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  1. In recent months, many Hong Kong GMB Routes have made fare adjustment and in November until 13 Nov, the following routes have fare increase as below:

    w.e.f. 5 Nov

    Hong Kong Island

    36, 36X: HKD$7.0 -> $7.5

    36A: HKD $7.5 -> $8.2

    38: HKD $3.8 -> $4.2


    6, 6A, 6X: HKD$4.3 -> $4.5

    New Territories:

    27: HKD$5.0 -> $5.5

    w.e.f. 12 Nov


    25M: HKD$4.5 -> $4.7

    56: HKD$3.9 -> $4.2

    New Territories:

    95: HKD$2.6 -> $2.8

    95M: HKD$2.3 -> $2.5

    97: HKD$5.2 -> $5.5

    97A: HKD$4.3 -> $4.6

    As per my record, there were 9 GMB routes having route adjustment on October 2006:

    HK 16, 16A, 16M, 18, 20, 20M

    NT 10M, 13, 110

    Why are the wave of fare increase for maxicab routes become intense?

  2. Source: Yahoo Hong Kong

    The Star Ferry located in Central, which had been used more than 50 years, will be relocated to No 7 & 8 Ferry outside International Finance Centre II with effective from November 12, 2006 due to Phase III reclaimation work in Central, Hong Kong

    The bus routes including NWFB 15C & Citybus 629 (Central special departures) will have terminus relocated to Central Ferry Piers outside no. 6. Departures after 1000 for NWFB 15 will have same relocation. The affected routes will omit Edinburgh Place.

    The terminus for NWFB 13 will remain unchanged but the name will be changed as "Central (City Hall)".

  3. Source: maersk.com

    The largest container ship in the world, EMMA Maersk had been already born in Sep 2006 in Odense Shipyard, Denmark and made maiden voyage to East Asia.

    The container ship capacity is 11000 TEU and the name is for memory of late wife of former President of AP Moller-Maersk, Emma. The ship had arrived at Hong Kong at Oct 15, 2006 and running on Europe - Asia voyages.

  4. Never mind for that~~

    Apparently, Cathay Pacific was announced the seats at 60th anniversary day, it's nicer than some of the current seats as well~~

    Btw, I heard that these new seats just only fitting on Boeing 747-400, the newest Boeing 777-367ER and some of the newest A330-343X first, no mention for will these new seats to fit it on A340 series as well, apparently I have no idea on this~~

    But seems CX has lost competitve power to AC for HKG-YYZ flights due to the polar flights nature for AC15/16.

  5. Can't forget the annoying popups that go with some of those sites.

    One thing that gets me the most after a few years of coding HTML myself is people (not just transit-related but any site on the internet) not linking back to their homepage. How do they expect people to check out the rest of their site when it looks like that one page is sitting all alone by itself? A website as a whole should be nicely networked together to provide easy navigating.

    This would involve usability issues which I would write my views in my later articles. Also the hardware and software issues would be also discussed.

  6. Were you talking about public transport enthusiast websites, or public transport company websites?

    This includes details which are important for almost any website, not just a public transport one. :angry:

    This is discussion about public transport enthusiast websites from my past years of hosting such web sites.

    From my experiences, many public transport enthusiast websites have been located at web hosting space like Yahoo or Geocities, or some vendors providing free hosting like Netfirms, which is not very good for future development by limited space and various restrictions. This kind of web sites usually do not have good support on image branding, so I would like to share them with all wanting to host such sites.

  7. HK Airport Traffic Express has the following updates and progress in English Version:

    1. New added "Articles By Webmaster" to share with all about writing Public Transport web sites and editorials of Airport Traffics.

    2. The Site will be tri-lingual, ie. Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English.

    3. Airport Taxi section has added reference taxi fare from Airport.

    Welcome all!

    http://hkairport.681busterminal.com/ (Entry Site)

    http://hkairport.681busterminal.com/en/airport.html (English Portal)

  8. Preface

    Creating a well-established Public Transport web site is not easy thing to do.

    Today there are more and more web sites about public transport in many places. Each site has its own attraction area and characteristics. Generally, the aims and objectives of a Public traffic web site are:

    - Provide precise information of Pubic Transport so that the readers can easier to find and use the selected Public Transport to access their desired destinations.

    - Provide the background history of a particular Public Transport for transport enthaustics.

    You would think of a question: "Why do the web surfers must visit your site?" Now, let me see how you can establish a good personal public transport web site with high level of visitors. This includes the hardware, software and back-end aspects. We would discuss the back-end support aspects first.

    Back-End Aspects Need to Be Noticed

    Define Target Visitors. Ask yourself some questions: What geographical area would the target visitors? What would be the languages of the target visitors? Don't ignore this aspect, as you have to select a Web Hosting Vendor at the location of your target audiences to host your Public Transport web site. This would also affect what languages would be offered for the web site.

    Define the Boundary of Information. This defines what level your Public Transport information would provide. You have to make sure the information would attract the interest of your target visitors. Usually, rich contents would attract the new visitors by referral of web site to their friends.

    Choose A Suitable Web Hosting Vendor. Each Web Hosting Vendor would have different service details, including capacity limits, number of e-mail accounts provided, backup support, etc. Usually well-established vendors would provide good after-sales office for their subscribers. Free hosting vendor can be used, but they may have various restrictions, such as bandwidth limits (say 20MB daily), advertisements pop-ups, and / or low capacities.

    Establish Your Own Domain Name. A good and easy-remember domain name is essential to establish your own brand of your public Transport web site. There are several things to be noted:

    1. Domain name is not restricted to .com, .net, .org and newer trend of domain names like .tv, .info, etc. are becoming more and more popular. Usually easy-remembered web sites are always targets of auction or competitors. Thus securing a good domain name is very essential for establishing the image of your web site.

    2. You can buy domain names similar to your business name to prevent competitors from owning them and tainting your fruitful results by using these domain names. For example, if you own a domain name called domainname.com, you can buy domainnames.com, domainnames.net, domainnames.tv, etc. What if you let someone buy domainnames.com and this person is engaging in unethical business? Do you think it has an adverse effect to your Web site domainname.com?

    3. When you apply the domain name, usually it would be accompanied with the right of establish sub-domains. You can buy some extra domain names to develop some simple sub-sites. Each of these sub-sites has a link pointing to your main Web site. It can improve your link popularity, which is a more and more important criteria of how search engines rank Web sites. In addition, each of these sub-sites can serve your Web site promotion purpose. E.g. a sub-site is using for banner exchange, and another one is using for link exchange.

    4. For different site contents, for example bus and railways, it is recommended to purchase additional domain for make your web site more focused on specific topic and increase readabililty.

    Next time we would discuss the aspects of hardware and software in detail.

    The whole article can also be seen in http://hkairport.681busterminal.com/en/articles.html.

  9. Source: Air China Official Site

    Air China will launch Beijing-Sao Paulo

    The new flight CA907/908 will fly over 3 continents from China via Europe to South America, being the only 3 Asia to South America flight apart from JAL & Malaysian Airlines.

    Beijing - Madrid - Sao Paulo

    01:00 departs from Beijing, 06:45 arrives at Madrid

    08:15 departs from Madrid, 16:05 arrived at Sao Paulo

    Sao Paulo - Madrid - Beijing

    19:45 departs from Sao Paulo, 09:55+1 arrives at Madrid

    11:35+1 departs from Madrid, 06:20+2 arrives at Beijing

    All are local times, +1 indicates 1 day later from Departure destination, +2 indicates 2 days later from Departure destination.

    The flight will be operated twice a week and on Thursdays and Sundays respectively.

    Seems this flight takes the Europe route to reduce the need of Transit Visa of US.

  10. I know exactly where that happened, I used to live just around the corner.

    I rode the buses along that road many times.

    The following photos of 3ASV378 were taken at Dec 6, 2005:





    The following photo of 3ASV378 was taken at July 5, 2006:


    Poorly one messenger died in the accident, he was a Christian....may he rest in peace.

    Also poor for my favorite bus was damaged....

  11. Source: Citybus

    With effective from October 23, 2006, Citybus Hong Kong Disneyland Routes will have service changes as below:

    R11, R21, R22

    New section fare of HKD$7 will be added on Disneyland bound from Lantau Link Toll Plaza.

    Service Hours will be changed as below:


    From North Point Ferry

    Mon to Fri: 0900, 0920

    Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: 0900, 0920, 0940


    From Hung Hom (Laguna Verde)

    Mon to Fri: 0850, 0910

    Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: 0850, 0910, 0930


    From Yau Tong

    Mon to Fri: 0850, 0910

    Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: 0850, 0910, 0930

    Return journey from Disneyland for R11, R21, R22 remains unchanged (i.e. After 15-45 minutes from Disneyland Firework Display).

    R8 (Disneyland - Lantau Link Toll Plaza)

    Frequency Changes will be performed.

    Mon to Fri from Disneyland

    0600-0900 10 minues headway

    0900-1100 15 minues headway

    1100-2340 20 minues headway

    2340-0005 25 minues headway

    Sat, Sun and Public Holidays

    0600-0900 10 minues headway

    0900-1045 15 minues headway

    1045-1600 22/23 minues headway

    1600-1900 20 minues headway

    1900-2100 15 minues headway

    2100-2340 20 minues headway

    2340-0005 25 minues headway

    R8A (Disneyland - Inspiration Lake)

    Service will be provided on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays only.

    Departure time from Disneyland:

    1117, 1139, 1202, 1224, 1309, 1332, 1354, 1417, 1439, 1502, 1524, 1547, 1609

    Seem many Disneyland passengers would rather take MTR Disneyland Line instead of Disneyland bus routes..... :rolleyes:

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