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  1. Yes - noticed that too. This area has not previously had service, to my knowledge. I suspect it is not a trial, because there is no indication of that on the website. It just suddenly appeared in the routes and schedules section and it was not included in the list of service changes effective January 1 (when there were also timetable adjustments to routes 1,4 and 19/20). The route runs on 12 minute headways - a 10 minute round trip and a 2 minute layover at Oakville GO, so that it is the only OT route that is not on the strict 15/30/60 clockface headways on which the rest of the system operates.
  2. Route 13 has been in its current alignment since the major route changes of Sept 2009, when grid routes 1-6 were introduced. The eastern end via Leighland, Sixth, Culham and Oxford replaced route 27-White Oaks, and the western end was extended from Bronte and Westoak to Bronte GO station, replacing the western part of route 22. At that time the 22 was rerouted to what it was until its elimination in Sept 2016. Prior to 2009, the 13 ran via Trafalgar and Upper Middle and there were some variations in the west end routings and end points as the residential area along Westoak, west of Third, was developed. It has been in existence since least before 1998, but I do not know the exact start date - probably early 1990s.
  3. Saw Bluebird 8109 out on 34-Pine Glen this morning. Have not seen or tracked a Vicinity for several days now. Is there an issue with them?
  4. It appears that you are correct about the recovery time at the Airport end of the route. Based on the public timetable for Monday to Friday service, there is 21 minutes of recovery time there. IIRC the charging time is approx. 10 minutes. I also looked at a Saturday run but there was only 13 minutes of time there. Question for the locals - does that mean that the XE40s are currently not being scheduled on the weekends? I agree that these dwell costs could be significant for an operation with a large number of electric buses, although there would also be a large offset from fuel costs. If the technology would support a reduction in charging time in the future, that would also make a difference.
  5. So the range between charges is quite impressive. Route 20 Watt-Academy is a crosstown route, operating through downtown. Not sure about the round trip mileage, but the running time in the am peak is approximately 2 hr 10 mins.
  6. May not be out there now, because the reliefs on the 3 can be garage to garage. Saw another Vicinity at 12:50 w/b on the 6/33 at Upper Middle and Third. Too far away to see the fleet number.
  7. Vicinity 1608 was the 8:00 am departure from the hospital today on 3-Third Line.
  8. Looks like 163 has been assigned. IIRC Sarnia usually numbers by build year.
  9. Noted from the New Flyer website yesterday's announcement of a large order for 2017 delivery to London - 27 XD40s (379-405 ?) and 1 XD60 (34 ?). While I would assume that some of these would be expansion buses, and it will result in the end of the few Inveros remaining, this order will result in a number of the early D40LFs (numbered at 450 and above) being retired. Since the D40LFs to be retired are 2004s, this is another example of Ontario properties moving to a 12 year life replacement cycle.®-buses
  10. There are already two other topics on this subject open in the Greater Toronto Area section of the board.
  11. Any indication as to when the Vicinitys will be entering service? Any reasons for an apparent delay?
  12. Noticed four of the new Novas in service today - 1603, 1604, 1605 and 1606. Have 1601, 1602 and 1607 arrived yet ? Has training started on Vicinity 1608-1610 ?
  13. The route restructuring in Glen Abbey essentially means that describing the routes as "18/28" no longer applies. There is no longer any common routing, so there is no reason to have the routes leave at different times from Oakville GO. Having both routes depart at :10 and :40 from Oakville GO is the best approach because that is the pulse time for most of the routes, both peak and off-peak. Also, staggered :25 and :55 times for either of these routes from Oakville GO are very awkward relative to the Toronto-bound departure times at Bronte GO of :20 and :50, because if the 18 were to depart Oakville GO at :25 and :55, its arrival times at Bronte GO would be right at :20 and :50 rather than :05 and :35 as proposed, and if the 28 were to move to :25 and :55 from Oakville GO, the times at Bronte GO would be :22 and :52 rather than :07 and :37 as proposed. Platform capacity at Oakville GO for both the peak and off-peak has been dealt with by having some of the routes depart at times other than :10 and :40. For example, in the off-peak routes 4 (west), 5 and 11 will depart Oakville GO at :00 and :30 and route 1 will depart at :15 and :45. There is a cost and passenger convenience trade off associated with the objective of extending this service from Glen Abbey to Bronte GO. While it improves system connectivity for the Glen Abbey folks, they will give up the peak period 15 minute combined "ride around" service when the two routes operated as loop. The added cost is not insignificant: one additional peak bus Mon-Fri, two additional buses Mon-Fri midday, and one additional bus Mon-Fri evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.
  14. So is that the first of the three Vicinity buses to arrive? If so, any idea as to when the other two are expected?
  15. Well, whether or not the route 6 Upper Middle goes into / out of Sheridan does not matter at this point. It looks like there were not enough customers for the 6 anywhere along it. The new route map and schedules from Sept onwards are now up on the OT website and the route 6 has been cut back to hourly service at all times 7 days per week (was 20/40 peak/off peak service previously). Obviously the ridership supported a service reduction (I had expected 30 min service all day Mon-Fri and hourly on Sat-Sun), but this is a drastic service cut. On the other hand , it is hard to understand how the route 4 Speers-Cornwall ridership can support 15 min peak service (6 buses) vs 4 buses previously in the am peak and 3 buses previously in the pm peak. Agree that the route 2 had to go, but the strategy behind introducing the grid system in 2009 was to encourage easier in town and cross town travel, and it appears that with this is less important now with the service reduction (and potential future demise) of route 6.