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  1. Looks like Rider Express will be starting up an Overnight Schedule between Vancouver and Calgary on Tuesdays and Mondays. Leave Vancouver Tuesdays at 19:00 arrive Calgary by 09:15 on Wednesday. The Leave Calgary Mondays at 18:00 and arrive into Vancouver at 06:35 Tuesday. https://riderexpress.ca/schedules/vancouver-calgary/ Edit: Completely had a brain fart and added the proper timing info and dates.
  2. Universal has the Amazon employee shuttle work as well.
  3. Id figure regular cutaways and a mix of Prevost and MCI's.
  4. I was told the only big piece of work right now for them is the Kinder Morgan shuttle on Burnaby mountain. Something like 20+ shuttle buses and a handful of coaches on it from what I was told. Passed a bus today with Kinder Morgan signage coming up Boundary road.
  5. Sounds temporary due to COVID 19. Where in this post did it sound like people had no money to ride due to it being premium brand?
  6. It left but didn't see if it was empty or no. So who knows of it'll make it I guess.
  7. Greyhound #86860 is up here in Vancouver currently. I guess it still came up late last night. Not sure if it will just deadhead empty? I can't see anyone traveling still.
  8. Its honestly depressing and looking like I won't be back to work for a couple months at this rate. Going to be a rough summer season.
  9. Another unfortunate downside that was happening when the virus wasn't as bad was certain companies undercutting. Not naming names but a couple of companies went around and tried to offer way cheaper rates for a bus to bigger tour companies and wholesalers. As they lost work they tried to drum up business and undercut. Hopefully once everything goes back to normal, there is enough work for everyone.
  10. Everyone parked the buses and deplated at this rate. I'm going on my last week of work just to prep the buses to be parked, disconnect batteries, and lock up, and get laid off.
  11. Any reason why Greyhound/ Bolt is still running the Seattle - Vancouver BC route at this time? I thought they were going to cancel the run temporarily. But I've been seeing them depart as usual. My employer stopped our Seattle run on Wednesday because we weren't moving anyone because of COVID 19. Basically Greyhound can only take American citizens going south and Canadians on the trip north to Vancouver.
  12. Took a closer look at the 2 demos L404 and L405. Both are gonna be run for 1 year as trials just to try them out. No mention of service expansion or replacement. L404 the Transit Connect is set up in the back with a pull out ramp for wheelchair, same as you see on wheelchair accessible taxis. Then has 2 seats after that behind the driver and passenger seat. L405 has a lift in the back and can hold 2 wheel chairs/ scooters side by side. Then 2 bench seats afterwards. HandyDart will be trying new layouts as they run them. Both demos are 2019s.
  13. Yard in RIchmond that they park at. Shared space with other companies.
  14. Riders Express 2020 Prevost H3-45 #1 Riders Express 2020 Prevost h3-45 #1-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  15. Universal Coach 2020 MCI J4500's #1110 and 1111. Universal Coach Lines 2020 MCI J4500 #1110-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Universal Coach Lines 2020 MCI j4500 #1111-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  16. I found the X3-45's from Bolt and Greyhound were by far the worst condition I've ever seen (worse than the First Canada Oil Sands X3's I worked on). It honestly depended where they come from. I found any buses I worked on from out of California was in better condition than buses from the Seattle garage. Bolt bus in Portland doesn't have much of a garage, and everything mostly would be kicked down to Seattle for repair. Before I got laid off, I heard Bolt had finally had a mechanic in Portland. But all he had was a shipping container and tent in a parking lot where Bolt parked. As for the H3-45's from bolt, #6670 was probably the only decent H3-45. #6667 was the worst.
  17. PWT Toronto Prevost H3-45 units 5192 and 5193 are down in Vancouver helping do extra trips for Ebus. Units from Alberta and Toronto are in BC to help. Majority in Kelowna and some are going to be in Vancouver.
  18. There were times at Greyhound where I'd refuse to sign off on a bus that I deemed unsafe, then the foreman says "but we need the bus, we got nothing..." And when I tell the foreman to sign the bus off himself, all of a sudden crickets..... its an unfortunate reality to see these buses being let out only to eventually fail inspection or get into accidents.
  19. Yeah wherever there is space. The zone by party bazarr is back to metered parking. I've also seen them pull a bit ahead just before the crosswalk leading inside if Pacific Central. Just depends if cars are in the way or not.
  20. Yes sir. Don't think they'll ever get a bay in Pacific Central if they haven't after a year of service.
  21. I take my previous statement back haha. Thanks for confirming
  22. Saw 9115 today and it's a 2019 H3-45. so 9120 is most likely a newer H3-45.
  23. 9724 is going to get fixed no problem from what I was told.
  24. Ebus is in PCS now. 2 bays. Riders is still loading on the street outside the station.
  25. Trolleys are holding up pretty good. Only now are they starting to go through their first set of brake pad replacement. But I've also heard due to the small spare ratios, and trying to make book outs, some trolleys that require a service are being stretched. And also not enough man power to go through the trolleys for their maintenance services.
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