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  1. lol i went to head office and they gave me a whole stack of them! hey are they done dieselizing those cng's? to me i think the wrap gives it a good california look! where do the 41 crown trollies terminate now?
  2. hey i tried to change my profile pic but it failed to upload.

    whats wrong?

  3. but one thing that visiting an office that would be fun is getting the paperbuses!
  4. heres what i heard: 1) i dont think the d40lf's are going to richmond, since burnaby has all the 2000- 2001's. 2) the de60lfr's and the hevs are going to be slitted between burnaby, surry, and vtc. 3) most of the novas are probably going to stay in btc and vtc.
  5. hmm today i saw 2104 as a training bus. it was turning left to joyce station from where i saw it.
  6. today i saw 2104 as a training bus hey does anyone know where the trollies on 41 crown terminate now that they dont terminate at joyce?
  7. a few days ago i was about to go to this website and log in but when the page loaded, it said "forbidden" what was going on? where you doing maintanance or what?

  8. also another feature is a wider articulation joint on the outside for saftey.
  9. hey does anyone know what routes the DE60LFR's are going to be operating on? hey does anyone know what routes the DE60LFR's are going to be operating on?
  10. hey guys today i waz waiting at joyce station until i saw 2 e40lfr's! its very rare to see trolleys at joyce. so i went and started talking to the operators. they said that they were parking the trolleys their cuz traffic was backed up and stuff. so they were hanging their for a while. they were operating route 19 metrotown/ stanely park. that was the greatest moment of my life.
  11. hmm i am also wondering what that extra feature is on the rear end roof! what routes are these buses going to accomodate? i heard that these will be based out of btc and vtc. i thiink wats holding them up is that maybe the comissioning and testing is a little behind schedule or maybe they're comissioning one by one as the rest of the order starts to come in.
  12. i think that shouldn't be a public transit bus i think it should just be an airport shuttle.
  13. translink made a deal of ordering 141 new 2009 novabus hevs. they say it will de-crease greenhouse gases by 20%. what do u all think about the deal? was it a good deal? or not?
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