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  1. Don’t think it was mentioned here but Roxborough Bus Lines completed the purchase of 417 Bus Line earlier this year.
  2. Please provide your source for this. I can't find anything that says they will be there past Sunday.
  3. Found a very good review of this new "The Jet" service:
  4. If the information in this thread will alert me to an upcoming detour, help me get to my destination, or inform me of what new vehicles have been delivered, then sure it can stay here.
  5. This thread should be moved to the Non-Transit Discussion forum.
  6. This isn’t a PR move. What other railway company in BC had readily available passenger cars? It’s about reuniting families and nothing more. The provincial state of emergency makes federal funds available for this.
  7. Sorry I don't claim to know anything about the history of MTA buses, however this YouTube video shows both # 2926 and # 7426 on the interior. You mentioned ex # 7424.
  8. I stand corrected. The Auction site said they are 2014 models.
  9. The buses Councillor McKenney is proposing to purchase in this story are listed here: https://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/metrostlouis,mo/auction/view?auc=2905276 CTV news incorrectly said they were nearly two decades old (Well I suppose if you count the two Gillig buses then they are) CityNews also incorrectly said they were former OC Transpo buses. At least the photos on the auction don’t look like the 2001 models we used to have.
  10. Reviving an old thread but I just got a good look at bus # 1901 today. Oddly it has a rear destination sign (which was not in use).
  11. Michel

    Cornwall Transit

    Some ex-Cornwall Eldorado buses are for sale on Facebook Marketplace.
  12. Spotted former Greater Sudbury Transit buses 761, 762, and 763 on flatbed trucks heading eastbound on Highway 17 at Deep River. There's a few scrapyards closer to town so I'm thinking these are going to have a second life or be used for parts.
  13. Sorry I don't agree. It's checking ID and that's it. "Oh it's SUCH a hastle to take the train because I have to take 5 seconds out of my time to show my ID...." If you want to think of something shameful then you should worry about them not putting everyone's bags through a metal detector. You also can't compare verifying identification with wanting to improve service in an area. If VIA restores or improves service to areas that previously had cutbacks, then people will take it regardless of whether they have to show ID or not.
  14. Saw an advertisement on my Facebook feed stating Rider Express operations to Ottawa and Toronto starts June 28th and to go to their website for more info. But I am unable to find more info on their website or book a trip to those destinations.
  15. 100% Agree. No way 74 buses get purchased initially and then a few years later they go back to diesel. It's electric from here on out. Elections are around the corner so you can bet this will be a hot topic.
  16. That would be 15:25 arrival in North Bay and not 23:05.
  17. 4617 still wrapped for Questrade. Spotted out of service this morning.
  18. A variety of carriers will fill the void, some of who have already started in the West. For Ontario and Quebec we'll find out starting July 1st. I doubt one company will ever provide coast to coast service like Greyhound did.
  19. While we're all sure this has/will happen, it would be nice to see a source.
  20. A city of Ottawa perspective on deregulation as well as the names of four companies that are looking into a coalition that will run coast to coast: https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/egan-ottawas-future-inter-city-bus-service-more-players-in-deregulated-world
  21. Exploring options for Greyhound service in Ottawa: https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/egan-bus-station-gone-greyhound-eyes-link-with-lrt-transitway
  22. Just to clarify, you're speaking of what's left of the Canadian operations only right?
  23. That’s the beauty of deregulation - let the customers decide who they prefer more and may the best company win. I doubt we will see Greyhound ever run out of Ontario again. In fact their service reductions and eventual suspension was the main reasons Ontario Northland expanded their offerings. They are providing essential service to many small communities. I can actually see them reducing that service once other carriers startup and continue focus on those small communities and feed into the bigger cities where Rider Express and Coach Canada would be running.
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