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  1. 2102 with 2228 and 2206 just left 3rd st on a some rest train
  2. Which I just observed with a green sticker. ;-)
  3. 2053 green 2059 green 2060 green 2081 green (label mostly removed...)
  4. 6017 dead on 7th Ave, with 4-ways on just prior to 4th st west
  5. According to GSGeek, it moved to OBMF last night, quite late, under it's own power.
  6. And now at AG. Anyone have any knowledge of when 2402 and 2403 are going to be here?
  7. And a friend reported that there's a wrapped LRV on an 89' flatcar in CP's property here in Calgary right now. I would suspect it'll be spotted sometime soon at Heritage? Jon
  8. Good info to know... I too thought "well if they run 6 cars out of service, then 4 in service shouldn't be an issue..." Good thing they figured it out to at least try. Would suck if the U2's weren't capable of 4 car service...
  9. Noticed the series 8 trains are flashing "Tuscany" and "4 Car Train" on the exterior displays. Nice touch!
  10. 2102 headed to Saddletowne as I write this! 2211-2102-2237
  11. And back in the day, it would have been painted on, though more likely using a stencil cut out by hand...
  12. Good to see the 85 returned to night time service.
  13. Having just returned from New York this past Saturday, I'll attest to that. The subway trains there are huge and frequent and virtually everywhere! Three car trains here? That's cute. The shuttle train between Times Square/42nd Street and Grand Central Terminal was 3 cars and it only goes between those two points... Everywhere else you were seeing 8-10 car trains...
  14. So I got an email indicating the 201 was involved in an accident between 8th street and Sunnyside today. Was this another tussle with a car at 4th avenue again?
  15. earlier this evening, saw a 202 running north on the southbound track just north of Rundle station. Anyone know what's going on with that? Jon
  16. 8333 (rainbow pride bus) is on the 23 this morning, SB out of Saddletowne shortly after 7:10am.
  17. Beat me to it mr. Dude. I was just by and saw the extra lights. And eventually there won't be any gaps in the ceiling as the building goes up... Jon
  18. Hopefully there aren't any people riding the train that are frightened of the dark... I also noticed that on my rides in on the 202 after this past weekend. Are there going to be more lights installed close to the entrance?
  19. I'm sure they'd like to, but it's a way to ensure other cars which do need work are able to be in the shop while the schedules are being protected. And aren't the main issues with 101 and 102 their lack of filters for keeping the snow out of the traction motors? Jon
  20. Would these be shipped down by truck or by rail? Be kind of nice if the cars were shipped out one for one with the S200's arrival...that is, once an S200 is unloaded from it's railcar, put an SD160 on it...after all, I believe they're supposed to be sent right back to Siemens for reload. I hope the seating arrangement isn't changed. I still hate the seating in the Series 8 cars, and the flat benches in 2333 are even worse. Jon
  21. Sorry, no. The passenger doors are all up against the classics...
  22. And the 202 trains are only using the north platform at City Hall, which means the crossovers across from Olympic Plaza and the former 3rd Street East platform will be in use as well.
  23. I can only see the fronts of the buses, and they have them lined up nose to tail. :-/
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