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  1. To offer more info to this actually: the bus involved was doing a regular shuttle run to an attraction. So the driver definitely knew the intersection. I've done that left turn a lot in the same model bus this summer and the problem is literally people walking off the curb as the walk sign says stop. I literally rock back and fourth in my seat to see around the A pillar and mirrior. Its a tough intersection for sure. Unfortunate that this happened.
  2. Rider already opposed it but their several pages of opposition consisted of "well our buses went quarter full, half full, etc." If they have a good service already, what's there to be scared about? Give people some options.
  3. Yeah I do know how it feels, I work on coaches for a living. You say that but wont post up any just as negative experiences from ourbus?
  4. Sounds a little exaggerated to be honest. But on the other hand, it's not like this has happened to other companies before. Don't act like Ourbus or any other company is super perfect when they can run into similar issues.
  5. MTR Western Van Hool C2045 #332 today in Vancouver.
  6. MTR Western Prevost H3-45 #231 running for FlixBus on Friday.
  7. Flixbus Launches May 26th from Vancouver to Seattle. Can now book on the site now. I looked up the ticket price one way from Vancouver to Seattle for about $24 Canadian. They load on Richards St near waterfront station and makes stops at Pacific Central before the border. Will try and get some pictures if they roll through Pacific Central.
  8. Wow! Didn't know it was posted already! Didn't think it would get approved. Now curious if they would do curbside pick up or get a space within Pacific Central. I was told that Flix had inquired about a bay, and that they'd have to make a deal with existing companies to share a bay on their terms. Maybe they'll just share with Greyhound?
  9. Interesting info I found out from my Prevost sales rep out west here. Apparently MTR has applied to the BC Passenger Transportation Board to be granted a license to run from Eugene to Vancouver. And MTR is already running FlixBus Seattle to Portland. They applied last August so right now its just waiting on a decision. Curious if it'll get approved even though Greyhound US, Quick Shuttle, and Cantrail already run between Vancouver and Seattle.
  10. I wouldn't hold my breath on those 600s unless all their electrical problems were solved. When we first got them in Vancouver, nothing but codes and electrical problems kept them in the garage very often. Wonder if they still smell like limestone inside to this day.
  11. First Transit holds the lease for the space including the platform and bays. So the bays that Wilson's, Cantrail, Ebus, and Riders use are sublet respectively.
  12. Rider Express loading up inside Pacific Central once again yesterday morning. From the sounds of it they managed to get a lease agreement for a bay with First Canada.
  13. That ordering when necessary mentality confused me. Stuff as basic as DEF one time I had to wait because they had it coming in from New Jersey when it was available locally probably for cheaper. They really did not like storing vital parts or even have them because to upper management it looked like money sitting on the shelf that could be spent somewhere. I never knew they did charters until I had seen only 1 time with my own eyes a Greyhound doing a cruise transfer.
  14. Do you happen to know why Greyhound Canada never was ordered new buses and was just given refurbished hand me downs for the most part? At my short stint in the Vancouver garage, just seemed like everyday I walked into the pre shift meetings that they kept telling us our number of buses out of service was too high and we had buses piling up in the yard. Lots of occasions when I was trying to fix minor things on buses it just seemed like I had to MacGyver it to work because parts weren't available anymore. Felt so bad at times when a driver would come in looking for a bus but they had to wait to see if we could push one out that could make it into service. I feel the maintenance garages in Canada cared but were just not given enough to work with.
  15. Not anymore. Only lasted 5 days. Back out to loading in front of Pacific Central.
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