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  1. M. Parsons

    Mobile Fare Payment & TVM Replacement

    Not just that, but if the system shits the bed and causes delays, better on a quiet route vs. a busy route.
  2. M. Parsons

    Route 747

    It's going quite well. There is some ridership data from the last 1-2 years if you dig through the council minutes that relate to changes of the past year that at first lead to a $10 fare, back down to $5, and a transfer arrangement with Leduc Transit route #10. I've certainly been on a bus that was standing room only (although sort of misleading as luggage took up some space). But at other times I've seen strong passenger loads. Since you mentioned the 590, Leduc Transit #1 does quite well as well, to the point of standing room only on some trips.
  3. M. Parsons

    General WTF Moments

    Careful on terminology. Most food doesn't have an "expiry date" but rather a "best before" date. An expiry date is what is required on products such as medications, baby formula, meal replacement drinks etc.
  4. M. Parsons

    CP Power

    And of course, some of these modernization programs to avoid having to purchase Tier 4 locomotives in the first place. It's really interesting times in that sense, I can only imagine this is sort of what it was like when railways started turning out GP7/9 rebuild programs.
  5. M. Parsons

    Delete / Remove Account

    Lol. You two are sounding like a pair of foamy kids. "I quit" "Me too" *basketcase changes avatar to say his account is no longer active, yet keeps posting in the TTC thread* "I might actually stay" "Me too but probably not" Leave or not up to you (unless admin forces that decision, and one can only hope they will) but if you leave we don't have to worry about such bullshit as "3700 will be out this afternoon" which naturally was false.
  6. M. Parsons

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Think twice, post once, or perhaps don't post in this particular case. Cannabis and tobacco are already taxed. And it would make little sense to tax either further to fund transit. The more likely scenario would be a gas tax to fund transit.
  7. M. Parsons

    2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    If Future Station was ever built out it would have been side loading, and it was part of the original construction. I'd expect the 40 Ave station to be build side loading, if both new stations get built on the NE LRT for the Northland redevelopment, I could see side loading there too.
  8. M. Parsons

    TTC Electric Buses

    Hopefully more comes out about this. Schedule concerns, not a surprise. However, the interesting one is quality concerns. TTC must have staff or representatives checking out buses in production and they must not like what they see if quality is a concern at this stage. It's pretty typical for agencies procuring vehicles to have representatives inspecting vehicles at the manufacturers facility. Guess we'll see what more becomes of this.
  9. M. Parsons

    What are you eating right now?

    I thought you'd appreciate that one. Sadly, it's from Calgary.
  10. M. Parsons

    What are you eating right now?

    Drinking some Trolley No. 5 white IPA.
  11. M. Parsons

    Feature Photo Submissions

    I couldn't agree more, there is a lot more besides the 3/4 door side shot. And if you think this thread is bad for that, look to the fire apparatus gang. Holy. Crap. 3/4 angle, 50 mm lens, perfect sun, tires straight, no foreign objects inside the cab of the rig, windows closed etc. While there's a significant place for the 3/4 roster shot, and I'll always to be trying to snag those, there's certainly something to be said for getting creative. Sometimes that's not someones "thing". Personally, I love playing with wide angle and telephoto. I'll also look to see what I can do with the sun at sunrise or sunset, with electric traction being limited to LRT these days in Edmonton, I always like to see what I can do with catenary and pans at those time of days. A silhouette of a diesel is just boring. Some from earlier this year:
  12. M. Parsons

    GO Transit

    I think it might be time for you to review point #2 in this thread:
  13. M. Parsons

    2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    The new "LRT Station design" referenced is for a 40 Ave station to be inserted into the SLRT. The recent funding was for the NLRT extension to Blatchford and the entire WLRT. What happens after Blatchford and WLRT is up in the air at this point. Depending upon how things play out, especially with available funding, it could either be NLRT or SLRT or both. Personally, I feel that the best choice is NLRT as it has more potential to get cars off the road and speed up transit trips into Downtown. In addition to the Ellerslie Road Park and Ride express buses, it sounds like express buses will be coming to Terwillegar Drive in some form once it's rebuilt which might well mean that there will be two higher order express bus services coming out of the south and feeding into the existing LRT which might delay the need to get LRT further south, while hopefully building up ridership for it.
  14. M. Parsons

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Take a look at your STO LFS 1909 shot you posted in here recently. There's a pole blocking the back quarter of the bus, and the shadow of the pole is over the center of the bus. That wasn't even a moving object that can be blamed like cars and people! Keep at it. Be aware of your surroundings and how they could affect capturing a 40-50' slice of roadway with a bus on it. Anticipate anything that could change before you capture the image. Be mindful of sunlight. It looks like to me the sun was almost hitting the bus straight on the side with just a sliver on the front. In an idea lighting situation you would have full sunlight on the front and side of the bus. You can see how the front of the bus looks a bit dark and the side of the bus a bit too light as the camera tried to compensate between the two varying conditions. Certainly, there will be situations where you have no choice but to shoot with the conditions you have, however, this day in age of online trackers, it doesn't take much to track the bus down to a location with perhaps a better selection of a features to get a better shot. Hell, we managed to do that easily in the days before trackers! It's been awhile since I've posted anything in this thread because I have felt there hasn't been anything worthwhile posting from around the Edmonton area. When there is something I think would make a good shot to put into this thread I'll plan it out in advance, at least to a degree.
  15. M. Parsons

    Alternative Fuel Fishbowls

    Not CNG... methanol. You made the same mistake in a Toronto thread. Different fuels, although, methanol can be made from natural gas.