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  1. That was supposed to be done prior to the Labour Day long weekend. According to the images, it would appear we're behind schedule as the pedestrian bridge and most of the headhouse are supposed to be gone by now.
  2. So is this project behind schedule because of Covid or is it actually going according to the plan and timeline that's indicated in the schedule above?
  3. There are two U2 cars parked outside OBMF as of yesterday evening that appear to be going for scrap - aka: Pantographs down, doors folded open... No idea what numbers as it's tough to read from the overpass at 70km/h. Seriously wondering if U2's will ever make it back to regular revenue service...
  4. That explains why my first trips back on transit were a little slower than usual. I've been driving to and from work since April, and because of my back alley was impassable due to snow, I decided to take transit to work downtown...
  5. Saturday works far better for me, but I'm with the other guys about doing the charter a little later. April perhaps?
  6. DON'T buy electronic fares unless you're able to use them almost immediately. Who would've thought they needed to expire purchased electronic tickets? Last saturday, a friend and I went out to ride a bus with another friend. I bought two tickets on MyFare and found out that I didn't need to buy two. It's now a week later and Transit has my $7.00 for two tickets and I could only use one. The other one expired. I'm not happy with the fact that you can't purchase tickets when you have room on the credit card and expect them to last more than a week. Gift Cards can't expire, and neither
  7. MyFare is not yet available for iOS devices. Despite everything saying it is, it's not. A tweet from CT this morning confirmed why I wasn't able to find it on the iOS app store. Jon
  8. CT says one needs to download the app from the app store, but my searches for "My Fare" turned up nothing that says "I'm for Calgary" on the iOS app store. After a tweet to CT, I find out that it's not available for iOS yet! <facepalm> Jon
  9. That factor I was not aware of. Many times I've seen operators get out of the cab on one end of a train, walk to the other end, get in, sit down and hit the buttons needed for departure and we're out in less than 2 minutes. If they have to schedule 3 minutes at each end, that is definitely a lot of time. You realistically don't need more than a minute at each end if the frequencies are good. Jon
  10. a Skytrain like system would enable more frequency without the attendant increase in operators (and their pay) to run them. The train could come into the airport and be gone within 30 seconds. I doubt operators would like running that sort of turnaround time if they have issues with a homeless person or washroom break... And given we're talking a reasonably small vehicle means we can have smaller stations that don't cost as much to build, though admittedly, if we did run 1 car trains, that would save a lot on the maintenance facility, provided there's capacity within the OBMF for this.
  11. Barlow/Max Bell I'm pretty sure is well above 1%, but unfortunately the resolution of the measurements from Google Earth Pro are pretty crude when it comes to the height. At the east end of the station, it reads 1074m, at the west end it reads 1073m. Since a meter is a pretty large measurement, heightwise, for a 100ish meter long platform, it's quite possible that the station is on a 2% gradient, but it seems steeper than that to me. Jon
  12. Towards the end of March, I was definitely seeing a serious uptick in the number of homeless people riding the trains, and with the lack of any sort of fare checks, the system is definitely being abused. I made mention of this to one of the people managing the building I work in, and she said she doesn't want me riding transit during the Covid-19 thing. Shortly after that (like 3 days into April) I was given a free parking stall in the parkade of the building and told to drive to work. I haven't been on transit since. (admittedly, at the beginning, the commutes into downtown were pretty sw
  13. The original idea of having the train go to 16th Avenue was so the expensive bit could be done in one shot - that is, a fully bored tunnel from 16th through to the edge of the beltline. If they're having to run it on the surface of Centre Street, to keep it on the cheap, I propose we end it at Eau Claire and use the money from not bridging now and send it further south. It's OBVIOUS the South won the Green Line, don't slap the north with a small itty-bitty useless segment as a consolation. When the City gets more money, build the Green Line north in a really meaningful manner. Pity
  14. I too have noticed this. Seems like bumps in the road are also a good trigger for those things. Say, anyone heard whether the lawsuit between Calgary and Schneider Electric recovered the 5 million for the failed Connect system?
  15. No. You have one bus breakdown and all of a sudden, you've got thousands of riders in both buses and trains that are blocked. Recall when buses break down on 7th Avenue fouling the C-Train tracks and you've got yourself a situation where _everyone_ is mad. They routed Route 1 and a bunch of other routes off of 7th Avenue precisely to eliminate the potential for ruining the majority of Transit ridership through the core. Plus I don't doubt the fact that bus drivers try to not drive on the tracks for traction reasons. Also, LRT right of way maintenance becomes a massive headache when yo
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