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  1. Is this information fact or fantasy? Because as I am reading I am honestly getting confused. If it’s only suggestions then can I please recommend mentioning it beforehand?
  2. It was a 2010 model. Here's a crappy shot from my dash cam.
  3. I spotted an ex- Medicine Hat Transit D40LFR bus on a flatbed truck on the 401 headed eastbound at Trenton yesterday evening. Logos and fleet numbers removed. Probably arrived by now.
  4. 6500 is currently being towed back to the garage from Barrhaven (via a beauty 60-ton Gervais Towing Rotator)
  5. I jinxed it. Disabled train at Tremblay station today at the beginning of afternoon rush...
  6. Short of jinxing it, has anyone noticed how reliable the Confederation Line has been in the past week? I don't think there has been one breakdown that has occurred.
  7. 6371 died on the Sir John A Macdonald Parkway this afternoon blocking a Westbound Lane.
  8. Yes they have until at least the end of May. Only a 35% load factor on those planes. Yikes!
  9. Your entire post was left wide open for interpretation and ripe for argument. I know what you meant and you knew what I meant by my response.
  10. There are public washrooms at all of those stations.
  11. Testing at the National Research Council
  12. These are apparently the same type of rail cars that VIA has ordered - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNtDRCUkb2I&feature=youtu.be
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