more than two weeks ago now. As I said before, the real thing seemed noticeably in a slight state of decay, with rust in various weakpoints, a luggage bay door on the right side bumped inwards, air outlets showing a bit of damage (see photo below) and paint lacquer peeled off in a few areas, particularly the rear top edge, but other than these, it seems to look fine enough. One another detail I have never seen before on whichever Top Class model, is a small frame-slide windown on the rear left window; because I always try to make something detailed when it comes to specific vehicles, I decided I should include it, since this is the only red S417 HDH Gioia Tauro/Lirosi have in their fleet. That window can be seen on this photo, for those still not enough convinced. As usual, you are NOT allowed to either modify or post elsewhere (refer to the rules on my signature section below or request them if unable to see this section). *A little bit of off-topic and very honestly speaking, one of the worst hotels I have been, second only to a certain F1 hotel in France, which despite signs everywhere forbidding smoking, it was still full of nauseous cigarette smell.
  13. A new kind of Setra DT has been created. Many of you will remember the S228 DT and S328 DT; they were the only length of about 12 meters, and their code number was #28, whereas the next one was available only on 14 meters, therefore carrying the code number #31. Now, the code #28 returns with this S528 DT, exactly 12 meters long, in Japanese spec with the JR Bus Kantou being the first color. As you probably remember, the 500 DT class is still a premium model, which means only those I have good contact and those I trust have the right to access them. So I hereby remind that if you think you fulfill the critera above, you are free to ask.
  14. I see. I can't help you on that because I only specialize on European and Japanese urban/tour buses. Long gone are the days I ever did something North American, and honestly I don't plan to come back to that anytime soon. By the time I spent that week in Savona, Italy, two massive tour buses appeared in front of the hotel I was lodged at. The first one was this giant 14 meters Neoplan N5218 Starliner, whereas two days after, another 14 meters from the same operator had paid a visit, this time an old design Setra S417 HDH showing evident aging traces, such as rusted weakpoints and paint lacquer peeling off, especially on it's top rear edge. For now, I drop the Starliner here, and wait for when enthusiasm comes back again for the Setra. As usual, you are NOT allowed to either modify or post elsewhere (refer to the rules on my signature section below or request them if unable to see this section).
  15. Alive and - for now - well, I bring you all another creation from my Euro Coach Master's selection, a FLiXBUS/Kupers VDL Futura FDD-2 141. ^^ I will be busy with putting some plastic models together for the remainder of my vacation, solely because my boss decided them to be cut short for almost a week. That means even a cruise ship papercraft project - the Excellence/XL Class, from which the AIDAnova was the first to roll out and is sailing right now as we speak - is INDEFINITELY CANCELLED. Anyway enjoy this lone latest job, at least until I give another 'sign of life'... xD As usual, you are NOT allowed to either modify or post elsewhere (refer to the rules on my signature section below or request them if unable to see this section). EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot... The following picture is again a certain Futura FDD-2 141 which I specifically designed as a token of gratitude fulfillment for the two marvellous stays at a certain hotel in Savona, Italy. This year I couldn't book there because HEY!, it was still high season and they were full, despite the near-double the price hike... Oh well, I still left the gift there, still feeling not entirely defeated. The model remains on the reception desk since my arrival, and of what I was told by my last day, many people have been questioning about it - keeping it loud and clear the model remains the sole purpose of gratitude, not a way of promoting my work or any other endorsement. The original patterns will not be available here, for a variety of reasons including my connection with that hotel, therefore sorry about that, but that's how it is.
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