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  1. What you've heard is along what I've been able to find. @Tom1122 posted something in reply to me, but, nothing shows up!?!?
  2. First order, besides the two orders for St. Albert and one order for Grande Prairie. 🙄 Plus they more or less purpose built two for ETS for Winter testing a few years ago.
  3. This is one of those times were sources would be great.
  4. Went through my archives and put together a selection of CLRV and ALRV shots and dumped them on Flickr in celebration of 40 years of the CLRV/ ALRV.
  5. 4936 about 5 minutes into it's first block today. With 4936 in service, that is now 8 XD60's. I figure the magic number to tentatively kill the D60LF's is 9 (7 peak book in the AM, plus 2 spares). No Series 50 LF's today, and only 4909 in the morning. Some runs seem to have had 40' buses however. 16:20 from NAIT seemed to be a LFR and the last 15 AM artic didn't even track at all that we could see, or was just a 40'.
  6. Ah, yes, looks to be from a ttcbeat eBay auction where he puts is watermark across the image with the intention of dissuading others from reusing the image.
  7. Thank you for you photography and documentation throughout this thread. It's been great to have some variety of photos other than up close 3/4 front shots!!
  8. Something a little bit different... a BBC streaks East on Jasper Ave at 97 St as a route 120. How do we know it's a BBC? Well, simple. Everything is (relatively) sharp except for the blurred trolley wire, indicative of "wire wiggle" from a passing trolley coach, and the streaks of light from the passing coach. It was a cold evening, but, I had set out to capture some long exposures of trolleybus action. I can't help but be reminded of this passage from the book Edmonton's Electric Transit: "Will Edmontonians be able to stand a few years hence on an early frosty winter's morning and hear the stillness broken only by the hiss of carbon shoes on wire and the "clickity- clack" of the poles passing through switches?".
  9. Merry Christmas. A timely gift of sorts delivered to Paterson via flat bed truck- XD40 #7112. Also a Flexity was spotted at Walker Yard today.
  10. But the Proterra's are coming. They go topless all of the time! At least until they need to be shocked back to life...
  11. LOL. Your account shows it's Pro now? As per the topic of the day. I'm in different. I'd be annoyed, but, if I wanted a photo gallery type of set up to dump images on I should be able to set something up with Gallery on the server we have Barp on, and I'd save money since I wouldn't be feeding Flickr. Not everyone has that option, and some people have invested a hell of a lot more time and effort into their collection on Flickr than I have, but,that's my view on it.
  12. Where is roamers' paranoia?? My emphasis added where he in fact disagreed with said paranoia. "I can see your point to a certain extent and as I've previously stated, it almost seems paranoid and conspiratorial to assume that a company like BYD will do unscrupulous spying, etc. just because they are subsidized by the Chinese government. Possible? ...sure. Probable?, I"m not positive."
  13. There was no year 0. It went from 1BC to 1AD, so 2020 is the end of the decade.
  14. So for those who missed it.... The Coles Notes version on what just happened with electric bus funding. The first 19 or so buses used funding via the Federal Government's PTIF. A second group of buses (and by "buses" I mean buses and a number of chargers and anything else needed) were able to be added to the procurement by way of the Provincial Government Alberta Community Transit Fund (ACT). The 2019 budget profile for this group show the split being about 25 PTIF and 15 ACT, although that changed a little but I think and it ended up being closer to a 20/ 20 split. Those buses were to be for 2020 delivery. Additionally, with ACT funding for components of the Terwillegar Expressway project were 10 more electric buses to be used on a busway on this corridor for 2021 delivery. Since this project wasn't exactly part of the long term plans when the ACT grants was awarded there wasn't funding for the City's half so the intention was to use debt financing to cover the City's half. NDP lose to UCP in the election, and the first UCP budget comes out in late October and cancels ACT. At first this looked grim for the electric buses, however, it turned out due to the way things work the electric buses were actually VERY safe the whole time. The borrowing bylaw for the electric buses and other ACT projects didn't go to council for 3 readings until October. The PO was cut for the Proterra purchase back in April or May. That meant the budget profile for the ACT funded buses didn't have any money available yet, so, the buses were funded out of the regular bus equipment profile which is used for, among other things, diesel bus purchases, DATS bus purchases, and bus refurbishments (power train and body). What was now at risk was actually future diesel bus purchases as the Proterra contract had been signed and money would just end up coming out of bus equipment profile. Ultimately, Administration came back to Council for the 2019 budget adjustment with a re-profiling of the ACT projects. Changing the scope of some, eliminating some, and changing the amount of funding for others so that former ACT projects could fit into just the debt financing. In the case of the ACT electric buses, about $32 million will go into the bus equipment profile to replenish the amount for that group of electric buses. The original ACT funding was about $45 million with ACT funding about $22.5 million and the City $22.5 million, so, in this case they moved funding around from other less important projects so that the City is now putting in $32 million for these buses. The only thing is that I don't know what the difference of $13 million means. I suspect it could mean a reduction of 10 buses that were tied to Terwilligar, which means we could be looking at a final procurement of about 40 electric buses at this point in time. That could change with future budget adjustments and they could yet come up with funding for even more electric buses. They could also still pull some diesel funding to still go for the full 50 electric buses.
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