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  1. Riding 8400 on a Square One-bound 19C as I type this. Huge luggage rack on the lower level closed side replacing two rows of seats behind the accessible seats. Driver says several of the newest buses have them (some only replacing one row of seats) for primary use on Pearson Airport service (Route 40 and possibly the 34 from Finch). Tight fit to squeeze by the rack to get to the back seats.
  2. cm99746

    GO Transit

    I heard the same sound from a newer 83xx at Square One this morning pulling away from a platform and initially wondered what it was. Assumed it was a turn warning indicator when I heard the same sound as the bus was turning onto Rathburn. Another 83xx backing up at Square One this morning did not have an audible reverse beeper. Can the driver disable from a control on the dashboard?