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  1. Milton Transit

    1801 in service for PM rush. I passed it around 5:35 pm as it was inbound to Milton GO on Route 8. New livery and white (full colour?) front destination sign.
  2. 0940 lives (lived?). It’s dead on westbound Aquitaine just before Winston Churchill with the engine cover open.
  3. MiWay

    If I recall correctly, at least one area transit agency previously considered providing service to Toronto Premium Outlets. As the mall is in Halton Hills, town council would need to grant permission to operate in their boundaries and they said "no".
  4. GO Transit

    It appears someone at GO noticed - the link to the schedule (Full schedule here: http://www.gotransit.com/timetables/en/PDF/Timetables/06170917/Table71.pdf) is no longer working.
  5. Milton Transit

    The new Novas came out to play this morning. I saw 1701 & 1702 both departing Milton GO at 0555.
  6. MiWay

    MiWay had some of these splits years ago that terminated at Square One. They were combined into single routes to cut down on transfers and reduce travel times. I can't see them going back to this type of operation. 2 Hurontario & 19 Hurontario North 26 Burnhamthorpe West & 36 Burnhamthorpe East
  7. I saw 8351 & 8352 heading eastbound on the 401 around Trafalgar late Monday afternoon. Possibly being delivered? There was a third 83xx a few minutes ahead of them - didn't catch the fleet number so unsure if it was a third new delivery.
  8. GO Transit

    I found a wonderful gap in GO's early homebound service for today involving travel from Meadowvale GO to anywhere in Milton other than the GO station. It was likely caused by Planning overlooking that early afternoon westbound Route 27 service was removed from the portion of the route between Meadowvale GO and Milton GO earlier this year. The last eastbound 21B trip from Union is scheduled to depart Meadowvale at 1210. All later trips are cancelled and replaced by train service. The first eastbound 27A trip from Finch is scheduled to depart Meadowvale at 1555. All earlier trips are 27Fs that terminate at Meadowvale GO. This leaves a gap of 3 hours and 45 minutes with no westbound bus service from Meadowvale GO to Milton GO. You're okay if your destination is Milton GO because you can transfer from a 27F bus to a train at Meadowvale. Not so bad if your destination is between Meadowvale GO and Derry Rd W / Ninth Li as westbound route 48 buses are scheduled to depart from Meadowvale hourly on the :25. You're out of luck if your destination is a stop in Milton on Derry Rd or Thompson Rd N. Thank you GO Transit for the early homebound service - if only it meant everyone actually had a way to get home leaving early.
  9. GO Transit

    I wish GO would be more honest with their posted bus delays. Yesterday afternoon and evening the website was listing delays of either 20-60 minutes or an hour, when there were significantly longer delays. I was on the 1515 westbound 27A from Finch to Milton. We left Finch on time. Scheduled arrival time at Milton GO is 1705. We pulled in at 2005 - ONLY THREE HOURS LATE!
  10. Yesterday afternoon I passed a flatbed hauling a green ADL chassis westbound on Highway 401 through Mississauga. Guessing it's for a future 83xx build.
  11. York Region Transit \ Viva

    The ability to extend the Presto trip time is (or was) available on Go buses. Not sure whether this process is part of the driver training or if policies were developed for its use. It would be beneficial when buses run late (due to weather or collisions) and a trip that would normally occur within the allowable travel time took longer. Case in point - I took GO route 19 from Finch to Square One. Snow caused the trip to take three hours. When I tapped off at Square One I was charged the remainder of the fare from Finch to Oakville plus a full second fare from Oakville to Square One. Having the driver extend the trip time on my Presto card prior to tap off would have resolved that issue. The same or a similar process could be applied on the municipal systems and an option added to the offboard fare collection devices.
  12. GO Transit

    Looks like two pieces of paper taped on. Possibly information for CP Rail crews.
  13. GO Transit

    They also quietly added six more platforms, bringing the total to 18. The six temporary platforms on Centre View Drive now appear to be permanent and are numbered 13 to 18. Only 13 is in use for passenger service - Route 40 to Pearson Airport and Richmond Hill.
  14. Hamilton Street Railway

    Presto users with a Brampton pass will be charged the Presto cash fare when tapping on a MiWay bus. No transfer is available to other agencies when using a period pass. The same situation may apply for users with an HSR pass transferring to Burlington Transit.
  15. GO Transit

    I can confirm that the new 300 series cab cars are allowed to operate on the Milton line. 303 is on the tail end of the L12 consist led by 665 that is parked at the Milton layover yard. This train would have been the second run from Milton to Union this evening.