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  1. 8129 was broken down on Woodroffe just outside of Nepean Woods station this morning at 9:30 AM w/supervisor behind it.
  2. Could you please consider cutting down the amount of repetitive questions that you post? You know that those who have information will provide it when it becomes available.
  3. Councillor Jeff Leiper posted a photo of the last 95 bus along with the first 75 bus: https://twitter.com/JLeiper/status/1180752652776411136
  4. Minor injuries in Ottawa crash of STO bus: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/crash-sto-road-closure-1.5292688
  5. Sorry what exactly is an "R1" test? I searched this topic and couldn't find the answer.
  6. 6151 and 1289 were doing Ottawa to Sudbury runs today.
  7. As mentioned above, I have no photos. All 3 buses are identical - 101, 102, and 103.
  8. Spent a few days in the Elliot Lake region and was able to spot some of the new buses. They are Ford cutaways with what appears to be Arboc bodies. I have seen units numbered 101 to 103. One of them has a partial wrap for Topper’s Pizza. Sorry no photos.
  9. Not a lot of photos of those small rollsigns around so I take it the experiment didn’t last long. On a side note do you know why OC Transpo never had run number rollsigns (and now a digital option) installed like STO and other municipalities do?
  10. Just because someone takes photos doesn't mean they have to share. Flalex72 - Please post all photos that you take as soon as you take them. We want to see every single one regardless of anything else you post. Thank You. How does that sound? Honestly, this whole situation is ridiculous. This is my only post / reply on this matter. Please PM me if you want to discuss more.
  11. That story references Greyhound Bus 1188 - Is that by any chance a former G4500 from Canada? 18 year old bus.
  12. 5117 this morning at Tunney’s Pasture - Still wrapped for Reliance Heating
  13. Spotted Autobus Hélie H3-45 Coach # 115 in downtown Ottawa today. It's a former Delaney Bus Lines coach.
  14. Any objections to having this topic re-named to "GOVA - City of Greater Sudbury" to mark the service change?
  15. While I appreciate the post and seeing new pictures (I haven't seen this one), I have to ask if this is from a public Facebook group? If so what is the name? If it's a closed group, did you obtain permission to post it here? I'm only asking because there is no credit going to the photographer.
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