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  1. Carrying on with this topic. Start up in the Edmonton - Calgary corridor The Canada Bus has also been granted access to Southgate and Kingsway Transit Centre's. Finally with some overcast, went and got a few pics today.
  2. The PM block also tracked Wednesday. It did not track Tuesday, but, there were also no 570 blocks scheduled on Tuesday, although there are for Monday, Wednesday-Friday. There is internal ETS intel that refers to the route starting operation October 18th, but then Devon says October 25th. Methinks there was a miscommunication somewhere. Apps are now showing a warning that although the 570 is showing as a trip option, it doesn't start until October 25th. That warning wasn't there on Tuesday when I checked. The 570 blocks where scheduled today as well, but nothing tracked and I was around Southgate at 18:00 and spotted nothing. It seems Ferrier some how let this 570 escape into the wild for 2 days when it shouldn't have. Beaumont Transit's end goal seems to be to get into Mill Woods Transit Centre, probably to align with the VLSE LRT opening. Beaumont Transit might have had the option of going to Southgate, but that could have upset timing to allow 2 buses to maintain a 30 minute frequency. Sure, Devon could just run to Heritage Valley, but then their riders need to transfer to the 700X before being able to get anywhere else on Transit. Arguably, that could save some time and allow a more logical service. On the other hand, it does mean the Devon riders are able to avoid 1 transfer. The midday trip should be later in the day, around noon. And given that ETS has to deadhead a bus from Ferrier to Devon, and then from the Airport back to Ferrier, it really wouldn't have taken much to run the bus in service from Edmonton to Devon, and then from the Outlet Mall to Edmonton. Edit: Figured I'd better check garages. AM and mid-norning trip are Mitchell runs, PM trip is Ferrier, so mid-morning in service from Edmonton doesn't work unless ETS could move the trip to Ferrier.
  3. I didn't realize that was who was doing the work on the TTC. In Edmonton, Alstom came in to supply a fixed block system to replace the Thales CBTC which was taking forever and not meeting specs (although it sounds like ETS kept moving the goalposts)
  4. Devon is going ahead with a transit service between Devon, the Edmonton International Airport, and Southgate to be operated by ETS in advance of the EMTSC. Approved yesterday (Monday): "That Council accepts the General Manager of Planning and Infrastructure and the Edmonton Transit Service’s (ETS) presentation on Interim Sub Regional Transit Service for Devon and that Administration is to proceed with the route to Southgate Mall and Edmonton International Airport (EIA) as directed." It sounds like the contracts were ready to go, or very close to, so this service should be starting in a relatively short time frame. Fares sound like they will be free, so, while I would initially suspect a Vicinity would be used, "free" might cause enough demand for a 40' bus. https://devon.ca/Services/Projects-Initiatives/Devon-Transit
  5. I actually believe a little bit that you're not duplicate accounts of Mr. Vancouver Foam or Spadina. Although I do wonder if the two YYC accounts are actually one person. Both accounts warn that they are noobs. Answer me this. Why the hell would a pair of self proclaimed noobs decide to BOTH got involved in a controversial topic in a region that they are not from? Seems like a good idea to head back into the Calgary section and not get involved in shit like this.
  6. 8018 was in the blue outside at Andrews, presumably dropped off today, later joined by 8020 in the regular blue after being dropped off by Big Rig Towing out of Calgary.
  7. 8017 is parked in the corner of the Andrews lot in blue.
  8. Good luck with that. Curbside will probably become standard for most big box retailers.
  9. 8012 and 8014 are in the blue, parked in the corner of the lot at Andrews where dead buses get dumped. 8008 is on the south road.
  10. Who dreamt up that steaming pile of a rumor? I heard someone had some false information on Facebook. Anyways, no, still ETS operated, including into next signup starting on Sunday.
  11. Turns out it was in the Western Canada section which is easily overlooked. Saskatchewan and Manitoba rate their own sub forums, yet the rest of Alberta doesn't. Checking what run yesterday afternoon, Proterra's did definitely show up at Northgate, Belvedere and quite a few through Clareview, with one on a loop every 30 minutes from 15:15-17:40, so they were out there.
  12. They've been exercised here and there. All 3 took a trip with the Spruce Grove units to Andrews for shield installation, and I would occasionally see one moving around Centennial. Shield installation happened before Beaumont tendered for a contractor, so, I'm not sure if ETS ended up pulling those out as well before PWT took over the operation.
  13. You didn't research ahead of time? These are the questions you ask days/ weeks/ months in advance. Belvedere and Clareview have also seen their share of electric bus runs. Don't expect to see much midday. A lot of the longer runs start from 14:00-15:00 and run into the evening. Off peak, it is easier to find a Proterra in the evening rather than midday.
  14. All white livery Proterra's are MIA or in the blue livery. There is no best route to find Proterra's on. They can show anywhere, anytime for the most part due to interlines, although with Andrews running the majority, they do tend to show up in North and Northeast a bit more than other areas.
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