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  1. M. Parsons

    CPTDB Reached new "Most Online" Record

    Probably nothing, after all that time is based up on your computers time. For me it shows as 10:51AM for the most online. I'm also curious how accurate that number is and the technical "stuff" behind it. 2479 users at once seems a bit excessive... to jump from 863 from 5+ years ago to 2479 in 2019 without anything in between in all of these years seems a bit odd. In fact, I always wrote the 863 number off as being an anomaly. Perhaps lots bots visiting for Google or Wikipedia or perhaps even something more malicious in the way of bots (advertising related?, attack?, spamming attempts?).
  2. M. Parsons

    Whats up with the board

    Given all of the STO stuff is in the NCR section... with topics dating back to 2007... 12 years ago... I guess that's where it goes.....
  3. M. Parsons

    Electric buses by Gillig

    Perhaps because BYD has more experience building electric buses than Gillig? Perhaps this Cummins drive might be proportionally more expensive than the BYD drive? Perhaps BYD has the foreign financial backing that would allow them to offer competitive pricing? As for BYD and tariffs... Given that I gather BYD is winning tenders which include "Buy America" requirements, I'd imagine that tariffs are not too signficant... If the bus was all Chinese components, don't think it would be meeting "Buy America" requirements. "The firm’s battery-electric, zero-emission buses not only meet but also exceed all current and future stated FTA “Buy America” requirements, incorporating 70%+ U.S. content." http://en.byd.com/usa/news-posts/press-release-byd-continues-u-s-investment-with-new-5-million-warehouse-facility/
  4. M. Parsons

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    A bit late to the party on this one... but lots of manual steering in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=qfz2zG2HmMc There are two other Edmonton Transit videos from the same user on this channel that are worth a watch.
  5. M. Parsons

    LRT Spottings

    2010 and new ballast cars 2206 and 2207 doing some ballast work at Churchill Station.
  6. M. Parsons

    Strathcona Sightings

    This is what peak hour 414 service looked like coming up on 15 years ago, when the 414 was sort of the secondary route to the 401. There were 40' bus trips and probably even 60' buses used on the 414, but it was usually cutaways for a couple of early afternoon trips. Now of course, the 414 is the main route and the 404 the secondary route. Often the buses in use are double deckers.
  7. M. Parsons

    Edmonton's historic buses

    96 is an ElDorado Passport.
  8. M. Parsons

    Southeast LRT

    It's been more like 6 months and it's sitting inside a tent at the Gerry Wright facility. There is literally no where to put any new cars yet.
  9. M. Parsons

    Go Transit buses in Calgary

  10. M. Parsons

    Fort Saskatchewan Transit Future

    You would need to do some research. Start off with City Council meeting minutes and the City budget. You'll probably find something. Before soliciting for information, make sure you know what you're even talking. Your posts amount to: "this sucks, how can we fix it, but really, I know nothing about the City of the Region". The bridge is a problem, but the end is insight. https://www.transportation.alberta.ca/6051.htm
  11. M. Parsons

    Bus Network Redesign

    "Old school" passengers know which stop to use I guess as we've never* had terminus labels on stops. I guess map reading skills are going away in this day in age? For the last 22ish years I've figured out which stop to use by looking at a map. *Pre-Horizon 2000 (June 29, 1997, 20 years ago) some bus stops would have listed the routes and terminals. That vast majority would not have. With the Horizon 2000 changes a new bus stop sign was introduced which now included route numbers. At bus terminals the bus stop signs are different and do indeed include destinations. Personally, I feel having the route numbers that serve the stop to be good enough. Perhaps if have you have no sense of direction or are unfamiliar with an area I could appreciate that one could have a bit tougher of a time picking out which bus stop to use. What have you so far experienced with ETS in regards to this "coin toss" that you don't know which direction you'll end up going?
  12. M. Parsons

    Fort Saskatchewan Transit Future

    Improved service will cost $$$$$$$$. How does Fort Saskatchewan fund increased service levels? Will taxpayers be willing to foot the bill for more transit through tax increases? "Right now, the only bus that gets you out of town is the ETS 580". What would you propose in addition too, or in place of the 580? More stops along existing routes, maybe. The existing service however if quite smart. Maximum coverage, 30 minutes per loop. Extending the route to encompass both the West loop and Downtown loop would add time which would prevent convenient-for-scheduling 30 minute trip times. Transfer connections are timed and can be made at the DOW Centre or North Transfer point for those that need to reach the other portions of the routes that aren't duplicated. 8:25-13:25 service is covered by one bus and that service can perhaps be a bit funky, although, usable. The 580 covers another slice of Fort Saskatchewan and probably brings most residents to within a 400m walk of a bus stop. Without specific examples, I can't comment further, but it does look like transit coverage is deployed as effectively as possible with the available budget. On demand bus service would be a replacement for fix route service. Whether that's good or not is another conversation. It think the to meet the 580's you need fixed route service. Maybe in that 5 hour window with 1 bus you could use on demand bus service. For this "I know someone who knows someone" scenario, I suggest looking into Special Transportation Services Society. Watching the raise of transit operations around Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan has set up what seems to be a model scenario. Their service I was always concerned would vaporize one day. Contracted, minimal infrastructure. Over time it built up... more commuter runs, then contracted local service. Finally, City owned buses operated by a contractor with ETS contracted for the commuter service, and now some more permanent infrastructure (improved bus stops, transfer points and park and ride). It would be nice if the service could one day could demand additional buses, but, I suspect that could be some time aways.
  13. M. Parsons

    Christmas Loot 2018 What did you get?

    Liquor, coffee, and coffee liqueur. Perfect.
  14. M. Parsons

    TTC Electric Buses Orders and Deployments

    False. Edmonton's order is depot charging also, but unless something changed during negotiations, it will be overhead charging. I gather the TTC's will be plug in charging.
  15. This is actually something that could lead to discussion. Whether or not Orion was, I suspect BAE was was looking to a full EV system with the HybriDrive system going back 5-10 years. Given for many years the Orion was the defacto platform for the BAE HybriDrive, I think absolutely a 100% EV Orion VII would have happened, unless a successor to the Orion VII was around by now. As for the Orion VII being compatible with 100% electric power, as the main difference between a hybrid and a battery electric bus is the power source, I would say again, absolutely. I'm not overly familiar with the Orion VII, and in particular the later developments of the NG and EPA10, so I'm not sure how far they got with including electric driven accessories in the Orion VII, but that too could be a step towards a full electric bus. One benefit of the Xcelsior over of the LFR platform is an advertised 8% weight reduction. Less weights allows more batteries to be carried (not withstanding any body strengthening to support batteries I guess). I've tried to dig up some specifications, but, I am under the impression that the Orion VII was a bit heavier than comparable New Flyer and Nova Bus products. That could be the one detriment with the Orion VII platform vs the Xcelsior in a full electric bus. But, that's only if you compared the two. I think an Orion VII could have done just fine as a an electric bus, although perhaps with a bit more limited range unless en route charging is employed (which both New Flyer and Nova Bus started with first). In the case of New Flyer they developed their own entire electric bus concept, whereas BAE would have probably done a lot of the EV work with Orion's support. Looking into the HyrbiDrive this evening, I see it's come even further than the last time I looked into it. I am curious if one day we'll see a HybriDrive full EV system as an option in buses from other vendors like Nova Bus or New Flyer, instead of their in house developed options. http://www.hybridrive.com/pdf/bus/advancing_electric_solutions_brochure_18.pdf