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  1. https://www.masstransitmag.com/bus/press-release/21260040/bc-transit-extension-of-fraser-valley-express-bc-transit-improving-connections-with-metro-vancouver
  2. wilson take 52 give 89 60 118 and 119 back to arrow
  3. With all the route movement Arrow Road only as 2 North -South route 45 and 945 to the Bloor subway Line thats pretty strange . Since 2008 to now arrow road has lost the 89 , 35 , 935, 41 , 37 , 46 and 927 . To me the 35 / 935 Jane is hardest to see running out of different garage. Who ever picked these routes to be moved around i am guessing has never driven or rode these routes the 52 and 89 what were they thinking Lol
  4. 396 Wilson is Arrow road night route not mount dennis
  5. https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/local/niagara-frontier-transportation-authority-nfta-metro-will-purchase-10-electric-buses/71-e782d9ac-cf71-4f3d-9ccd-1c1577b985e8
  6. that might be the case because eglinton will be losing routes and eglinton has over 300 buses and the orion 1200 - 1423 series are already moving to malvern
  7. https://www.translink.ca/Schedules-and-Maps/Transit-Service-Changes.aspx
  8. No zones at all just one system same fare from oshawa to hamilton
  9. hello transit fans far and wide i was wondering what a system would look if the TTC and all the other transit systems around toronto became one ? Can this be done
  10. why is translink thinking put the 480 to peak hours when the canada line cant handle the load it has already then forcing more people on R4 when the 480 can help ease pain of loss of route 41 to ubc
  11. Will burnaby be getting back maybe 10 XDE60 or so buses from richmond when the double deckers are all in service .
  12. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2019/10/08/ford-government-eyes-dropping-ttc-upload-in-exchange-for-ontario-line-support-sources.html
  13. how many 60ft buses and where from are going to surrey for the 503?
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