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  1. Screen grab from a brief video sent to me of one of the red units in Kitimat
  2. My buddy I spoke to recently working with PWT in Kitimat mentioned that there was some mroe red units out here in the West for the LNG work. Will get more info if I can, said they were in the 800 series fleet numbers? Checking the wiki, closest would be the 8800 series. Will have to see if I can get pictures.
  3. Ebus 5739 resting today: Ebus 2020 Prevost H3-45 #5739-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr Ebus 2020 Prevost H3-45 #5739-2 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  4. Wilson's is selling H3-45 #7756 from what it looks like on Prevost's pre owned site: https://www.prevostcar.com/pre-owned/2007-prevost-h3-45-wcl-0 Vin matches what's on the wiki.
  5. That's unfortunate. Seems though that PWT is still doing well out west between BC and Alberta with all the industrial work they have. Plus the transit contracts. But Ebus in BC passenger counts aren't so hot. Regardless, I'm still thankful for work still.
  6. 2 PWT Red H3-45's got transferred out west from Ontario. One of them is 5721. Other I'm unsure of but are at Prevost here in Vancouver. Will try and photograph them when they come through. With the 2 transfers, the 2 X3-45's #1591 and 1592 were sent back to Alberta.
  7. Update. Following fleet numbers up there are: 0640, 0642, 0643, 0644, 0645, 0648.
  8. My buddy up in Kitimat sent a picture of X3-45 #640. He mentioned there's about 6 in the Greyhound scheme up there. Also mentioned some white X3-45s in the First compound. Will find out what fleet numbers for the GLC graphics are up there.
  9. I was told the D40LF's are being run until their MVI expires. So whenever a lot of them returned to service, they have 6 months on an inspection. Unless something catastrophic happens to them to mothball them.
  10. I have a feeling more of those 600 series X3-45s are going to be making their way back out west for work in Kitimat that First has going on. Several are out West here.
  11. I hear First lost the contract for inside runs in the Kitimat site to Diversified according to a buddy up there right now.
  12. Im not entirely sure I haven't seen them myself. I'll have to ask!
  13. 1 of 2 2021 H3-45's purchased for Ebus for the BC service. #5738 captured below. 5739 I will try and catch when it's in next. Ebus 2021 Prevost H3-45 #5738-3 by Dannny29, on Flickr Ebus 2021 Prevost H3-45 #5738-1 by Dannny29, on Flickr
  14. Just adds salt to the wound when no one is buying any buses at all right now.
  15. Traxx never to my knowledge has had a Temsa. Maybe you're confusing it with the ABC 3035RE's they had? At least 1 or 2 are still left and are in Kamloops in the Canada West Fleet when I last saw one.
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