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  1. Not a lot of photos of those small rollsigns around so I take it the experiment didn’t last long. On a side note do you know why OC Transpo never had run number rollsigns (and now a digital option) installed like STO and other municipalities do?
  2. Just because someone takes photos doesn't mean they have to share. Flalex72 - Please post all photos that you take as soon as you take them. We want to see every single one regardless of anything else you post. Thank You. How does that sound? Honestly, this whole situation is ridiculous. This is my only post / reply on this matter. Please PM me if you want to discuss more.
  3. That story references Greyhound Bus 1188 - Is that by any chance a former G4500 from Canada? 18 year old bus.
  4. 5117 this morning at Tunney’s Pasture - Still wrapped for Reliance Heating
  5. Spotted Autobus Hélie H3-45 Coach # 115 in downtown Ottawa today. It's a former Delaney Bus Lines coach.
  6. Any objections to having this topic re-named to "GOVA - City of Greater Sudbury" to mark the service change?
  7. While I appreciate the post and seeing new pictures (I haven't seen this one), I have to ask if this is from a public Facebook group? If so what is the name? If it's a closed group, did you obtain permission to post it here? I'm only asking because there is no credit going to the photographer.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is an ex-London Orion V? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/markham-york-region/40-city-bus/1441943390?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  9. Spotted this very nice looking coach from 417 Bus Line this morning. # 57-13
  10. Spotted 6642 being towed eastbound on the 417 this afternoon.
  11. The city can't sole source a specific manufacturer. If and when there is a decision to purchase more articulated buses, and Ottawa chooses not to go through the Metrolinx Transit Procurement like they did for 40 foot LFS buses then it will go to RFP. May the best company win.
  12. I am not at all against this discussion. I am simply suggesting that we add a subforum for these type of topics because it's not directly related to Public Transit. The fact that you modified your topic title to add the words "Old OC Shelters" after I made my original comment right there shows that you agreed with me. Moderators were contacted for this - I'll make sure to mention it from now on.
  13. Sorry how does this topic relate to public transit? No left turn and neighborhood watch signs??? This forum is for "Transit Discussion in the Greater Ottawa-Gatineau Metropolitan Area". I would recommend asking the mods for a sub-forum for this topic and that other "crosswalk" one.
  14. At the risk of going off topic..... I don’t understand the reason behind Classic Alliance Motorcoach. Leduc routinely provides buses from their own fleet to them. In not an accountant but there must be a financial reason for keeping them separate rather than rolling them all into one and having an east and west garage.
  15. Can't say I am too crazy about the styling at the front of the bus.
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