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  1. ETS Photos

    It looks like there might be test gear too visible through the windows towards the rear of the car (relative to the photographer!). Track work looks complete, overhead wiring not so much. Therefore, I don't think it was in the Spring of 1978... wiring would have been complete! I really want to say the image is mid August to perhaps mid October 1977. It seems to have a bit of a yellowish cast from low sun, and certainly, there seems to be long shadows. Both images are cropped. I'll have to post the originals.
  2. ETS Photos

    Dipping into the archives... 1002 at Cromdale. Seems it's parked on the mainline with a blank sign. Note in the second shot that it doesn't appear all of the catenary is intact. Either, Cromdale was still being built, or, it was being dismantled! In retrospect, it doesn't even look like the mainline catenary is complete. Look like there only droppers on the catenary 1002 is under. 679 at the University 4912 on charter. This was 2005 for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference. As I recall, the wives of delegates were sent out on a tour of Edmonton and a little birdie who was driving the charter tipped me off to where and when the bus would be. As a result, some not too common shots of an artic in Northland's loop, and then turning onto 112 Ave.
  3. Cold Lake Transit

    Nova Bus it is. Resolution #CM20170926.1026 Moved by Councillor Lefebvre that Council authorize the City of Cold Lake to purchase two (2) new 2018 Nova LFS 40' transit buses from NovaBus for $1,147,452.20 plus GST.
  4. Transit Drawings

    Resolution #CM20170926.1026 Moved by Councillor Lefebvre that Council authorize the City of Cold Lake to purchase two (2) new 2018 Nova LFS 40' transit buses from NovaBus for $1,147,452.20 plus GST.
  5. CN Locos

    522 Scotford - Edmonton turn with typical Scotford power... which is largely an assortment of SD40's and GP40's. Heading for the Wainwright in Edmonton at mile 127.
  6. Calgary Transit

    I never said it failed to meet any standards. The link to the report can be found in the exact same thread that you responded to with this post, the same day that the link was posted...
  7. Old Greyhound timetables

    There's a timetable on eBay right now which might cover some or all of what you're looking for: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Greyhound-Canada-AB-Oct-1986-Bus-Timetable-3-Edmonton-Dawson-Crk-Whitehorse/253253780834?hash=item3af71a0562:g:gQ8AAOSwUlxaBvJm
  8. ETS Photos

    6952 at CP, and with single tracking due to switch work near DLM, trains were using the crossovers at Belvedere.
  9. ETS History

    Time to randomly resurrect a thread. Paterson Garage (formerly Davies Garage) has some historically significant signage. This is only something that occurred to me in the last few years as I did various research into ETS's history. Researching into the 1976 changes that ETS went though... transition from letter/ number for routes, new paint scheme, redesigned routes, I came across in the Edmonton Journal a piece of the City designing a logo/ word mark. This is of course the stylized "Edmonton" we're familiar with (on the blue and white Paterson sign below). Prior to that the City crest was used as the logo. I'm not exactly sure when Davies was built, but, it does pre-date Ferrier, which I believe was 1977 or 1978. That does put it in all likelihood pre-1976, and, the lettering is an indication of that. First, it uses the full "Edmonton Transit System" name, and second it uses the City crest. Off the top of my head, I don't recall the City crest in use on any other buildings at present. The "Edmonton Transit System" lettering has made it though the "Flying E" era, it then became relevant again for about another 20 years until "Service" replaced "System". It will be interesting to see how long it remains. Ferrier Garage still sports a "Flying E" on it's sign. Both of these pics were tweaked to try to bring out the lettering. The brick work kind of cause it to blend in. New sign/ old sign I've always thought the style of the office part looked the like the front of a Flyer 800 series bus. It's worth noting that orange might/ probably dates from when the garage was built. That seemed to be the City colours back before 1976. It was used on transit equipment and other City vehicles. Of course, Ed Tel used orange. Edmonton Power, however, I believe was green. In 1976 the City moved towards blue. It showed up of course in Edmonton Transit's new livery, City vehicles became predominately blue with a white stripe, latter changed to white with the triple blue stripe used today, and the City logo was blue as a I recall from the Journal article. As a bonus, speeder 3679 was out today. Off the top of my head, this is the only non-historic piece of equipment still with the blue/ yellow stripes and the "Flying E" livery.
  10. ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    I'd be more concerned that they're "nice" in the winter. Both from a passenger and drivers perspective.
  11. Calgary Transit

    Proterra bid on Edmonton's tender, and it's in black and white in a TTC report that the buses do meet Transport Canada requirements.
  12. Airdrie Transit is testing the Proterra demo. https://mobile.twitter.com/AirdrieTransit/status/930865720908320768/photo/1
  13. Pacific Western Transportation

    3004 paid a visit to Edmonton this weekend. A nice change from the usual PWT stuff we see around.
  14. ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    And a few pics of the new kids on the block. The ETS logo on the rear doesn't look right. Looks white, not grey like normal.
  15. ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    Confirmed ZF transmission, with photographic proof. 2004 and 2006 confirmed on property.