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    Regina Transit

    Figured I'd stick this here... Just checked out the Regina website... apparently they have been experimenting with putting 100% low floor buses on a few routes... And, it seems they are already working on preparing for their 100th Anniversary in 2011. http://www.reginatransit.com/1_Rts_whats_new.html#lowfloor
  2. M. Parsons

    Transit in the Media

    I believe there's another ad or two ETS did like that. Based off of the Midtrafik ads.
  3. M. Parsons

    Grande Prairie

    Very similar to your experience for St. Albert, however, while the bus had excellent "get up and go" I found it felt sluggish at higher speeds on a commuter run. The first 2 BYD demos Edmonton had actually had differences with their motors. One had a higher top end, but, reduced battery capacity, the other had a lower top end but better battery capacity. I don't recall the New Flyer's feeling sluggish. I found some of the fit and finish on the St. Albert BYD's to be not as good a New Flyer. In general, and I don't know how to describe this, but I find that any battery electric bus just feels "heavy". And that's purely from a passenger perspective. I found that quite apparent with the 35' BYD's, and I'm very curious how I would feel about the 30' buses! The BBC trolleybuses in particular always felt so light. I have my reservations about BYD, but, I'm quite proud to see all of these electric buses (and even alternate fuels in general) coming to public transit in Alberta.
  4. M. Parsons

    2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    Probably not considering no one has spotted it in service... Given it's the last bus in the order, I would hazard a guess it's just some contractual details involving the accepting the last bus in the order and ETS just making sure everything is acceptable for the entire fleet before signing off on the bus.
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    LA Transit - Lethbridge, Alberta

    Suggesting BYD is very presumptuous at this point without a tender issued yet.
  6. M. Parsons

    CTrain - U2 cars

    What happened with 601 is a Hannover group expressed interest and the ERRS generously said yes, get it shipped and it's yours. There was a lot of interest locally in the car and it was very useful. The ERRS never wanted it gone. The biggest challenge for the ERRS would be space to store the car.
  7. M. Parsons


    Sounds like overkill... a circle route, main line, plus on demand? They're only buying 3 buses and it seems this would be 3 buses plus at least 1 spare... The fact that they're only tendering for 8 passengers buses (at a minimum mind you) probably means that they don't have high expectations initially and so are scaling service to expected demand. Certainly, I think a fixed route service is a better, but at least on demand gets the service started. Build up the ridership, and the do something more permanent in the future. How much does OnIt cover Okotoks as it is with their existing routes?
  8. M. Parsons

    Random Photos - Calgary and Area

    Currently working on some negative scanning along with the slide scanning. Two from my first trip to Calgary in August 2000. A 1930-1939 series Thomas Vista. Those were neat. Not necessarily a new image on the internet as this was among the first photos I scanned a very long time ago, but, it was vastly better than that scan probably from 17-18 years ago and made from a print (second generation source rather than a first generation source like a negative).
  9. M. Parsons

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    2 left for now.... And good bye 2064.
  10. M. Parsons

    The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    Better than dead through. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/death-of-man-found-near-commonwealth-stadium-cold-weather-related-police https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/central-lrt-station-to-open-as-warming-station-tuesday-night I think you're probably mixing up different groups of people. Chances are the person "jamming to music all day" is not going to be the person that needs to sleep in a warm transit facility when it's below -30 outside...
  11. M. Parsons


    Let's ask ourselves this question: Are malls enough of a trip generator for transit agencies to place a transit centre there, or is it more so the fact that a shopping mall is more than likely to be in a central location relative to surrounding communities which is also makes it convenient for transit? In the case of suburban transit centres, their job is usually to facilitate transfers between routes, in particular getting local riders onto main line services to such destinations as employment centers and schools. Certainly, a shopping mall is going to receive an amount of extra traffic by having a bus terminal or a form of high order transit located near by. But I wonder though, in the case of Sherway Gardens, would a streetcar or subway line generate enough extra traffic to the mall that Sherway Garden's would be willing to foot a portion of the bill to route the subway or streetcar line there? No? Well then I guess taxpayers shouldn't foot that bill either then, and instead put the line where it is truly needed and makes sense.
  12. M. Parsons

    ETS History

    Something that's been on my To Do list for along time.. write up some sort of history on ETS. Started off with the articulated bus. I already have an (out dated) section on Barp with a history of artic buses in Edmonton... this is an update/ rebuilding of that. Not complete yet... but I decided I should probably go to bed at some point... Presently, all 3 transit agencies in the Edmonton area operate articulated buses. St. Albert Transit was the first to purchase any articulated buses, but Edmonton Transit tested a number of articulated buses from the late 1970's through to the 1990's. The first articulated buses to operate on Edmonton streets were 3 foreign built buses. 1 was a Volvo/ Hess #101 used from August 1977 until about July 1978. #101 then headed off to Calgary for a period of time, while 2 MAN buses were tested in Edmonton. These 2 were #102 a SG 220- 16.5, and 103 a SG 220- 18. 16.5 and 18 referred to the buses length in meters. Both buses were powered by a MAN 6 cylinder 220 HP diesel engine, mounted horizontally underneath the floor, and a 3 speed automatic transmission. While Edmonton would purchase neither MAN or Volvo buses, however, a number of US systems would. King County Metro (Seattle) purchased 2 batches of the diesel version, and one batch of trolleybuses. Chicago also purchased a fleet of MAN articulated buses, among other US systems. Edmonton Transit's next articulated bus was a GM model TA-60102N bus. The bus used for this demo was Mississauga #5001 which at the time was being used on a cross Canada demo tour. This bus was demoed in Edmonton during at least a part of August 1982. This bus appears to have been used on the route 9, the route that ETS's first articulated buses would run on. The TA-60102N was only purchased by Ontario transit systems and was partially funded by Ontario government. The last TA-60102N was retired from service in 2007 by the Hamilton Street Railway after the arrival of DE60LFR buses. 2 are so far persevered. #XXXX by OC Transpo, and ex Mississauga #5034 by Scott Richards of Regional Transit Services of Riverside California. Sometime around 1985 Edmonton Transit had on demo a Crown/ Ikarus articulated bus which was built as Portland Tri-met #781. This bus was equipped with a wheelchair lift, probably making it the first accessible bus that Edmonton Transit ran. Ikarus partnered with Orion to market an articulated bus in Canada that was known as the Orion III. The Orion III was only purchased by the TTC and OC Transpo. The next articulated bus to visit Edmonton was the New Flyer D60 demo fueled by methanol. This bus was also involved in a cross Canada tour. This particular buses ended up being converted to diesel and sold to Community Transit of Everett, Washington. It was retired and sold to 911 Film Cars of BC where it resides today, being used in movies. In 1991 St. Albert Transit received 3 New Flyer D60's, #801-803, followed by a further 3 more in 1995, #804-806. The 1995's had only 1 exit door vs. the 2 on the 1991's, wheelchair lifts, and larger destination signs. All 6 buses were rebuilt, with the 1995's receiving the new StAT logo. The 1991's were slated for retirement with the delivery of the 2006 D60LF's. However, growing ridership and the general poor condition of a number of earlier D40LF's prompted St. Albert Transit to retire #843-845 instead. Strathcona County Transit was the next system to purchase articulated buses. The prototype D60LF was purchased from New Flyer, built in 1995. It was numbered as Strathcona #950. This bus originally operated with a roller destination sign, which was replaced with a Bailos sign in 2000. #950 also sported a vinyl wrap for XXXX for a period of time. In XXXX the bus was rebuilt, ensuring it's operation for at least a few more years to come. It does have one obvious difference than any other D60LF ever built- all of the hoses and cable running above the articulation joint. This bus has almost always been limited to peak hour work. Once articulated buses started holding down the midday departure from Edmonton on the hour, the 2001 D60LF's had been delivered. Following 950, Strathcona County Transit purchased a D60 that was numbered 951. This bus was an ex New Flyer demonstrator, built to Mississauga specs including the 4 leaf double stream exit doors, A/C and parameter seating in a large portion of the bus, with brown vinyl seat inserts. The bus did run in it's blue/ red stripe paint scheme before eventually being repainted into the Strathcona colours. As delivered, the bus had a 6V92TA engine and ZF 4HP500 transmission. The transmission has since been changed to a Allison HTB-748. Window cards were used for route identification until a Bailos destination sign was installed. After retirement, it's believed this sign ended up in #953. In 2001 #951 was involved in a minor accident which required the replacement of a body panel that was never repainted. These 8 articulated buses were the only ones operating into Edmonton until 2001. In 2001 ETS's first order of articulated buses arrived. 6 New Flyer D60LF model buses, #4900-4905. They arrived during April/ May 2001, with 4901 being the last one to arrive close to the end of May. These buses entered service on June 11, 2001. Until they entered service they were easy to find along the route 9 where they would be doing driver training. ETS also took the opportunity of testing the buses along other routes, including the route 66. Imagine my surprise to look out a window at school and watch a D60LF turn onto Mill Woods Road from Lakewood Rd. South!! These 6 buses are powered by the Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine, Allison XXXX transmission and Bailos destination sign. ETS followed up the first 6 D60LF's with 7 more #4906-4912 that were delivered during August 2004. These buses had the Cummins ISL engine, the first ETS buses to have this engine. They also had Luminator destination signs that were now standard for ETS buses. ETS's articulated buses originally operated on the route 9, Monday to Friday from the start of service until after the afternoon peak hour, as well as Park N' Ride services. With the additional vehicles, ETS operated two route 100 morning peak trips with articulated buses, as well as every regular 9 (non peak hour or short turn). The articulated buses are now used on every second trip on Saturday's on the route 9 as well.
  13. M. Parsons

    ETS Photos

    I thought I had a topic like this... but couldn't find it... 209 with it's Luminator LED sign 4901 freshly delivered at Westwood (so far the artics are the only buses to be delivered to Westwood since the 1998 D40LF's started to arrive). 4900 on driver training before revenue service began 4903 on the first day of artic revenue service. June 3 comes to mind. Maybe June 9. I'd have to look it up again. (Wonder if ETS ever considered to put the first day of revenue artic sevice on the calendar?)
  14. M. Parsons

    ETS Photos

    Soooo elaborating on this topic..... These are the additional heaters added in during refurb. And the circular heater/ blower but mounted on inward facing seat. In behind it is presumably an original style heater. I'm not sure if the circular heater/ blowers are original or not. They've certainly been around for as long as I remember. The particular mounting set up for the heater was changed when the car was refurbed. The plate on them looks pretty retro and seems to come from a German vendor. More than anyone probably wanted to known on Edmonton's U2 details
  15. M. Parsons

    ETS History

    Until May 15, 2014
  16. M. Parsons

    ETS History

    2001 was retired in around 1998-1999 with 2010 acquired in 1997. My first encounter with 2010 was September 1999, but, I believe 2001 was gone quite sometime before. Really suspect it was 1998. I never did see 2001 in person with ETS (that I recall) but do remember seeing (of all things) 2001 being used as a prop (ie someone standing nexxt to it) for something to do with fire extinguishers on the 6:00 news. Why that was at DLM is beyond me, but, it was.
  17. M. Parsons

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    2064, 2066, and 2080 have all been hauled down to E track near 66 St (Edmonton!). I'm guessing it's scrapping time, but, I guess we'll see. Not sure if they went as a 3 car train (presumably hauled by 2010) or if they were taken down one by one. When I Iast saw 2066 a week and a half ago it was still on shop trucks, so I'm kind of a surprised to see in that time they've hauled it back into the shops and fitted it with proper trucks.
  18. M. Parsons

    ETS Photos

    A heater. There's also a square version of it.
  19. M. Parsons

    General FML moments

    So, you complained about a free product that was as advertised and contained pepper? Good luck in life. It's going to be a long road ahead for you I suspect, especially if you think this is an "FML moment". Does Ritual penalize the vendor now due to your complaint? Even thought the product was correct?
  20. M. Parsons

    King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Bought a new scanner (finally) about a month ago and started scanning part of my collection which included King County Metro over the past few days. TDH4517 465 Trolley coaches Renault dual mode #1050. Enjoy!
  21. M. Parsons

    Random Ctrain pics

    Some images from January 25, 2007. 2029 outside of Anderson. 2201 and 2236 inside of the shop area at Anderson. Lighting not as good for film shots. Two variations of 2101 and 2233 in Anderson on the storage side with a lot more favorable lighting for film shots.
  22. M. Parsons

    Ex-GO Coaches

    This is perhaps a bit retro... ex GO Transit Prevost running for Diversified as their #479 in Edmonton, photo taken July 23, 1981.
  23. M. Parsons

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    2080 in the DLM north yard coupled to 1016. 2064 was out there as well recently, but must be back inside.
  24. M. Parsons

    CPTDB between 2001-2004?

    WTF. That's weird. The old CPTDB on Barp might have lurked for awhile, it certainly didn't make it onto the new server.
  25. Live! From highway 1!! At least 3 new buses.749 and 750 are D40LFRs and 781 is a EZ Rider II. They also have a new paint scheme. 2 tone orange wavy stripes. Classic 766 was at the garage. Appears active.