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  1. Yeah, that ones been done for over a week now. 4931 is the highest I've seen done, and today, caught 4915 on the 700 with A/C.
  2. Well played sir. Well played. Un-cancelled.
  3. That's it! The one I was going to do for December is CANCELLED. 😆
  4. November 25, 2020: Updated the Edmonton Transit Service streetcar page with 22 photos and the CN section with 62 photos. (84 photos total). The Edmonton section feels a little bit more complete after populating a streetcar page 20 years after that heading was added! And the majority of the photos on that page are not images of ERRS equipment.
  5. Your link is to a MP3 file. 😉 There's actually quite a number of ex VIA locomotives around. I believe the majority of the rebuilt 6300 series F units found new homes, with a couple still running for Ontario Southland in revenue freight service. Generally speaking quite a few of the other F units and MLW FPA4 locomotives found a new home, some in museums, but certainly some earning their keep in excursion service. There is even at least one FPA4 converted to run on natural gas running for the Napa Valley Wine Train.
  6. I always flip 510 around.🙄 Oddly, there is a 520X listed on at least one bus stop sign, but, no listing when I last checked on the April 25, 2021 on the ETS page. I'd speculate it is a second LRT replacement bus.
  7. The original plan for the network redesign called for each quadrant of the City to be changed at different times. Fortunately, we didn't go that route as Council told Transit to do it all in one shot. Do you realize that DATS cost the exact same as regular transit? There are not even specific DATS fare products. It's not possible to do that. When you're changing the fundamental system as much as this change will be, there is no way to run a trial or transition. The closest thing will be that the 150x, Valley Line SE route until the LRT opens, overlaps after the LRT opens to allow rides to transition for a time period. Also, it's starting on a Sunday not Monday... it's a minor fact, but, accuracy in posting is important.
  8. No, I suspect it will be back. Could just be a long lead time component. We've seen the various hybrids parked for periods at a time.
  9. That's not an ETS problem. That's a "you" problem. Leave earlier.
  10. Holy crap. 2 in one week instead of my usual less than 1 per year. November 23, 2020: Updated the Edmonton Transit Service Historic Collection page with new information and photos. (42 photos).
  11. November 21, 2020: Updated the Edmonton Transit Service with new section for Proterra's (42 photos) and Streetcars (3 photos). (45 photos). Plus everything else Jamie has been up to: http://barp.ca/2020updates.html
  12. 8021- CFH-8622 8022- CFH-8623 8024- CFH-8625 8027- CFH-8628 8029- CFH-8630 I forgot to check plates Thursday, remember today though. Otherwise I would have 8028 as well. 8032 alluded me both days and I haven't seen 8023 yet, although, I think it's safe to say 8021-8029 are sequential.
  13. Welcome the board. I like to direct you to this: https://cptdb.ca/topic/17809-forum-guidelines/ Your post is certainly in contradiction of this point, especially given that you dredged up a thread which is literally over a decade old in order to contribute nothing further to the thread. Ensure your posts contribute to the discussion in a relevant and respectful manner. Posts that don't may be removed. Thank you, and remember: Think twice. Post once.
  14. 4926 is the first D60LFR retrofitted with driver air conditioning that I've spotted. Didn't see any other ones today out of the 10 or so D60LFR's I spotted.
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