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  1. translink fan

    Pacific Coach Lines

    Ex PCL H3-45 #3019 is now part of Cantrails fleet. Will be 464. Picked it up other day to go for a service at Cullen Diesel. 6 buses remain left to be sold. Cantrail Coach lines Prevost H3-45 #464-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  2. translink fan

    Charter Bus Lines of British Columbia

    CBL Prevost H3-45 #5203 at Butchart Gardens April 13th, 2019 for Tour Click Charter Bus Lines of BC Prevost H3-45 5203-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  3. translink fan

    Pacific Western Transportation

    Last I heard was they will be stopping on Main St after this month when their permit with the city runs out for in front of PCS. There is a tour bus zone on main facing Northbound. Riders will probably follow as well. Only Wilsons has bays inside PCS.
  4. translink fan

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Damn 6272 was the bus I did my training on at Greyhound. One of the few Detroit/ ZF combos that reversed smoothly.
  5. translink fan

    Pacific Coach Lines

    2 days left. CBL/ TRAXX has bought couple of the XL-II's. Cross Canada Coach has bought 3 of the older H3-45's. 3018 off the top of my head as one of them. 3019 has been bought by Perimeter. 3027 has been transferred to Cantrail. Will be Cantrail 463. Rest of the buses that have not been sold are going to be stored. As for what will happen after, I'm not sure.
  6. translink fan

    Safeway Tours

    Hat racks I agree as those mounts where struts attach to wear over time and snap off. Steering wheels buttons I have experienced. One of our early 2013 H3-45's steering controls went out and drivers didn't realize the bus had a back up retarder button on the dash besides the steering wheel. So they'd set the retarder on the steering wheel when it wouldn't work without knowing. Brake jobs ahoy on that bus. Haven't had a lower alternator pulley go on our 2016's. Should be checking pulleys and listening to the bearings on regular maintenance checks. What annoys me are the engine door light assemblies using a mid grade bolt that corrodes with plastic nuts that hold it. Closed a door one day and both came falling down. And if a light was out, you gotta shell out $300 for a whole replacement assembly. Can't just replace the individual light that was out.
  7. translink fan

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    I was told by a coworker who pushed for the inspections to be done immediately that the 81 BAE units they have in service have all been gone through and inspected already for a problematic fitting in the steering system. Can't remeber off the top of my head what it is called but it caused some grime to get in a connection and interfere with the steering because they have electric steering (correct if I'm wrong). And whatever else is coming on delivery, the issue has been addressed.
  8. translink fan

    Universal Coach Line

    Universal got a handful of 2018 J4500s. 1101 is the lowest and 1107 is the highest I've seen. Here's 1103 and 1107. Universal Coach Lines 2018 MCI J4500 #1103-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Universal Coach Lines 2018 MCI J4500 #1107-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr And 823 is wrapped for Skylynx now too. Universal Coach Lines MCI J4500 #823-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  9. translink fan

    Van Hool

    Spent some time after reading your post looking at a bunch of photos and googling. Found this 2018 article that mentions that specific front design for 2018 CX45's. 2018 CX45 front redesign Would hazard a guess that it isn't a refurb but that front cap may be available as an upgrade. But I have yet to see that available besides the 2013 onward front cap which is what you posted in the second photo. Only difference is the black trim with "Van Hool" on it is thinner in the 2018 design from the thicker 2013 design. The C2045R might be the new 2018 front cap.
  10. translink fan

    Transit in Vancouver: Questions and Answers

    How are they in terms of cupping wear on the edges? On our scheduled service coaches they use recap Michelin Synergy's which do wear a bit faster but cup pretty good too from the turning.
  11. translink fan

    Transit in Vancouver: Questions and Answers

    This info is from a CMBC shop foreman I work with because I was genuinely curious about this whole winter tire thing with transit buses. The tires used on the buses are basically all season tires with aggressive tread, and are of a compound that is the exact same for a winter tire. Year or two ago with the whole media fiasco with transit buses getting stuck in snow with crap tires caused CMBC to start switching winter tires onto all the buses. The winter tires on now are the exact same tire like what they use for the other seasons. Again, only difference is the compound of the tire. So yes, you probably saw a summer tire on that Nova, but it is made for winter application as well. As for legal tread for commercial vehicles, if I remember (from when I worked at Greyhound) it was nothing lower than 4/32" of tread is allowed. New tires are 11/32" tread depth. Tires do make a difference in performance and comfort for the driver in snowy situations. Brand, Make, Model, etc. For example sake, my work runs Michelin XDN2 tires which perform very well in the snow going up and down the Coq. The tire in the colder temp maintained the flexibility to be able to get better traction in the snow and ice. We ran a set of Yokohama tires but found the sidewalls too stiff and the tire wore down too fast. Bridgestone tires we ran also just kept giving us problems in the snow. It's trial and error with finding the best tire that works for whatever application.
  12. translink fan

    Pacific Coach Lines

    Wouldn't want to buy a bus that's been up and down Sea to Sky all it's life accumulating all that salt and corrosion. The money you spend to buy the bus, you're better off buying brand new from Prevost. Bunch of PCL buses got sold to CBL and Cross Canada Coach. Universal is running the Tsawassen to YVR shuttle along with Skylynx.
  13. translink fan

    Pacific Coach Lines

    No buses transferred so far. Can't transfer a PCL bus to Cantrail. The union would put up a big stink about it.
  14. translink fan

    Pacific Coach Lines

    Been announced that PCL will shut down March 31st, 2019. Several buses have been sold already and things will start to slowly shut down in the coming months.
  15. translink fan

    Rider Express

    I've only seen them depart Vancouver 8am on Saturday once so far. And that was a couple weeks back. Every morning coming into work on Saturdays, still haven't seen them lately. One of their Setras is at Pacific Jet Link's garage. Do they not run another bus on the Van- Calgary? Have only seen the same bus but that bus is sitting in Vancouver still.