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  1. All 6 hybrids originally had A/C as the batteries needed it. The two disemboweled hybrids lost it. Probably in part when they gained their after treatment systems for their 2010 EPA engines.
  2. Today is the unveiling of the BYD's.
  3. Wow, they're a MiDi stronghold now
  4. Don't think it did leave on time. I believe the next #1 was 16 hours late leaving Toronto. Here is that #1 east of Edmonton 13 hours late, having gained back 3 hours. I believe it made it into Vancouver only about 11-12 hours late.
  5. ETS regularly runs U-2's on the weekend for all/ most Capital line service. Granted, Edmonton's are refurbed, and even before refurb, hadn't quite seen the mileage CT's had. I've speculated that could be because it might actually be cheaper to run a U-2 vs. SD160 (power consumption,,, think of that A/C sucking down juice during the summer) if maintenance costs were the same/ similar. It's largely anecdotal, but I see more breakdowns with SD's than U-2's. Hell, we had 2 SD's in Edmonton parked on an non-powered track for about half a year, 1 with obvious parts missing.
  6. May 30, 2016 and the work to reopen Fort McMurray after the wildfire is now underway. Whoosh and their drivers were instrumental in helping transport all of those who were going up to Fort McMurray to help reopen the city to it's residents from surrounding oil-related camps into the City. Seen at the Hanginstone camp are a pair of XD40's sandwiching a D40LF in the old livery. That was my 5th day up there but that was the first ray of sun since the day we headed up!
  7. You missed the Classic that's on there as well!
  8. The washrooms were locked during commuter service. Their Prevost's I don't believe had headrests through. I believe it was only the first year or two that Scona's buses were leased out during the summer.
  9. That #1 was having a bad day. We weren't sure exactly where it was when we were heading out to it, but 116 took the siding at Riley. We figured that was or #1, until we noticed another CN train already on the main. I believe it was 401. That cleared, then another Westbound intermodal showed, finally followed by #1. #1 got routed around the intermodal West of Tofield. I don't know what happened West of Edmonton, but, I was surprised when I checked 7-8 hours later the train hadn't made Jasper yet. A friend did send along something (Facebook?) that apparently the crew ran out of time at mile 231 on the Edson which is only a few miles out of Jasper. As a result, the Kamloops crew had to go and get the train, and needed a CN pilot into Jasper. The latest I saw this train was 13.5 hours, but, it has since gained about 30 minutes and is only 13 hours late, almost at Vancouver.
  10. A 7 hour late #1 with a Canada 150 unit leading, and a RMR car. Seen at Riley, AB.
  11. I guess that's a swing and a miss for those who assumed New Flyer... especially in light of the end of New Flyer production and marketing of the MiDi.
  12. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Kathleen+Andrews+Transit+Garage
  13. St. Albert's BYD's are on property. Sounds like late May for entering service.
  14. That sure the hell isn't MWTC. Looks like Meadows TC.
  15. First link when I googled "ETS ridership decrease": http://globalnews.ca/news/2985323/after-years-of-increased-ridership-fewer-people-taking-public-transit-in-edmonton/ No service cuts outside of the usual trips here and there.