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  1. @Benton Harper, are the retired buses losing their license plates like regular ETS buses usually do? 5122 was on Big Blue III heading away from Percy Wickman. Assuming to scrap given it's a low numbered unit, but, it did still have it's license plate. An ex DATS bus might be a step up from a van for accommodations in the river valley for you sir.
  2. I made a frequency chart for the new network since ETS doesn't specifically have one yet. BNR Frequency Table The 520x Mystery - Surprise is unknown what the route is. It is supposed to be a LRT replacement like the 510x, it is on new bus stop signs, but there's been nothing published for it's route. It's possible ETS dropped the plans for the 520x, but, it still made it onto bus stop signs. Until I know more, I've left a place holder for it.
  3. No, we suspect that short turns aren't included in the frequencies provided. It's actually the opposite of the current frequency table ETS has out. As an example, on that it shows the 5 has having a frequency of 8 minutes (actually 7/8 or 7.5 minutes), but, that frequency is only between Downtown and Westmount. With the new system and how they have presented the information, they're just providing the base service for the entire route. The 5 still shows at short turn stop at the CN Tower loop on the new Downtown maps. This clearly also applies to the 4 (Boonie Doon short turn routing
  4. Big dump of new data for the network redesign on ETS's pages for it. - individual route maps (no schedules) - system maps including late night and Downtown - frequency lookup - lots more On Demand information I do like the looks of the system map. Not impressed with some frequencies on the so called Frequently Transit Network. Like the 5 at best having 15 minute service. I'm guessing that's not including short turns.
  5. While the one off grant established by the NDP government was cancelled, the meat and potatoes MSI funding that is often used for bus purchases is intact and amounts to nearly $1 billion per year across the province. This diesel bus purchase probably would not have been covered by the grant established under the NDP, or the previous GreenTRIP, as those generally didn't fund replacement diesel buses.
  6. Oh you and your wishful thoughts. I'm guessing ridership has not grown, let alone recovered, since regular service hasn't been reinstated and the below changes are still in effect. Weekday service Monday to Friday will operate as follows: Frequency of Routes 1, 2, and 3 during peak periods will change from 30-minute service to 60-minute service. All routes will end approximately one hour earlier in the evening. Routes 1 to 4 end at 8:15 p.m. at Town Centre Mall Route 5 ends at 8:06 p.m. at Prairie Mall Route 6 ends at 8:00 p.m. at Eastlink Centre Saturday Service:
  7. Spruce Grove should have taken delivery of a Arboc in the October-November 2020 timeframe. Presumably #6934. Consider it speculation and nothing more until it can be confirmed. Unfortunately, with the 566 and 567 suspended due to Covid, and the 568 needing just 1 bus, it would be a crap shoot to try to track down 1 out of 4 buses. Local service expansion was also defered from September 2020 to September 2021. 2021 is supposed to still see a route to Parkland Village and a route to Stony Plain commence operation.
  8. Rode 8037 today. Impressed with the heat. I don't recall being too impressed with the heat on the BYD demos on a day when it was warmer than today. I don't recall being too impressed with the heat on St. Albert's either. I think this was the first one of the second batch. Seems they have USB outlets for passengers. That would be a first for ETS.
  9. My fault, wrong link. None the less, you're quite incorrect that they don't have anything listed. See the screen shot below where I have highlighted the page on school service.
  10. Google is your friend. This an example of a query you could use: https://www.google.com/search?q=bc+transit+kamloops+school+service
  11. Two quotes above. Do you really consider the E&N right of way to be a "linear and dense corridor?" As for competing with highway speeds, I presume that the $227,000,000 cost doesn't get you that. I take it that's what the $548,000,000 cost will get you? That's an astonishing amount of money when the existing bus operation could be subsidized for far under $1 million year. If that $227,000,000 existed, in particular at the Federal level, it could subsidize a lot of bus service all across Canada. Hell, if that money existed and was earmarked for passenger rail outside of
  12. More concrete work being replaced? Of course! It's TransEd after all. January 19, 2021 – Starting on or about January 20, 2021, crews will be performing concrete work for track slab placements on Whitemud Drive westbound. To accommodate this work, one of the Whitemud westbound off-ramp lanes will be closed at 75 Street for two consecutive weeks. Left and Right turn lanes will remain permitted. January 26, 2021 – Starting on or about January 27, 2021, crews will be performing concrete work for track slab replacements and installation of a new pedestrian crossing in the dedicated north
  13. They did do it logically to a degree I'd say. Starting at the top/ North of the City they went clockwise as 100, 500, 700, 900. Clearly, they didn't want to consecutively number any one region, although they could have. Consider too that they might have come up with this numbering scheme taking into consideration future regional routes. It's quite possible the 200's could disappear under the regional commission, or, St. Albert could end up ditching the A series route and 200's become local. None the less, during the roll out of ETS's new network that is not the case. 200 series are
  14. Everything looks fine, works fine for me. Am I the only one? Or do I just not sweat the little things? Edit: I can edit my posts no problem.
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