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  1. Houston METRO

    A high level Metro official has told me that the CNG order will be converted to diesel because the bids to build the CNG physical plant have come in too high. He's a pretty reliable source so I have no reason to believe otherwise. Also, one of the new buses was lost in the recent flooding this past Memorial Day.
  2. Houston METRO

    2800s already gone? :angry: I should have known though as I haven't seen a low 2800 at Polk in some months. Lowest 2800 I have seen recently is 2820 and it's at West with the dozens of 2800s they've been dumping there for the past few years. Even at 14 they are still a fixture on all day and weekend service. Sadly all the 4000s are gone. The artics sealed their fate. Last one I rode was 4027 last July. AWESOME ride.
  3. Anyone create their own transit system?

    Very impressive systems. I've never gotten past the fleet stage...
  4. TTC GM Fishbowl Retirements Watch

    The hobby will never die, and it's not dying, but I think it's in a decline and will bottom out in the next few years when most buses are Orion VIIs, LFRs, and 40LWs with little engine variety.
  5. TTC GM Fishbowl Retirements Watch

    Count me in as one of those who thinks that we are coming upon a decline in the hobby. Many of the things that drew us to this hobby are dying with buses like the New Looks, RTS, Flxibles and even the first and second generation Orion Vs and D40LFs; that distinct bus "character." The slothfulness, the noise, the different "personalities" that not only spanned models and builders but bus to bus of the SAME MODEL. In a fleet of GMs, whether RTS or New Look, by the end of their lives almost no one bus would sound or operate the same. It was like an individual. It made you close to that bus. It was more personal. Buses these days are too homogeneous. All cribbing the same ideas from each other. They sound like electric cars. They just don't have that same character. Even from the frame and chassis buses to the Old Looks, to the New Looks, to the ADBs they still kept that distinctive bus character. Modern buses just don't have that "it." It's something that railfans are bemoaning on their end as well. How do you go from SWs and GPs and SDs and Alcos and GEs and other builders to just Genset switchers and GEVOS and SD70s? I do think the golden era is over and many fans know that as buses like the GMs and RTS buses are retired there will be NOTHING that can replace that character.
  6. TTC GM Fishbowl Retirements Watch

    This is truly sad. They should have an all New Look heritage route like the RMs have in London. But ADA rules.....
  7. Houston METRO

    4076 at Polk. Spotted on the 73.
  8. Houston METRO

    4068 at Polk.
  9. Houston METRO

    5852 is in. Saw it on the 88 a few minutes ago. That means my babies are on limited time status. Hold on 4001, 4009, and 4023. Just saw 4009 yesterday. Rims so grimy you'd think they were painted gray. Also rode 4691 yesterday. Odd seating arrangement. Sounds strange too. Pretty nice overall. Bus was on the 82.
  10. Houston METRO

    Meanwhile 4015 is still going strong. Saw it on the 2 - Bellaire. Thought it had been retired.
  11. Houston METRO

    I meant to tell you that I saw 4692 doing training on Harrisburg but it slipped my mind. Meanwhile, Polk's low 4xxx buses are still going strong. 4001, 4009, and 4023 have been spotted all in the last week. 4055 and 4072 as well. I think 4067 has been transferred to West as I saw it on the 132. Exciting times for buses.
  12. Houston METRO

    Breaking news. Saw a Nova LFS doing training on Harrisburg Blvd. It's in full Metro colors with a fleet number of 4691. Be alert.
  13. Houston METRO

    They seem to keep the 5800s on the outlying Kashmere routes. I rode 5800 on the 6. 5805 was the bus behind us. I saw 5808 on the 83 and 5813 and 5807 were on the 45. I rode 5813. The a/c was lovely and they are pretty fast. They sound almost like nothing though. They don't even whine like the 36xx and 46xx.
  14. Houston METRO

    On 5800 right now. It's quieter and bassier. Pretty underwhelming. You'll enjoy her though. Still has that new bus smell. Spotted 4055 on the 36. At Polk now. Same bootleg P affixed to the rear.
  15. Houston METRO

    I will definitely take that fleet listing. I want to confirm how many of the 1996 buses are left. I'm thinking 4001, 4009, 4012, 4023, 4027, and 4029 as those are the only ones I've seen in the past month. And it's looking like there will be 55 of the early D40LFs left if the order is a one for one bus replacement and there's no expansion. Hopefully they'll hold on to 70 of them though. I also tried to find a 5800 after jury duty today but I didn't see any. Usually Metro will parade around their newest stuff so it was puzzling to see a bunch of 29s, 33s, and 36s.