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  1. I've had the dream for a very long time that some day there could be an express train running on the CP tracks to connect High River, De winton, Okotoks and a couple of the south LRT stations directly to downtown. Would provide a rail based option for those living south of the city and in the southern end as well to get downtown without the cattle car experience of the LRT. Problem is that I don't have the money or the wherewithal to find the right connections at the province and CP Rail to even discuss a pilot project. DMU's have run on the line before (aka the Discotrain Regiosprinter back in 1996) and the technology has matured and even runs in service today in Ottawa as the O-Train. Anyone able to provide some guidance on this?
  2. 7536 just arrived at Saddletowne as a 23, left OFF.
  3. I could've sworn that a friend showed me the volume controls for the CAD system....
  4. Ok, that gives me enough of an idea. When would -- show up on them? When one is lined and the other isn't?
  5. What do the signals look like when the switches are set to crossover? Anyone able to get a pic?
  6. On an outbound 202 at Rundle. Apparently a car is stuck on the tracks just north of here, and won't be moving for a while... Well that was quick. On the move within only a few minutes. Never mind.....
  7. 7523 on the 103 7504 on the 133 Cranston. Both at 3rd street
  8. 7505 on the 66 NB on Falconridge just now
  9. 6085. My friend noticed this oddity at AG and sent me photos...
  10. Finally spent some time to get Tapatalk running. Here's the photos my friend sent me of 2244.
  11. Fake person. But still funky how they show a train coming in.
  12. Was it just me or does it look a little low? The mud flaps were bent on the pavement. Or is there an air suspension system which needs to be pumped up?
  13. Anderson's not part of Doors Open. Might be parked at OBMF though?
  14. One of the two buses are on display at OBMF. Only spotted from a distance....I'm on my way downtown.
  15. 1046 is on display at OBMF, as expected.
  16. 8327 and 8328 are running shuttle duty between OBMF and McKnight Westwinds for today's doors open event
  17. I tried to get tapatalk to work but wouldn't work/connect with the board. Gave up on it.
  18. No arguments from me on this one. I know a couple drivers who think they're still good buses...
  19. Car in question is 2244. I have pics from a friend, but no idea how to share them on my phone
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