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  1. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Oh man the american X3's that come up from Seattle are just beat old dogs. Body panels loose and endless dings and scratches. I find the BOLT units are in better condition.
  2. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    I used to loathe moving 1265 around but now I actually don't mind the bus even for having a ZF. And i agree with the paint job, very unique and clean!
  3. Bolt Bus

    Bolt 6670 from a few nights ago. Used to be in the Hound fleet before coming to Bolt. Has a Series 60 and ZF AS Tronic. 20171121_001507 by Dannny29, on Flickr 20171121_001447 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  4. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Never seen majority of those bus number appear here. Pretty sure like roeco said they were scrapped just not sure which. Here's a shot of 1265: 20171107_233321 by Dannny29, on Flickr Quite a difference from her wrecked self before: DSC_4423 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  5. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    I think I've serviced both buses I can't remember. I know there are no white DL3's as far as I know. 1133 rings a bell. I service so many buses that they all seem the same. I'll try and pay attention when I'm in work next.
  6. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Been seeing a few of the Yukon D4505's coming down to Vancouver. Been servicing 1265 as it's been kept local as per the shop orders (Had a bunch of work done to it last week). Also serviced 1266 and 1290 recently.
  7. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Been told the owner of the building wants to develop it. So that meant out with GCX.
  8. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Heads up, GCX in Vancouver will be moving back to it's original location on Thornton. Been clearing out the old GCX building of all the spare parts that have been stored there.
  9. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Some shots from my trip to Toronto this summer from July to August. I enjoyed the Coach Terminal a lot! Greyhound Prevost X3-45 #86096-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Greyhound MCI 102-DL3 #6260-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Greyhound MCI 102-DL3 #6200-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Greyhound MCI D4505 #1298-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  10. Safeway Tours

    Finally got around to editing my photos from my trip to Toronto this past summer. Safeway units I saw were from PWT and Attridge. Enjoy! Pacific Western Transportation Prevost H3-45 #5722-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Attridge Prevost H3-45 #6508-4 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  11. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    OK Tours Prevost H3-45 Ex Universal Coach Lines #225. OK tour 225-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  12. The Deadly "Blind Spot" on Transit Buses

    Ditto. Ever since I started following this thread, I've come to actually be way more vigilant on turns in my car bobbing and weaving.
  13. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Cantop Tours got a new prevost H3-45: #868 Cantop Tours Prevost H3-45 #868-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  14. Universal Coach Line

    Universal #478 is for sale as scrap. https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/rch/cto/d/tour-bus-for-sale-1997/6280037642.html
  15. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    I think late 2008 to 2009 was when it started with the new after treatment system. The vertical arrangement allows for less heat in the engine compartment and such as per the Brochure.