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  1. My mistake. I kept thinking 2012 for some reason even though I checked their VINs when I worked on them. As for the box I never noticed them on 0634 to 0639. Can't see it in my photos but yours definitely clears that up.
  2. 2012's. What bump are you referring to? Only thing on top is the roof mounted exhaust. Greyhound Canada Prevost X3-45 #639-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Greyhound Prevost X3-45 #635-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  3. Majority of the 6xx Prevost from Vancouver have been driven east. Not sure how far they have been so far but only 2 remain here.
  4. translink fan

    BYD "E-Bus"

    Recent article on a local tour company here wanting to be fully electric by 2023. I wish them luck. West Coast Sightseeing fully electric.
  5. D4505's were actually pretty decent buses. Although I prefer to work on Prevosts, the white 06xx buses were just absolute junk. Crude dirt everywhere you can imagine. Corroded electrical connections that plagued the bus with codes, and more. The Prevost were in the shop more than the MCI's to a point. This was when I pulled the first of the 6 white Prevosts for Vancouver into the wash pad #639. I spent a good chunk of time rinsing as much as I could out before I could work on it. But then the refurbed 102's had their own issues. Going through brake drums and pads faster due to Greyhound switching to a cheaper drum that the pads outlasted. Lucky to get 6 months maybe out of them. And being Ex American buses, they didn't come with full jake heads unlike the Canadian buses with 3 jake heads and not 2 like the stateside ones did. (constant comments from drivers on the Post trip saying Jake doesn't work). Hundred of obsolete parts on them. The buses were old but upper management kept giving the shop a hard time on why so many buses were out of service.....
  6. They sold those retired ones that were sitting down the lot where PCL parks their buses on Kent Ave in Vancouver. Agreed that 1265 will probably head East with all the money they dumped into it.
  7. Currently the best shape ones are getting a bunch of work done to be sent out East ie: Rebuilt trannys and other things. Currently 6259, 1164, and 1130 are retired sitting in Vancouver. D4505s will be sent East I'm pretty sure too.
  8. What does Extranet do for me? Sure I can see the schedules but how often are they updated to reflect changes that may come along?
  9. Like I mentioned, there may be more changes coming. They've been cancelling some more runs from what I was told.
  10. Just chatted with the ticket people in Vancouver. October 21st will be the last Kelowna Departure at 6pm and the last Kamloops departure at 2:50pm Also last Whistler departure is at 2:00pm on the 21st. But agent mentioned more change ups may come up fast.
  11. I'm not an expert on looking up the scheds but I plan on being at the platform taking photos of the buses as the last ones leave. Would you mind telling me what time all the final buses leave on their respective runs from Vancouver?
  12. translink fan

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Bus #1164 is now retired. Parked dead in the Vancouver yard.
  13. translink fan

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    I was talking with a CMBC maintenance foreman I work with part time today. He tells me there were many issues that Translink found in the buses. Because at the factory they can't really "stop" the production, they're trying to right the issues found either here or at the factory. But that is just how it was explained to me. So no more Novas were brought over to Prevost until they rectified said issues. Don't know what the issues were but this is what I'm told.
  14. translink fan

    Life After Greyhound

    I don't think the PTB just picks the first applicant no..? Here it doesn't mention that they approve the first applicant right away. But it does break down the process for the license approval which you already know: PTB Licensing The PTB considering all applications first before making a decision makes sense. Why go with the first application before giving everyone else a chance to apply for it? Got to be fair.
  15. translink fan

    Pacific Coach Lines

    Not sure what is going to happen at PCL. Some good guys in the shop I know over there. Will have to wait and see. I kind of get how Universal got it. They do already run the "Jet Set" parking shuttle and Air Canada shuttle and such out of YVR. So they kind of had their foot in the door. But was also told PCL was trying to negotiate a better deal with YVR. Won't go into details what though out of respect.