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  1. translink fan

    Pacific Coach Lines

    Wouldn't want to buy a bus that's been up and down Sea to Sky all it's life accumulating all that salt and corrosion. The money you spend to buy the bus, you're better off buying brand new from Prevost. Bunch of PCL buses got sold to CBL and Cross Canada Coach. Universal is running the Tsawassen to YVR shuttle along with Skylynx.
  2. translink fan

    Pacific Coach Lines

    No buses transferred so far. Can't transfer a PCL bus to Cantrail. The union would put up a big stink about it.
  3. translink fan

    Pacific Coach Lines

    Been announced that PCL will shut down March 31st, 2019. Several buses have been sold already and things will start to slowly shut down in the coming months.
  4. translink fan

    Rider Express

    I've only seen them depart Vancouver 8am on Saturday once so far. And that was a couple weeks back. Every morning coming into work on Saturdays, still haven't seen them lately. One of their Setras is at Pacific Jet Link's garage. Do they not run another bus on the Van- Calgary? Have only seen the same bus but that bus is sitting in Vancouver still.
  5. translink fan

    Cypress Coach Lines - Vancouver

    Latest addition to the fleet. Prevost H3-45 #563. Didn't see any of the H3-40's and H3-41 at the lot where they were parked. Maybe gone? Cypress Coach Lines Prevost H3-45 #563-2 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  6. translink fan

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    It takes about 80 hours to do a PDI from Cullen/ Novabus before it gets released to CMBC. And agreed, the new buses may have a few kinks even for being new. New parts can fail from factory.
  7. translink fan

    Pacific Western Transportation

    Ebus 2019 Prevost H3-45 #5723 at Pacific Central Station waiting to depart for Kamloops. Ebus 2019 Prevost H3-45 #5723-4 by Dannny29, on Flickr Ebus 2019 Prevost H3-45 #5723-3 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  8. translink fan

    Safeway Tours

    I don't mind the ZF's as much from driving them now everyday. Amazing on the highway. In city, unless you really know how to massage the pedal, you will get a jerky ride. Off the line takes a couple years to start moving too. Maintenance wise, they're temperamental at times. I've replaced only 2 yokes so far in 2 ZF equipped buses. All that decelerating and downshifting starts to take a toll on the drive shaft over time and eventually just snaps from the hard torsion. I would love to try the Volvo I shift if I ever get the chance to.
  9. translink fan

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Wow, 1265 in the boneyard?? They spent a boat load of money on that bus to rebuild it and countless hours keeping that thing running. It never let me down when I worked on it. Lots of work done on it too. Shame to see it go. Those trailers were in pretty rough shape too. Especially the white ones. Not surprised if those go.
  10. translink fan

    Universal Coach Line

    Universal MCI J4500 #868 for YVR SkyLynx Universal Coach Lines MCI J4500 #868 "Skylynx"-3 by Dannny29, on Flickr Universal Coach Lines MCI J4500 #868 "Skylynx"-7 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  11. translink fan

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Back bumper right corner was bent out of shape. Not the worst I've seen but I am paying attention to see how much worse they do get 😄
  12. Never heard of this before. I'm mostly working on Detroit Series 60s and Volvo D13s on coaches. Has this been tested on such engines? Never really thought about the chirping too much until this was brought up.
  13. translink fan

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    86776 in Vancouver today. Drove it around and still has a new bus smell. 79k Miles. And has the new E cooling fans.
  14. translink fan

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Greyhound 86717 in Vancouver. First I've seen the newer X3-45's up here. I was hearing they were cycling some of these out west. And like I predicted, already some damage on the bus. But probably better than the 860XX series that are on the Vancouver- Seattle run. Greyhound Lines Inc Prevost X3-45 #86717-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Greyhound Lines Inc Prevost X3-45 #86717-2 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  15. translink fan

    New Flyer D40LF Retirement / Storage watch

    The series 50 was developed from the same existing block of the series 60. And both share a lot of the same parts between each other. You'd have a better chance of getting a manual for it and parts than some of the older engines that TRAMS is running. But I gotta give credit to TRAMS for having a mechanic who knows how to work on the older buses.