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  1. Hi. I'm having a hard time with this but can someone please post this picture in the Suffolk Transit roster page? I'm ok with it as long as I get credit for the photo. Thanks in advance!
  2. ALL Orion 05.501s and 05.501 CNGs are retired. There are about 4 Orion 05.501 buses (ex-Westchester County) still active but one is a Roadeo bus and the other three are part of a NYPD training fleet...for now.
  3. This is one of Suffolk Transit's NEWEST bus. This was taken at Sunrise Coaches in Greenport (Long Island), NY. This is part of a fleet of XDE40 buses #7001-7010. Submitted for your approval.
  4. Thanks. Just realized this area of my profile. Even though I'm two years late, I got the message. Thanks!

  5. Hello. I'm interested in being an editor (if there's enough room) I wanted to update some pages in your New York section (especially Suffolk Transit since I live on Long Island). I also work for T.T.M.G. and have done a few roster updates from time-to time. The information that I'll be posting is legit and if necessary I will post cites (mostly from other forums). I know "personal observations" will not work but you'll be the judge. I have an account on wikipedia.org BUT i wanted to go through you guys first out of respect. So please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks for your time. -The TransitMan
  6. Ok well can you see if I need to change mine. Just trying to be friendly. Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  7. Thank you ALL for your kind words! I look forward to chatting with you all. Please I encourage everyone to take a look at the Canadian Bus Rosters I have on TTMG. If not, then it's cool. I'm not forcing you. I just want to keep up to date with the latest changes...that's all. Especially since everyone is from ALL OVER Canada.
  8. Hello there! I'm "The TransitMan" from www.ttmg.org and I'm honored to be a part of Canada's finest transit forum! I'm here introducing myself as well as to inform you all that we have Canadian Bus Rosters on TTMG. Please take a look at them and by all means. Let me know of any corrections and they will be updated. So far, some of you have corrected me on the Mississauga and Toronto Bus Rosters. I look forward to chatting with you all.
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