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  1. The only reason I believe this is a recent photo is because the Ottawa Police was posting various snowstorm related pictures yesterday which matched exactly what was happening during the day. But it could still be a stock photo
  2. Question. This photo was uploaded by the Ottawa Police service this morning on Twitter. There’s 3 classic hounds in the photo. Does anyone know if these coaches are still in service in the Ottawa area or is this an old photo? I am also wondering whether Greyhound brought back some older coaches to add extra service to Toronto due to the rail blockades.
  3. Rear destination sign placement in the 20xx series reminds me of how Septa buses in Philadelphia have them.
  4. Buses 2019 and 2021 out of service at Rideau Centre this afternoon
  5. Yes that's exactly what I saw on the Route 94 bus. But only alternating between 94 and Yield Logo.
  6. Spotted an Articulated bus with a rear destination sign that alternates between the route number and a new “Yield” logo. Anyone else notice this?
  7. 5096 was on the 74 Riverview this afternoon at 2:30 PM.
  8. I was at Rideau Station the other day, and two people were taking photos and videos of arriving trains. Tripod and all. Train driver even sounded the “ding ding” bell as he was arriving at the station once he saw one of the guys taking a shot. 2 red vests on the platform never said a thing. Doors opened, guys quickly packed up and got on. i guess everyone’s experience will vary.
  9. Someone posted photos on the /r/Ottawa subreddit of bus 4436 that has crashed through a garage door - possibly Pinecrest garage. No date provided. Can anyone confirm this actually happened?
  10. 6669 was towed away from Tunney's Yesterday afternoon.
  11. 270 Series Connexion Routes will go from Tunney's to Fallowfield directly starting in January bypassing all stations in between: https://www.janharder.ca/traffic
  12. The city would be crazy not to buy the rail line and encourage development along all of it to finance the LRT. It would be the perfect "Line 3" to get people from Carp to Line 1 at Woodroffe or Line 2 at Greenboro. Failing that, just the land value alone for property development is money.
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