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  1. Very nice work! Do you happen to have a website where you sell the watches or provide more detail into how these are made?
  2. A Rider Express sponsored post appeared on my Facebook feed. They are gauging interest into providing service all the way to Ottawa from the west. I wasn’t able to find any information on their website and only this post from Facebook provided details and a contact email address.
  3. Saw some discussion on another social media site saying Greyhound had terminated their lease at the bus terminal in Ottawa and had let go several employees. Couldn't find anything in the local news about it. Anyone hear anything about this?
  4. Here is the original press release with all the details. The cars were for long distance runs and not the corridor.
  5. Article is in French, but Via and Bombardier mutually agree to cancel contract to retrofit coaches for accessibility due to the age of the cars: https://twitter.com/TransportAction/status/1308459831016198147?s=20
  6. Sam Chui's website for one thing mentions it, and many other reputable airline news sites like simple flying and airwaysmag have removed the articles from their sites all together.
  7. That information has since been deemed incorrect by British Airways so there is in fact no sale to Rossiya.
  8. Owner of Kasper not happy with latest Ontario Northland expansion: https://www.northernontariobusiness.com/industry-news/transportation/northwest-bus-operator-calls-ontario-northland-bus-expansion-highly-unfair-2685638
  9. It will be impossible to get an accurate result for your poll and at best what you will get here are what ‘fans’ think will work for you. I can already see this based on current poll results. I am not familiar with many of the models on your list so I am more inclined to vote for one I have heard of before. The conditions the buses in your list will run under (roads, weather, passenger volumes, etc...) might yield different results with each transit agency which is why demos are usually run to determine which one will be viable and best for that system.
  10. Smart Cards, Transit Hubs, and dozens of new buses coming to Sudbury: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/sudbury-transit-funding-annoucement-1.5676767
  11. Air Canada storing some 777 aircraft at Marana (MZJ) ? C-FIUR, C-FITU are already there. C-FKAU and another unknown scheduled to arrive.
  12. One of Air Canada’s mainline 767’s is on the move. C-GLCA as AC7092 to Mexico City. For an aircraft that was supposed to be retired it’s been flying a few days a week.
  13. Spotted a convoy of three Windsor Nova LFS buses heading West on the 401 in Brockville today. 8033, 8035, and 8036.
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