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  1. Nailed it. And not far off how Greyhound worked. The Vancouver - Seattle buses were supposed to be in a "Strict Pool" due to the fact that only enough buses had the PTB plate for their operating license in BC. But on more than one occasion I'd service a bus that wasn't plated for BC.....meanwhile I'd book a PTB plated GLI bus into the system and see it had been bouncing around California all over the place. But alas, only some drivers I knew actually noted the lack of plate but were forced to take the bus anyways. Buses that were actually decent caused some drivers to play dirty. If one driver came in on a sched with a good bus. And the guy behind him who finished after had a crap bus, that guy behind would end up taking that first driver's bus as he would then be the first one out before the first guy who was going out later. So the guy going out later would end up with the other driver's crap bus that maybe would make it back.
  2. Looks like Rider Express took delivery of a Temsa TS-35. For service between Sakatoon and Regina according to the Facebook post by them.
  3. The numerous road calls I've had trying to get a stuck Greyhound at the border started to kick it back stateside or get it into Vancouver.
  4. Fixed. Not sure why I had a brain shutdown
  5. Looks like Rider Express will be starting up an Overnight Schedule between Vancouver and Calgary on Tuesdays and Mondays. Leave Vancouver Tuesdays at 19:00 arrive Calgary by 09:15 on Wednesday. The Leave Calgary Mondays at 18:00 and arrive into Vancouver at 06:35 Tuesday. https://riderexpress.ca/schedules/vancouver-calgary/ Edit: Completely had a brain fart and added the proper timing info and dates.
  6. Universal has the Amazon employee shuttle work as well.
  7. Id figure regular cutaways and a mix of Prevost and MCI's.
  8. I was told the only big piece of work right now for them is the Kinder Morgan shuttle on Burnaby mountain. Something like 20+ shuttle buses and a handful of coaches on it from what I was told. Passed a bus today with Kinder Morgan signage coming up Boundary road.
  9. Sounds temporary due to COVID 19. Where in this post did it sound like people had no money to ride due to it being premium brand?
  10. It left but didn't see if it was empty or no. So who knows of it'll make it I guess.
  11. Greyhound #86860 is up here in Vancouver currently. I guess it still came up late last night. Not sure if it will just deadhead empty? I can't see anyone traveling still.
  12. Its honestly depressing and looking like I won't be back to work for a couple months at this rate. Going to be a rough summer season.
  13. Another unfortunate downside that was happening when the virus wasn't as bad was certain companies undercutting. Not naming names but a couple of companies went around and tried to offer way cheaper rates for a bus to bigger tour companies and wholesalers. As they lost work they tried to drum up business and undercut. Hopefully once everything goes back to normal, there is enough work for everyone.
  14. Everyone parked the buses and deplated at this rate. I'm going on my last week of work just to prep the buses to be parked, disconnect batteries, and lock up, and get laid off.
  15. Any reason why Greyhound/ Bolt is still running the Seattle - Vancouver BC route at this time? I thought they were going to cancel the run temporarily. But I've been seeing them depart as usual. My employer stopped our Seattle run on Wednesday because we weren't moving anyone because of COVID 19. Basically Greyhound can only take American citizens going south and Canadians on the trip north to Vancouver.
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