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  1. On 6/10/2021 at 6:00 AM, ns8401 said:

    Oh good, they will fit right in amongst the smashed up X3’s they already have. Finding an X3 that isn’t bent all to hell is like finding a needle in a haystack. Some of that damage is mind blowing. Maybe the 0600’s aren’t all that bad on the outside, not sure if the Canadian folks could keep it between the lines but I seem to remember their stuff being better looking. But it won’t take long to redecorate if they need a good smashing, corporate image to maintain and all. 

    I would imagine it’s gonna be the ones they wrapped in the Greyhound scheme mostly?

    I wouldn't hold my breath on those 600s unless all their electrical problems were solved. When we first got them in Vancouver, nothing but codes and electrical problems kept them in the garage very often. Wonder if they still smell like limestone inside to this day.

  2. 1 hour ago, roeco said:

    First has bays at PCS?

    First Transit holds the lease for the space including the platform and bays. So the bays that Wilson's, Cantrail, Ebus, and Riders use are sublet respectively.

  3. 3 hours ago, INowKnowwhY said:

    Working out east, the excuse was always "We aren't making enough money." When I started in 2011, we used to have yearly safety meetings and by 2015 they were already planning on cutting service west of Winnipeg. They said new buses would be a possibility once that happened, with the addition of securing government subsidies.

    I can't speak much on the maintenance department but, I know GLI forced them to only order parts when necessary and 1998 MCI parts were increasingly getting further out of reach with nothing being stored. We all had that same repetitive experience where we'd come in for a shift anytime of the day and there were no buses available.

    30 buses sitting out of service in the yard or inside the garage going through "house cleaning" and drivers were always lined up, waiting for the next inbound bus headed for the garage to be taken over, or being cabbed up to the station waiting for an inbound bus stuck in traffic somewhere, or stealing a bus from an out of town driver on layover.

    Sometimes we were lucky if an extra GLI was available. They used to charge us by the mile once that bus number was entered into the system, which I'm sure you all have seen on the tracker.

    This practice is the same exact reason why Adirondack Trailways sued Greyhound and pulled out of the pool for a number of years.

    We also lost all of the MLB teams because of how old our buses were and only maintained a handful of them due to the drivers fighting with dispatchers to use an 86000+ Prevost X3-45

    That ordering when necessary mentality confused me. Stuff as basic as DEF one time I had to wait because they had it coming in from New Jersey when it was available locally probably for cheaper. They really did not like storing vital parts or even have them because to upper management it looked like money sitting on the shelf that could be spent somewhere. 

    I never knew they did charters until I had seen only 1 time with my own eyes a Greyhound doing a cruise transfer. 

  4. On 5/15/2021 at 3:15 PM, INowKnowwhY said:

    Having worked there for a number of years, let me give you guys a bit of insight.

    TOR to Niagara Falls was a much busier route during the warmer months, the earliest 6am bus all the way to 11:15 always doubled or tripled. Even with the new schedules they added in-between the thru-schedules to/from NYC.

    St. Catherines was almost always left out of the picture along with Grimsby in the early 2010's, but it seemed like ever since they implemented the Scarborough-YYZ-Buffalo route, St. Catherines started appearing on more TOR-NIA-BUFF schedules.

    This route was also notorious for bringing passengers to Niagara Falls but didn't have a sufficient amount of schedules or buses to bring them back. The last bus from Niagara to Toronto was almost always oversold. Alot of people were stranded at night and they recently started to clean up their act in Niagara Falls because the passenger's were getting stranded and drivers were being assaulted.

    Taxi drivers loved a big crowd with only one Greyhound bus in sight, they knew there would be a guaranteed trip to Toronto payed for by Greyhound.

    TOR-LON-DET obviously, good ol' London was where Greyhound Canada's leader and 2nd in command were from. All the boys who ran the union local were mostly from London to. London was eastern Canada's bread and butter.

    London terminal was the only station fully owned by Greyhound in Ontario and was kept in pristine condition. Montreal and the London corridor had the most frequent schedules on their timetables in all of their eastern operations. 

    LON-Windsor was questionable after 2015. As of late, the timing on the local HWY 2 trips through Chatham could've easily been adjusted better to attract more travelers and town folk.

    They only ran it because it was obligated in their license. Another deliberate move to try to justify funding from the government.

    The ridership on the express trips between DET and LON suffered massively, mainly due to the Detroit/Windsor border.

    Every Windsor-bound trip ended/started in Detroit. They were unwilling to start a trip directly out of Windsor due to the fact that they would have to pay an extra driver to do the same trip that the DET departure could have done. 🤷🏼‍♂️ so, passengers suffered and were usually delayed typically up to 3 hours. The exact cause for this? The bus that started in LON was the same bus used on the return trip back to LON/TOR.

    The buses were pooled with GLI once upon a time before (2016), but the border issue was messing with the Detroit - Chicago routes and buses with connections. So, management from the Chicago board or some big wig in charge of Greyhound in Illinois told GLC they had to use their own buses for their own portion of the route and this resulted in a reliability issue because GLI and GLC NEVER waited for each other in DET. 

    LON-HAM-TOR was a fairly decent route. The dumbest decision they did in (2016) was playing around with Brantford's schedules. At one time, Brantford had a heavily used quicklink commuter service to/from Hamilton and Toronto. Brantford schedules got caught up in the mix after GLI demanded that 1 Million miles were to be cut by the end of 2015 across Canada.

    And of course as a result, GO Transit once again came in to now save the Brantfordians.

    All Greyhound routes in Ontario made ALOT of money, They mostly complained about the commuter trips because they couldn't really make money off flex passes.

    TOR-BARRIE was a prime example of this, It was also a fairly busy route, another dumb decision they made was abandoning the carpool park and rides along HWY 400.

    They treated those Barrie commuters like garage, almost all of the oldest and paint patched duct-taped buses were exclusively assigned to Barrie. The MCI MC-12 and the 40ft 102DL3's were known as the Barrie bus amongst the drivers and dispatch.

    Owen Sound was a heavily profitable route too. Due to the schedule being perfectly timed, the amount of miles and pricing of the tickets were spot on for Greyhound to get a decent return after driver expenses, fuel etc...

    We used to double to Wasaga Beach and Collingwood every Friday and holidays during the summer/ Blue Mountain almost every Friday/holidays in the winter. Canada's Wonderland was a frequent stop along the 400 also, it's bringing tears to my eyes how these retards just deliberately started cutting service for no apparent reason when THEY HAD IT ALL! A little bit of ADVERTISING on billboards, the radio and TV would have kept up the demand.

    Everytime Go Transit enters a sector, Greyhound willingly just gave them their business, it blows my mind. 😔

    The only reason why the Barrie commuter trips lasted as long as it did is because of good faith to the ex-PMCL drivers. Once they started retiring, they slashed that drivers schedules all together.

    WAT-KIT-CAM-GUELPH was a bit more forgiven. It was heavily preferred over GO because of the express aspect of the trip to/from Toronto and between Waterloo/Kitchener/Guelph. They exclusively had the rights to run from Guelph along HWY 7 to Kitchener and Waterloo and HWY 24-Maple Grove for Sportsworld crossing. We also shouldn't forget about how Owen Sound was a good feeder route for Guelph. Guelph was a big board pre GO Transit infiltration days. 

    Greyhound couldn't keep up with the demand, the students traveling to universities in the area fed Greyhound almost every weekend.

    Before GO Transit, the morning commuter trips would double, triple or quadruple from 5:30am in the morning onwards. Guelph Kitchener and Cambridge were this way. But then........ Greyhound started making bad dispatching choices, they cut Guelph as a board point and drivers who were based out of Guelph, had to travel to Kitchener to start their day. Nothing wrong with that but, buses on demand couldn't get to Guelph quickly enough to pick-up stranded passengers.

    Kitcheners board would often be exhausted to the point where there were no drivers.

    They started getting disorganized with their fleet and I've seen many times where they would dispatch 2 drivers from Toronto to deadhead and deadhead on cushion to Kitchener, since no buses were left in Toronto. One driver who cushioned grabs a bus and then they BOTH head BACK to Guelph to pick up passengers.

    If No driver was available, buses wouldn't show up or they'd break down, people were getting stranded and then of course, the almighty GO Transit stepped in, and Greyhound tucked it's tail between it's legs.

    GrayLine Sightseeing Niagara Tour made so much money that Greyhound management finally started to act on the tour guides outcry for newer/reliable buses. The newly wrapped D4505's were the result.

    I use to hang out in the charter department sometimes while protecting or in-between a regular crew and I would hear the phones ringing off the hook and people would call asking to charter out a Greyhound bus, and I witnessed them turning away so much business. At the time it didn't matter to me but thinking about it now, it makes me so angry.

    This company had so much potential, everywhere I went ESPECIALLY on charters, I was always respected by and approached by strangers striking up conversations.

    As Greyhound drivers we had the biggest egos and rightfully so, everybody in the industry knew that we made way more money then any bus company in North America. GLI couldn't touch us, there was many if us making well over $100,000 a year.

    Even if a dispatcher didn't like a certain driver, or screwed around with a drivers position on the board, they would purposely send them to Sudbury or wherever to search for a ghost bus or protect a ghost schedule but in the end, they made money doing it. 

    Before the new ticketing system that was schedule specific was implemented, absolutely no Greyhound passenger was stranded.

    if there was 1 person standing on platform 5 waiting to go to Peterborough because the regular bus had no more seats, best believe a dispatcher will call the next driver up and tell em to grab a bus to take that 1 person to Peterborough. You think you can make it back to Toronto to pick up 5 people needing to go to Hamilton? Yea sure no problem.

    Hey I'm all out of guys how much hours you have? 7 and a half hours. Ok, I need you to come back to Toronto, I got 12 people needing to get to Ottawa, I'll cushion you home or put you in the hotel for the night. Call us when you're fresh.

    ^^^^That is how we made our money.

    Thanksgiving weekends was Greyhound's Christmas, no passenger was denied. Every working bus in the fleet was on the road, every available staff member and almost every private charter company in Ontario were chartered out by Greyhound in every major city, to carry the excessive passengers to and from their destinations.

    We would get paid rentals. Meaning if a rental driver did a schedule that a Greyhound driver was lined up for, Greyhound would pay that driver as if they drove the route.

    Every holiday was like this but Thanksgiving was the most busiest. If you are familiar with the Toronto Coach terminal, The line up of passengers used to stretch out the west door on Elizabeth Street, down Elizabeth Street to the corner of dundas and wrap around the whole building twice, along dundas, Bay Street and back along Edward It was f*cking INSANE.

    Hot dog food stand was set up at the corner of Elizabeth and Edward, that guy made tons of money in those days.

    After being selected from 300 people at my orientation, I feel blessed to have worked for this company. It changed my life. Completely. There will never be another Greyhound ever again, the closest thing to it is a Transit Driver for the government. It still won't be as fun because Greyhound literally gave you the bus and said go drive our passengers and freight to where they need to be, just don't f*ck up our buses, don't argue with our passengers and don't kill anybody on the road and we'll pay you for what ever you do.

    Do you happen to know why Greyhound Canada never was ordered new buses and was just given refurbished hand me downs for the most part? At my short stint in the Vancouver garage, just seemed like everyday I walked into the pre shift meetings that they kept telling us our number of buses out of service was too high and we had buses piling up in the yard. Lots of occasions when I was trying to fix minor things on buses it just seemed like I had to MacGyver it to work because parts weren't available anymore. Felt so bad at times when a driver would come in looking for a bus but they had to wait to see if we could push one out that could make it into service. I feel the maintenance garages in Canada cared but were just not given enough to work with.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Megabus Rider said:

    I am hearing that Pacific Western Toronto Division will be scaling down and moving their office to the Victoria Park Area and Consumers Road area just near the 401. Pacific Western Toronto will continue to operate Seneca College but those buses will be moved to one of Seneca College's campus to be parked and the Minibuses will be parked at the new office at Victoria Park Avenue and Consumers Road area. More Motorcoaches are being moved out west and when the NHL season is done, those remaining Motorcoaches will be moved out west and PW Toronto should settle into their new office.

    My buddy I spoke to recently working with PWT in Kitimat mentioned that there was some mroe red units out here in the West for the LNG work. Will get more info if I can, said they were in the 800 series fleet numbers? Checking the wiki, closest would be the 8800 series. Will have to see if I can get pictures.

  6. 1 hour ago, Megabus Rider said:

    PW in Mississauga has forecast that the industry won't pick up until 2023. After the NHL Bubble they haven't gotten any work. Most of their senior drivers have taken PW's retirement package. Should Safeway Tours get the ok to resume service to Fallsview Casino, I heard PW didn't make the list since Safeway spent money on Great Canadian Coaches and Attridge to outfit the Safeway units with barriers.

    That's unfortunate. Seems though that PWT is still doing well out west between BC and Alberta with all the industrial work they have. Plus the transit contracts. But Ebus in BC passenger counts aren't so hot. Regardless, I'm still thankful for work still.

  7. On 11/11/2020 at 11:41 PM, translink fan said:

    My buddy up in Kitimat sent a picture of X3-45 #640. He mentioned there's about 6 in the Greyhound scheme up there. Also mentioned some white X3-45s in the First compound. Will find out what fleet numbers for the GLC graphics are up there.


    Update. Following fleet numbers up there are: 0640, 0642, 0643, 0644, 0645, 0648.

  8. 19 hours ago, ZümmyZüm said:

    The following units have been adding to Greyhounds facility in Ottawa on top 

    Prevost X3-45 - First Canada oil sands buses 

    624,630,631,632(?),633,653 and one unmarked unit. 

    Many of the 0600 X3’s have a “do not remove parts” sticker and some have clearly been professionally cleaned inside with plastic wrap on seats to suggest a second life awaits them

    I have a feeling more of those 600 series X3-45s are going to be making their way back out west for work in Kitimat that First has going on. Several are out West here.

  9. On 8/25/2020 at 11:01 PM, 9924 said:

    Oh goodness Brian, we have soooo much to catch up on 🤣

    Yeah, First is only doing the CNRL contracts at Horizon and the Albian part that they bought off Shell a few years back.  After we lost the contract for FH and Kearl to Diversified,  Imperial gave the contract to Diversified under the agreement that 80%(?) of the current First drivers there were to be retained so they're pretty much all up there still.  The Fort Hills contract is completely gone and after the layoffs back ion 2018 some went over to Diversified and others started doing shutdowns at CNRL which became more permanent, so some of us are up there.  First does have the contract for the LNG plant up at Kitimat, quite a few up there, supposedly its starting to look like Fort Hills 2.0 LOL!

    The last month of Fort Hills was pretty cool, just drove buses down to Edmonton, mostly to get auctioned off, flew back, and took another bus the next day.  Good times man, good times.   I sure miss it.

    I hear First lost the contract for inside runs in the Kitimat site to Diversified according to a buddy up there right now.

  10. On 8/24/2020 at 5:36 PM, roeco said:

    if they have them maybe their in Delta



    On 8/25/2020 at 4:56 PM, Prevost said:

    I would imagine they have sold them all by now and just operate purely Prevost H3-45s. Think they got rid of their Van Hool C2045 also.

    Traxx never to my knowledge has had a Temsa. Maybe you're confusing it with the ABC 3035RE's they had? At least 1 or 2 are still left and are in Kamloops in the Canada West Fleet when I last saw one.

  11. 1 hour ago, northwesterner said:

    It's harder to have this kind of set-up with a nationwide over the rode system, as the bus does not return home to the same terminal every night. 


    At one point, GLI had the vast majority of their buses in a nationwide fleet, with the assumption being that the regional shops were all capable of maintaining the coaches that passed through to the same standard.

    They had issues with these shops sending these coaches down the road, never to be seen again, and to be some one else's problem. Why tear apart and fully rebuilt the front suspension when you can patch it up at the shop in DC and send it out on a through schedule to the west coast? 

    They eventually regionalized their vehicle pools, and assigned each bus to a "home shop." In theory, the coach would be sent out on a schedule, and at the conclusion of that schedule would be re-dispatched back to its home shop. Thus, a coach assigned to Seattle would go to LA, and then be sent back to Seattle. 

    Of course, being Greyhound, it didn't work that way and a good running coach from Seattle would end up in Dallas, and then they'd have to work it back. 

    Nailed it. And not far off how Greyhound worked. The Vancouver - Seattle buses were supposed to be in a "Strict Pool" due to the fact that only enough buses had the PTB plate for their operating license in BC. But on more than one occasion I'd service a bus that wasn't plated for BC.....meanwhile I'd book a PTB plated GLI bus into the system and see it had been bouncing around California all over the place. But alas, only some drivers I knew actually noted the lack of plate but were forced to take the bus anyways. 

    Buses that were actually decent caused some drivers to play dirty. If one driver came in on a sched with a good bus. And the guy behind him who finished after had a crap bus, that guy behind would end up taking that first driver's bus as he would then be the first one out before the first guy who was going out later. So the guy going out later would end up with the other driver's crap bus that maybe would make it back.

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  12. 5 hours ago, ns8401 said:

    With some of their buses I wouldn’t shut them off... that said they were in no way complying before they were sued.

    The numerous road calls I've had trying to get a stuck Greyhound at the border started to kick it back stateside or get it into Vancouver. 

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  13. 56 minutes ago, MCIBUS said:

    Why does it take only 2 HRS 15 mins to go from Vancouver to Calgary?


    It  takes 12 HRS 35 MINS from Calgary to Vancouver?

    Fixed. Not sure why I had a brain shutdown :D

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