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  1. I was talking with a CMBC maintenance foreman I work with part time today. He tells me there were many issues that Translink found in the buses. Because at the factory they can't really "stop" the production, they're trying to right the issues found either here or at the factory. But that is just how it was explained to me. So no more Novas were brought over to Prevost until they rectified said issues. Don't know what the issues were but this is what I'm told.
  2. I don't think the PTB just picks the first applicant no..? Here it doesn't mention that they approve the first applicant right away. But it does break down the process for the license approval which you already know: PTB Licensing The PTB considering all applications first before making a decision makes sense. Why go with the first application before giving everyone else a chance to apply for it? Got to be fair.
  3. Not sure what is going to happen at PCL. Some good guys in the shop I know over there. Will have to wait and see. I kind of get how Universal got it. They do already run the "Jet Set" parking shuttle and Air Canada shuttle and such out of YVR. So they kind of had their foot in the door. But was also told PCL was trying to negotiate a better deal with YVR. Won't go into details what though out of respect.
  4. Pacific Coach Lines will no longer be doing the YVR to Whistler run. YVR awarded the service to Universal Coach Lines. Last day for PCL for the run will be December 31st.
  5. Was picking up a bus from Prevost today and I spoke to the service tech. He mentioned majority of the Nova buses parked in the lot are ready to be delivered. All Translink needs to do is come and sign the papers and take them away. Walked around one today and the rear seating arrangement is slightly better. Also saw driver barriers.
  6. Bus #6259 looks like it may be done. Saw it sitting in the yard with a red tag on the front and a missing AC panel.
  7. Lots of farm outs lately. More drivers gone. Blue Star coaches, TRAXX, and even my employer have been callled for covering runs to Kelowna and Kamloops.
  8. Also take into account that the moral right now is down so everyone isn't really having a good time at work with the end being near. Why stay when you aren't happy right?
  9. A lot of drivers already found other jobs. When some look at it, even if a driver or mechanic has 10 years in the company, they're only getting 2 days a month per year in severance (if I remember correctly as was explained when I got the notice). Why stick around for that? Maybe a couple thousand dollars in severance that won't last? When you can just slip into another job. The older guys I worked with in the shop are retiring. Transit is going to come in and do a job fair sort of deal with the drivers that are interested in coming over from what I've heard.
  10. Traxx Coach Lines 822 amd 5613 did runs to Pemberton today. Im hearing enough equipment but no drivers. But also saw 2 Greyhound buses leave for whistler later in the day.
  11. The refurbishment those DLs went through down in the US before coming north wasn't much of a refurbishment. All its seemed like was new paint and upgraded ammentities. The DLs were clapped out to begin with. I wouldn't say the maintance is poor on the Canadian side of things. The preventative maintenance program was pretty good for what was given to work with. You can only fix them up and keep them going for so long. When they announced "new" buses which were the X3-45's from the Oil sands, some staff were happy until they arrived. Now they're just white elephants sitting in the yard going nowhere with multiple issues. Would have been nice if Canada was purchased new buses.
  12. You pretty much summarized what majority of Greyhound employees feel about First Group.
  13. Guess the first wave of lay offs with me and others was just a sign of things to come. Moral was low before but now it's even worse with the announcement. I was hearing rumors of downsizing facilities before the lay off but didn't expect a shut down so soon. More like maybe Greyhound gets sold off. General consensus talking with my ex co workers is that First ran Greyhound Canada into the ground from the get go. Didn't give the mechanics a lot to work with. Even the down south from Seattle to Portland it's just been downhill. I feel for the employees and the communities being left in the dark with no transportation. Hope some companies step up and fill the gap.
  14. Reminds of one night a Seattle Schedule was leaving Vancouver but some reason the outside pane shattered. Being the bus came up from the South, we had no spares. Nor a replacement pane to put on. Told the driver we couldn't do anything for him. Late night, and no parts. In the end another schedule came up and switched everyone over, but the replacement bus couldn't be serviced or cleaned. Felt bad for the passengers on board.
  15. I bet it's ex Traxx 870 to 874 or 880-885?
  16. Not the first. They have that double decker Van Hool. A bunch of Ex Traxx Equipment and CBL equipment was sold off and some ended up on the island. Didn't know a Van Hool ended up with Wilsons.
  17. It makes a difference. Helps keeps the coach clean. Not to mention, the drivers have to clean their own coach at the end of the day. Some companies may have their own cleaning crew for buses, but on tour, the driver can have a long day. And the last thing he or she needs is a big mess to clean up. It ain't so easy cleaning a coach on your own.
  18. Was getting a bus fixed at Pacific Coach Line's garage the other day and saw Ctours H3-45 #368. Ctour Prevost H3-45 #386-2 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  19. I'll be pretty honest, I don't see a future in Greyhound. In my short time working there, I've never seen such a big company go so far downhill from what it used to be. It's sad to see.
  20. If you look closely to the front windshield, looks like a Tauck Tours placard.
  21. Found where Ctours parks their buses. Won't disclose the location but I did not trespass of course. Photographed 298. I think the other bus is 268 which was out at the time today. Ctour Prevost H3-45 #298-2 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  22. Universal Coach Line's fresh 2018 H3-45 #899. Universal Coach Lines 2018 Prevost H3-45 #899-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  23. I was a mechanic. 8 people in the maintance dept were laid off. Im hearing 19 together between Calgary and Edmonton garages. Not sure if maintenance only or terminal staff included. Drivers are untouched as far as I know. They've been screaming for drivers.
  24. Heads up with service cuts coming June 1st, layoffs have occurred. 8 in BC have been laid off. Myself included.
  25. Local tour company threw down a shiny penny for a fleet of 10 BYD buses for this summer. 5 45ft Coaches and 5 23ft buses If i remember. The demo they had barely made a 2 hour drive to and from Squamish BC to their yard on a single charge. About 65 km one way so about 130 km round trip. I chatted with the marketing director about the buses. He seemed to shrug off the range problem with the demo and mentioned the big bosses were spec'ing them out and were to have a proper range for their touring use. I've heard drivers liked the way it drove and such but I have my doubts about the maintenance end of things on the buses. Apparently replacing their batteries are "cheap" and there is "next to no moving parts" as the marketing guy put it to me. Will have to see if these ever arrive. That recent article mentioned above doesn't make the company sound promising that's for sure.
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