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  1. This is not a T55 issue either I suspect. If you want to use Google for trip planning, you need to set it to a Saturday for it to work correctly, and even then, that might not capture some of the enhanced services. At least with T55 you can still track buses as long as they are signed in, but yes, it becomes a challenge if the bus is a floater and does a route, but never signs into a specific block. This will hopefully be fixed this Sunday with the new sign up.
  2. COVID-19 signup starts Sunday, March 29. Got to give them credit for getting that done that quick! 4166 out this morning.
  3. 4932 route 17 at 23:40. Never thought I'd see that.
  4. You're wrong. Artics have been in use as unscheduled extras today. Only saw 4960 on a midday 15, but did see two sitting on standby outside of Andrews which were gone on my next trip by. Not sure if they would get adventerous and assign them in time to regular pieces once they get a signup built for the modified service. First Ferrier Vicinity I've spotted with a bike rack is 2036. Theoretically the money is there and then some..... "in the 2019-2022 Capital Budget the number given for AC retrofits is 635. Working backwards... 30 D60LFR's plus 9 XD's, 2 disemboweled hybrids, all diesel LFR's, and all LF's 2001-2006 is 637 units (maybe they still have 6003/04 listed as A/C!)." With 92 XD's, plus 40 E2's, that should be enough to kill off the remaining 1998 and 1999's and all 2000's and make a large dent in the 2001's. Not sure if we'll see any 2001's that survived (or even a straggler 2000 or two) retrofitted or not. That could mean they retrofit anything that isn't purged in 2020. Of course, this is simply based on available data. Let's say it costs a bit more than planned to install, maybe then they skip, say the 4300's.
  5. Limited frequency? The routes that are being added are getting full peak service.
  6. Ridership was announced as down by 22% yet they have cut service far more than that. The current plan for drivers was 3 days driving, 2 days spare board. What needs to happen this afternoon is get all of those new found spare board drivers on to the street covering overcrowded routes.
  7. Sorry Captain, but this post is full of inaccuracies. Flus are all viral. https://offeringhope.org/tips-identifying-flu/ Mutations are not causing an issue with vaccine development. "These viruses "are still so genetically similar that these mutations shouldn't alter a new vaccine," https://www.livescience.com/coronavirus-mutations.html Not sure what your sources were, and I could go on, but I'll just leave it at those two. None the less, your point to take this virus and disease it causes, need to be taken very seriously is bang on.
  8. A few of my recommendations, as you have asked for: 1. Delete your account. No issue of being banned further. 2. Don't post a reply. Can't get banned if you don't post. 3. Don't post pictures. You can't grasp copyright law so just stop. If you Eff up, I promise you I'll be the one flagging your posts. 4. Respect the admins. Your one set of comments that were posted to this board deserved an outright banning for ever. You didn't get that. You're lucky. Be humble and gracious that they haven't deleted you yet. 5. Accept responsbility for past actions. Stating that "all my infractions don't apply to the guidelines" is wrong on so many levels. You just basically said you believe you did nothing wrong and don't believe you deserved to be banned. That comment alone, I'd ban you again. You just basically said "fuck you, I did nothing wrong" to the admins. 6. Why even create this post? Are you looking to draw attention to yourself? BE HUMBLE. 7. Don't like what I said? Oh well. You literally asked for it. Thank you.
  9. And a picture, as grim as an editted cell phone shot can be... you at least can get an idea of what they look like in ETS paint.
  10. ETS 8001 spotted NIS running around south Edmonton. The first two production Proterra's arrived on February 14, 2020.
  11. Denver RTD says it's expensive because of demand changes from the electricity supplier. Stick a New Flyer or Proterra or any other electric bus into Denver and you'll have the same problem. As for IndyGo, they actually run 60' BYD's. Now, I suspect in general the 60' BYD's are the biggest culprits not meeting range promises. I suspect it's a case of diminishing returns as you have more bus to move, which means more batteries, which means more weight, which means more batteries. For depot charging buses, like BYD's, I suspect that there's a sweet spot with current technology with bus weight/ length/ range that doesn't work out as well with 60' buses.
  12. That's interesting. Edmonton does have some speed control in certain areas to enforce speed limits slower than 70 km/r. It's not on board* like Calgary's 80 km/h and Edmonton's 70 km/h system limit. I'm not 100% certain how it works, other than there are magnets for speed checks. I wouldn't be surprised if there are other components like wheel sensors in use. ETS's Design Guidelines say that they are used before stations, interlocking, or other areas as determined where enforced braking is required. *CBTC will of course shut a train down for overspeed at any speed limit on the NLRT extension beyond McEwan. At least until that system is replaced.
  13. So true. As a result of doing paved track on the NLRT in Edmonton, for no reason other than aesthetics, that helped push the decision towards CBTC for the signal system. Now with that being terminated, they are installing a signal system and cutting concrete out of the paved sections. KISS.
  14. In this case, this is a single midtrain car by the looks of it. Non standard couplers possibly? Also, given the logos from multiple agencies, it's possible this a prototype/ demonstrator or perhaps even a mock up. Might not be rail-worthy.
  15. 4941 at South Campus after a 104 run. 4943 at 111 Ave and Kingsway as a 100S Victoria School.
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