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  1. What might be the first Proterra (or maybe second) has arrived at Centennial. All white, that's all I can see at night.
  2. Given the way this thread has gone, I figure some of you might be interested to see the set up and testing equipment used with the Simatic on Edmonton's U2's before rebuild. Very interesting reading earlier on the PCC controls. The U2's are a bit more complex I gather, but, are still just a motor driven cam controller. Quite outdated technology frankly when Edmonton, Calgary, and San Diego got their cars, given what was going on in Germany. I believe Edmonton has replaced the Simatic, or is in the process of replacing them with something a bit more modern. The cars are still running with their original controllers however. The amazing thing is that with the Thales CBTC installation the U2's were on track to be capable of automatic train operation, however, with Thales basically being fired and CBTC ultimately removed... that won't be happening now.
  3. #3 might have been a TG3608. I do have the builders plate in my collection as I took the liberty to liberate it when I some how got inside the bus. There was also a Fitzjohn with #3 plus a good number of ETS Brill's, Daimler's, an Old Look and a few New Looks. Photos are from 2001.
  4. There's the image of the car in (presumably) Essen in full Edmonton Transit livery on the cover of a Siemens or Duewag promotional brochure. I'm actually curious if the car was actually painted when it was assembled in Germany, of if that was a retouched image. I can't say I've seen many photos of the cars coming in, but, certainly not one was a car that was painted. I believe San Diego's cars came in assembled minus the trucks. Or maybe they just seemed assembled in my mind because they came painted with the base red.
  5. Were any Calgary cars ever fully assembled and tested/ shown off in Germany before being shipped over, like one of Edmonton's was?
  6. Many years ago now... Maybe 2000 or 2001? I found out through a discussion board (CanRailPass I believe) that 6133 was heading east on the tail end of the Canadian. As a result, I took a roll of Black's E-6 slide film I had been saving for a special occasion and headed out to the Edmonton station for my first encounter with a RDC. I seem to recall it was heading back east for work of some sort. I would encounter 6133 a few more times on Victoria Island, and now of course, Rapido owns her.
  7. The second car has arrived, #1004. Back in early June Bombardier tweeted that there were 10 cars basically hanging around at Kingston waiting to be shipped, so, presumably they just grabbed the car that was most convenient to ship. 1001 is still housed in it's tent. However, the OMF building FINALLY seems to have all of it's doors installed. Maybe... just maybe... they are ready to start receiving the fleet? No rush to unload 1004 however. It's been at Bissell for 4 days at least already. 1004 is likely the car that will be displayed at the Mill Woods Town Centre at the end of this month.
  8. Big leap for Spruce Grove this coming September. Local service starts with the 568 from 8:30-15:30. Connecting with peak hour commuter buses are free shuttles 566 and 567 that cover areas that sort of fall out of the range of the regular commuter bus routes. 560 gains midday hourly service (up from 2 hours). 562 is cut back to WEM, but, gets 2 extra AM and PM trips, plus, provides hourly service until about 22:00 commencing with the PM peak (so no midday service). Essentially Spruce Grove now has commuter service to and from Edmonton all day between the midday 560's and evening 562's. One Arboc is #6931, so presumably the first 3 are 6931-6933. PWT is the contractor for the local buses.
  9. High Level Bridge streetcar! FEP is shut down for utilities work and numerous other projects, including complete rebuilding of the streetcar line. Lots of LRT construction around if that's your thing. Ride the Metro Line while it's under CBTC operation. Conversion to block signals really starts to get underway in mid-late August.
  10. I doubt it. If it's the same Fuji equipment Black's used, I assume that would be Fuji Frontier's which make a digital scan of the image and then use lasers to expose the paper.
  11. Great to see you guys digging stuff up like this!
  12. CN ES44AC #3878, one of the units to receive the 100th Anniversary paint schemes, is in charge of train #416 while skirting the Athabasca River at Solomon on CN's Edson Subdivision. This part of the Edson sub was historically the former Canadian Northern mainline, while the Grand Trunk route would have been on the other side of the Athabasca River.
  13. So you just assume if they didn't say it was their photo, then it's fair game to repost as YOU feel like without credit. Well, on YouTube you would have to complain first before anything is done. I guess all someone here has to do is report your offending posts and see what happens...
  14. The 900 series, maybe. Except for the front end... which is where this bus would need a lot of work.
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