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  1. I still believe that they should ditch the colours. "This is a Northeast Train, Destination Saddletowne" Or "This is a South Train, Destination Somerset-Bridlewood". We aren't going to end up with a bunch of lines that go all over the place like Edmonton with their even odder names (seriously, who knows where a Capital Line train goes?) such that cardinal directions can't be used effectively. Simplify! Jon If too many people don't know analog clocks, how are we supposed to describe rotations when "clockwise" means nothing? I liked the analog clocks actually. Jon Except if the traps catch a car, then you've got an ugly situation with respect to trapped buses and long detours. Gates on the other hand aren't bad, but are slow to raise and lower. Nah, we just need drivers caught using BRT lanes to give up their vehicles for a week and pay a really nice fine. :-) Jon
  2. Any word what parts ETS will be using on these cars? Jon
  3. I would suspect the Green Line will use the same system as we currently have. Why? Maintenance. Far easier to have one signal system for the city and as we already have staff that are trained for the ABS system, they're already good to go for the Green Line instead of having people be trained on both systems, maintaining two separate sets of inventory of parts, etc. etc. I suspect it would also mean there's a lot of simplification for the LRV's as well since the signalling is for the most part on the outside of the cars. Additionally, I'd imagine Rail Control would be able to swallow the Green Line instead of having a whole bunch of extra systems to control the Red/Blue line and then something else to control the Green Line. Trying to reinvent the wheel for miniscule gains usually leads to a lot of headaches. (Yes, I'm looking at you Edmonton...) Jon
  4. Any guess when the full order of 60+ cars will be delivered by? Or is that hinging on the major issues being resolved here? Anyone recall when the full order was to be delivered by? Jon
  5. I voted on that bus at Saddletowne...For the past two elections in fact. I hope they continue this. Voting in advance is waaaay less hassle! Jon
  6. Jon Calon

    Scout 2101

    IIRC, the U2-AC's had a higher top speed than the rest of the fleet. Is that correct? And since it's not coupled to any other equipment not able to handle higher speeds (at least without causing damage to traction motors...), is it able to actually achieve those speeds on straight track? Jon
  7. SUPERTRAIN will be advertising on these TV's starting early April, and from what our rep at Pattison advises, the NW leg is being installed now (having finished downtown and the West leg of the Blue Line), with the South and NE lines being completed by the summer. Any of you guys have ability to do animation? I could use some help and I can certainly provide some goodies in return... Jon
  8. Jon Calon

    Scout 2101

    Sure it can be moved, but will it still have enough juice running the instruments? I'll admit, the instrumentation probably doesn't require near the power required as the traction motors but that's still a lot of electronics. Jon
  9. In a lot of respects, I'm thinking it's going to be a complete gut, teardown and rebuild. Might not be a bad idea either to better integrate the station head into something usable for the Anderson TOD project. But I suspect it's not going to be that bad because of the budget to redo it. After all, look at the demolition of Chinook station and what was left afterwards. :-/ Jon
  10. Anyone have any idea when 2207 will come back? It's been two years now! Jon
  11. No kidding. With the removal of the escalators and install of an elevator (probably two needed a la Tuscany), that's going to make for a very ugly climb for many people. It's not too bad for the other stations as the height to clear a C-Train isn't anywhere near as high as the height to clear a CP Freight Train. That's going to be really interesting to see how long the station head will be closed for. Thankfully, like Whitehorn which also saw a complete closure of the station head building, there's other access to the platform. Jon
  12. Yup, and from what I've seen on my rides on the 23 northbound, the "stations" if you can call them that now are not much more than large, tall sidewalks with the yellow raised bump sidewalks. None of them on 52nd and Falconridge have shelters of any sort...At least yet. I suspect the push was to get the concrete in during the non-frozen times of the year, and then come back to build the shelters, install heaters and so forth. I'm somewhat disappointed that these things are still going to be "lite" BRT's. No off-board fare payment, no all-door boarding, and not really any sort of dedicated ROW for this route either. It does however have a good frequency, though time will tell with such a large route whether it will stay that way or not. I for one am looking forward to riding it on a regular basis as the current commute home does lead to a fair bit of variance as to how long it will take for the 23 to show up at Marlborough. Transferring at Rundle and getting home faster will be a bonus. Jon
  13. Jon Calon

    Scout 2101

    Will the Scout ever be outfitted with an on-board generator or battery packs to be able to travel through de-energized sections of track? For example, to inspect new builds (extensions to the two existing lines) and repaired sections prior to being turned on? As well, any guess whether Scout will be able to inspect the future Green Line? (I have my doubts for this - there will be different clearance diagrams for that line, and to the best of my knowledge, would require trucking the car from one line to the other owing to no physical connections...) Jon
  14. Yesterday or day before I saw three 4-car U2 consists downtown during the rush hour while waiting for a train to the NE at 6th Street West. Jon
  15. And so bloody slow as to make me turn off Wifi and use my cellular data just to get through the stuff I want...
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