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  1. There were times at Greyhound where I'd refuse to sign off on a bus that I deemed unsafe, then the foreman says "but we need the bus, we got nothing..." And when I tell the foreman to sign the bus off himself, all of a sudden crickets..... its an unfortunate reality to see these buses being let out only to eventually fail inspection or get into accidents.
  2. Yeah wherever there is space. The zone by party bazarr is back to metered parking. I've also seen them pull a bit ahead just before the crosswalk leading inside if Pacific Central. Just depends if cars are in the way or not.
  3. Yes sir. Don't think they'll ever get a bay in Pacific Central if they haven't after a year of service.
  4. I take my previous statement back haha. Thanks for confirming
  5. Saw 9115 today and it's a 2019 H3-45. so 9120 is most likely a newer H3-45.
  6. 9724 is going to get fixed no problem from what I was told.
  7. Ebus is in PCS now. 2 bays. Riders is still loading on the street outside the station.
  8. Trolleys are holding up pretty good. Only now are they starting to go through their first set of brake pad replacement. But I've also heard due to the small spare ratios, and trying to make book outs, some trolleys that require a service are being stretched. And also not enough man power to go through the trolleys for their maintenance services.
  9. 19302 outside the shops yesterday at Prevost.
  10. Dropped another bus to Prevost today and saw an Electric Nova one bay over from my last picture posted previously. Will ask if I pick up a bus from Prevost tomorrow.
  11. Chatted with the branch manager and mentioned a couple weeks back they had some AC work done on them. But other than that, they should be ready for service.
  12. Doesn't look like it. Saw 19302 on July 4th while I was at Prevost dropping a bus off. It was inside on the hoist.
  13. West Coast Sightseeing has received 2 loaner 35 foot coaches before their 2 45 footers arrive anytime. Heard one may have broken down on trials today. Will see how they turn out on doing their tours.
  14. Ex PCL H3-45 #3019 is now part of Cantrails fleet. Will be 464. Picked it up other day to go for a service at Cullen Diesel. 6 buses remain left to be sold. Cantrail Coach lines Prevost H3-45 #464-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  15. CBL Prevost H3-45 #5203 at Butchart Gardens April 13th, 2019 for Tour Click Charter Bus Lines of BC Prevost H3-45 5203-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
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