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  1. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Some shots from my trip to Toronto this summer from July to August. I enjoyed the Coach Terminal a lot! Greyhound Prevost X3-45 #86096-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Greyhound MCI 102-DL3 #6260-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Greyhound MCI 102-DL3 #6200-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Greyhound MCI D4505 #1298-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  2. Safeway Tours

    Finally got around to editing my photos from my trip to Toronto this past summer. Safeway units I saw were from PWT and Attridge. Enjoy! Pacific Western Transportation Prevost H3-45 #5722-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Attridge Prevost H3-45 #6508-4 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  3. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    OK Tours Prevost H3-45 Ex Universal Coach Lines #225. OK tour 225-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  4. The Deadly "Blind Spot" on Transit Buses

    Ditto. Ever since I started following this thread, I've come to actually be way more vigilant on turns in my car bobbing and weaving.
  5. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Cantop Tours got a new prevost H3-45: #868 Cantop Tours Prevost H3-45 #868-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  6. Universal Coach Line

    Universal #478 is for sale as scrap. https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/rch/cto/d/tour-bus-for-sale-1997/6280037642.html
  7. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    I think late 2008 to 2009 was when it started with the new after treatment system. The vertical arrangement allows for less heat in the engine compartment and such as per the Brochure.
  8. G & W Coach Line - Vancouver

    The guy sold 328 to MingDat and I saw his new bus as you described. Saw it one night going for a wash at UCL and it had faint markings of Tai Pan Tours. and also, UCL has been farming out a lot of work. Most if not all their coaches are out. I know Wescan has been getting a lot of UCL work.
  9. Westar Vacations

    I've seen that Westar J4500 down here in town before a couple times. never thought much of it till you posted about it now.
  10. Collisions and Incidents thread

    No kidding. Dispatching buses in and out today was a brutal nightmare at Canada Place today.
  11. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    ZF transmissions are a finicky beast. The Ecolife's computer has a complicated system of where it literally calculates your every move (same with all other ZF transmissions). So in the case of a bus: Plane, terrain, speed, etc is all thought out and it picks the best gear for max efficiency and such. That is why you may have the awkward upshifts and kick downs as some drivers here mentioned. The computer is trying to pick the next gear to match however you're driving. The retarder is also built into the transmission so you can set it to kick in as soon as you let off the accelerator and whatnot. I've noticed some of the novas has that feature removed and lets the driver able to coast and not have the bus immediately jerk forward slowing down. When I took apart a ZF transmission I was amazed at the complexity it had from the gears to the programming. Allison's are in my opinion far more easier to work with and use. Smooth shifts and all. Eaton Fullers are pretty fun too. But again, everything has it's pros and cons.
  12. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Canview: Canview-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  13. Perimeter Transportation (2009-Present)

    Primarily for the contract is to CBL or VTT. But tour companies like Scenic, Trafalgar, APT, etc have their passengers on the train as well so they have their coach provider buses there as well. Perimeter #152 could be doing a farm out at the time of photo as well.
  14. Traxx Transportation

    Some shots of 2017 H3-45's doing pick ups for RMR. Some units are legaled with VTT or Traxx. Traxx Coach Lines 2017 Prevost H3-45 #5233-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Traxx Coach Lines 2017 Prevost H3-45 #5238-2 by Dannny29, on Flickr Traxx Coach Lines 2017 Prevost H3-45 #5614-2 by Dannny29, on Flickr Will be getting shots of other units soon. Enjoy!
  15. Perimeter Transportation (2009-Present)

    Perimeter Transportation 2017 H3-45 #152 on RMR duty yesterday. Perimeter Transportation 2017 Prevost H3-45 #152-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr