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  1. Anyone in the know what the heck happened last night (nov 4) around Rundle? Trains were stopped outbound for upwards of 15 minutes at each block from Bridgeland out... I bailed at Marlborough but was hearing more than a few frustrations from everyone...
  2. 4-car U2 consist headed south out of downtown shortly after 5:10pm today, consist is 2069-2076-2049-2062 Jon
  3. So are the doors actually striking the platforms? I would have to make a guess as to that being the reason why the U2's, and the rest of the fleet have a little extra height over the platform to keep the doors from hitting them...? Jon
  4. Saddletowne is named after the street in which it resides. Saddletowne Circle is the road that wraps around the station and other parts of the community, and was a suggestion initially proposed by yours truly during the community consultation committee meetings. The station was originally to be called Saddle Ridge. Since the station was on the border of three communities - Martindale to the southwest, Taradale to the southeast and Saddleridge to the north, I suggested that the station be named after something much more local - like Saddletowne. Somewhat surprisingly, the other members on the committee (two or three from Martindale, as well as two or three from Saddleridge and just myself from Taradale) agreed with the notion and the city made it happen. So in effect, I'm taking some offense to your "Saddletown is spelled right grammatically" comment... Saddletown is incorrect, period. Jon
  5. No kidding it's cramped in there. One escalator, going up, and only two people-widths of the stairs are left, plus well over half the upper concourse has been blocked off. Have to wonder why they're not moving the elevator... Given the security concerns there, that station would definitely be a worthwhile place to reduce the places someone can hide from public view.
  6. decided to take the train to Tuscany yesterday from Saddletowne, and much to my surprise, CT was single tracking trains between Whitehorn and Marlborough, with all trains using the inbound platform at Rundle. No posters up about it other than a few sandwich boards at Rundle. I suppose the fact there was next to no real delays to either train would be why the disruption wasn't advertised at all? from what I could tell, it appeared the work being done was in conjunction with the removal of an escalator at Rundle and the renovations going on there.
  7. If you're setting the maxi every time you stop to let people off, isn't that really hard on the air compressor? Seem to be a waste of air doing that...
  8. Noticing that we're going to see some rails replaced around City Hall, at least judging from all the rails on the ground near the former 3rd street east station. Any word when they will be installed? Victoria Day weekend or later? Jon
  9. Called it. (among others) Problem is that there's nothing there for transit service to get people to or from the depot without either a really long and inconvenient walk, a ride from friends or relatives or a cab ride. I used Greyhound last time from my VIA trip from Toronto arriving in Edmonton and had friends pick me up at the VIA Rail station and drove me to the Greyhound depot. God, what a dump. Calgary's wasn't any better either. Sure, the company has been spending money refurbishing and adding features to the buses, but the facilities people arrive at and depart from are getting pretty awful, if they even exist in the first place. Once the Municipal airport is fully gone, are there plans to extend the LRT from NAIT towards the VIA station so there would be a true intermodal experience for arriving Train and Bus passengers? Jon
  10. 5068 - isn't that the bus that was used for the farewell charter? <sigh>
  11. IIRC, 2nd Avenue would've been on the hill, or at the crest of it. If the air system would remain charged, and no stops on the way down, could he have coasted into the core? ;-)
  12. Yeah....Never gonna happen.
  13. fraking hell. "We're not happy until you're not happy" - Must be the new motto of Calgary Transit to its customers. Yes, I get that they're less expensive to maintain, but to decrease the comfort level isn't going to help anyone win arguments to ride Transit. Jon
  14. Are the transverse seats any better?
  15. Kinda too bad they likely won't be in service on the weekend of the 16th and 17th of April...Especially on the Blue Line. :-) Jon
  16. Anyone know if one can charter the CNG busses? #askingforafriend Jon
  17. OMFG - I sat in 2333 ONCE. It's even worse than the bucket seats. Hard on the ass, sliding back and forth, and yeah. I got out of the seat and stood up. Would've thought of changing cars too, but decided it wasn't worth it. Jon
  18. Finally had a chance to look through this. Wow, I'm definitely impressed. Great job on this website Tallis! Any chance you can integrate the CTrains on this site? Be really nice to see if waiting for the next train will net me a series 5-6-7 instead of those freaking horrible seats on the series 8 trains. Or on the flip side, where to be to catch some photos of the series 9 trains when they start to roll in service! Jon
  19. 6054 dead on Centre Street around 2nd Avenue. Operator reports he's out of fuel... How does that happen?
  20. They have a sign at Marlborough saying both escalators are going up. Eventually, there will only be one escalator at Marlborough with everyone walking down the stairs. I'll take a pic next time I'm at that station of the sign. Jon
  21. Uhh. Why not a mirror like they did before? Jon
  22. I've been dreaming of a commuter service from Airdrie, Cochrane, Dewinton, Okotoks and High River for years. Even with stops towards the outer fringes of downtown, and then express into the station in Downtown Calgary. I honestly think it would work, but how to come up with the millions required for track upgrades, capacity improvements and the rolling stock, let alone the operational costs...
  23. Sigh. Story of my life. Ducking autocorrect...
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