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  1. There's also four arbocs parked in amongst the classics at OBMF. Are these new or retired units?
  2. I saw that too. One nova beside a new flyer, few other buses, and another new flyer and a nova...first time I've seen them almost all together. Not saying it's the first time, just one I've seen.
  3. I've heard Quarty Park as the location for the garage. Another possible location would be near 96th ave North, but no idea for sure if this location is even possible. After seeing the issues with the TTC and the way-behind schedule delivery of the Flexity's there, I do have my doubts that Bombardier will even get a chance. For sure though, now that the Green Line will not interconnect to the existing system, we have a very large number of builders who can use existing designs for the vehicles. As for the signalling, I would venture a guess and say that Edmonton is having issues because they're trying to marry a new system into the old one. Far easier to keep them separate and avoid the hassles. Flexible blocks does allow for more capacity. Lastly, let's not completely call this entire thing a done deal. Recall that the federal money will not pay for the entire thing. The city has a good sum lined up, but likely needing more, and the province has to pledge a similar amount. With the budget and revenues down, the province could very well say 'not yet'.
  4. Perhaps too few stations in the core, but bear these facts in mind: 1) the line will run primarily north-south. The downtown core is definitely more wide than it is tall. 2) owing to the length of the trains and the intersecting of two other lines (7th ave and the future 8th ave subway) and the fact the blocks are simply not long enough, the line through downtown will be underground or lofted up over the +15's. This means the stations will be very expensive. At least these stations won't have to service two lines like the current stations do.
  5. First I've heard of the Haysboro garage being expanded... Is/was the plan to simply put a shelter over the existing trackage that's outdoors, or to actually knock down the storage building to the north and extend the five tracks further for additional capacity?
  6. Wood wouldn't likely safely survive the neglect that platform gets vis a vis the usage it sees. To be honest, why is C track even still there? I've set foot in every station on the network, except for C Track at Vic Park...and would consider any trip to that platform to be exceedingly rare mileage. Heck I'm thinking that C Track is a place that over half the operators haven't been to after training... Another subtopic on this thread. Take a look at the attached photo and note the fact this is the NORTH end of Saddletowne station. There's one train coming into the station to likely head back to OBMF, and another parked on the tail track on the outbound side. It's exceedingly rare to see any movements north of the platform...what happened to cause this?
  7. No more than 1% of the cost to extend the line from Crowfoot to Tuscany.
  8. Well, that would certainly explain why service was halted in the core but why not allow the south line trains up to 39th street, Erlton or Vic Park? Chinook is pretty far out... Jon
  9. Also affecting the 202 line, with trains turning back at Bridgeland and Sunalta. Anyone know more specifics as to this "electrical issue"? Did a couple substations blow up?
  10. 7738 broken down at 26ave and 29th street SW. Is this one rebuilt or no?
  11. And from what I've heard/read on the news today, it sounds like Calgary Transit isn't so beholden to the idea of developing their own system...they may actually decide to go with another system which is already up and running (aka proven!) and use that. Who knows, all those growing pains you guys have had with Presto may end up being Calgary Transit's gain if they decide to use Presto instead. I for one would be happy with that idea since I already have a Presto card. :-) Jon
  12. And again, 2102 is on the NE line... And for those wondering, this control cab on 2102 does not have the upgraded audio control panel:
  13. Here's a rare event. 2102 is currently at Saddletowne Station, coupled up with 2223 and another SD...
  14. And what would VIA do with all the remote settlements along the CN route through northern Ontario? They still deserve service... Much as I believe that there should really be at least two trans-cons operating on both CP and CN between Kamloops and Sudbury on a daily basis with connections in Winnipeg, I don't see any of it happening without a serious change in government and investments in both operating and capital funding to VIA Rail. Jon
  15. 2102 out with 2203 and 2237 on the 201. Just left 3rd street
  16. 2222 2102 2213 on the way south a little while ago.
  17. a friend of mine is I think badge 33, and also either just or about to retire. I gotta think a lot of operators are wondering how many numbers they're bumping up in December... And with George off to enjoy his retirement (I hope!) it'll be the first time in a very long time that Everyone is moving up... Upgrading stations is a much more challenging prospect when the railway exists and is in use. I too was wondering how Calgary was going to avoid the trap Ottawa fell into when they started to look at converting their Transitway to LRT and found it was impossible to do due to the impact. I've seen an extremely high-level plan to utilize part of the ROW to accommodate buses in the peak direction while they're building the railway. Time will tell for sure. Jon
  18. 2101 with 2239 and 2212 on the 201, just left 3rd street now
  19. Was this bus working in Edmonton for a while? Jon
  20. 8203 on the 85 right now, and on the 61 this evening...expected this one though...
  21. 2207 2101 2246 just departed 3rd street headed to somerset
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