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  1. VIA Rail Canada

    Because that's not where it is. They use wayside power for Skeena equipment which is stored on a station track and not that stub siding. Even when they have a locomotive parked on the stub track, I don't recall them idling during the spring/ summer, probably because of the automatic shut down system.
  2. VIA Rail Canada

    They sure do have wayside power.
  3. 170-199

    Have a read please:
  4. CN Locos

    Productive day today. Arrived at the diesel shops to find 522 with it's trio of SD40-2(W)'s dropping off it's train. Passing by the bypass tracks on the Yellowhead, we saw a WB stack train with a pair of SD60's. We relocated to another spot and caught the train departing from Walker. Hearing 418 coming in on the Westlock, we headed to Dunvegan Junction. 418/419 often rate interesting power. It's certainly not rare to find a SD40-2 or GP40-2 coming in from McLennan for a visit to the locomotive shops. This train didn't disappoint. Granted, it was a 1 hour+ wait for it to actually depart Dunvegan. While watching 418 entering the mainline, I turn around, and let out a pretty foamy "Holy shit" as 1501 has snuck up behind us. Acting on a hunch, we head further along the Westlock Sub and sure enough 1501 has proceeded through Dunvegan Junction, and then reversed onto the Westlock Sub. She was moving at a good clip, but, we gave chase towards St. Albert. We approached the crossing at mile 4.79 hoping we might see the RDC somewhere. Tentative plan was to cut it off at Morinville. No need to. She was just about to return across the crossing when we reached it. The unit then headed back towards Edmonton, so back towards Dunvegan we head. The Dunvegan Yard is of course a former NAR yard. Today, all it plays host to are covered hoppers in potash service waiting to be taken to Scotford Yard, as well as some minor CN facilities including this facility where 1501 has been spotted in the past. Knowing that, was why Andrew suggested heading that way in the first place. Well, turns out that was eventually the destination for the RDC, so we got another shot at shooting it. Given that switches needed to be thrown, we had a little more time to shoot it and get our shots.
  5. MiWay

    Given that Tilley came in to a very negative string of posts and had the balls to provide counterpoints to everyone, I don't see how the onus should be on him to propose new ways to improve these concerns and complaints. I think this is a fair question for anyone, especially those with the complaints.... What would you do to fix your complains? Related to that, how much would it cost? Where would the money come from? Repainting a bus is fine and dandy, but there's a cost to that. Same with wrapping a bus.
  6. CAD buses

    The vendor I think is related to Xerox now. I was wondering the same thing last night, went though all 13 pages of this thread and only found a hint or two. Does anyone know the initial cost of this system?
  7. Beaument Transit

    Come on, the correct spelling is on the destination sign, and on each side of the bus... twice. There's an extra bus listed, and, from information on the board we know when the buses were delivered. https://cptdb.ca/topic/17080-2016-edmonton-and-area-spotting-and-news/?do=findComment&comment=763758 There's also been vandalism in the ETS wiki. Perfectly good photos replaced by sub standard photos just so that they can have all of the images as their own?!
  8. CAD buses

    Why should they do that, when there's perfectly good systems from North American vendors? CT certainly seems to have picked the wrong horse in a few cases. Fare collection comes to mind as well. Edmonton's doing just fine with their system from Trapeze. I just wish they would do a bit more with arrival/ departure signs at major stops and transit centres.
  9. CC&F/ Brill

    Does anyone know what was the difference between the original models and the "A" models? T-44 vs. T-44A C-36 vs. C-36A Much appreciated!
  10. St. Albert Sightings

  11. St. Albert Sightings

    It already visited Calgary Transit! Caught up with the bus again on Friday. Probably my last shot of it.
  12. The Sun - Urgent

    Can you explain to us how that works and how it affects hurricane strength, and in particular how it affected Hurricane Jose?
  13. The Sun - Urgent

    Good to know, because your earlier post made it sound like you really believed that a hurricane almost formed over land near Ottawa.
  14. The Sun - Urgent

    I believe that's along the same lines as the EF scale for rating tornadoes. It's more of a damage scale than a wind scale.
  15. The Sun - Urgent

    Strong wind + rain ≠ hurricane