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  1. I think it's safe to say if there is a known issue with the app not working you'll get a free pass. If it's because your phone isn't working for what ever reason, then personally, I'd say tough shit. If a customer hasn't made sure that they will have a device capable of displaying the fare media when required, that's on them. It would just be like if I tried to tell a fare checker that I have a bus pass and I forgot it at home. Could be 100% true, but I'd still get a fare evasion ticket because how many times have they heard that excuse? Certainly, if you're a daily rider whoe usually catches the same bus with the same driver they could give you a break and even give you a transfer, but on LRT, that's not going to be the case. And how many times in a day do fare checkers encounter someone without a validated fare but they have unvalidated tickets on them and try to pull that excuse?
  2. Took some work Googling but it would appear this was originally CN MLW S-4 #8018, later to Canada Starch. Paint matches the pic in the source link below, as does the time frame that it was listed as retired by Canada Starch. They did list the Hull, Chelsea & Wakefield as "stillborn" which certainly wasn't quite the case. http://www.trainweb.org/oldtimetrains/industrial/ont/casco.htm
  3. I rediscovered some slides in my collection recently. I'm not 100% certain if they are originals or duplicates, but, they are colour streetcar slides so I'm not complaining! Dates on all of the streetcar slides is September 1947. Below are 4 scans from this set. #14 with a trailer. I suspect this was at the barns. #27 at the barns. #58 somewhere in Calgary. Note that trolleybuses and streetcars are sharing positive wire. #426 at the 4 St NW/ Blackthorn loop in 1969.
  4. St. Alberta has done the same thing. Never put their XD60's into service, dumped them behind the garage, and are running the snot out of the remaining Series 50 D60LF's.
  5. Probably for repair work, maybe a rebuild. Why are you so surprised? You've previously commented on a bus from US agencies at Big Rig for repairs...
  6. 4 Vicinity's outside at Andrews including 2011. Most likely for shield installation. Shields for the Vicinity's are due in next week, but, no plans to bring back Community Service buses for the next sign up that starts June 20.
  7. Might have to adjust the tension of the catenary. Reports of pantograph bounce.
  8. And Edmonton keeps running right a long with Duncan fareboxes, including the units picked up from Translink when they ditched them. I would imagine Calgary still has ex Translink units as well.
  9. I don't know what to make of this. Please enlighten us with details on riots in the US that are targeting LACMTA, NYTA and others. I'm not looking for incidental damage to transit equipment due to civil unrest that started in Minneapolis. You've said specifically riots targeting transit, and in the context of people disagreeing with social distancing signage on buses. You must really believe the worst in people if you genuinely "believe they would be more outright" in their aggression because of signage on bus seats. I've certainly seen people ripping off the signs on buses. In Edmonton granted. Saw it twice. And a lot of Edmonton's are cable tied on. Can't blame static electricity weakening the adhesive when those are missing.
  10. Fantastic work! From my own research into ETS's history I, know the amount of work that can go into digging up some of the material you have, and the time and effort to scan and digitize that material. Well done!
  11. I hate to say it since I know what the pool means to you, but, the manpower needed might not justify the cost given the financial situation the City is in, especially for a limited number of people. Pools should generally be a phase 3 reopening. I believe the City has talked about keeping some facilities closed to save money.
  12. This is a major bump... but... why not? Recently added this slide to my collection. Through the course of random finds over the intervening years, it turns out that Edmonton did in fact put the substations they purchased to use. At the very least one was used to power the Westwood trolleybus substation until the end of trolleybus operations in 2009. One of the rectifiers has been preserved. https://www.ephf.ca/Blog.asp?id=57&title=Solid-State-Rectifier-GE
  13. Something from my collection, Whitehorse 17, ex Calgary Transit 303.
  14. Not much of a question. Most are going to scrap without much in the way of parts removal. It's actually rarer to find a retired bus parted out than largely intact. Some are retired/ out of services buses are parked at the Ellerslie facility.
  15. 4478 and others are nothing special. Buses have slowly been reentering service with shields for the last 2 months. 4267 is the first 4200 to escape retirement and receive a shield. Vice versa, there are 4300's that are likely retired. Hell, 6002 was parked out back of Andrews. Not with the retired buses, likely waiting for a shield, but, you never know.
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