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  1. Surely if the buses were leased this would have been noted in the report on the progress of the green bus initiative, and additionally federal PTIF funding was used which I think precludes these being leased buses. A brief synopsis of ETS's Proterra operations to date: Edmonton has generally been running their Proterra fleet somewhat reliably as of late after a period of minimal operations that extended from late Fall 2020 - early 2021, after what seemed like a good start with the first 20 buses. 8 buses out of Centennial Garage, 32 out of Andrews. As of this week all of Andre
  2. Maybe do us all a favour and lay off on your attempts at sarcasm altogether? Saves having to explain yourself later on.... Thanks!
  3. 3 pad/shelter stops, 1 stop with a concrete pad by the looks. The other 10 stops are to have a concrete base poured for a metal bus stop pole. Personally, that seems overkill when a metal post sunk into the ground would work just fine, but, the tender calls for the concrete base.
  4. 102 has received decals. The permanent 104 and 105 have arrived, they are Promaster's like 102 and 103.
  5. As good as those responses were, I'm curious if any of the responses were taken out of context because the respondents were able to ride the entire LRT line for free rather than because they had a smart card. A better way, perhaps, would have been to find users who occasionally used transit (tickets or cash) and then have them use a smart card and see if that would increase their transit usage. Problem is setting up a reloadable smart card for 200 people probably would have cost a hell of a lot more for the backend that would be required to allow card reloads. Or Have a control
  6. Customer service is long gone from there, and Edmonton Tower is in full blown lock down because customer service is apparently too risky to provide with Covid. City Hall too for that matter, and they might keep them locked down beyond the Provincial reopening.
  7. City Hall has never carried them anyways. Best bet might be a library or on a bus. Supply on buses has improved over the last couple of days. Apparently they ran out of the first printing and are on a second printing now.
  8. There's something to be said about doing this the old fashioned way and not using a tracker to figure things out! Best I can do for today is confirm that 101 is still a Ford/ Arboc unit. Perhaps it will just be 104 and 105 that were the temporary units.
  9. What colour(s)? Presumably amber? Edmonton inspectors have always had amber lightbars for visibility, protecting, signaling etc.
  10. From the Spring Capital Budget Adjustment is a proposal to test two hydrogen fuel cell buses, in conjunction with Strathcona County Transit, Calgary Transit, and the Bow Valley RTSC. ETS seems to be taking the lead on the bus purchase, and I gather the buses will be sent around during the testing phase to the other agencies. Funding would come from the existing bus capital funding profile. It looks like ETS's contribution would be the cost of two buses, about $1.26 million, with I gather the balance coming from grants. The expected cost per bus is $1.4 million. The grant source
  11. LRT's new Knox Kershaw KSF 940 ballast regulator/ snow fighter #9023 on E track at Coliseum.
  12. I can assure you there was no sarcasm or ill intent with that post. That's just the members posting style and was completely intended to complimentary in nature, and sincere.
  13. 5181 and N5203 from today. Spotted quite a number of new 52XX units. Usually I spot none or one in a day, but today it was 3-4 units so it seems a few more have been turned lose on City streets.
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