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  1. Oakville Transit

    Route 6-Upper Middle and 33-Palermo schedules are being decoupled effective March 4, coincident with an improvement in Mon-Fri peak headways on each route from 60 to 30 minutes. This is an increase of two peak buses. At other times, the 33 will not operate, and the 6 headway is reduced from 60 to 45 minutes except for evenings when it remains at 60. Most OT routes operate on strict 15-30-60 minute headways, so the 6 will be off that. However, because Bronte GO does not have timed pulses and the other routes serving Sheridan College are fairly frequent, the 45 minute headway should work ok.
  2. Yes -- agree. The ZEV 50 year claim can be supported because the first TTC 1947 Brill T-44 trolley coach sent to Western Flyer Coach in Winnipeg in 1967 to be redone as a "new" trolley was 9020. It reappeared on July 22, 1968 are the first of the TTC's E700s *. * Source - Fifty Years of Progressive Transit, Bromley and May (1975)
  3. Oakville Transit

    I have an OT Arboc question. The TTS Oakville-Burlington charter in 2015 included a visit to the Oakville garage. There I recall seeing some of the then new Arbocs, of which I thought there were seven, numbered 1521-1527 (Oakville's numbering scheme uses XX 21 and up for Care-a-Van vehicles). But I have not seen 1525-1527 since then, and the CPTDB Wiki indicates the 2015 Arboc vehicles to be 1521-1524. I do have my senior moments and this may be one of them. Am I missing something here?
  4. Oakville Transit

    A number of route and schedule changes have been announced, to be effective December 31 - Route 1 on Trafalgar will now operate Mon-Fri only but has been extended north to the GO Transit 407 Park-n-Ride, which provides connections to GO routes 40 and 47. The trade off is that the service is reduced to hourly from every 30 minutes, using one bus, but with good timing connections to the GO train at Oakville GO. Hopefully there will be eventually be route 1 service on the weekends, which would be particularly useful for GO route 40 riders going to/from Pearson Airport on Sat/Sun. There is already more than enough service from OT routes 5 and 24 on Trafalgar between Oakville GO and the Uptown Core terminal, so the route 1 frequency reduction makes sense. Route 4, which connects the three GO stations (Clarkson, Oakville and Bronte) via Cornwall and Speers is having its route changed in both its east and west ends. The schedule is essentially unchanged (15 minutes peak, 30 minutes off-peak, 60 minutes evenings) and it will still be interlined with route 13 at Bronte GO Mon-Sat evenings. Route 5-Dundas West will be split, with alternating buses operating on Dundas and Sixteen Mile Drive between Neyagawa and Sixth Line, to provide fixed route service into that fast growing area north of Dundas. Routes 11-Linbrook, 12-Winston Park and 26-Falgarwood will lose their last two evening trips after 8 pm (Mon-Fri for routes 11 and 12, Mon-Sat for 26) because of low ridership. "Web-a-bus" service will be provided during those times.
  5. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Your recollection is correct. Between 1969 and 1982 the GMC New Looks were numbered consecutively from 10-XXX up to 25-XXX, but the first two digits were not related to year of acquisition. The year of acquisition formula based numbering (YY minus 30) started with the first order of GMC Classics delivered in 1983 with the 53-XXX numbers.
  6. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Actually, STM have used a formula bus fleet number system for the year of acquisition since the first Classic deliveries in 1983, as follows - From 1983 to 1989 - subtract 30 from the year of acquisition, so for example 1983 acquisitions are numbered 53XXX. From 1990 onwards to date - subtract 80 from the year of acquisition, so for example 1990 acquisitions are numbered 10XXX and 2011 acquisitions are numbered 31XXX. So the 2000-2009 acquisitions are numbered following that protocol, and the fact that YY is also the first and last digit of the actual year is only coincidental.
  7. MiWay Eldorado charter - Saturday, October 21

    Privately owned. Ex Grand River, exx Cambridge 534.
  8. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Good to see that WT is continuing to deal with its large replacement requirement in the near future - now have ordered a total of 100 buses (30 buses in 170-199 being delivered) plus this latest order. Facing the near-term replacement of 138 buses: 35 D30LF (911-925, 930-949) and 103 D40LF (401-499, 501-504).
  9. TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    TTC operated 1,700+ fishbowls over a 52 year period from 1959 to 2011 - not surprising that this (iconic) bus type would be selected for preservation.
  10. Oakville Transit

    3 of the 4 peak buses on 3-Third Line were 30 footers this morning, and an unusual mix of old and new - new Vicinity 1707 and 1708, along with the last remaining Bluebird 8109.
  11. Oakville Transit

    Thank you for this post. Hopefully, it will discourage the needless speculation in this thread and we will wait for any official announcement from OT of the changes, if any.
  12. MiWay charter - August 19, 2017

    Email sent. Should be a good day.
  13. Spadina Subway Extension

    Given that the Line 1 stop announcements now refer to "Bloor-Yonge" station, I would suspect that this anomaly will go away at some time over the next few years.
  14. London Transit Commission

    King St (e/b) and Queens Ave (w/b) are certainly wide enough. The question though is how they will deal with the much larger number of routes needing to access the existing stops, unless the stops are going to be lengthened. London may have already lost the battle with its downtown core, particularly south of Queens along Richmond to Horton. As a former resident, sorry to see that happening. Like Seashore, I really question the removal of buses on Dundas and the impact it could have on the smaller retailers remaining there between Wellington and Ridout.
  15. Winnipeg Transit Battery Electric Buses

    It appears that you are correct about the recovery time at the Airport end of the route. Based on the public timetable for Monday to Friday service, there is 21 minutes of recovery time there. IIRC the charging time is approx. 10 minutes. I also looked at a Saturday run but there was only 13 minutes of time there. Question for the locals - does that mean that the XE40s are currently not being scheduled on the weekends? I agree that these dwell costs could be significant for an operation with a large number of electric buses, although there would also be a large offset from fuel costs. If the technology would support a reduction in charging time in the future, that would also make a difference.