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  1. 2102 with 2216 and 2272 on a 201 train, just left 3rd street platform
  2. 8203 spotted NIS SB on falconridge Blvd earlier this evening
  3. 7503 spotted on the 23 NB towards Saddletowne (and seen NIS SB a few minutes later) last night. Jon
  4. I too find it really odd the 85 is having hours cut. Sure, I can recognize the fact it's almost but not quite following the C-Train from MW to Saddletowne, but when I was on the CCC for that LRT extension, there was considerable support for the route and the fact that not everyone is within easy walking distance to the train stations. For those who get off work slightly after everyone else downtown (ie: 5:30), getting a bus at 6pm is still close enough to rush hour. So how does the 71/85/159/? cycle get affected by the 85 being axed in the evening? Jon
  5. And c-train service is out between Chinook & Anderson. Anyone out there with more info as to why? Beyond "electrical issues" as was reported in the email CT sent out? Did another train snag down the catenary?
  6. 8091 dead at Saddletowne, spotted a bag of some absorption material under the back driver's side corner of the bus. You could tell it was leaking something on the way in...
  7. Likely parked at Spring. I haven't seen it at OBMF.
  8. 2102 out with 2203 and another 22xx on the 201 by 3rd street at 5:15pn
  9. I'm all in favour of the 2200 series seating. No knees colliding from those who refuse to sit up straight, and you have a window to easily look out of, plus the fact you're not forced to be in constant contact with your fellow passengers... Oh yeah, the seats are also padded.
  10. Photo of 4004 just out of Spadina station, taken earlier this evening.
  11. Doesn't the 3 duplicate the 301 route?
  12. So is anyone able to get pics of 2264 - the LRV involved in the derailment?
  13. Have to wonder if service is going to be impacted (sorry, pun not intended) for the rush tomorrow morning.
  14. It's out again today. Just left 3rd st headed south
  15. 2101 on the 201, spotted wb on 7th ave a couple moments ago
  16. 8169 at saddletowne with a flat front right tire...was a 23 until I suggested the driver change his sign to say out of service...
  17. Curious Issack, why do you say that?
  18. I too had a bit of time to play with the website as well beside Tallis. They're using Google for the map instead of bing. Some minor bugs when using landmarks (I typed in McMahon Stadium, it auto completed the rest of the address with Crowchild Trail, and the proceeded to give me routing to the interchange of Crowchild Trail and Shaganappi Trail. I pointed this out and they're very likely working on that. Here's hoping it turns out better than Apple Maps! The design of the old site was described as "out of the 90's", and the current design is much nicer, and far less cluttered. I was impressed at the fact it dynamically changes to a mobile-looking site while you're using a skinny web browser window, but time will tell whether a native app will be in the works or not. Overall, I was definitely glad I could attend this event and see first hand what the media will only be able to look at on Monday. ;-)
  19. 2101 on the 201 right now...I'm even riding it!
  20. The mustache on 6066 is upside down. Also saw a 22xx c-train car with one on Saturday.
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