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  1. M. Parsons

    2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    And a selection of pics of 2066.
  2. M. Parsons

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    Finally made it off that flat car it's been on for a month!
  3. M. Parsons

    Feature Photo Submissions

    ETS 1960 #438 TDH-5301 passing through the historic Glenora neighbourhood on Alexander Circle on historic tour duty in August 2005.
  4. M. Parsons

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries and Spottings

    The joys of a P3 I guess! I have a sneaky suspicion that when the City of Edmonton takes ownership of the line/ cars in 2050 that the current 1001-1025 will be retired. There's even a reasonable chance that if TransEd does build the WLRT as well and we go above 1036, that the SD160's could very well be retired by 2050, unless they keep them running for 50ish years like the U2's should attain. As a result of TransEd technically owning the cars at this point, I referred to them on my Flickr page as ETS/ TransEd, and even on Barp on the Future Vehicle page I referred to the agency as TransEd, rather than ETS. http://barp.ca/bus/alberta/news/future.html It's worth noting that the P3 in Vancouver for the Canada Line numbered their cars in the 1XX and 2XX series which is the same series used by Translink for Mk I and Mk II cars on the Skytrain. Although, at the end of the day I do wonder why in the hell they did go for the 1XXX's when there were other options available. Bissell Yard would be CN....
  5. 1001 in Bissell Yard waiting to be unloaded. More photos at: http://www.flickr.com/barpca
  6. M. Parsons

    2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    2066 is down by 97 St in Walker Yard now.
  7. M. Parsons

    St. Albert Sightings

    At least 4 new BYD's it seems, as we shot 1406 today and the highest number before was 1402.
  8. M. Parsons

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    The alternative is to call it by it's proper name, E track, which means a whole hell of a lot less than "Cromdale" to anyone not very familiar with Edmonton's LRT.
  9. M. Parsons

    VIA Rail Canada

    NO. Greyhound cutting a few bus trips using 55 seat coaches isn't going to mean the Canadian needs to be doubled. In Alberta, the Canadian doesn't serve Highway 16 corridor east of Edmonton. Methinks Lloydminster to Edmonton has more demand than Wainwright to Edmonton... Provinces would be better off subsidizing bus service rather than new or enhanced rail service outside of perhaps some corridors (Edmonton - Calgary). Even that corridor retains PWT's bus service, so using rail as a basic form of transport (3-4 hour journey) in competition with Red Arrow is going to a non-starter. As a faster service than Red Arrow to get people out of their cars would be a different conversation, but this conversation is about replacing 55 passenger and smaller buses with passenger trains.
  10. M. Parsons

    2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    It seems to be to reduce the use of artics. Sure, advertise it as putting artics on the busy express 15 and 100, but, the buses will be getting A LOT less wear and tear if they're out of a few hours a day, and it looks like at the most, 15 out a time vs. 25 before out of a fleet of 32. We'll see what the Fall holds though. They might very well bump up bookout for back to school. There's been a lot of interesting changes at ETS since Robar took over. Community Service cutback and replaced with 40's buses... artics being cut back as it stands. The 15 north of Downtown, and the 100 are two routes that will fall under the all day "Rapid Bus" category under the network redesign. The 15 on the south side will be replaced by the SELRT. While they haven't exactly defined what "Rapid Bus" is I kind of see that as meaning BRT, which makes me wonder if this even is to start to introduce something higher capacity in those corridors. Granted, "Rapid Bus" could also simply be their sexy way of renaming an express bus. Apparently the short turns will be back in the fall, or at least in the past the short turns go away for the summer. With the consolidation of the peak hour extensions for the 6X series routes into 15's with few peak hour extensions remaining for 6X routes, I also wonder if the use of artics could be to streamline all of the service needed on the 15's. The number of 15's during peak periods out of Mill Woods is boarderline stupid and would justify artic service, but that's really just peak hours only. Surely there is a demand midday for artics besides the 15.
  11. M. Parsons

    2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    Today is the first day for artic 15/ 100 service replacing the 8/9 and one AM tripper on the 100. Peak bookout goes from 25 in the AM to 15, and midday 24 to 5. Midday runs are 3 Centennial, 2 Westwood. Only 1 2001 made it out this morning.... 4905 on a route 15 that had a deadhead that almost took as long as the single trip from Mill Woods to Downtown. Presumably a trip like this will be extended to NAIT in the Fall. No more 15 midday short turns, so ETS has effectively cut the service in half for a portion of the 15, but instead is running artics. Granted, with no new artics tendered for yet... And 10 years ago the 2001 D60LF's were the most expensive 4000 series buses in the fleet to operate, I can only imagine how much the D60LF's cost now to operate.
  12. M. Parsons

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    Anyone know which cars have had the rotary converters replaced in Calgary? Those are useless to Edmonton, but, if 2066 is one with the replacement auxiliary converter that would be useful! The SIMATIC and master controller are probably useful as well. Hell, doors might even be useful. There was still a orange U2 door lurking around DLM. Pantograph not so much. The refurbishment tender called for at a minimum that the pans to be modified, if not out right replaced, so that they used the same carbon inserts as the SD's.
  13. M. Parsons

    Why are there pages for routes within a company?

    Routes come and go, they get changed over time. Transit systems revamp entire route networks. Case in point, the #98 service to Beaumont from Edmonton ended 15 years ago, but, it is detailed for posterity in the Wiki: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Edmonton_Transit_System_route_98
  14. M. Parsons

    General CTrain Discussion

    And that doesn't include all of the roof top details. I snagged a resin one from IHP many, many years ago. Similar price IIRC, but it included window inserts and roof equipment, minus the pantograph.
  15. M. Parsons

    Medicine Hat Transit

    Existing thread is linked below. It kind of gets lost down below all of the sub forums.