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  1. LRT's new Knox Kershaw KSF 940 ballast regulator/ snow fighter #9023 on E track at Coliseum.
  2. I can assure you there was no sarcasm or ill intent with that post. That's just the members posting style and was completely intended to complimentary in nature, and sincere.
  3. 5181 and N5203 from today. Spotted quite a number of new 52XX units. Usually I spot none or one in a day, but today it was 3-4 units so it seems a few more have been turned lose on City streets.
  4. After a quiet day Monday for electrics and nothing on the weekend... We finally saw something close to a proper dispatching of the buses today. Stats are: Total of 29 buses went into service. Centennial had a poor showing: 4/ 8 buses: 2 AM trippers, 2 PM trippers. In the past Centennial has managed 2 AM trippers, and PM buses, sometimes both on blocks running into the evening and even late evening period. Andrews: 26/32 buses, 26/ 30 buses active in April (8009 last seen November 2020, 8016 March 30, 2021). 10 AM Peak-PM Peak 2 C/O 5 PM-Late Night 1
  5. Quite frankly, if they paid attention at their start point and end point, they either see the same route number, or a different route number. If they notice that the destination bus stop sign has a different route number than the originating bus stop sign, hopefully they have the common sense to check into the changes. If not. I have no sympathy.
  6. Not so much for the mall, but to transfer. In particular along the 506, 507, and 508. If you want to get to MWTC to transfer to anything, you need to transfer to the LRT/ 510X or even the 509 first. Direct routes to MWTC have been the norm since the areas north and east of Mill Creek were developed. And I don't think ETS has done anything to facilitate transfers in the Millbourne area, given this could be the focal point and not Millgate. Maybe a couple of new, well placed bus stops.
  7. How so? This was designed assuming LRT was in operation. Routes are focused on getting riders to the LRT either at Mill Woods TC, 38 Ave, or Davies. Indeed, it seems to get to MWTC could be tougher now for some Mill Woods riders. They will need to transfer to the LRT, rather than having a one seat ride to MWTC.
  8. What a load of bullshit. That was never the plan. The plan was to stop buying replacement buses as diesels, and buy electrics instead. In the mean time, a long term contract with New Flyer was signed for diesels. We're into the options years and this point, so no obligation, but they can buy diesels for probably another 6 years without tendering from New Flyer. One problem is that the whole electric bus program for the first 40 buses has been going on for so long now, we've already had one batch of diesels delivered that could have theoretically been electric. And there will be more.
  9. Yeahhhhh unless there's facts to back it up, I do not believe a word ETS says. Good intentions the person might have, but their facts might be lacking.
  10. My assumption for some time now has been that Vix has personal back in Canada, or has made other arrangements, since installation of card readers restarted some time ago. There's even a few buses with the card readers fully powered on, one of which I was on a few hours ago.
  11. And yet, you make posts like this? https://cptdb.ca/topic/12041-portland-trimet/?do=findComment&comment=914868 " photo credit goes to their original owners" Well, who the was that? Which website did you get them from? The South Coast Area Transit and Gold Coast Transit images actually received attribution, which is more than can be said about the images in your post... Time for me to a file a section 69 claim against you on this board for copyright infringement.
  12. Wild Rose Brewery High Harvest Hemp Strong Pale Ale. If you like a hoppy as all hell beer, that packs a punch, this is it.
  13. 8039 on the 3 this morning. Cold enough apparently for the diesel heater to be used, as evident from the black smoke coming from below the rear bumper. 8012 on a PM peak 125 at Stadium.
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